20 Famous Boys Hostel in Kathmandu, Nepal – Suitable For Your Budget

11. City stay boys hostel:

City stays boys hostel is the ultimate and the most appropriate destination for the students to stay in the valley who have come from around the nation to make their career and pursue their education. The capital is day by day becoming unsafe for the residents. In that case, it’s obvious that the parents get worried about their children. City stay hostel has provided the solution to this problem.

The hostel not only provides the facilities at a reasonable price. But it has the warm cozy homely environment and CCTV cameras fitted around and in the premises. Twenty four hours of surveillance is kept in the hostel and the warden ensures that every one of its students has come home in the evening in time. The hostel has not fully entrusted the safety of the students merely on CCTV surveillance bit it has appointed the 24-hour security guards who are well trained in their profession.

The city boys hostel charge the student’s one-time admission fee of RS 3500 and monthly harhe of RS 9000 per month. The rooms are fully furnished with bed, curtain, mattress, and pillow carpeted floors, closet with lockers for each individual student, study table and chairs. The students are given hot vegetarian or nonvegetarian meals four times a day that include light breakfast, lunch, light day snacks and supper.

Meat and eggs are served twice a week and the vegetarian is served with mushrooms, curd, and paneer as per routine. The drinking water provided is clean, hygienic mineral water and RO processed pure water is used in the kitchen for cooking purpose. The 24 hours hot and cold water is available for bath, washing and cleaning purpose. Laundry service is availed twice a week for the students. The uninterrupted supply of electricity is ensured through a fitted inverter and solar panels.

The round the clock internet through WiFi of 60 Mbps unlimited high speed is provided to the students which can be easily used in every room. Daily newspapers are given, magazines for entertainment are also provided. Unlike the other hostel which runs after the money only and completely neglect the health of the students. The city stays boys hostel holds the monthly general health check-up for every student along with the availability of first aid treatment in case of emergency.


The hostel also gives full support for easy hospital access. The team of the hostel also holds the time to time interacting with students and parents to counsel and discuss regarding their career and study. The hostel also organizes the various types of entertaining programs like picnic or movie nights for them to enjoy their stay in the hostel.

Overall the hostel is focused on excelling the education of the students through healthy foods, disciplined environment. and occasional entertainment. The hostel is located in samakhushi Chowk, tokha road behind the nawajeevan college. The building is earthquake resistant. You can call them. You can even approach them through the email on [email protected]

12. Namuna boys hostel:

The namuna boy’s hostel is truly a namuna which means it has in real set an example by being the best hostel in Kathmandu for boys. The hostel is located in thapagaun Kathmandu. The hostel is situated in one of the main locations of Kathmandu with nearby bus stand, micro bus stand and tempo stands. The students can easily obtain public transport for their travel. The prime location of the hostel is also surrounded by nearby hospitals so any medical accident and situations can be prevented from getting serious.

The hostel takes the full responsibility in transferring the students to the required hospital in such situations. The hostel is completely earthquake resistance and totally safe and secured. The rooms available for stay in the hostel are one sitter bedroom with single bed, two sitter bedroom with double bed, triple sitter bedroom with three beds and four sitter bedroom with four beds. As an initial charge, the students have to pay one time RS 3000 as an admission fee.

The monthly charge depends on the room the students have taken. The one sitter room cost the student RS 13000 per month. The two sitter room cost RS 10500 per month. The three sitter room cost RS 9500 per month. And the four sitter room cost RS 9000 per month. The amenities that the hostel provide to its students include the free WiFi throughout the premise of the hostel and in every room. The adequate free space for free parking of the bikes of the students.


The 24-hour availability of boring water for cleaning, washing and bathing purpose. The mineral water for drinking and cooking purpose is also provided to the students to promote their health and hygiene. The laundry service is also given to the students once or twice a week. The four-time hot meals with breakfast in which tea, biscuits, doughnuts or puffs are given. The morning lunch in which rice, dal, beans, curry, meat, and eggs are given to the nonvegetarian and mushrooms, paneer, curd are given to the vegetarian students.

The daytime snacks are given to the students which include Momo’s, pakauda, chowmin etc and the supper is given with rice, dal, vegetables, curry, and pickle. The safety and security of the boys are ensured with the strict supervision of the hotel warden. The family environment of the hostel makes every boy enjoy their stay in the hostel without missing their homes much.

13. Hostel fulbari boys:

The hostel fulbari is in a true sense garden for the boy’s students where they get the guidance and supervision like that of parents, enjoy funny talks and merriment like that of brother and sister with the inmates of the hostel. The hostel has two separate branches one for boys and one for girls. The boy’s hostel of the fulbari is located in ranibari Chowk samakhushi Kathmandu which was opened in the year 2063 B. S. Mr. Ghanshyam Rai own the hostel who himself looks after the management of the hostel and provide the guidance as required by the students.

The hostel has in total 18 rooms and can accommodate 50 students in total at a time. It has double sharing room with two beds, triple sharing with three beds and four sharing rooms with four beds. The admission charge of RS 3000 has to be paid once and other charges have to be paid monthly on the basis of the room the students have booked. The hostel is legally registered under the government of Nepal which is listed as one of the safest and sophisticated hostels of the city.

The numerous options and choices are given to the students on accommodation depending on their requirements and satisfaction. The facilities and services are given at a reasonable price. The 24-hour security services, hygienic and healthy food, well-furnished room with beds, chairs, tables, and wardrobe for each individual student which they can lock and keep the key are some of the facility of the hostel. It also provides the transportation facilities to the students, round the clock high-speed internet, an incoming call from guardian or parents to the students are relayed, or messages are taken.

The common sitting room is furnished with TV which the students can watch for an hour. The male security guards are appointed for twenty-four hours security of the students. The building is located in the open place with natural scenery and hygienic environment. The 24-hour power with inverter, hot and cold water for shower, mineral water for drinking and cooking is available for the inmates. Rubbishes are to be disposed of in the assigned dustbins. Not a single compromise is taken in the maintenance of the health and hygiene of the students.

The meals served are home cooked, standard, delicious and nutritious balanced diet. The three pairs of uniforms and dresses are laundered every week in the hostel. The vegetarian and nonvegetarian diets are served on students preference. The hostel also takes it’s inmates on tours and excursion, organize the picnic time to time for entertaining the students so they fully enjoy their stay in the valley. The career guidance and counseling are also given to the students from time to time.

The hostel is nearby to the AJW college, pasang lhamu Sherpa memorial college, Lincoln college, navodit college, NEA college, Sweta Sadan higher secondary school, rehdon college, ashirwad college, bhanubhakta memorial college, takshashila college, NCMT and GCA college. If you want to gain the admission in the hostel, you can call them.

14. Manjil boys hostel:

The manjil boys hostel is located near a uniglobe college, N. K. Singh Marg new baneswor Kathmandu. It was opened in the year 2074 B. S. So it has been nearly a year the hostel has started rendering it’s services to the students coming from outside the valley to study and work. But it has already gained the leading position amongst the many hostels located in Kathmandu like the mushroom.

The hostel has been established bot to do the business or any kind of trade or in after the money. But it has been built to provide for the students the home they need after leaving their own home, to provide them the guidance that the parents used to give them. It charges less money in comparison to other hostels in the city. The fees of RS 2500 has to be paid one time as the admission fee and the monthly fees have to be paid on the basis of the room the students are staying.

The rooms available in the hostel are double sharing with two beds and triple sharing with three beds. In total, the hostel has 15 rooms that can facilitate 40 students at a time. The rooms are fully furnished with the carpeted floors, spacious bed, comfortable mattress, curtain, individual wardrobe, study table and chairs with adequate light and fresh air. The unlimited access to the internet in the rooms and garden of the hostel eliminate the need to ho any cyber cafe for the students and save their time. The laundry is available once or twice a week.

The round the clock hot and cold water for bathing, cleaning and washing with clean mineral water for drinking is given to the students. The four-time meals in the form of light breakfast like bread, doughnuts, puff etc with tea, morning lunch with rice, dal, pickles, vegetable etc are given. The day time snacks like Momo’s, haluwa Puri etc is given and the supper in the evening like in the morning is given to the students. The meat, eggs are given twice a week and mushrooms paneer curd given accordingly to the vegetarians.

The hostel has the adequate garden free for the parking of any vehicles of the students. The medical attention is also given to the students and inmates through general check-up and first aid service. The major location of the hostel makes it accessible to public transport and nearby hospitals. The hostel is located near to the reputed colleges like uniglobe college, Ace college, global college of Management, Apex college, golden gate college, Rajdhani college, schemes college and Nobel academy. You can contact on the landline number if you want to book the room in this hostel.

15. NASA boys hostel:

The NASA boys hostel is opened with the main aim of providing a comfortable life to the students who have come from outside of the Kathmandu to study and work and make their career. The hostel staff and team completely believe in building and forming the youth for the future. The NASA hostel is opened in the opposite of the Himalayan white house college, phulchoki Mai Marga Thapagaun Kathmandu.

The hostel being near to numerous reputed colleges of Kathmandu, students can easily enroll themselves in any of the nearby colleges. The thapagaun is the prime location where there is no difficulty in picking public transport for any travel. The hostel is closely located to the hospitals of the city so any major medical emergencies can be avoided. The hostel fully supports the transferring of the inmate to the hospital and it also provides the first aid treatment if needed.

Manjari Sharma is the owner of the hostel who looks after the management of the hostel by herself. She takes care and supervises the students and their activities along with their return in the evening for the safety and security of the students. There are in total 18 rooms available in the hostel which has the capacity of accommodating 45 students at a time. The students have to pay RS 3000 as an admission fee once.

The rooms are categorized into two-seater room with two beds that cost RS 13000 per month. The three seater room with three beds cost RS 9000 per month and the four-seater rooms with four beds also cost RS 9000 per month. Every room has access to free and high-speed internet at a speed of 12 Mbps. The four-time meals provided to the students are a qualitative and nutritious balanced diet with every consideration for vegetarian and nonvegetarian diets.

The hostel has its own space available enough for the parking of the bikes or any vehicles of the students. The hotel also facilitates the students to indulge themselves in sports activities inside the premises of the hostel. The hostel has the rule of mandatory hosel stay for each student. The monthly medical check-up is provided to the inmates so their health can be maintained to the optimum level. The hostel has 24 hour supply of hot and cold water for shower, washing, and cleaning and the purified water is used for drinking and cooking purposes.

The electricity supply is 24 hour without any interruption with a well fitted inverting and solar panel. The laundry service is available once or twice a week. The kitchen is cleaned and mopped frequently. The cooking and the waiting staffs are well trained and skilled. The management and the administrative staff are helpful and friendly. They assist the students and inmates in any way they can. The hostel is located nearby the ambition academy, Apollo college, Himalayan white house college, schems college, Phoenix college, presidential college, Madan Bhandari memorial college, Apex college, SIAMS college, and Rajdhani college. You can call on the number for the early reservation of the room.

16. Happy home boys hostel:

As the name suggests, the happy home boys hostel is established with the goal of providing the second home to the students who have come to the city leaving their homes to enhance their career and education. The hostel is focused on giving the homely and family environment to the hostelers so they enjoy their stay, focus on their study and make their career.

The hostel always assures that each hosteler is happy and satisfied with the service the hotel is providing. The happy home boys hostel is located in New baneswor Kathmandu. The locality is a peaceful and harmonious residential area so the hostel is totally safe and secured in a good neighborhood. The hostel charges the one-time payment as the admission fee. The monthly fee has to be paid charged on the basis of the meal package and the rooms the students have chosen to stay.

The hostel has standard double and triple rooms with two and three beds respectively. The rooms are fully furnished with a standard and individual single bed including mattress, pillow, linen, closet with key, and study table. The rooms are bright, sunny and well ventilated with fresh air that brightens the mood and thinking of the inmate. The three times meals are served during the day include morning light breakfast with tea and bread or biscuits or cookies or puffs. The lunch is served with rice, dal, beans, curry, pickle, eggs, and meat.

The eggs and meat served twice a week to nonvegetarian and mushrooms, paneer and curds are served to the vegetarian. The supper is given in the evening with rice, dark, curry, vegetable, and pickle. The complimentary afternoon snacks are also given to the students which may contain samosa, pakoda, Momo, chaimin etc. The two package option is given to the students to pick from the veg meal package and nonveg meal package. The hosteler can also use the kitchen amenities like the refrigerator and kettle or rice cooker etc.

The laundry service is available for the students once a week. The small longer with a TV can be used by the students to relax or study. Twenty-four-hour availability is given not only on power, electricity, hot and cold water and free WiFi service but the hostel also made the arrangements for the twenty-four-hour staff on site for the supervision of the students. The hostel is near to reputed colleges, malls, restaurants and hospitals, public vehicle stops. The hostel is fully aimed to provide clean, comfortable and convenient accommodation for the students.

The hostel is nearby to the colleges like Nobel academy, Rajdhani college, uniglobe college, Apex college, k, and k college, schems college, ambition academy, Apollo college etc. The hostel and the services that it rendered are totally worth your money.

17. Trishakti boys hostel:

The trishakti boy’s hostel is opened in the year 2072 B. S. At Shree Nagar Marg, opposite to medhavi college, shankhamul new baneswor Kathmandu. Though the hotel is it three years young, the hostel has already facilitated 60 students from all.over the nation till date. The owner of the hostel is Mr. Rabindra bahadur k.c. and the hostel warden name is Rajkumar k.c. Both the owner and the warden look after the hostel management and the services provided to the hosteler.

The hostel has in total 21 rooms with the double sharing room and triple sharing room. The double sharing room has two beds and a triple sharing room has three beds. All the rooms are comfortable and spacious of 12 from my 12 ft. Each room is furnished with standard single bed, mattress, pillow, linen, study table, chairs, curtain individual closet with the key. The hostel provides the three meals that consist of breakfast, lunch, and dinner with complimentary afternoon light snacks.

The hostel provides two meal package options consisting of vegetarian and nonvegetarian meals. The hostel has three floors with three different wifi connection. The first floor has 12 Mbps from classitech, the second floor has 5 Mbps dedicated line from vianet and the third floor has 15 Mbps unlimited internet from classitech. The building is fitted with CCTV camera all across the premises of the hostel where 24-hour surveillance is done of the hostel.

Each floor has two separate toilets and bathroom with 24 hour supply of hot and cold water for shower, cleaning, and washing. The mineral water is supplied as drinking water and for cooking in the kitchen. The power back up is facilitated for 24 hours with inverter and solar panel. The hostel is provided with special privilege of the medical facility from Everest hospital. So monthly general check-up is performed for each student.

The hostel unlike the other hostel in the valley provides the separate room for the visiting parents of the hosteler. The parents do not have to book the room in separate hotel or guest house for their stay. The hostel looks after every need of the visiting parents from food and lodging to their every need. The first aid treatment is given on the spot to the injured students. The senior hosteler and the warden help the junior students in their education and counsel them regarding their career and future. Since the hostel is located in the main location of the city, the students can easily pick up public transport for their travel.

The hostel is also nearly located to different malls, restaurant, and hospitals. Some of the reputed colleges that are nearby to the hostel are medhavi college, Asian engineering college, Pacific Academy, Ligurians college, Columbus college, Chaitanya academy, innovative English school, C G Institute of Management, Everest engineering and management college, kadambari college, Liverpool international School and college, KMC school, Columbia Academy and Everest film academy. You can directly call them on for direct pre-booking of the room you wanted. You have to pay RS 3000 as the admission fee for one time only.

18. Suryakiran boys hostel:

As the name suggests, the hostel is perfect and opened for brightening the future of the students came from outside Kathmandu valley. The hostel provides the environment for the creative minds of the students. Most importantly, the hostel provides a safe and secure environment to the students ensuring the better future of the students and assuring the parents for their children. It assists the students to broaden their horizon and gain the knowledge. It presents the calm, pleasant and hospitable environment where all the students are warmly welcomed.

The hostel is located in the central region of Kathmandu named Kumari Marga, putalisadak near star mall. The hostel is not overcrowded any time and accommodates only 35 students at a time. The hostel gives the healthy food cooked from the fresh materials. The atmosphere is perfect for sound learning. The hostel has 24*7 power back up of electricity, 24 hours provision of hot and cold water for bath and washing.

The laundry service is available for the students both in the washing machine and human hands. The qualified and professional staff are appointed for cooking, laundry, and for the kitchen. The unlimited access to the internet is the facility that has been provided to the students which can be used in their own rooms. The hostel has formed the affordable package for booking the room for the students which they can choose on the basis of their budget and preference. The normal package consist of three person bedroom which has a wardrobe of the 3*3 compartment, small laptop table, common bathroom, wall, and door mounted hanger, bright LED light, three beds with duvet, mattress and pillow.

One of the room has attached toilet for which the student has to pay RS 500 extra per month. The whole package cost RS 9500 per month. The other normal package consist of a four-person bedroom with a wardrobe of the 4*3 compartment, small laptop table, common bathroom, wall, and door mounted hanger, LED light bulb, four beds with mattress and pillow. This package cost the student of RS 9000 per month. The special package consist of a two-person bedroom, a wardrobe of the 2*2 compartment, laptop table, common bathroom, door, and wall hanger, led light bulb, two beds with mattress and pillow.

This special package costs RS 10000 per month. The student has to pay RS 200 for the form to fill up for the admission, RS 4000 for one time as the admission fee and security deposit of RS 5000. The hostel is near to various shopping malls, institute, restaurant and colleges along with the hospitals. The hostel has two buildings side by side with the capacity of accommodating 35 and 20 students at a time. You can call them on 9851179160, 9845081087 and 9808764885 for the reservation of the rooms you want. The services provided by the hostel is worth every penny of yours you pay in the hostel.

19. SKG boys hostel:

The SKG boys hostel is located near karyeshwor mandir, Shanti Nagar Kathmandu opened in the year 2074 B.S. The hostel is located in the prime central area of the city but still is in a peaceful, serene and calm environment. The students can enjoy the stay of the city like in the family with the guidance and supervision of the hostel warden and on-site staff for twenty-four hours.

The management of the hostel makes sure that the hostel is not overcrowded so each individual student can be given the 100% attention they need at the age. The hostel though is only a year old but still has managed to be one of the leading hostels of Kathmandu. Because of the facilities and amenities that it provides to the students at an affordable price. The hostel has in total 8 rooms that consist of two-bed sharing, three-bed sharing, four-bed sharing, and five sharing bedrooms.

The two-bed Sharing bed room has standard two beds with study table, chairs, wardrobe, hanger, dustbin, mattress, pillow, and linen. The three-bed sharing bedroom with three beds, mattress, pillow, linen, a hanger which will cost the student RS 9500 per month. The four sharing bedrooms with four individual beds, mattress, linens, pillow, chairs and study table, individual closets charge RS 8000 per month.

The five sharing bedrooms with five individual beds, linens, mattress, pillow, hanger, separate wardrobes cost RS 7000 per month. The other amenities that the hostel provide to its students are the free unlimited access to the internet through high-speed WiFi. The three times hot meals including light breakfast in the morning with tea, biscuit or puff or doughnuts. The lunch with rice, dal, vegetable, pickle, curry. The dinner also the same as the morning lunch.

The complimentary afternoon snacks consist of Momo, samosa, chowmin, Puri haluwa etc. The two dietary options are given to the hostelers to choose from that consist of vegetarian and nonvegetarian diet. The laundry service is provided to the students once or twice a week. The 24-hour power supply of electricity, the 24 hours of hot and cold water for the shower with ample space for parking of private vehicles of the students. The infrastructure of the building is earthquake resistance. The messages of the parents are taken and given to the related students.

The on-site 24-hour staff in the hostel ensures the safe return of all the hosteler in the evening. The hostel is nearly located to the famous colleges like premier college, glacier international college, Nobel academy, Pentagon college, NASA college, Thames college, and orchid college. The students can call on the numbers. The admission fee of RS 1500 has to be paid one time during the admission. The hostel is situated such that public vehicles can be easily accessed by the students for their transportation. The hostel is near to the famous hospital like Everest hospital. So any serious medical emergencies can be easily prevented. The hostel is worth your attention.

20. Sagarmatha boys hostel:

The hostel truly is the Sagarmatha of every hostel in the city. The hostel was established in the year 2074 B. S. With total ten rooms. The hostel is located in Nava aadarsh Marg, subidhanagar, tinkune Kathmandu. The hostel puts it’s every effort to make the hosteler feel that they are staying with one big family. The hostel is located in one of the busiest places of Kathmandu.

Still, it manages it’s an environment to be peaceful, calm and tranquil perfect for the students to focus on their education and gain knowledge. Mr bishar Ray is the owner of the hostel who himself takes care of the hotel and each hosteler. It has the capability of accommodating thirty students at a time. So the hostel is not too crowded even if it fully occupied.

The rooms of the hostel are double sharing, triple sharing, and four-bed Sharing. Each room is furnished with standard sized individual single beds with mattress, pillow, linen, curtains, hanger, chairs and study table with separate wardrobes for each inmate of the room. The meals provided to the students are healthy and nutritious with chicken two times a week, egg one time a week for non Vegetarian hosteler. The special meal with mushrooms, paneer, curd or milk for the Vegetarian hosteler.

The hostel is newly opened so the house is earthquake resistance. The 24-hour internet access in every room and throughout the property of the hostel. The 24 hour supply of the hot and cold water for shower and cleaning, laundry service once or twice a week are some of the facilities of the hostel. The hostel has its own space for private parking available for the students. The safety and security of each hosteler are ensured with adequate supervision by the warden and the 24-hour on-site staff. The kitchen staffs are well trained and qualified.

Every precaution is taken into consideration for maintenance of the hygiene and sanitation of the kitchen and the whole house. The hostel is nearly located to the reputed colleges like Triton college, Himalayan white house college, Pentagon college, ISMT college, Florida college, grammar college, Padma Shree college, koteswhor multiple campus, baneswor campus and V. S. Niketan higher secondary School. The numbers can be contacted for the pre-booking of the rooms in the hostel. The students have to pay RS 2000 one time as the admission fee for the hostel.

The medical injuries and emergencies of the students are handles.in tact with the quick first aid treatment. The hostel is in the prime location making it easier for easy transportation to any reputed hospital in Kathmandu in case of any medical emergencies. The bus stand, micro bus stand, and public vehicle stop are nearby to the hostel. The hostel management makes sure the safe return of each student in the evening. The guidance for the career and education is given time to time. The hostel is worth your time and attention.

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