Facts about CA Election 2013 (2070) Nepal Results

Get here some facts about CA election 2013 Nepal results in point wise. we have posted here some points about CA election 2070 Nepal results. That may helps you to know the facts about Nepal’s election which is held in 2070 Bikram Samvat. If you are preparing lok sewa aayog nepal exam or shikshak sewa aayog or banking or something else… it of course help you.

Facts about CA Election 2013 (2070) Nepal Results

What is Constituent Assembly?

CA is an assembly of people’s representative elected by people for drafting constitution as primary work.

  • In the context of Nepal, constituent assembly is an assembly of people’s representative elected by people through direct (first-past-the-post FTP) election and proportional election; and members nominated by the decision of the cabinet for drafting constitution.
  • As per provision of the interim constitution of Nepal, 2007; Article 63; there are 601 members in the constituent assembly. Among them, there are 240 members elected through the direct election (FPTP) system and 335 member elected through the proportional election system and 26 nominated members in the constituent assembly.
  • The main objective of the formation of the constituent assembly is to draft the constitution and ratify it by addressing the people’s spirits for maintaining the long term peace in the country.


Facts about CA Election 2013 Nepal Results

  • CA Election 2070:
  • Election in 2070 Mangsir 4.
  • 130 parties registered for election.
  • Total parties which took part in election: 122.
  • Total parties who won in first-past-the-post (FPTP) election: 10.
  • Total parties who won in proportional representation: 30.
  • Total number of people to vote: 1,21,47,865.
  • Number of Female who voted: 61,66, 829.
  • Number of male who voted: 59,80,881.
  • Number of third gender who voted: 155.
  • Total third gender candidate in election: 4 (1FPTP, 3 Proportional).
  • Total candidate in FPTP:
  • Total female candidate in FPTP: 667.
  • Total proportional candidate: 10,409.
  • Total female candidate who won in FPTP: 10.
  • Independent candidate: 1,115.
  • 1st elected: Tek Bahadur Gurung (Manang, Nepali Congress).
  • Elected with maximum vote: Sher Bahadur Deuwa.
  • Elected with maximum vote difference: Dr. Baburam Bhattarai.
  • Elected with minimum vote difference: Shiva Kumar
  • Election constituency with maximum voters: Bhaktapur-2.
  • Election constituency with minimum voters: Manang.
  • 0 voters: Thabang (Rolpa)
  • Total Result of CA date: 2070 Poush 18.
  • 1si meeting of 2nd CA: 2070 Magh 8.
  • Eldest member: Surya Bahadur Thapa.
  • Younget member in CA: Sharita Kumari
  • Election won in 2 place by: Sushil Koirala, Sher Bahadur Deuwa, Madhav Kumar Nepal,
  • Number of Independent member who won in 2nd CA: 2
  • Total votes dropped in FPTP: 78.34%.
  • Total votes dropped in proportional: 79.82%.