List of Bollywood Celebrities (Actors, Actresses) Who are Directly Involved in Social Services


11. Shahrukh Khan:

He is also the great superstars of Bollywood who has their own benchmark all around India and the world. He is also popular by the name ”Baadshah” and ”Raees”. His popularity is not sung only in Bollywood but all outside the Indian territory. He is best known as a romantic actor.

If we look his lifestyle and life panel, we can accumulate that he is also interested and involved in charitable works for social welfare. He is involved directly and indirectly in social services like  Children’s Education, Healthcare, Relief Funds, Poor etc. he does not want to make her social works public and commercial because of religious terms.

Bollywood Actor Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan

He secretly donates the amount in social sectors. Due to his image in international level, and political issues in India, he does not expose his c social works and contribution.

Even though he is the well-reputed person that people knows self. He helps the needy and contributes to charity secretly which even many people do not yet aware of him.

Because of his great contribution and humanitarian works, UNESCO has honored Shahrukh Khan with “PYRAMIDE CON MARNI” Award in the year 2011. It is also one of the respectful crowns that he wore by this honors.

12. Rahul Bose:

He is also known as the unconventional actor who has created their own flavor in the base of acting. He is not only involved in acting besides it also in social welfare and works. Being human, we have to also help other who is a need, that he knew very clearly.

Therefore, his lifestyle and activities also show their humanitarian character. The great analysis and filtering of Bollywood actor and actress, he is only the actor from Bollywood who was elected as Oxfam Global Ambassador in 2007.

Bollywood Actor Rahul Bose

Rahul Bose

For better clearance Oxfam Global campaign mostly contribute their funding and helps to promote the living standard of poor and increase their financial situation along with cultivating and improving the living environment in Andaman and Nicobar.

He has also his own foundation named ”The Foundation” where he has own mindset and views and dreams of the un-discrimination world. And that is why he is also an active campaigner and expeditor of ‘World Without Discrimination’.

He has own imagination of having the world where there is not the presence of discrimination and domination. He mostly supports the thought of freedom and non-discriminative society.

All the people of the world are human beings and have the same figure and physiques and circulation of blood color in the body. So why there should be any dispute, discrimination, domination of the human.

Rahul Bose and his foundation work in these sectors to eradicate the negativity ideas and the thoughts of people through different sources.

Every people should live together and help each other. He says, when a man falls in problems or critical situation and crying for help, no one should ask his her caste, religion, underdog or etc. firstly.

They should help first being human. Rahul Bose has not earned the high level of reputation in the Bollywood industry by his acting but he has been honored for several times due to his social dedication and works.

13. Shilpa Shetty Kundra:

She is also light and love hearted actress of Bollywood who has recently become the mother. Her physique and fitness have great limelight occurred on social platforms and news. She is popular with his killer smile.

Many people are not known about the Shilpa Shetty extra views outside of acting. She has only captured the places of the actress in people minds. But her action towards the social sector is also appreciable.

She is a ladies filled with both compassion and hates according to the treatment and behaviors who does with her.

Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty

She is very much active and even seems in many programs for giving its way to depart the message to the people in ”Act Against Bullying”. She is rich in only beauty but also rich of kind heart. Her beauty shines not only in Bollywood but also in other film industry.

She is also started treating as a rich actress after marrying with Raj Kundra who is the richest person in London. She has also helped many poor by their own earning. Her acting in movies is really praised by many people.

Nowadays, she has reduces the acting in the movies because of the scarcity of time management. She becomes busier after getting the first child.

So, she seems in a dancing program of children which is forecasted by Sony ”Super Dancer” as a judge. She is the main judge among all others. This program in television is very much popular because of children amazing and wonderful dances.

Besides her acting career, she not only makes self-busy in TV shows but also social works. She is also the active members of PETA.

14. Priyanka Chopra:

Priyanka is nowadays in headlines of news because of her return and dangerous acting in Hollywood movies. She has also listed her name in few actors and actress who has played in Hollywood movies.

Her image and biography have got some memorable pages to enlarge up. She is also former Miss Universe. In all her acting career, she does not only expend her time in acting only but also in social and charity works.

She is kind-hearted actress very much active and passionate about helping kids education and health. Her some portion of earning gone to girls to create the conducive and protective environment for girl growth and survival.

Bollywood Actress Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra

Besides her passion and manliness towards the social works and welfare, she was appointed UNICEF’s National Ambassador in 2010. She is very daring girls who always makes her voice bold against women incidence either that may be trafficking or violence.

She is a popular actress of the Bollywood and has played the movies with all the big faces. She is also very much interested in social works and contributes a huge portion of her earning in the formation of good society and good health and good environment for kids and their career.

Priyanka Chopra has a long-standing association with the ‘Save the Girl’ campaign by UNICEF. Priyanka Chopra is the greatest actress and achieved such prestigious position not by her acting only but also by her activeness and coordination with social works.

She has also shown her patriotic and socialistic figure and dedication in ”Clean India Expedition” becoming entrants. This types of multiple works have made her one of the most demandable actresses of all time.

Priyanka Chopra has raises her voice against the safeties and their standard of girls in India. She has now made her image as actress, director, singer, writer, producer etc. due to her big achievement and mark that she has made by their real and reel works.

15. Vidya Balan:

She is also one actress who has to raise her strong voice in the support of Indian government campaign of making toilet and sanitation in every home of India. Due to her belongingness from backward family and village, she was aware and seen all the troubles and hazard that the people of the village and backward region have to face in daily life.

By great stumble and struggle, she was able to set up her career in Bollywood industry. She is not the only actress of the protagonist but also the actress of leading and protagonist rolled actress.

Bollywood Actress Vidya Balan

Vidya Balan

She has become the brand ambassador for clean drinking water and sanitation campaign in India due to her thought and developmental devotion towards the country.

She has also supported and very soon will be actively campaigner of ”Clean India” which is also the enchanting slogan of India leading and moving the country towards the better, beautiful and bright India.

She has not made her image as one of the actresses of the Bollywood but also as the socialist actress of the Bollywood. Viday Valan becomes more socialistic after getting married to a producer. She has even reduced her acting in the movies due to becoming the family and mother.

Vidya is well known for her frank and open minded and also very much flirting nature. She looks gorgeous and bolder in Saree than another actress. She mostly keeps the long hair which is her different and extra values for recognition. She has given her time to many socialist programs and also become the part of clean India.

Narendra Modi has started the mission of cleaning India and making India great by making toilets. She also has requested the people to make the toilet for making their life healthy and supporting the India cleanliness campaign.

The nations can be healthy only when the village become clean and neat and all it becomes successful when people construct the toilets in their home.

There are many transmitted diseases which become the epidemic in India due to dirtiness. After becoming the national brand ambassador of ”Clean India”. She has also given the responsibility of making more than 100 village defecation free from Uttar Pradesh.

She started giving the awareness of sanitation and encouraging the people for making toilets in their home through different roles. She has also constructed the track of cleaning and making the Varanasi clean and bright through the campaign. So, she is not engaged in acting only but also in social works.

16. Dia Mirza:

She is an actor who has also created the stamps of youngsters by her radiance beauty. She is not only busy in acting besides also in social servicing sector. She is also very much interested in socialist and humanitarian works through different sources.

She reveals that she become the social services and helper by getting inspired by her mother who is also the great social workers. She has her own thought and demand. She wants to make the world as the family and speaks strictly about it.

The world should be the family and all should be the members of it. There should not be laid and rise of ”You and Me”.

Bollywood Actress Dia Mirza

Dia Mirza

There should not be the racism of ”You and Me”. instead of ”You and Me”, there should be a use of ”We” which indicates altogether. Dia Mirza is the richest actress of Bollywood and donating their huge earning in social sectors.

She has been also involved in cancer and AIDS patient for supporting them by encouraging morale and self-esteem. Addition to her action, she is also spreading the awareness about HIV and female infanticide.

Her recent concert for the environment and open support to Medha Patkar hit the headlines and bubbled everywhere. She says that ”You and I” are the two arrogant and violence word but we indicated the brotherhood. Dia Mirza has learned the lesson and wants to access this thought to every person and form the society of love, compassion and helps.

17. Amitabh Bachan:

The Bollywood is popular by the great contribution of Amitabh. Bollywood treats him as megastar due to his immortal contribution and support for standing and making the Bollywood popular all around the world.

Bollywood is also signed with the Amitabh Bachan. That is why Amitabh is treated as one of the icons and priceless assets of Bollywood. Moreover, he is not only popular for his acting but also contributed a lot of monetary help, indoctrination help and other too.

His name is not only listed in actors but probably the biggest social worker He has also been appointed as ambassador of polio immunization program since 2002 to eradicate the affection of polio from India run by the government of India.

He played an instrumental role in convincing parents to immunize their children. Currently, he has been chosen as ambassador GST which has been recently implemented in India chanting the slogan One country, One tax and One market. Amitabh Bachan is the big face of not only Bollywood but also of India. India pride is also linked with Amitabh Bachan.

Bollywood Actor Amitabh Bachan

Amitabh Bachan

As he has made his standing, not as actors or megastars but also looks in different social works and campaign. Amitabh has donated 10 lakh in a few years ago for flood occurred in India from the sets of Kaun Banega Crorepati.

He looks ahead in almost every socialistic and patriotic works. His image speaks the voice of Bollywood and reputation as well as the pride of India in melodious bowings.

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