Please Vote for Me: CA Election in Nepal 2013


Please Vote for Me: CA Election in Nepal 2013

This page is about election In Nepal 2013 and vote for me. If you are Nepali and voter of election, then this article may useful for you. You have one of most valuable weapon to use in this CA election of Nepal 2013. You have the right of vote. But whom you vote for? Vote for whom? This is main question we can ask you. You may be fan of Nepali Congress, Communist Party of Nepal (UML), Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), Madheshi parties or any party else. It doesn’t matter. But voter for whom is matter for us. Here are 10 collected photos of Nepali and Nepal who represents the poor situation of Nepali politics. Please check all the photos and think about our valuable voting rights.

These people are requesting you and your families,

Please vote for me in upcoming CA election in Nepal 2013

Please vote for me. Don’t ignore our request. It is the request of not this blogger; it is the request of these people. Please think about it. Whom vote for? You should vote in CA election of Nepal 2013, November 19.


The CA Election in Nepal is set for 19 November 2013.

Vote to that leader who can think about these people. Vote to that leader who want to see lighten face of these people. Remember, these people are the representative the whole population of Nepal and Nepali.

We voters should understand that with vision of leaders, plan of leaders, humanity of leaders, goal of the leaders, contribution to the society, dedication to population and loyal to the Nepali population. We can use our voting choices to amplify our voices by identifying our loyal preferences.

Please Vote for Me in CA Election of Nepal 2013; Remember it.

Express your preferences among the other candidates. We do use our full voice of our voting rights. Our valuable vote may not be wasted. Thank You.

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    1. consult the local leader. Of course, you’ve got right to get Parichaya patra. Parichaya patra is distributing in your place….

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