20 Facts About Lord Shiva That You May Not Know But Want To Know

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Facts About Lord Shiva :- Shiva is the Hindu triumvirate’s third king. The triumvirate comprises three gods responsible for the world’s creation, preservation, and destruction. Brahma and Vishnu are the other two gods. Brahma is the universe’s creator, while Vishnu is its preserver. The job of Shiva is to kill the world to re-create it. […]

5 Things You Want To Know About Hindu God Brahma

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About God Brahma:- Brahma is the deity of the Hindu Creator. He is also regarded as the Grandfather and later as Prajapati’s counterpart, the first primeval god. Brahma is king in the triad of great Hindu gods, including Shiva and Vishnu, in early Hindu scriptures such as the┬áMahabharata. Brahma, because of his elevated status, is […]

10 Things You May Not Know About Lord Rama

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About Lord Rama :- Rama (or Ramachandra) is the Hindu god Vishnu’s seventh incarnation. His exploits, especially the demon king Ravana’s massacre, are recounted in the Mahabharata’s Vana Parva and in the Ramayana, the oldest Sanskrit epic, mostly written in the 5th century BCE but with some later additions. Lord Rama, considered by many Hindus […]

21 The Most Famous Hindu Temples in Canada

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Famous Hindu temples in Canada:- Canada is highly secular with people of different religions and ethnicities living together. Hindu population in Canada has been growing tremendously. Hindus in recent decades have influenced the Canadian lifestyle so much that they compensate for one of the largest communities. Canada houses some superbly constructed temples that are not only […]

Why Cows Are Worshiped In Hindu Religion?

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Why Cows Are Worshiped In Hindu Religion? – Holy cow is an idiom. It is a word or term that is used without being about a cow or religion in the literal sense. When it is spoken or written it means a person or a belief that has long been respected. It’s become sacred and […]