List of Bollywood Celebrities (Actors, Actresses) Who are Directly Involved in Social Services


6. Pretty Zinta:

She is also the well-established actress of Bollywood and has made glare identity by moving her arms into humanitarian works and activities. She mostly appears in front against the women’s violence, women’s domination, and discrimination female infanticide.

She seems in many social programs publicly and keeps interest to become entrants. She has also collected the funds by dancing in the concert for earthquake victims in 2004 which has taken the life of many people and damages and destroyed the houses, and roads.

Bollywood Actress Pretty Zinta

Pretty Zinta

Preity Zinta also runs her self-organization which is non-profitable named ”Khushi” to uplifts the life of street children.

She has also become the part of United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) to stop human and girls trafficking from India which is increasing and becoming the burning problems.

Mostly the village and uneducated girls are targeted and sent to foreign or gulf country as prostitutes and forcing them to do their own works brutally. Zinta has adopted 34 girls from the Mother Miracle orphanage which is located in Rishikesh and took the responsibility of financially supporting their education, food, and clothing on her 34th birthday which expresses her wider thought on social works.

Her earning goes on their maintenances of everything which is really the inspiration of many people. Preity has also supported and joined the Joint ”United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS)” to empower the women and widow for their betterment.

She has sawn the pain and problems of widow how she lives and stumbles with a lots obstruction to maintain their life normally as neglected and dominated by the society. She has expressed her sorrow by saying that she had also felt the pain of the moment what actually happens when someone nearby you lefts you drastically faced by losing her father at the age of 13.

7. Manoj Bajpai:

He is also known as one of the humorous actors of Bollywood. He mostly seems in the role of supporting actor than leading actor. He is also involved in the much charitable organization who works for other welfare and happiness.

Manoj has made his own unique identity as the lead role as well as a comic actor in Bollywood. His some portion of earning also goes to social sectors for making the needy life and condition more better than before.

Bollywood Actor Manoj Bajpai

Manoj Bajpai

He spends parts of earning in the socialist sectors to needy people. He has given also huge amount as a charity for breaking the critical situation of the people. Manoj Bajpai does not look in many films as he mostly busy in their own private as well as social works.

8. John Abraham:

John Abraham is one of the popular muscular actors who is also famous for his muscled physique. His acting in the Bollywood is also one of the razor effects in Bollywood.

As he is popular for doing best acting in the movies, similarly also he is popular in doing social works. He is also treated as animal lover which push him to become the member of PETA.

Bollywood Actor John Abraham

John Abraham

His donation speaks loudly due to his imposing of doing social works. He does not want to show more by doing less like other do. He believes in helping the needy get exposed in the press or not does matter for him.

That is why he is not known for the social works due to not pressing of his social activity news.

He even expends his earning an income in his own opened brigade named John’s Brigade For Habitat”. Along with this, John is also engaged with many another charitable trust which works for other benefits and uplifting. John is popular for his action and fighting buddies.

He has attractive bodies which make the girls trapped their emotion. Many girls have also kept him in their hears. John Abraham is not exposing actors and even does not active on social sites as he takes it as one of the boring and irritating things.

That is why he does not expose or post the photos of places and events that he does from time to time that other actors do. He is not directly connected with fans in the ground root. He has a good image among boys and girls because of acting and bodies.

John Abraham has also donated his great amount in charity but he does not donate by announcing and exposing loudly. John reputation in Bollywood is really adorable and unique that is why he is called John is only one in Bollywood. He is also famous for expending and involving in social works silently.

9. Rajnikant:

He mostly seems in south India movies and less in Bollywood movies. Even though he is known as the Bollywood actors after playing blockbuster movies LIKE ROBOT and many more.

His role and acting in the movies makes remarks before releasing the movies on public screens. He is also worshipped as God in south India. He is worshipped due to his social welfare and social help to the people who come in his home.

He treats equally and helps everyone who knocks his door for help. Due to his social respect and help to every need, has made him the man of public icon and idols.

Bollywood Actor Rajnikant


His identity in India is a social actor who lives normal life among the common people. So he is also known as representative of poor and representative of south India. Whenever any kinds of natural catastrophe come in their province, then he helps openly for removing the shadow of natural disaster from the victims.

He is the megastar of south movies which image is also the image of God. People of south India share their pains and problems with him. And he never boycotts and shows laziness to solve it.

He even takes and understands and then treats other problems as self-problems. The happiness of south India people is linked with his happiness and laughter. His direction becomes the law in south India.

As he has made and established such supreme prestige from the conductor or lower class people to higher class by their struggle and sharing of happiness and success with other.

He opens the ammunition of wealth when any kinds of hazard lie over the people of south India. people come with helps a when he reached into his homes. He always looks in ahead and fronts for helping the people and solving their problems as well as treating them as their own family members.

 10. Aishwarya Rai Bachan:

She is rich and popular for her beauty. Her shining eyes and glaring face have magnetic power to catch anyone’s attention. She is popular not only for the beautiful face but also for beautiful works that she does frequently.

She is appreciated by her works that she has started with the intention of helping poor and needy people through”Aishwari Rai Foundation”. Her foundation is helping the poor and needy people at the time of any panic moment or other causes.

Bollywood Actress Aishwarya Rai Bachan

Aishwarya Rai Bachan

Her beauty and her beautiful works have gone matched by two parts of coins as it is said by her liker and lover. Her beautiful works have been supported by many people.

As she also knows that, India is the underdeveloped country and there is the existence of many poor in the country who are struggling and stumbling with their daily life and problems.

Due to this picture also, she may have started to help the poor and needy people. Her works and mentality of making the society fully happy is also one of the major issues that she thinks and involved in it. By her foundation, many of the poor have been facilitated and grooved up.

After becoming the family of Bachhan, she gets her image more prestigious and valuable in the eyes of people. Her images started to speak avidly and are respected more than before.

Her thought is beautiful as she is a beauty by her looks and charming. She even spends and expands their earning to help the poor. Through her foundation, she has helped many people and low-class people.

She has given them the charity to upgrade their living standard. Many poor are positively affected and changed their life after getting the helping funds from her foundation.

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