Camping Trek in Nepal

The camping trek in Nepal

This post is about Camping Trek in Nepal. Here we have tried to give some information about the camping trek in Nepal.

Mr. Ramesh Raj Kunwar says,

“Tourism is the temporary movement of people to destinations outside their normal places of work and residence, the activities undertaken during their stay in those destinations, and facilitate created to cater to their needs.”

Service is a complicated phenomenon. The word has many meanings ranging from personal service to service as a product. It is defined differently in every society. In broad terms, service includes social welfare, religious works, airlines, internet service, car repair centers, etc. however, now we are concerned with service as a product, where service is managed, and service is sold for the purpose of earning and generating economic activities. In tourism ‘service’ is related to anything that is provided to the traveler to travel, stay and involve in tourism activity.

Climbing Mount Everest SherpaIt is organized by the trekking agencies in the same style as exploratory or mountaineering expeditions. This trek is also known as fully organized trek or supported trek. In this trek guides known as Sherpas serve as interpreters and camp staff. They are the friends, interpreters, and security. They are licensed to serve in the trekking. They are trained to fix tent and pitch camp. Cooks and assistant cooks serve hot meals prepared on the spot. Porters carry all food, fuel, camping equipment, personal belongings of the guests and other necessary goods for trekking. Clips have to carry only what they might need during the daytime. At night clients are provided dining tents, sleeping tents and toilet tents. They are also provided mattress and sleeping bags, all of which are carried for them with the party. Even table and chairs are carried. A Sardar supervised the completely trekking operation as a leader. He is the final decision maker during the trek.

How camping trek is operated

Typical camping trek, starts around 6 am with a cup of tea followed by a bowl of warm water for washing and cleaning. After packing up their stuff and daypack, the trekkers are asked to leave their camp and meet at the dining table for breakfast. The trek generally starts, around 7/8 Am.

The well-trained staff packs all camping equipment and gears and the porters carry them to next camping site. The trekkers have to carry only their personal belongings of their need for the day, like water bottle, rain gear, camera, etc.

The trekkers can decide on their own taste considering time for viewing the beautiful landscape, taking photographs and taking rest or making short pause.  The walk to lunch spot takes normally 3 hours. A hot lunch is served upon arrival. The afternoon walk takes about three to four hours to reach their night camp around 4/5 pm. Tea and snacks are served while the sherpas pitch camp. The dinner is served around 6/7 pm in the dining tent lit with a pressurized lantern and furnished with table and camping tools. High quality tents, foam and mattress are provided to sleep and in every camp, there will e a simple toilet tent.

The well trained and experienced cook and his team prepared varieties of healthy and wholesome food which is carried for the entire route.

The  Camping Trek in Nepal

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