Points To Be Considered While Buying Water Purifier Filter – 10 Must Know Things


Points To Be Considered While Buying Water Purifier Filter: – Water is the most important thing for the survival of every living organism in the world.

From small plants to the biggest mammal in the world- all need water for survival. For human beings, the consumption of pure drinking water is very important for gaining energy and for survival as well.

Water these days are not pure. Even the water supplied from the rivers or dams is not pure as it contains many microorganisms and pollutants. So, it is very important to filter the water before eating. Water filters or water purifiers are easily available in the market.

With so many different kinds of filters in the market, one might get a little overwhelmed. However, rather than being overwhelmed, you must have certain knowledge about the water purifiers beforehand. Water is indeed very important and little precautions to make it pure and free from pollutants becomes the first priority.

So, if you are considering purifying your drinking water, here we give you certain points that act as the reference points to help you buy the best water purifiers.

Points To Be Considered While Buying Water Purifier Filter – 10 Must-Know Things

Kent Water Purifier Filter
Kent Water Purifier Filter
  1. The storage capacity of the purifier

The first thing to know before heading out to buy the water purifier is to know how much storage capacity is needed for you and your family. Once you tentatively calculate the required capacity, buy the purifier accordingly.

Different types of purifiers are in the market with varied capacities. You should always choose the one you need and fits for you rather than buying something irrationally big and does not make any sense.


  1. Know the type of water: Soft water or Hard water

The next important thing to know is to know the type of water at your house. There are two types of water; Hard water and soft water. Hard water generally contains dissolved material like magnesium, iron, or calcium whereas soft water is naturally soft and the only ion present is sodium.

To know the water type, you can get it tested in the lab. If you have hard water, then it is highly recommended to buy RO water purifiers as it filters the water completely and makes it drinkable.

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  1. Electric vs Non-Electric Filter

Various types of purifiers are available in the market. Some are electric while others are non-electric. While choosing the one, you should consider the electricity availability in your area.


If your area’s electricity is vulnerable and is highly prone to the shortage, you should go for a non-electric purifier. However, if you have no shortage of electricity, you must go to an electric one.

  1. Check the filtration process and equipment of the filter

One thing that you need is the quick filtration process with maximum purity. Before buying the filters, always check the equipment that is used in the filter for the filtration process.

If those are of standard and purifies water quickly as well as without any contamination, go for that product. Otherwise, keep searching.

  1. Do not hesitate to look for options

Before finally buying the water purifier, it is suggested to look for different types of purifiers. Know everything about the purifiers and after thorough comparison, buy the product. Compare and contrast the products and choose the best one in the market. In doing so, you must study different filters are different shops.

  1. Check for contamination

You must check for contamination before buying the product. You can do so by checking the amount of salt that is collected in the purifier. If the amount of salt is more than eighty percentage, then you should buy the purifier that has RO so as to make the water purer.

  1. Guarantee and warranty

Before buying the product, you must consider whether the supplier provides a guarantee or warranty. If a warranty or even guarantee is provided, go for those products as you would not have to bear the loss if the product does not perform efficiently.

  1. Buy only registered purifiers

Different companies, small and big, all are producing water purifiers because of huge demand. Not all are registered and not all are ISO standard products. So, you must check for the registration of the company. Do not fall in the trap of fake water purifiers and always buy the registered and ISO standard water filters or water purifiers.

  1. Brands

In case you are wondering which brand’s purifier is the best, then we have come up with different brands that are ISO registered and the quality is good. Livpure, tata, Nasaka, Ambipure, aqua, Kent RO are some of the best brands that are available in the market. The purifiers are of good quality and purify water to a hundred percent.

  1. Useful time

Lastly, before you buy the water purifier, you must know how long the purifier works before changing the purifier. With longer use of purifier, the filtration process may get deteriorated and you must know how long it takes to change the internal equipment.

Also, do remember to take the after-sales service. If the company provides good after-sales service like the service of fixation, changing the tubes, and repairing, then you should go for that product.

Hence, water is indeed very valuable and you should never mess up with your drinking water. Always purify your water to make it pure or you can even boil it.

You must check the purifier beforehand and test the purifier. If you want to be sure, you can also get your water before and after purifying so make sure your drinking water is 100 percent, safe, pure, and drinkable.

Use the above-mentioned points to select the best water purifier as per your need and standards.


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