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Best Bridal makeup in Nepal:- Marriages are said to be made in heaven and so we ceremoniously vow to spend lives together asking for God’s blessing with elaborate wedding rituals. We want our family and friends to come together to support and to celebrate.

Many times, it can also be a way for a family to display their social and financial status. However, this celebration of love and partnership can sometimes be just about signing a marriage license or a document, but usually we, especially women, like to aggrandize. Also, Weddings are a just a means to adjoin the strings of two hearts that were always meant to be one and they serve as one of the biggest occasions in anyone’s life of all of life’s events, a wedding is the most precious. And, one cannot afford to lose that part of life.

But, this significant occasion in one’s life comes with endless preparations, be it designing clothes, choosing the guests, or finding a location. needless to say, that, on the big “wedding day”, everything has to be perfect. traditionally, in Asian cultures, a wedding is a time well anticipated beforehand, with preparations sometimes beginning at birth! it isn’t uncommon to hear a mother boast about how she is collecting jewelry for the daughter’s wedding, or exclaim that she will pass the heirloom bangle to her daughter-in-law. it is also a time when the definitions of happiness and sadness get muddled, with daughters leaving one house and entering another.

It is also seen as a new beginning to life, and like all new beginnings, they come with an abundant amount of anticipation and preparation. there are numerous stories, plays, and novels written about true love. Literature about soul mates and love are in a genre by themselves, and they undoubtedly dominate our television shows, movies, and culture. remember “Romeo and Juliet”, “Wuthering Heights” or any Nora Roberts novel?

One such literary work that deals with the idea of soul mates is the play “the Symposium”. According to it, when humans became very arrogant and began to believe themselves to be better than the gods, the gods became very angry. God Zeus then chopped humans into two pieces making them less powerful than before, also leaving them yearning for their other halves. Mind you, the humans in this story had four arms, four legs, four eyes and so forth. Since then, the concept of soul mates was created, the two that are essentially one. There’s something about women and marriages.

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Keki Adhikari in red saree with beautiful and attractive looks

Everywhere in every part of the world, women go crazy before marriage. Imagine, a woman is so wrapped up about this particular day that even as a kid, she role-plays as a beautiful young bride. It is a special day for women for which she dreams and plans since childhood. So, though in principle it is an important day for both the couple, it indisputably has to be extraordinarily imperative for the bride. No matter the wedding traditions or customs or what country it is taking place in, at each ceremony, the bride will kill to look her best. To manage this, the bride has a lot of things to decide upon, right from wedding dress and shoes to accessories, handbag, and cosmetics, which can consume a good deal of time and energy.

Further, to get the “princess” look and feel, it is quite natural for the bride to pamper herself from skin care treatments to appointments with hair stylists. Even to go for an extensive spa treatment is not unusual especially when she has so many things to jitter her nerves.

If you are in the process of hiring a makeup artist for your wedding, you need to see if she is really competent enough. One of the ways to do that is to check out her ideas about the makeup techniques she would use for you. It is very important that she comes up with a style that is fitted for your wedding theme so that it would blend well with the whole get up.

To find the best makeup artists, one of the best ways to do it is through recommendations. You can actually call your friends, relatives, and even your colleagues to ask them about it. Once you have gathered enough names and contact details, try calling some of them, and choose the one that you are most comfortable working with.

Makeup either makes or breaks the wedding day. Dripping foundation, smeared mascara—is that what you want? Of course not! So, visit a fine beautician and enjoy the day without anything foul happening. The wedding season is coming near.

We will give some good best bridal makeup ideas with the ideas about enhancing the admiring beauty of the bride. In this wedding season, these ideas will obviously help you…  if you are not in the decision of hirina g a a makeup artist, then we are here with the bridal makeup tips and ways. Hoping you will like it. Check it out!

F,irst, you must have some ideas for the makeup;


• Go for warm colors.
• Ask your makeup artist to contour and highlight your features.
• Add some golden touches to your makeup for the glowing sun-kissed look that the weak winter sun otherwise would not be able to give. Your skin might be dry during winters, apply a good amount of moisturizer
• A haircut should be done at least two months prior to the big day
• Eyebrows should be shaped 4-5 days ahead of the wedding (you can let them grow for some time if you are looking to shape it differently.

You should have your own checklist; keep a deadline and take out time for yourself

• Plan your outfit with the groom
• Always remember: less is more in terms of jewelry or outfit. Keep it simple, but pull it all off together with a good ensemble
• Last, but not least, keep time for yourself and relax


• Be scared to speak up if you don’t like makeup.
• Heavy makeup with heavy jewelry or heavily embroidered clothes are big no, no’s.

 Some Suggestions;

• If you have a limited beauty make-up budget and will not be using the services of a professional make-up artist for your wedding day, ensure you visit beauty counters to test products and colors to create your wedding day look, many of the leading brands offer make-up consultations and some will give you testers to trial. Once you have decided on your products lots of the leading brand’s artists will teach you how to use the products and brushes to create your wedding look.

• If you are considering accentuating your eyes or having a glamorous look on your wedding day and you do not want to explore the semi-permanent eyelashes option then false eyelashes are the way forward.

• Eyebrow shaping and eyelash tinting can really emphasize your eyes and balance the features of your face. Many beauty salons offer to wax or threading services for eyebrows if you are thinking of managing your own eyebrow shaping and penciling.

• Mac Mineralize is a fluid foundation that blends and has natural light-reflecting properties of micro-minerals with a smooth satin finish available in 18 shades. This foundation provides a low-to-medium buildable coverage and has a slight luminous look that helps make your skin appear radiant and healthy.

• When you buy your makeup kit, make sure to choose something that is known for its quality. This way, you can be assured that you would be able to achieve the kind of effect that you are looking for. Aside from that, you can also ensure that you won’t experience any kind of side effects on your skin with its use.

• You need to make some certain considerations during applying makeup to keep you on the safe side. If you have skin allergy upon using certain types of makeup, then you should select the makeup products carefully you would apply on it. Aside from that, you should also take care of your skin tone so that you can enhance your beauty with your makeup.


• When you apply makeup, you should also keep your eyes safe and beautiful. Keep in mind that for women, there are certain makeup techniques used with deep-set eyes as well as for those with regularly set eyes. By considering your eyes, you would be able to come up with a technique that can enhance it more.

• There are certain makeup items, which should not be exposed to open air for a long period of time since it can become brittle or are reduced in terms of quality. Therefore, you should remind to close the makeup kit once you are done with it. Aside from that, you should store it in a place that is not too cold nor too hot.

• In most cases, when you are in a rush, you might end up living the brush you made use for your makeup by the mirror, or somewhere else. When you do this, you could experience having to look for it for hours the next time you want to use it. Thus, you should put it at the same place where you are usually keeping it so that you can easily get it anytime you want

• If you have sensitive skin, then it may take you some time to choose the makeup that won’t get your skin irritated. Having allergic reactions from makeup is not something that you want to experience. To go around it though, you can always do a spot test prior to purchasing a product. This can be done by applying a small amount of the makeup on your skin.

Different makeup can be done according to the type of skin. So, the various tips for bridal makeup are;


1. Deep cleanse your face.

2. Apply dots of pan-stick foundation all over your face with your ring finger then blend it using a wet sponge. (Note: Use a headband to prevent the foundation from getting over the hairline)

3. Apply concealer to cover up the remaining dark circle around your eyes and blemishes if you have any.

4. Water spray on your face.

5. Apply a light layer of pancake foundation (waterproof)instead of compact powder for a special glow that lasts for 7-8 hours (a type of foundation to use: matt for summer and mineral for winter).

6. Apply loose powder.

7. Apply eye base to hide dark areas on the eyelid (color to use: white or any color that is close to your skin).

8. Apply eye-shadow on the whole upper eyelid (for fair complexion: golden/ pink, for dark complexion: brown/ copper) and blend it in such a way that your eyelid has a darker shade than the brow bone.

9. Apply kohl (waterproof) and then use an earbud to outline the kohl with black eye-shadow to prevent it from smudging.

10. To give contrast on the eye: use the combination of black and brown eyeshadow on the lid-outage.

11. Apply golden eye-shadow only on the eyeballs. It gives extra shine.

12. Apply cake eye-liner with the help of a liner brush a for a long lasting effect. (Note: clear thin line on the upper eye-lid if the eyes are big, and for smaller eyes, create an illusion by drawing thick lines). For bridal eyes, extend the eye-liner on the upper eyelid to the outer corner for a dramatic effect.

13. Mascara: move the brush from upward to downward direction and vice versa on the upper lashes. On the lower lash, use the tip of the mascara brush and tend to each lash in a downward direction.

14. Blush: use a darker shade of blush on the lower jaw/jawline to create a slender cheek illusion and use a lighter shade on the apple of your cheek.

15. Lips: Apply foundation with moisturizer. Apply compact powder over your lips (this helps to give off the actual color of the lipstick and keep it on lips for a longer duration).

16. Outline the lips with a darker shade of lip pencil and use the same color but a lighter shade on the whole lips (for big lips: inward outline of your lips, for thin lips: outward outline of your lips).

17. Use a brush to put on the lipstick. Move the brush up and down instead of sideways and later move it sideways.

18. Apply golden torch on the apple of your cheek,, nose, and chin. Then blend it.


• First of all, Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing is done.
• Tone darker base should be applied for the lighter skin.
• To give eyes dramatically, smoky eyed-look but still to be appeared to be natural, Eyebrows can be lined.
• A neon pink-colored lipstick should be applied to complement her neon yellow outfit.

a beautiful bride in swayambar stage marriage bibah ceromoney Madhesh Terai Mithila Nepal
A beautiful Nepali bride


• Cleansing, moisturizing, and toning is the daily ritual for all for a sunburned skin, two-tone bases (light & dark) can be applied.

  • The base can be followed with gel eye shadow, Eyelashes can be adjoined.
  • Thick eyeliner with wings completed the look.
  • Alkaline-based orange lip color can be used.
  • Her flat hair can be given dramatic up-do.
  • It was raised to some extent to add height.
  • During winter on humid days, you can leave your waterproof makeup and go flawless with regular makeup.

 Also, the ideas for enhancing the beauthe ty of the bride before the marriage is

The wedding date is just around the corner. You’ve been managing a million different things, trying to ensure that everything goes just right, just like the fairytale wedding you’ve always wanted. But, that fairytale didn’t take into account aching shoulders and tired feet and all the pressure that comes with being the bride…so, take some time off to relax. After all, you’re going to want your wedding to be a wonderful memory, not merely a stressful one.


Massages reduce stress and provide relief. And, with all the stress that comes with managing a wedding, especially your own, a message is a must.


Facial combat all the elements that the face is daily subject to—the sun, the wind, the rain, and even pollution—with a deep cleansing, unclogging of your pores, and ridding of blackheads. If you’re opting to wear a strapless gown during the course of your wedding, go one step further, and get a back facial, combining blemish control with soothing massage and masks. This complete facial treatment ensures that you look your best when you dare to go bare, and throughout the honeymoon too. For best results, get your facials at least a week before the wedding. For younger, smoother looking skin.


Pedicures are the the treatment of the feet. Leg care below the knee is also commonly included. Often mistaken for luxury as opposed to necessary treatment, on the charge of just feeling “great”, pedicures are one of the most effective ways to relieve stress. You’ll be standing on your feet all day long—when they feel comfortable, so will you. And, you will definitely not want to be in pain on your wedding day! Pamper your feet with the treatment they deserve… the polished result looks great too!


Your hands are as important as your face, permanently on show. More so if you’re a bride-to-be; you’re going to be flaunting that ring for everyone to see. The entire process of manicuring is relaxing and soothing into the bargain. And since this is for an occasion, customize your nail design to match your dress –the manicures can work as an accessory to your bridal outfit. For beautiful, chip-free nails, it’s best to schedule your manicure for the day before or the morning of your wedding.

Hair Massage

Hair massages, also known as scalp massages, deal not just with the physical, but also with the conscious, soothing your mind as well as your body. Relaxation only takes a matter of minutes, so why not try this out?

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About the Hairstyle

Sure, your head will be covered by a veil, but that doesn’t mean you ignore it! Care should be taken of the hair-do. Will you make a bun, or braid it, or leave it loose is for you to decide. Whatever style you adopt, has to go with the makeup and the dress and primarily you have to be comfortable since you need to do a lot of work that day. All in all, a bride needs to look neat and polished with her hairstyle—that is all that counts. There will be people giving points on your hairstyle, so be prepared!

Wedding Dresses

Georgette, silk, velvet, chiffon, tulle, crepe—whatever fabric the wedding dress is made of, a bride will look ‘other worldly’. She will look her best in her wedding dress be it a sari, a lehenga, a kurta salwar or a gown. Whether a hundred year- old heirloom sari or a designer gown, a bride’s beauty will be reinforced in these garments. Kate Middleton’s wedding story is famous largely because of her dress. no wonder, from subjects to duchesses or princesses, everyone wants a perfect wedding dress. Size, color, hemline, silhouette, texture, length— they make a huge difference.

So, attention to detail is important. no matter if it is a Western or eastern culture that the ceremony will follow, the purity and sacredness of the relationship will be reflected by the cut, design, and mannerism with which a wedding dress is worn. Undoubtedly, one’s social standing is reflected through the choice of the wedding dress—that doesn’t mean that the dress should overpower the bride. the dress should not be wearing the bride; it should, in fact, complement a bride’s natural beauty and her body type during the wedding ceremony. the dress will be the “talk of the town” and will be immortalized through the photographs and home videos, so, pay utmost attention.

While Rohit Bahl, Sabyasachi, Ritu Beri, Tarun Ttahiliani, Vera Wang, Versace, and Dior are some of the preferred designers and design houses internationally, here at home, almost all the boutiques do wedding dresses.

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