20 Famous Boys Hostel in Kathmandu, Nepal – Suitable For Your Budget

Boys hostel in Kathmandu, Nepal: – Kathmandu city is not only the capital of the nation but it is also the capital of various reputed colleges and educational institutions.

Students from all over the country come to the valley to pursue their career and education for their future. One of the major problems that each student face while in Kathmandu is the nice homely place to stay.


Not many houses provide the flat on rent to the students. But there is a solution to the problem. The hostels that are established in Kathmandu for these students which accommodate and welcome them with great hospitality.

Boys Hostel in Kathmandu Nepal
Boys are in Hostel in Kathmandu Nepal

These hostel provide them with room and several other amenities with charging of little fees. Some of the best hostels in Kathmandu are listed below.

20 Famous Boys Hostel in Kathmandu, Nepal

1. One piece boys hostel:

The one piece boys hostel is truly one piece that can be found in Kathmandu valley. The facilities, the infrastructure and the guidance along with the emails that are provided in this hostel for the students are unique in itself. The hostel is only for male students who come to Kathmandu with the aim of pursuing their studies and also do some part-time jobs to earn their living.

This hostel was built in the year 2017 A. D. The owner of the hostel is Mrs. Pusta Devi Tamang. She looks after the administrative and management of the the Bissell and also acts as both hostel Warden and the guardian of the students who come to stay here. The hostel is located in Dakota Marg new baneswor Kathmandu Nepal. The prime location of the hostel allows the students to travel any part of the city without any difficulties.

The hostel is near to the microbus stand and bust stop so ts easy for students to go for their studies and job in time. Though the hostel is in one of the main locations in the city. It has managed to maintain the peaceful and serene environment for the students enabling them to concentrate more on their studies and exam. The total number of rooms available in the hostel is twenty with the capacity of accommodating 45 students at a time.

20 Famous Girls Hostel in Kathmandu, Nepal

The type of rooms that the students can choose is the two-seater with two beds in the room. Triple seater with three beds in the room. Four-seaters with four beds available in the room. The hostel gives the students four times meals in the day that include breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. The food and the meals that are given are hygienic, nutritious and delicious at the same time prepared by the well-trained cooks.

The other amenities that the hostel provides its students are unlimited internet through a wifi connection, laundry once or twice a week, 24 hours hot and cold water, 24-hour power back up for uninterrupted electricity supply so nothing can hamper students in their studies. The hostel also has the first aid treatment service in case of an accident or injuries to the staffs and the students. The hostel is also nearly located to Everest nursing home and another small polyclinic.

So in case of any medical emergencies, students can be immediately transferred to the hospital. The kitchen has maintained the quality standard of hygiene and sanitation. The rooms are spacious, comfortable and the floors are carpeted. Every room has individual study table, wardrobe for the students to keep their clothes and lamp. The rooms are sunny, bright and well ventilated with huge windows in every room. The hostel Warden resides in the hostel herself so she can provide the proper guidance and supervision to the students.

The management of the hostel also assist the students financially in case of any urgency and emergency. The hostel also provides the facility to the students to play the indoor games they like for the entertainment purpose like carrom board, chess etc. If the students are not already enrolled in any colleges, they can simply choose any of the colleges that are located nearby the hostel like Himalayan Whitehouse college, ambition academy, schemes college, k and k college, Apex college, uniglobe college, Rajdhani college, premier and Apollo college. The admission fees for the hostel is RS 2000. The students have to pay the other charges on the basis of the room they select. You can contact them if you want to gain the admission in this hostel.

2. Classic boys hostel:

The classic boy’s hostel is located in thapagaun, new baneswor Kathmandu opposite the alpha beta complex. Gita Thapa is the owner and the hostel Warden of the hostel who provides the complete guidance and the supervision to the students in the hostel. She also acts as the guardian for the students since they have come from outside the valley to study leaving their home and parental care.

The hostel has in total 14 rooms which provide the accommodation to forty to forty-five students. The hostel is newly established but still, it has been successful in giving the tough competition to the already established and formed hostel in the city. Because the services that the hostel provide to the students are commendable. The hostel has 24 hour supply of the hot and cold water through out the year. It also has 24-hour power back up with the generator to provide the power continuously so the students can carry out their work without any hindrance.

It also has the laundry service once or twice a week. It also has the WiFi service in every room and on its premises so the students can have the 24-hour access to the internet. The first aid treatment is provided to the students if they happen to be in some kind of accident or injuries. Since the hostel is located in the major part of the city and happens to be near to the hospital like Everest nursing home. A student can easily be transported to the hospital in case of any medical situation.

The hostel is near to the bus stops and stands so the students have easy access to public transportation. The kitchen of the hostel is cleaned and the floors are wiped timely with antiseptic. So every precaution is taken to maintain the cleanliness to avoid any hazards that can affect the health of the students. The warm hot meals are provided four times a day that include breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner with the option of vegetarian and nonvegetarian dining.

The rooms and floors are well carpeted, spacious and are fully furnished with a separate study table, chairs, and wardrobe. The hostel staffs have successfully maintained the homely and family environment for the students in the hostel with the provision of several entertainment activities. The hostel is spacious enough to have its own garden. The types of room that the students have the choices are the double seater with two beds and triple seater with three beds.

The admission charge for the hostel is RS 2500 and the students have to pay on the monthly basis for charges of the room and the meal. He major colleges that are nearby this hostel are Nobel academy, presidential business school, Himalayan white house college, Madan Bhandari memorial college, uniglobe college, Chelsea international academy, k and k international college, premier college, Nepal mega college, ambition academy, golden gate college, schems college, Liverpool international college and Ace Institute of Management.

You can call them directly if you want to gain the admission in this hostel.

3. Gurukul boys hostel:

The gurukul boys hostel was established in the year 2074 B. S. In anamnagar, Kathmandu opposition the East gate of Singh Durbar. Though, it has only been a year for the hostel yo gain the experience in the hostel business and service. But the hostel has been able to built and maintain the high standards with quality service for which it has gained the reputation. The hostel is also very sensitive towards the safety and security of the students.

Therefore the hostel also has fitted the CCTV for 24-hour surveillance. It has in total 14 rooms with double bedrooms, triple bedrooms, and geometry. In total tej, hostel accommodates forty students at a time. The students have to pay the admission fee of RS 3000 at the time of admission. Other charges the students have to pay on a monthly basis which depends on the room chosen and the menus that have been provided.

The hostel also has the inbuilt library with the unlimited internet facility for the students so they can carry out their study easily even after college. The hostel also provides the twenty-four hours of hot and cold water for shower. It also has the sun terrace for taking the sunbathe in winter. The rooms have huge windows which make the room sunny bright warm and well ventilated. Like in luxurious hotels, the rooms in the hostel are categorized as deluxe and normal.

The deluxe room charging slightly more than the normal room. Each room has been well furnished with bed, study table, chair, and wardrobe with a table fan. The floors are well carpeted. The hostel also provides the laundry service to the students. The food served is hygienic, nutritious and clean with no compromise in yase and quality. The four-time hot meal is served to the students including breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner.

The breakfast is served between 7:30 to 8:30 am in which tea and biscuits and puff are given. The morning meal includes rice, dak, curry, meat, egg, paneer, mushroom etc served in between 9:30 to 11 am. The day snacks consist samosas, Puri, pakauda, chowmin, Momo gets served in between 2:30 to 4:30 pm. The dinner is served between 7:30 to 9:30 pm consisting of rice, dal, curry, and pickle. The nearby colleges located around the hostel give the students a chance to choose amongst the best and the reputed colleges with the variation in courses like commerce, finance, medical or science.

Some of the nearby colleges are Madan Bhandari memorial college, s m college, liberty college, Trinity international college, mid valley college, and Kathmandu medical college. Overall, the hostel provides it’s resident students a secured homely environment with no compromise in quality and safety. You can call them or you can email them at [email protected]

4. Everest hostel :

The Everest hostel is enriched with a long year experience in hostel business and service. It was a family business which started more than ten years ago as the Everest paying guest in bizulibajaar new baneswor Kathmandu. Because of the immense liking and success, the paying guest house was later upgraded into Everest boys hostel in the same locality.

The high maintenance, quality service, satisfaction of the students have earned the hostel a high reputation. Therefore, the immense success has led to the opening of the second branch of the Everest boys hostel which is located in Ramnagar behind the way of KIST bank. The first branch of girls hostel is opened by the name of Everest girls hostel which is running in its fourth year of establishment. It was first opened in Maiti Ghar Kathmandu. But the premises were smaller.

To give more quality service, the hostel was shifted to bizulibajaar. The main branch of Everest hostel has thirty rooms and can accommodate more than fifty students at a time. The second branch of the boy’s hostel has more than 15 rooms which can facilitate more than 25 students at a time. The third branch the Everest girls hostel has more than 15 rooms with the capacity of accommodating 30 students at a time.

The hostel is located such that most of the reputed colleges, schools, and institute are situated nearby easing the confusion of the students in choosing the fine college to study. The long experience, the guidance, and management by the owner, trained group of staff have crated the homely environment in the hostel. Parents feel free and secure to leave their sons in the care of the hostel.

The proprietor of the hostel asha manandhar ensures the 100 % safety and security of all the students who reside in the hostel. The family and serene environment is not only the character of the hostel which attracts the students and parents to this hotel. The amenities that are provided by this hostel to the students are also the factor for their attraction.

The hostel provides the 24 hours hot and cold water for shower, laundry service, 24-hour power back up, first aid treatment service to the students. The rooms of the hostel are clean and spacious comfortably furnished with bed, carpet, curtains, fan, lamp, table and chairs with wardrobe. The kitchen floor and the floor of the whole building is always mopped to keep the house clean and maintain the hygienic environment.

The hostel keeps in mind not to mess with the health of the students. The hostel has unlimited internet access for the students to use. I want to stay in this hostel you can call them in which you can directly contact the proprietor herself. Or you can even call. You can even send them the mail on [email protected]

5. Quality boys hostel:

The quality boys hostel is situated in battisputali old baneswor Kathmandu. The hostel is distinguished from all the other hostel already established in the city because of its luxury that it provides to it’s residing students. The luxurious facilities that t provides at a lower cost that every student can afford are the reason for its popularity. The hostel was opened in the year 2074 B. S. The hostel is very young but it still is able to give the tough competition to other hotels near the area.

Since it’s new, the hostel is built with the modern infrastructure and amenities that are modern and according to the need and habit of the students of this new generation. The owner believes in quality service thus the hostel is never ever crowded. The rooms in total in the hotel is 12 which can accommodate 20 to 30 students. The hostel has double seater rooms with two beds and triple seater room with three beds. The kitchen is well maintained and furnished with modern facilities.

The cooks and the serving staffs are well trained and skilled who keeps in mind to take every precaution to maintain the hygiene in the kitchen. The rooms are fully furnished with carpeted floor, study table and chairs with the closet for keeping the clothes. The meal is served four times a day which includes breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. Chicken is served two times a week and mutton is served one time a week with egg one time in a week for the nonvegetarian.

Mushroom and paneer are served for those who are Vegetarian. The hostel also has common features like hot and cold water, internet with WiFi, laundry service, first aid treatment. The safety of the hostel is monitored with the 24 hour CCTV surveillance. The hostel is located near to the college like orchid college, thames college, golden gate college, SIAM college, Nobel academy, Kathmandu medical college. If you want to admit yourself in this hostel, you have to pay the admission charge of RS 3000. The other charges have to be paid monthly. You can call them.

6. Milestone boys hostel:

The milestone boys hostel is providing its service to the students to cross the major milestone in their life. So the name obviously suits the hostel. The hostel keeps the students coming to the valley for higher studies and jobs giving them the homely care and guidance they need. The hostel is determined to assist all the younger generation to get their goal. Milestone hostel is opened in the year 2018 A. D.

In Dakota Sadak new baneswor near Himalayan white house college. The owner of the hostel is Mr. Manoj kunwar who runs the hostel by himself with the support of trained and efficient staffs. In total, the hostel has 20 rooms and is made to facilitate 45 students at a time. The rooms available are two-seaters with two beds, triple seaters with three beds and four-seaters with four beds. The admission fee the students have to pay for the entry in the hostel is RS 3000.

The other change has to be paid on the basis of the room taken and facilities that are given. The four-time meal is served to the students in the form of breakfast, morning lunch, snacks, and dinner. The vegetarian and nonvegetarian dietary options are given to the students to choose from. The foods prepared are by the experienced cooks who completely maintain the hygiene and the nutrition of the food to be served.

The floors of the house are cleaned and mopped frequently and the floors of every room are well carpeted. The hostel has high-speed WiFi service for the use of the internet when in need. The hostel also provides the laundry service to the students to make them comfortable. The hot and cold water for shower and washing is available for 24 hours. The power backup with an inverter is also fitted for the continual supply of the power. The rooms are spacious, bright and sunny with comfortable bed and mattress, table and chairs, clean wardrobe. The rooms are warm during winter due to big windows and cool during summer.

The first aid is given to the students if anyone is injured. Due to the prime location, it’s easier to carry the students to the hospital in case of any medical emergency. The bus stands, micro stands, and tempo stands are nearly located so it’s easier for the students to travel through public transport. The nearby colleges to the hostel are Himalayan white house college, ambition academy, k and k academy, Apex college, uniglobe college, Rajdhani college, premier college, and Apollo college. It’s very easy for the students who have not enrolled to choose from these reputed colleges which are nearby to the place of stay.

The hostel is supervised and managed by the owner and the warden of the hostel who guides the students in their career and studies. They also act as the guardian for the students who have come to the hostel leaving their home and family. Though the hostel has recently been opened, it has been helping and serving the students came away from home to pursue higher studies and make their future. If you want to stay in this hostel, you can call them directly. The hostel well worth your time and money.

7. Hamro boys hostel:

The hamro boy’s hostel gives the students who reside in there a sense of unity and family. The main motto while opening the hostel for the boys is to keep the youngsters like at home. Its main aim is to unite all the boys from different parts of the country as one family. It has not opened a hostel but it has tried to open a second home for these boys. It is located in the phulchowki Marga new baneswor Kathmandu opened by Mr. Samir Jung Thapa.

The hostel has altogether 11 rooms with one kitchen, toilet and bathroom. The kitchen is cleaned thoroughly from time to time from the gas stove to every blade of the exhaust fan, from the refrigerated coil to every nook and corner. So they do not have to compromise with the health of any residing students. The hostel is equipped with high-speed unlimited internet through WiFi. The facility of hot water for shower and cleaning washing is also available for twenty-four hours.

The usual amenities like first aid kit, indoor games, and entertainment, provision of books to read are also provided in the hostel with the supervision of the warden who also resides in the hostel with the students. The warden not only supervises but act like the guardian of the students being the only matured and the responsible adult. The environment and the surrounding being friendly and homely helps the students not to have any kind of homesick.

The types of room that are available in the hostel are one seater with one bed which charge RS 12500 per month. The two-seaters with two beds charge RS 10000 per month. The three seater room has three beds and charges RS 9000 per month. There’s another three seater bedroom which is slightly smaller in size and charges RS 8500 per month. The hostel can accommodate 35 students at a time. The hostel provides four times hot meal that consists of the morning breakfast and lunch, daily snacks and dinner.

The students can choose the vegetarian diet or the nonvegetarian items according to their preference. Meat like chicken and mutton are served timely in a week. Eggs are also given once or twice. For the vegetarian, mushroom and paneer are made instead of meat. The floors are carpeted well and the rooms are well furnished with comfortable bed, curtains, mattress, and pillow with table, chairs, and wardrobe.

The rooms are fresh and sunny with a view of the city. The hostel is located near to many colleges and institutes like Himalaya White House college, Nobel academy, k and k college, Apollo college, uniglobe college, Apex college, ambition academy, schems college, golden hate college. The hostel is primely located near to the main road from where the students can easily pick up public transport. Hospital and policlinic are located at a walking distance making easier to avoid any kind of serious medical accident and injuries. You can call them to book for the room you want.

8. Kathmandu boys hostel:

The Kathmandu boys hostel was opened in the year 2068 B. S. In the main and the busy location of Kathmandu called panchakumari Marg new baneswor. The hostel needs no introduction because it already has gained the popularity by winning the trust and faith of thousands of students and their parents. The hostel is owned by Mrs. Laxmi timilsina who also acts as hostel warden for the supervision of the students. The hostel has in total 18 rooms which can reside 45 students at a time.

The hostel has double sharing room with two beds which charge the students RS 9000 per month. The triple sharing room has three beds which charge RS 8000 per month. The four sharing room has four beds and charges the students RS 8500 per month. Every room is fully furnished with a comfortable and spacious bedroom with soft mattresses and pillow. Every room has an adequate sized clean closet for hanging the clothes, study table and chair for each individual student.

The floor is well carpeted to keep the room warm in winter and is well ventilated with large windows for sufficient light and sun. The meal is provided four times a day with breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. Meat is served thrice a week, eggs twice a week for the nonvegetarian and mushrooms and paneer are given to the vegetarian accordingly. The hostel also has the career counselor who guides the students, evaluate them and assist them.in choosing the right career path for them. The hostel also believes in providing the suffice entertainment to the students so they can enjoy their stay and don’t feel nostalgic.

So the hostel also has one living room with a common tv lounge for all to sit together and watch TV. The hostel also has fitted the wifi for providing the students with unlimited and high-speed internet within the whole premises of the hostel and in every room. It also has the 24 hour supply of hot water for shower, washing, and cleaning for the students. The kitchen is well cleaned and maintained with the good hygienic environment. The floors are well mopped frequently.

The kitchen is well equipped with modern equipment and cooks who are well trained and experienced in cooking the nutritious diet. The first aid treatment is given immediately to the students if injured. The hostel is concentrated with the major aim of easing and comforting the students to give them the homely life. The hotel.is also surrounded by the well-known colleges like CITE college, V. S. Niketan college, NASA college, Pentagon college, and Triton international college.

Every student has the facility of choosing the right and nearby college for their study. The hostel is also near to Kantipur hospital. Any serious medical accident can be easily prevented. You have to initially pay RS 3000 as the administrative fee. You can call the hostel to pre-book the room for your stay.

9. Golden future boys hostel:

The golden future boy’s hostel is in truly working for making the future of the youngsters golden and bright. The hostel through the provision of best amenities and environment is helping the students not to fill any homesick and fully focus on the study. Therefore the name is real suitable for the hostel. It was built in the year 2070 B. S. In thulo kharibot new baneswor Kathmandu.

The Warden and the director of the hostel are Mr. Aryan Chaudhary who is competent enough to look after the management and administrative part of the hostel. He also is capable of supervising the students, ensuring the timely and safe return of every student in the evening. There is 16 room altogether in the hostel which is enough to accommodate 40 to 45 students at a time. Every room is comfortably furnished with bright colors, big windows for sunlight, spacious beds with comfortable mattress, and pillow. The floor is thickly carpeted to prevent the cold in winter.

Each student is given the individual study table, chair, and wardrobe in their room. The rooms are either double sharing with two beds and triple sharing with three beds. The hostel also has inbuilt mini library with the old and new books for the students to read and gain knowledge. The mini library is also supplied with daily newspaper for the students to keep them up to date knowledge of the events in the nation.

The meals are provided four times a day including morning breakfast, morning lunch, daily snacks, and dinner. The vegetarian and nonvegetarian diet is served to the students according to their preference. The hostel has free WiFi throughout the premise and every room of the hostel. The laundry service is supplied to the students once or twice a week to ease them and avail them the more time to study. The 24 hours hot and cold water for shower, cleaning, and washing are also available.

The hostel warden Mr. Chaudhary make sure that the hostel has family and homely environment. The kitchen is often cleaned, the floors are mopped and washed. Sanitation and hygiene are maintained in every department of the hostel. The power supply is back up by the fitted inverter for the continual supply of the electricity even during the load shedding period. The hostel is located near to many renowned colleges like the Himalayan college of bioengineering, NASA international college, glacier college, Kent college, and uniglobe college. It is in one of the prime locations of the city but still is calm, quiet and tranquil.

The prime location also assists the students to travel with easily available public transportation. Any medical accident and emergencies can be dealt with wisely because of the nearby located hospitals rendering 24-hour emergency services. The hotel overall looks after the all-around aspects of the students to make sure that they live in the second home. The starting entry fee is RS 3000 and the monthly charge depending on the basis of the room you choose you to stay. The single bedroom is a little bit expensive than the other rooms. However, in comparison to the service they render, the charge and the money you pay is completely worth. To book the room and to inquire, you can call.

10. Student standard boys hostel:

The student standard boys hostel is in real truth to its name because it has maintained the true standard an excellent service rendering hostel should have in the city. The student standard hostel was initially established as Kathmandu standard boys hostel in the year 2010 A. D. With a motto of providing all the facilities to the students at a reasonable charge.

The hostel was later renamed as student standard hostel in the year 2071 B. S. It is located in Dakota Sadak old baneswor near pipal bot Kathmandu. It has opened its second branch in shankhamul new baneswor. The two branches altogether can accommodate in total 127 students at a time. The building in the old baneswor has in total 15 rooms.

The owner of the hostel is Mr. Bhaskar Koirala who takes care of all the management and administrative functions of the hostel by himself. He ensures that the hygienic environment of the hostel is maintained. He also sees to the complete security and safety of the students in the hostel. It has a single room with one bed, double sharing room with two beds, a triple sharing room with three beds and four sharing room with four beds. One time RS 3000 has to be pains as the admission fee in the hostel.

The amenities that the hostel provide to its students include the round the clock high-speed internet for the use of the students who can surf the internet anytime they want in their own room. The laundry service is availed to the students twice a week. Every room is furnished with bed, comfortable mattress, curtain, wardrobe and hanger for students to hang their clothes, study table, hair, and dustbin. The floors are well carpeted for safety in the winter. All the rooms are bright, clean, spacious and sunny with good ventilation.

The 24 hours hot and cold water for bath, cleaning and washing purposes with hot and cold clean and safe drinking water is provided to the students. The kitchen is furnished with modern equipment and utensils and cleanliness are maintained throughout the house for uplifting the health of the residing students. The meal is served four times a day with breakfast, lunch, snacks, and supper. The vegetarian and nonvegetarian meals are cooked by the professional cook and chef with sustainable nutrition and hygiene.

emergency help
emergency help

The meat and eggs are served twice a week for the nonvegetarian students and mushroom, paneer or curd is served to the vegetarian students. The hostel warden maintains the harmony among the students and keeps the homely environment of the hostel as it is so the students feel they are staying in their own home. The first aid treatment is given in an emergency accident or injury with easy transportation to the hospital if the students are sick. The location of the hostel is one of the prime locations of the city.

So it’s easy for students to have access to public transportation. The hostel is surrounded by the reputed colleges like the global college of Management, Apex college, Golden gate college, Rajdhani college, Kantipur College of Management and IT, SIAMS college, schems college, city school, and Nobel college. You can call them directly if you want to gain the admission in this hostel.



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