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5 Development Regions of Nepal

5 Development Regions of Nepal Nepal was divided into five development regions with a view to promoting national unity by removing regional imbalances and also by utilizing the natural resources of the mountains, hills and the terai in a proportional and beneficial manner. All these development regions are under the...

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National Anthem of Nepal – National Song of Nepal With Lyrics & Videos नेपालको राष्ट्रिय गान

As a National flag, every country has National Anthem. Without a doubt, Nepal also has its National anthem. "sayaun thunga phool ka hami eutai ....... (Made Hundred of flowers) is the National Anthem of Nepal. Sayaun Thunga Phool Ka Hami सयौं थुँगा फूलका हामी" is the national anthem of Nepal written by...

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Some of the Downloadable Nepali Acts items

Some of the Downloadable Nepali Acts items There are several items/documents that can help for reader/searcher/investigators. Some of the documents for downloads are as follows: 1. suchanakohak_niyamawali_2065 सूचनाको हक नियमावली 2. bippa-nepal-india-21-oct-2011-NEP बिप्पा नेपाल भारत सम्झौता 3. Birta+Unmulan+Niyamawali,+2017+fnl बिर्ता उन्मुलन नियमावली 4. chiththa+niyamawali+,+2027 चिठ्ठा नियमावली 5. citizenship_act_eng नागरिकता ऐन 6. ganatantra-sudhridikaran गणतन्त्र सुदृढिकरण 7. income-tax-act-2058-67-nepali...

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