8 Bollywood Celebrities Who Married More Than Twice | Thrice or Even More

Bollywood Celebrities Who Married Thrice and more: – Did you imagine that one marriage in a lifetime was sufficient of an ordeal? Indeed, even two relational unions did not suffice for some Bollywood VIPs, who have done it thrice or more. Bollywood, snare ups, marriage, relational unions, tricks, and separations are on the whole parallel set. These superstars have experienced passionate feelings for throughout the years and brought the pledge with three and some of them were/are still supposed to be peering toward others.

VIP business is a by and large unique story – we are unimportant mortals. Getting hitched and staying this is by and large an alternate ball game. Also, for the individuals who believed that getting hitched once or even twice was sufficient for an affair, you should investigate a couple of Bollywood big names, who have done as such thrice. All things considered, as Shakespeare said “good fortunes lie in odd numbers”, we see that third time works an appeal for a few. How about we look at some of our thrice wedded big names.

Here is the list of Bollywood celebrities who married thrice or even more, given below:

Bollywood Celebrities Who Married Thrice or Even More

1. Siddharth Roy Kapur is Three Marriages Old

siddarth roy kapur

Siddharth Roy Kapur

The UTV honcho, Siddharth Roy Kapur, is presently otherwise called the better 50% of Bollywood performer Vidya Balan. Notwithstanding, few realize this was his third marriage. He’s as well known as any superstar in Bollywood, politeness UTV.

Kapur wedded his youth companion initially, yet the marriage did not keep going long. He at that point wedded a TV maker after a brief courtship. This marriage too did not last and the two isolated in the year 2011. It was after this that he began dating Vidya Balan. A Tamilian by birth, Vidya Balan and Kapur wedded in a Punjabi and Tamilian blended wedding. The two are going consistently. We truly need them to. He is in the list of Bollywood Celebrities Who Married Thrice.

2. Sanjay Dutt, the Thrice Happy “Baba”

Sanjay Dutt is another Bollywood VIP to have strolled down the passageway not once, not twice, but rather thrice. Sanju Baba wedded Richa Sharma, to begin with, yet the marriage did not keep going long, since it saw the death of Sharma in the year 1996, because of cerebrum tumor. Following two years, in 1998, Dutt got hitched for the second time. What’s more, this time it was shown, Rhea Pillai. She was a model, however, the marriage did not keep going long and they separated in 2005. Sanjay Dutt stroke a cap trap by wedding his long-term darling Manyata in the year 2008. The couple has twin young ladies together and is said to be going solid. Fingers crossed. He is in the list of Bollywood Celebrities Who Married Thrice.

Bollywood Celebrities sanjay dutt

Bollywood Celebrities Sanjay Dutt


Bollywood Celebrities sanjay dutt

Bollywood Celebrities Sanjay Dutt


sanjay dutt Bollywood Celebrities

sanjay Dutt Bollywood Celebrities

3. Kabir Bedi

Bedi, the 70-year-old performing artist as of late had his fourth wedding when he got hitched to his longtime accomplice Parveen Dusanj on sixteenth January 2016. He was first hitched to Odissi artist Protima Bedi with whom he had two kids. Later he wedded British-conceived form planner Susan Humphreys and had a child from her. In the wake of separating Susan, he wedded TV moderator Nikki in the 90’s and separated her in 2005. He is in the list of Bollywood Celebrities Who Married Thrice.

Bollywood Celebrities kabir bedi

Bollywood Celebrities Kabir bedi

4. Kamal Haasan

Kamal Haasan wedded established artist Vani Ganapathy in 1978 and separated her 10 years after the fact. The couple didn’t have any children. He wedded Bollywood performing artist Sarika in 1988 and had two little girls from her – Shruti and Akshara Haasan who are additionally Bollywood on-screen characters. After his separation to Sarika, he had a live-in association with Tamil performing artist Gauthami who has a girl from her prior marriage. It was uncertain whether the couple was hitched or not as a marriage date was never reported. The couple as of late reported their separation because of incongruence. He is in the list of Bollywood Celebrities Who Married Thrice.

Bollywood Celebrities kamal hasan

Bollywood Celebrities kamal Hasan

5. Neelima Azeem

Yes, Shahid Kapoor’s on-screen character mother Neelima Azeem excessively wedded thrice. She wedded performer Pankaj Kapur from whom she had Shahid, in the wake of separating Pankaj in 1984, she wedded for the second time to on-screen character Rajesh Khattar with whom she has a child and little girl. She separated her second spouse in 2001 as she later got hitched for the third time to Ustaad Raja Ali Khan in 2004. She is in the list of Bollywood Celebrities Who Married Thrice.

Neelima Bollywood Celebrities

Neelima Bollywood Celebrities

6. Lucky Ali Got Lucky Thrice

The artist Lucky Ali excessively got thrice fortunate with three consecutive relational unions. He was even cited as saying that he was not implied for one marriage. All things considered, you generally have your reasons prepared for marriage. The vocalist wedded a lady from New Zealand named Jane McCleary, who additionally happened to act in his hit music video ‘O Sanam’. He had two children from this marriage after which the marriage finished. He next proceeded onward to wed a lady named Inaya and furthermore had two youngsters with her. This marriage too did not keep going long. Fortunate Ali again got married, his third, and this time with a British model. They are heard to be going enduring and furthermore have a child. He is in the list of Bollywood Celebrities Who Married Thrice.

Bollywood Celebrities lucky-ali

Bollywood Celebrities lucky-Ali

7. Karan Singh Grover

Indeed, another WHO has as currently joined this club is that the model-on-screen character Karan Singh Grover. He at first wed TV performer Shraddha Nigam in 2008, which he separated within ten months of their wedding. Karan’s second wedding was together with his Dill Mill Gayye co-star Jennifer Winget. The 2 got hitched in Gregorian calendar month 2012 and that they got separated in 2014. What is additional, as of late, Karan got hitched for the third time with none but resound angel of Bollywood, Bipasha Basu. The full Bollywood came to favor this cutesy couple. We tend to trust Karan gets lucky in wedding third time! He is in the list of Bollywood Celebrities Who Married Thrice.

Bollywood Celebrities karan

Bollywood Celebrities Karan


Bollywood Celebrities karan wedding picture

Bollywood Celebrities Karan wedding picture

8. Kishore Kumar did it over 3 times

He was a voice that rapt 1,000,000 hearts and still will likewise. In any case, our most favored singing saint had a series of associations with four relative unions within the middle. Kishore prosecuting attorney (he is frequently alluded to by that postfix) weds Ruma Guha Thakurta within the year 1950 from whom he encompasses a kid (Amit Kumar). This wedding went on for an extended time. At the moment he began chemical analysis the celebrated performing artist Madhubala.

Bollywood Celebrities kishore-kumar

Bollywood Celebrities Kishore-Kumar


Bollywood Celebrities kishore kumar

Bollywood Celebrities Kishore Kumar


Bollywood Celebrities kishore kumar wedding picture

Bollywood Celebrities Kishore Kumar wedding picture

They wed within the year 1960 and also the wedding unbroken going until the ending of Madhubala, once 9 years. Kishore Kumar proceeded onward to wed another performer Yogita Bali. It went on for a pitiful traverse of simply 2 years once that he began to appear all starry eye like at Leena Chandavarkar, another Bollywood performing artist. They wed which was the end of it since their wedding finished with the passing of Kishore Kumar.

So these were the list of Bollywood Celebrities Who Married Thrice.

Author-(Rajan Poudel)