22 Break Up SMS Messages Shayari in Hindi for Girlfriend


Get here 22 Break Up SMS Messages Shayari in Hindi for Girlfriend. We have published here top best sms messages shayari, quotes for the girlfriend in Hindi language. Get it and have patience.

Finding it hard to end your relationship? These messages and explanations will help you contemplate your suppositions. Isolating is never straightforward and it will without a doubt sting. Regardless, you can make stun less anguishing by going about it in the right way. Never dump her over compositions, messages or Facebook posts.

In case you should tirade by means of electronic systems administration media, do it by sharing proclamations about friendship on Pinterest, Instagram, and the part. Associations merit an authentic end. If she’s not undermined you or deceived you, the most ideal approach to go separate ways with her is to man up and have the fortitude to state it to her face. While it might give off an impression of being overpowering, it is the right move.

It doesn’t have any kind of effect the sum we severely dislike the word, breakups happen continually. It can come to pass close you. No relationship is enduring and in all probability not for permitted. Exactly when people feel dismissed and hurt in a relationship, a partition can happen. It can happen as well! Along these lines, if you are having a serious time keeping up a warmth relationship and thinking about finishing a detachment, you should have recently started searching for division messages on the web.

Everything considered division messages are mind-boggling ways to deal with express your torment and inconvenience in the midst of or after a detachment. It’s furthermore given the other individual a chance to acknowledge for what reason do you need a division and how you really need it to end! Partition messages can be remorseless now and again yet moreover can be respectful. Here are some partition messages for you!

22 Break Up SMS Messages Shayari in Hindi for Girlfriend

1. break up sms in Hindi for girlfriend 140 character

Sab chaahane se her bat nahee hotee,

Thode se anddhere sse rat nahee hotee.


Or joh jindagi mein sabase pyare hein,

Unsse roj mulaaqaat nahee hotee!

2. break up sms in Hindi for girlfriend 120 words

Diwaane hei terey nam ke,

is bat se inkar nahee,

kaeise kahen hume aapse pyar nahee.

Kuchh to kasur aapkee adaon kaa hei,

hum akle goonaagar nahee.

3. break up sms in Hindi for girlfriend 140

Kasoor na unkaa hei na meraa,

Ham donoh hi risto kee rashme neebhaate rehe..

Wohh pyar kaa ehshash jaataate rahei,

Ham mohabat ko dil main chhupaate rhe..

4. new break up sms in Hindi for girlfriend

Agr Koii tummhere liye khaas hei toh

usse aankho mein mat raankho,

ik dinn anshuo ke saath bah jaayegaa,

usse apane dil mein raankho tummheri her

dhadkn ke saath yad ayegaa…….

5. sad break up sms in Hindi for girlfriend

Aqsar logon ko kahate sunaa thaaa:

“Jindaa rhe to fir milennge…”



Apsse milaaane ke bad dil ne mehashoosh kiyaa ki…

“Milate Rahange toh hi jindaa rehange..”

6. break up messages for girlfriend in Hindi

Aj ussh ne ik or drd diyaa

to yad aayaa,

Ham ne vi to duwaon

mein uss k sare drd

mange they…!!!

7. love breakup poem in Hindi

Apnaa Kam hei Sirph


Baki Uss Kaa


Jab Chaahe Woh Rothey Ham


Jb Chaahe Man

Jaaye …!!

Jakham Khereed Laayaa Hoon

Bajar-E-Drd Se

DiL Zid ker Rahaa Thaa

Muze Mohabat


8. break up shayari in Hindi for girlfriend

Yoon vi Huwa hei Rat Ko Jb Log So Gayye

Tanahayi Or Mein Teree Yaadon Mei Kho Gayye…!!

break up shayari in English for girlfriend

You are not worth my friendship in case you expect inspirations to find me meriting yours. Goodbye.

Regardless I cherish you, I don’t deny it. In any case, you have disintegrated my trust, a smidgen at any given moment. Things would have been alright if you had stopped your deceptions. All you expected to do was to hear my heart’s cries. We were a perfect couple, so carefree and chipper. It’s a pity that the greatness of our fondness, you just couldn’t see. Goodbye.

I am stating a last goodbye to you in light of the way that my heart was busy with moving to the throbs of worship while yours spoilt the get-together by sulking toward the edges of phoniness and jealousy.

Our division may be undesirable anyway it won’t leave persevering scars. Our relationship has been an extraordinary ride from the earliest starting point. It is just heartbreaking that after each get-together, a cerebral pain is unavoidable.

Strolling a long way from our relationship isn’t something I expected to do. This day would never have come if you treasured me like the way in which I have continually revered you.

Connections look like magnificent journeys. Kick back and welcome the great points of view instead of crying about the thumps and the potholes.


You could have been clear instead of envisioning that you revered me. By leaving, I am setting your heart free. It will push a sharp edge straightforwardly through my heart, yet the torment will be advocated, in spite of all the inconvenience since you never treasured me from the plain starts.

9. break up msg for girlfriend in Hindi

Ham Joh Mohabat Karane

Walo per Hanshte They

Aj Khood Ko Un mein Paayaa

To Ronaa Aa Gayaa…!!!

10. breakup shayari for girlfriend in Hindi

Apne Anko k Ansu Mere Nam ker Do

Apne Gum Mere Naam ker Do

Saat Janam Se Teree CHAAHAT Bashi He DiL Mein

Apne es Janam kaa Saath Tumm Muze Daan kar  do.

11. Hindi break up message for girlfriend

Jb hame unsse mohabat thee.

Tb unhe hamaari mohabat per shakthaa!

Jb EHShAS huwa unahe humari mohabat ka.

Tb HAM per kishi or kaa hak thaa.

12. break up messages for girlfriend in Hindi

Naa wohh sapaanaaa dekho joh tut jaye

naa wohh hath thaamo joh chhut jaye

matt aane do kisse ko itanaa kareeb ki

ushke door jane se insan khood se rooth jaye.

13. text for break up letter to girlfriend in Hindi

Aane kee aahat pe

shamaa jalaai hogee

Kabhi judaai ke gumse

aaankh var”aayi”hogee

phikar na kar mere yar

Uss rabane milaane ki

koii to shaam banahee hogee

14. breakup status for fb in Hindi

Apani Kishmat k Age Bebash He Insan,

Bebash He Khwaab Hakiqat k Age,

Koii Rooki Huyi Dhaddkan Se Puchai,

Kitanaa Tadapataa hei DiL Mohabat k age.!!

15. breakup status for facebook in Hindi

Uss kee Aaawaaj SuNLoh Toh

MiL Jaataa hei SuquN DiL Ko




DeKhoh To SaHee

MeRe Drd kaa ELaj Keisha Hai

16. Hindi break up sms shayari

Kavi Kavi Patthar k Takrane Se Aatee Nahee Kherash;

Kavi ik Jaraa Si Bat Se Insan Bikher Jataa Hei;

vool Jaao Unhe Jinahe Maf Nahee ker Sakate;

Ya Phir – Maf ker Do Unahai,

Jinahe Vul Nahee Sakate!

17. Hindi break up quotes

Jahar Dekh ke Piyaaa Toh Kyaa Piyaa

Ishak Soch ke Kiyaaa To Kyaa Kiyaaa

DiL De ke Badle mein DiL Leney kee Ummid Kee

Aeisa Pyar Kiyaa Toh Kyaa Pyar kiyaa.

18. Hindi love break up quotes

Aankho kee jubaan woh samajhh nahee paati,

Ham mgr kuchh keh nahee paate,

Apani bebashi kish taraha kahe ki,

Koii hei jisake binaa ham raah nahee paate.

19. Hindi breakup status for whatsapp

Yah Dil naa hotaa becheraa,

Kdm naa hote aawaaraa..




Joh khubashurat koii apnaa Hamsaphar hotaaa..

English breakup status for whatsapp

Hoping to isolate without hurting someone, takes after foreseeing that yourself should start to look all starry peered toward at without favoring someone.

Nothing can approach the power with which I appreciated you, besides maybe the power with which you thought little of me.

I am going separate ways with you since you by and large hunt down things that weren’t right, notwithstanding, really everything was perfect from the earliest starting point.

Now and then, legitimizing a division is as incomprehensible as supporting friendship.

This time, you were never going to move on checking the events I endeavored to fulfill you while I was fixated on counting the events I kept you from feeling unfortunate. Goodbye.

Much anyway we are isolating I will never hate the warmth that we once had.

This time my heart treasured you vivaciously, not understanding that the harmfulness in yours would reduce it to a shattered circumstance.

This day wouldn’t have come if you had stopped finding lacks and looked characteristics. This day wouldn’t have come if you had stopped quibbling about the things I hadn’t done and esteemed the things I did. This day wouldn’t have come if you had stopped checking out what others let you know and check out what my heart expected to state.

20. love heart break sms in Hindi

Juban khaamos aankhon mein namee hogee

Yehi bash merii ik dashtaan-e-jindgi hogee

Varna ko to her jakhm var jaayegaa

Kaeise varegi woh zagah jahaa teree kamee hogee

21. love breakup massage in Hindi

Koii tir jaisa, zigar k par huwa hein

Jaane qyu dil itanaa, bekarar h oiuwa hein

Kavi dekhaa nahee meine tuzhe, Phir vi

Qyu E Ajnabee is kadr tummse pyaar huwa hai

22. love breakup shayari in Hindi

Bat karane se pahale sochataa hai, kyaa kehanaa hai.,

Bat hone k bad phir kuchh kehanaa rah jaataa hai..

Hotaa hai itanaa khubshurat pehala pyaar,

To jaane qyun aqsar adhuraa rah jataa hai…


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