Bathing Suits For Women, Girls, Ladies – 20 Best Swimwear in Summer 2019

Inexpensive Bathing Suits You Need To Buy Right Now in this summer 2019:- Summer is the time when we all love being around the water, be it swimming, partying alongside pools, playing pool games, or just dipping our legs in the water to feel a cool summer time magic. In order to go to pools […]

Things To Know About Nepali Actress Rekha Thapa


Rekha Thapa is the established talented, bold and beautiful female star of Nepali film industry.  She was born on 21st August 1982 in Salakpur of Morang of Eastern region of Nepal. She is a daughter of Prem Thapa and Saraswati Thapa. She has many nicknames like Kali, Nanu. She is 35 years old. Her 36th […]

Top 100 Bollywood Dance Hindi Songs Of All Time

Hindi dance songs bollywood of all time

Bollywood Dance Hindi Songs Of All Time: – The Bollywood movie songs have always been the part of our life. The music has no language. The melody and the feelings that the music gives is the universal language. So it’s not bad if we also hear and love Hindi music. The Bollywood music has always been […]

Top 10 Nepalese Music Bands of Nepal

Nepalese Music Bands in Nepal

Top music band of Nepal: – Nepalese musical filed has seen many top bands which have consistently made our heart and ear fill with joy, ecstasy, and emotion. Below are the top 10 music band of Nepal with interesting facts about them: Top 10 Nepalese Music Bands of Nepal 1. 1974 AD: – A Nepali Music […]

100 Best & Famous Devi Durga Maa Devotional Bhajans Songs in Hindi

Famous Durga Bhajans Songs in Hindi: – Durga is the chief goddess of Hindus who are also known asadi Shakti (the power from the beginning or the source of the power). She is also compared to Param Brahma ( the creator). Durga has been described as Adi Shakti, Pradhan Prakriti, Gunjya Maya, Mother of Wisdom […]

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