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Bungee jumping in Nepal – Bungy jumping in Nepal

Bungee in Nepal:- One of the longest freefall in the world is ready to take you down. Are you ready? Stand on the 166m long suspension bridge above the Bhote Koshi river between one of the deepest gorge. Tie yourself. Scared? Nervous?Excited? well, it doesn’t matter. Just take a deep breath and 1… 2.. 3. Bungee!! (Don’t close your eyes though else you will miss the real taste of Bunge, Ha!!)

Here is this page, you can be in around the Bungee jumping in Nepal and Bungy jumping in Nepal price. Remember it that the fall of Bungee jumping in Nepal is the second deepest fall in this world. Bungee jumping in Nepal is the latest tourism activities.

Now it is becoming famous among the tourists, visitors, and Nepali as well. Things to do in Nepal for tourists include Bungee jumping in Nepal.

Nepal is a landlocked country with varying geographical structures. There are many steep hills, beautiful mountains, dangerous passes and thousands of rivers and rivulets. These natural landscapes form an eternal paradise for adventure seekers worldwide. Dangerous rivers like Trishuli, Gandaki and Bhotekoshi are heavens for river adventurists.

Mountainous terrains are like an open book for trekkers and hikers worldwide. Similarly, vast swathes of National parks and Wildlife reserves across Nepal are attractive destinations for safari-lovers. Amidst these, Nepal is also a lavish destination for ultra adventure sports like sky-diving, paragliding and bungee jumping.

Bungee Jumping is an elite adventure activity where a person jumps from a bridge at high altitude with only a support of elastic rope. The jumper will experience thrilling free falling towards the dangerous pass or towards the wild river.

Bungee jumping was restricted to some places in Europe, New Zealand and America in the past but nowadays, this thrilling sports is now open in various parts of the world including Nepal. Nepal’s first bungee jumping site is situated 160m over the wild Bhote Koshi river. It was designed by leading bungee consulted from Newzealand and is operated by experienced jumpmasters.


The literal meaning of ‘Bungee’ is rubber rope. Specially made rubber rope is used in this adventure activity. So far Bungee jumping is carried out by only one organization.

Bungee jumping is one of the adventure activities popular in the western world;, especially in Switzerland.  Now, these adventure activities are available in Nepal too, a beautiful naturally country. This all credit goes to The Last Resort of Nepal.

The World is full of adventures but there is nothing quite like bungee jumping. One of the shortest adventurous activities in the world that promise to give you the utmost thrill you will ever have in those ten seconds.Those 30 seconds when you can feel your adrenaline flowing through your veins.

Who doesn’t want to go for a bungee once in a lifetime? From Nepali to foreigners everyone is crazy about it. Bungee has been here for a long time now.You can do the bungee jump in Nepal from two places (spots).

One from Bhotekoshi and the other from Pokhara. These are the only two spots in Nepal for bungee. The Bhotekoshi spot for bungee is the oldest one. Iy has been operated for more than a decade now, hence widely popular. Bungee jump from Bhote Koshi is also considered to be one of the wildest and longest bungees in the world.

Apart from that, Pokhara has also launched bungee jump from Hemja. It is a  jump from the tower that lets you fall straight down the pond until you touch the water. Sounds interesting, right? How about we go a little detail about both of them.

Fall of Bungee jumping is Nepal is the second deepest fall in this world.

Bungee jumping in Nepal by the Last Resort is well managed. Jumpers have undertaken the care of Bungee Master. Bungee jumpers fall 150 m. down from the platform of the suspension bridge. The fall is the second deepest in this world, the world record is of 210 m. in Switzerland. The jump will be bounce 4 times.

The whole operation of jumping, bouncing and pulling up takes only 5 minutes. An experienced Bungee Master supervises the whole operation of jumping. The master does not need any certificate and training; the only experience is needed. Bungee jumping in Nepal is one of the popular things to do in Nepal.

Requirements for Bungee Jumping in Nepal

The jumpers do not need any training and pre-experience, but they should be in good condition. They are to be set up with a rope (bungee cord), harness, and carabineer and ankle belt. A suitable bungee as per weight is used to give right bouncing effect.

Bungee from Bhotekoshi.

The first ever bungee in Nepal is one of the wildest bungees in the whole world.Bungee from Bhote Koshi is one of the most thrilling 30 seconds you will ever have in your life.Bungee jumping has been operated in Nepal for years now.

Bungy Jumping in Nepal in Bhote Koshi River
Bungy Jumping in Bhote Koshi River, Nepal

One of the highly anticipated adventures in Nepal is operated by the highly experienced team. They have used modern equipment for bungee jumping. So, safety is not a problem when the masters of the jump set you up.

The Last Resort, located near the Nepal-Tibet border lets you jump from the 166m long suspension bridge .i.e 160m  high above the ground while one of the wildest gorges in the world, Bhote Koshi is flowing just below the suspension bridge.Just imagine the thrill.

More like a place naturally set up for a bungee jump.Now you know why Bungee jump in Nepal is famous. The bridge is the Swiss designed and maybe the only private bridge in Nepal.


Anyone above age 18 can do the bungee except for the ones below 18. Anyone below age 18 needs the approval of their parents. The minimum weight required to do a bungee is 40 kg and should not exceed the weight of 100 kgs. As of now, you can also have a bridge swing, which is being more popular along with the bungee.

Location of for bhotekoshi bungee jumping:

It is located near the Nepal-Tibet border. Just a 3 hours ride from Kathmandu. It is near the capital city of Nepal. It takes less than 3 hours of drive from Kathmandu valley. You will travel the Arniko highway to within 12 km of Tibetan Border and the famous friendship bridge. Thus it is easily accessible from the capital city.

The Bridge for Jumping:

The bungee bridge is the only privately owned bridge in Nepal and is designed especially for the bungee with a 4x safety factor and loading factor of 4.5 tons according to swiss measurements. The jumpers weight is measured in the beginning and provided jumping cords according to the weight of the jumper. The remarkable 160m jump into the Bhote Koshi river is the longest freefall in the world.



Before jumping, a medical checkup is done to ensure jumper is not suffering from health problems like Heart disease, Epilepsy, High Blood pressure, Pregnancy and psychological problems.

Afterwards, jumper will be told to empty out all the belongings in the pockets and is weighed. According to weight, the jumper is provided with the jumping cords (green, red and black for lightest, heavier and heavyweights respectively), and under the supervision of experts, you (jumper) jumps from the bridge into the seemingly calm river of Bhote Koshi. The thrill and adrenaline of jumping are priceless and you will be demanding extra jump again.

Price for bhotekoshi bungee jumping.

The pricing of the jump varies accordingly. The pricing can come anywhere from $50 to $99. For more details about it, you can check their official page.

The cost for jumping depends on the agent you register with. The cost varies with the time and the cost below is for reference purpose only.

foreigners: Euro 90 per person

Indian and Chinese: Rs 8200 per person

Nepalese Citizen: NRs 5500 per person

For photo and video, extra charge will be taken


You can also get your DVD of the jump.

Important Considerations for bhotekoshi bungee jumping

–  The person under age 18 requires consent and attendance of his/her guardian.

-The jumper should wear tight, closed shoes and comfortable clothes.

– Minimum weight requirement is 40 KG and maximum weight requirement is 100KG for jumping.

– The jumper should not have health problems mentioned above.

Bungee from Pokhara.

Pokhara is renown for its beauty and adventure.But wait can we make it more adventurous and thrilling? YES sure. How about we add bungee to it. And here we go.

Pokhara has already given you a lot of adventures and here is one more gift to you from Pokhara for all the adventure lovers out there. There is a newly operated bungee in Pokhara near the lakeside. It is located at hemja.

This is a little different than that of Bhote Koshi but still of the same. The height of the freefall is a little less but the thrill is still the same. The bungee jump in Pokhara is set up in a tower which is 80 m high from the pond down below.

The 80m jump will let you fall until you touch the water of the pond. The view, the mountains, the scenic beauty and the thrill. What more can you ask for Pokhara? Pokhara that has already been considered as the set piece of adventure in Nepal has added bungee to its series of adventurous activities.


It is located at Hemja, Pokhara. (Near the lakeside)


The pricing starts from Rs 3490 for Nepalese and Rs 6890 for foreigners per jump.

Bungee has been one of the biggest crazes in among the youths in Nepal. Many of them have made a dedication to doing a bungee once in a lifetime. It may be the shortest adventure in the world that will thrill down your adrenaline but those 3 seconds will give you one satisfying smile then after.

So you can find these two spots for bungee in Nepal. Both of them are not very far from the capital, Kathmandu. Either from bhotekoshi or from Pokhara, both of them promises to give you the deepest ecstasy of the thrill.

However, the bungee jump from Pokhara is shorter than that of the jump from Bhotekoshi. Also, there is the difference in price between them but all in all both of them are excellent on its own. The bungee from Bhote Koshi is operated by The Last Resort and that of Pokhara is operated by Highground Adventures Nepal.

Furthermore, both of them provides other adventures apart from bungee. You can buy certain available packages and then you are in for a treat. The Last Resort provides other adventures like tandem swing canyoning rafting etc whereas Highground adventures also have other adventurous activities like Zipline etc.

The Last Resort is offering this adventurous activities Bungee jumping in Nepal

The Last Resort is offering this program. The resort is 10 km inside the Nepal-Tibet borer on the Arniko highway. The resort set up on a steep hill on the other side of the Bhote Koshi built a suspension bridge 160 m above the river floor Local people equally share the specially built bridge.

Bungy jumping in Nepal price

Let’s talk about the price of Bungy jumping in Nepal. Bungy jumping in Nepal price is $ 75 per person. At present The Last Resort is sailing the trip for US Dollar 75 per person. The cost includes the drive to and from Kathmandu, Lunch at resort, jump, and service of the bungee master. Bungy jumping in Nepal price is explained here according to the organizer. It may vary Bungy jumping in Nepal price in future.

So what are you waiting for? Aren’t you ready yet well then I dare you to do a more bung once in your life? Grab your equipment and get ready more the most thrilling seconds of your life. Get ready to make one of the wildest memories of your life. Don’t  miss it….

Author: Rima Pradhan and Rijan Maharjan

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