Canyoning Swing in Bhote Koshi River: Tough, Challenging and Exciting


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Canyoning Swing in Bhote Koshi River: Tough, Challenging and Exciting

canyoning in bhote koshi nepal

This post is for Canyoning Swing in Bhote Koshi River of Nepal, one of the tough, challenging and exciting canyoning swing in Nepal. Bhotekoshi (Bhote Koshi) River is one of the best for rafting and kayaking destination in Nepal, famous river not only in Nepal but also in the all over the world. It is regarded as one of the excellent short whitewater rafting adventures trip and one of the world’s most challenging, tough and exciting rafting in Bhote Koshi River in Nepal. It is the steepest river rafted in Nepal technically with a gradient of 80 feet per mile and full eight times steeper than Sunkoshi River of Nepal which it feeds further downstream.

Bhote Koshi River is also famous for canyoning. Thousands of people in every year got fun, exictement in canyoing in Bhote Koshi river. Here is a video of one Nepali guy, Canyoning Swing in Bhote Koshi River. Let’s watch video how he is canyoning Swing in Bhote Koshi River.

Canyoning in the Bhote Koshi River is tough
Jumped the world’s highest giant swing at Bhote Koshi, Nepal.

160 m high, 100 m freefall, 240m arch

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