Everything You May Want To Know About British College Kathmandu, Nepal

Forensic and Security Laboratory:

Forensics & Security Lab includes 34 dedicated workstations to compute student use, and access software and network tools. This laboratory is equipped with a dedicated server with isolated network layers and multiple operating systems.

This lab is designed to allow students to practice computer security measures, including the detection and investigation of computer security breaches and other digital crimes. The Forensic, and Security Laboratory, known by many students as the “Hacker Lab”, gives them the opportunity to learn techniques to protect information from hacking.

Groups of students meet to practice for competitions, work on projects or create their own research, or investigations using various versions of Linux and other open source software tools.

Open Access Laboratory:

The open access laboratory is located on the third floor of the university. It is open from Sunday to Friday from 7am to 5pm. The facility is open to all TBC students, except when they are in use for a class. Students can use this lab to prepare assignments, projects, Internet access and e-mail, and research. The laboratory contains 34 computer systems equipped with the latest versions of applications and tools.


Computer-based examination laboratory (CBE):

The CBE laboratory includes seven dedicated computer systems. It is an authorized ACCA Examination Center.

Services and benefits;

The college offer a variety of services to the graduates, which include opportunities to stay informed about university events, participate in numerous activities for alumni. They will keep students informed about what is happening at the university through Momentum, your alumni magazine that is published biannually.

They will also send the students electronic newsletters throughout the year to help them stay in touch. We can find the college page on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Scoop, Tumblr, Pinterest, WordPress and LinkedIn, which helps to maintain and grow networks, so do not hesitate to connect looking for “TBC Alumni.”

Business Incubation Center;

The British College Business Incubation Center (TBC BIC) is a business platform for building entrepreneurs at British College. It targets to inspire and support students to learn and participate in entrepreneurship activities and encourage the generation of ideas and innovation.


  1. Events for Entrepreneurship and Business Management.
  • TBC BIC will be organizing a large annual business idea’s competition where students interested in business ideas will have the opportunity to present their idea proposal. If they are selected, they must submit the detailed business plan.
  1. Mentoring, training and development.; TBC BIC will offer tutoring, training and development in:
  • Creation of an effective business plan
  • Marketing strategiess
  • Financial Projection
  • Risk management
  • Inclusion of sustainability and inclusive management in the business model.
  • Startup management
  1. Common work center; British College has allocated a separate space for the incubators to meet, discuss, hold meetings and work on the project using all available resources.
  2. Networking; TBC BIC has networking events and guest lectures for students interested in entrepreneurship and startups to expand their businesses and social networks.
  3. Funding

The three main ideas selected from the competition will receive financial assistance from the university as seed capital.

International students

The British College takes pride in the growing population of international students. The goal is for international students to represent ten percent of the student base and, therefore, TBC is expanding the marketing to an international platform.

The college is recruiting students from Bhutan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, China, India and the college urge other international students to continue their academic studies at British College. TBC engages and mobilizes students through the production of eye-catching marketing materials and an outstanding educational presence on international online platforms.

TBC registers the best and brightest students and, consequently, offers an unforgettable academic experience that transcends international borders with incisions that provoke reflection.

They offer degrees from internationally recognized universities in the United Kingdom that offer the same accredited qualifications you would get if you were studying in the United Kingdom, but with the convenience and cost-effectiveness of studying in Nepal.

The British College considers international students as a valuable asset, as they give the university the opportunity to show the excellent learning environment abroad. British College welcome students from China, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Mauritius.

The registration process for international students

  1. Students can apply for the desired course online or download the TBC application form and send the scanned copy by email to: admissions @ thebritishcollege.edu.np
  2. Have a digital photograph recently clicked ready to upload with your application.
  3. The Admissions Department will review the application forms and send them to the corresponding University of the United Kingdom for further evaluation.
  4. British College will provide an offer letter if the application is successful.
  5. The student must pay the British College, after which TBC will provide a letter of acceptance.
  6. Students can apply for a student visa with a valid passport.
  7. Students from SAARC countries can apply for a tourist visa and change their visa status after their arrival in Nepal. For countries that do not belong to SAARC, students may have to visit the nearest Nepalese Embassy in their country.
  8. A visa cannot be obtained upon arrival for citizens of the following countries; Afghanistan, Iraq, Cameroon, Ghana, Somalia, Swaziland, Palestinian Territory, Zimbabe, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Liberia.

Documents required for the visa;

  1. Letter of admission from the Academic Institution.
  2. Bank balance to provide evidence of sufficient studying funds.
  3. Passport and copies of your passport along with a copy of the latest page of the visa.

Visa process for international students.

  1. Please keep your valid passport handy.
  2. Have a recent digital photo ready to load with your application.
  3. Students can request the desired course online or download the TBC application form and send the scanned copy by email to: [email protected]
  4. The Admissions Department will review the application forms and send them to the corresponding UK university for further evaluation.
  5. British College will provide you with an offer letter if your application is successful.
  6. The student must pay The British College, after which TBC will provide a letter of acceptance.
  7. Students can apply for a student visa.
  8. Students from SAARC countries can apply for a tourist visa and change their visa status after their arrival in Nepal. For countries that do not belong to SAARC, students may have to visit the nearest Nepalese Embassy in their country.
  9. A visa cannot be obtained upon arrival for citizens of the following countries; Afghanistan, Iraq, Cameroon, Ghana, Somalia, Swaziland, Palestinian Territory, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Liberia.

Volunteer opportunities;

The British School (TBC), Kathmandu, is linking international graduates with voluntary teaching practices in Nepal. These placements are a great opportunity for graduates interested in teaching English, living in a foreign country and obtaining valuable volunteer experience.

The British College considers that the responsibility for community service, CSR, is extremely important, and they encourage students to become involved in volunteer work at all levels of study. It is a priority for the college to facilitate CSR and ensure that, as a college, they have a great impact on the community that surrounds the college.

Student exchange program.

The students are guaranteed an enriching academic experience both in the classroom and through the Student Exchange Programs. The partner universities provide a wonderful opportunity for students to experience university life in the UK and enjoy British culture through their Summer School programs.

Students participate fully in academic life, attend conferences and participate in practical workshops. Students are encouraged to adopt this unique teaching format and invaluable international experience. In addition, students have the opportunity to travel and explore the host cities and visit other cities in the United Kingdom during their stay.

Similarly, students from the partner universities can visit Nepal and the British College. Exchange students greatly appreciate this opportunity both academically and for the rich multicultural experience that Kathmandu offers.

Research and development center.

The British College comprises of the research and development center has been established to organize, coordinate and / or stimulate scientific research in the field of business, management and IT.

The aim of the unit is to provide a platform for teachers, students and staff for their research projects and activities that will help establish and strengthen the research culture in Nepal.

Categories of the R & D unit:

Internal research

Internally, it manages all undergraduate and graduate academic programs, which focus on supervising students for their Dissertation and Consulting project.

External research

Externally, it promotes and monitors the faculties that wish to do their respective investigations in their areas of interest.

In addition, together with the corresponding researcher, he will be responsible for preparing the proposals for external grant opportunities. The TRDC will be responsible for the planning, implementation and monitoring of projects / grants once they are granted.

The objectives;

  • Provide education / training / open platform for postgraduate and undergraduate students for their final thesis project or consulting.
  • Promote and facilitate collaborative and / or interdisciplinary research and the improvement of the capacity and infrastructure of research networks.
  • Encourage the academic administration and the faculties to get involved in a research project with the aim of publishing the journal in a wide range of online platforms.
  • Contribute to the strategic mission of education and research of the university that supports the link between research, teaching, learning and development.
  • Contribute to the mission of the university to achieve the mission of achieving AACSB accreditation.
  • Transfer of knowledge and implementation of research findings in society for their benefit through the appropriate mechanism.
  • Improve the status of its members, academic units and the entire university through its quality of work

The research and innovation platform provided by TRDC is for TBC’s academic management and full-time faculties. The faculty can participate in one or more research projects under TRDC.

Interdisciplinary research: the faculty can work with one or more members within a department

Intradisciplinary research: the faculty can work with two different departments

Multidisciplinary research: the faculty can work with three or more departments

Interinstitutional research: the faculty can work with multiple universities at national and international level.

Other activities

On the auspicious occasion of World Environment Day 2019, TBC and BCAN join the “1 million tree plantations” campaign organized by Green Touch Nepal and in collaboration with the Lumbini World Peace Forum.

The campaign began with the objective of combating pollution and climate change. The campaign aims to achieve this milestone in the next 5 years through continuous and meaningful coordination with local citizens and conscious institutions such as the British College, Kathmandu.

The preparation session of the British university and the placement day began yesterday, May 19, 2019 in collaboration with Mero job. The session began with a formal greeting with members of merojob and introduction of students. It began with a short speech by Chandra Gurung, an expert in curriculum and curriculum.

The first day of the session began with the writing of a curriculum vitae letter. These sessions will provide students with tips and techniques to prepare a professional resume, face an interview in the real world setting and, ultimately, prepare them for the Placement Day.

CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility;

The staff and students of British College take pride in helping the community through many CSR activities. The college is dedicated to providing help and support to those who need help and the college try to innovate new ways of doing it.

The Earthquake Relief Program ensured that those affected by recent events had access to food, shelter and essential medical resources. Coordinated by CEO Rajen Kandel, students and staff delivered supplies and, together with the AMF and the army, helped clean up the debris in both Nuwakot and Sindupalchowk.

The most recent “Manta for Humanity” initiative, run by a group of students, raised enough funds to distribute 60 blankets to vulnerable elderly people in Ryale.

The students were proactive in raising funds for the blankets, standing on Durbar Square and Basantapur on numerous occasions, as well as collecting donations from other students. They felt blessed to personally deliver the blankets after their hard work. To make a big impact that initial step is required; TBC students have taken that vital first step through their fundraising efforts.

Training in quality assurance

The staff of TBC is trained to meet the education standards of the British University, attending training programs both at the university and at the partner universities, Leeds Beckett and UWE. The Associate Dean, Mr. Arun Lal Joshi and the Master Program Leader, Mr. Prajwal Shrestha, recently attended a quality assurance conference organized by Leeds Beckett University. The college is dedicated to promoting regular staff training to ensure the quality of British education that makes TBC unique.

TBC strives to become a world-class university that offers international qualifications that equip graduates with the knowledge and skills demanded by the global labor market.

In addition, TBC undertakes the following at all times:

  • Support and respect the needs of the students and partners.
  • Provide quality service and delivery through processes and procedures of best practices.
  • Create opportunities for students and employees.
  • Promote a creative culture oriented to the continuous improvement of quality throughout the School
  • Develop teams that show motivational, empowering, respectful, inclusive and competitive characteristics.
  • Continue complying with the MoE (Nepal), quality regimes and associated university standards.


Kathmandu, British College, is proud to announce the opening of registration for the 2nd British Cup 2019: Inter College Futsal Tournament on June 26, 2019. Register now!

The details of the event are the following:

  • Registration deadline: June 20, 2019.
  • Registration fee: Rs. 6000 (Includes security deposit)
  • Date of the event: June 26-27, 2019
  • Place: Dhuku Futsal, Baluwatar
  • Time: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM


The British College Trade Tower,Thapathali Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel. no; +977 (1) 5970003, +977 (1) 5111100/1/2, +977 (1) 5111103
[email protected]
For Admission Enquiry

+977 9801134304


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