List of Bollywood Celebrities (Actors, Actresses) Who are Directly Involved in Social Services


List of Bollywood Celebrities Actors, Actress Who are Directly Involved in Social Services

List of Bollywood Celebrities Involved in Social Services: – Involving in social service also expose the humanity. And being human, it is also our duty to help other who is in need.

There are many people in the world who sleep on the money bed and on the other side; there are also some of the people who do not have a bed too. Many of the people are rich while many are poor may be due to different reasons and cause.

Even in the race of going upward and stride, they suffer from many hinders and obstruction. Despite all those incidences, became their stories and ladder of success. Besides, there are many people who are interested in doing social works in various course and action.

Some engage directly and some indirectly. Those who know the responsibility of society being social human being, they look precursor to these kinds of activities.

Jointing the points and sense, there are many Bollywood actors and actress who are sacrificing their some of the earning into social services, helps and awareness to uplift the needy life and condition. As we know that, Bollywood if the greatest platforms and film industry which is making their glance to everywhere in the world.

Bollywood is raising their stands even in the crowd due to its mobilizing and monitoring of the movies. In those spaces, there are many Bollywood actors and actress who have made their identity as assets of Bollywood and their stardom speaks their identity and reputation.

However, due to high earning and intent to help needy, poor and doing social services, they expend and donate a huge amount from their earning to the needy people through direct help or through NGOs.


Here, we stand today with the list of such Bollywood actors and actress who loved to donate, help and support them for their better livelihood and enrichment. They feel happy and say we are doing a great job and getting great wishes and bless those troops.

List of Bollywood Celebrities Involved in Social Services

1. Nana Patekar:

An actor who is famous for doing natural acting and known for simple living and high thinking is also a great social activist. He is one of the struggled actors and made his space in the Bollywood industry by their own skill of acting.

His acting as supporting role and leading role has made the viewer to feel the reality. He mostly plays the movies related to patriotic and inspiring.

He is one of the most active actors engaged in social as well as patriotism Incidence. His popularity is also making his name in almost many movies.

Nana Patekar Bollywood actor
Nana Patekar

He is socializing and serving the needy by his foundation NAAM. His popularity becomes one of the re-known faces because he donated the money to Bihar flood-affected people.

He has donated his earning amount to draught suffered family of Maharastra, distributed the Cheque of 15000 to 62 family to farmer’s family going to dies to draught and another natural catastrophe. His foundation mostly works for doing monetary help to farmers of Maharashtra who gets scrunched by the natural disaster.

 2. Aamir Khan:Aamir Khan 1

He has been long time engaged in the social problems related program forecasting named ”Satyame Jayate”. He is one of the superstars and heading the stardom actors who are also popular for his perfect acting.

That is why he is also called as Mr. Perfectionist. He is also involved in many program and organization which works for the social services and helps for affected man.

Bollywood Actor Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan

If we see his background, then we can see that he was involved and seen in many protest and agitation related to Narmada Bachao Aandolan, support of tribes (Aadivaasi), Janlokpal Bill Movement led by Anna Hazare in 2011.

He thinks self as not any great superstars but as human and socialist actors. He has given his views in TV channel that actors or any of the citizens should have the mindset of helping others and fulfilling the social responsibility to move the grounds and identity ahead.

Khan was appointed the national brand ambassador of UNICEF to promote child nutrition On 30 November 2011. He is part of the government-organized IEC campaign to raise awareness about malnutrition.

3. Salman Khan:

He is also the superstars and king of millions of girls. His stardom and identity have not any comparison in Bollywood. That is why he is also known as the lion of Bollywood due to his bad attitude that he has self-made.

His popularity is making his praise all over the world. Everybody knows that his own organization named ”Being Human Foundation” is working and s helping the many children and also to needy people.

He has been revealed by the India TV program ”Aap Ki Adalat”, that his 90% of earning gone on social services. His being human foundations sell the t-shirts and other product in online as well as retail stores.


Bollywood Actor Salman Khan
Salman Khan

His foundation mostly serves and socialize two areas that health and education. Khan had paid ₹4 million (US$62,000) to release about 400 prisoners from about 63 prisons in the state of Uttar Pradesh via his NGO in January 2012.

Khan offered to donate the profits of his most successful film ”Bajrangi Bhaijaan” among the poor farmers all over India in July 2015 who have suffered from drought and floods.

From time to time, it comes in the news that Salman Khan helped to the children and other people. He is well known for his ”Being Human Foundation”. He has also helped the child who is about to die.

4. Akshay Kumar:

He is one of the most popular actors among all other actors in the matter of social serving. His huge portion of the amount is funded and serviced to underprivileged groups, and mostly to army family.


Because he was also involved in the army and reveals his expression that he understands the feelings, pains, and life of soldiers. The soldier’s life is on the wall of needle whenever it sets there is no guarantee.

Bollywood Actor Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar

He is eco-friendly actors who mostly loos in the engagement of army related programs. He has recently given 25 lakhs to army family who has lost his husbands or members in the border.

His involvement and helps the monetary fund is regularly transmitted to army family and widow female. He is also ranked as the huge amount of tax paying to India government. He is popular among youngsters due to his soldier’s related views and friendly nature.

He is one of the most loved and respected actors of Bollywood who mostly invited in many channels related to the program of the army and their bravery etc. Akshay Kumar is famous for giving their charity for making the happy to soldiers as well as many other people.

He is also the most loving actors by the people of India. Many of the people and mostly youth loves and persuades them as their role model. He is the black build in fighting and also teaches to their many children.

He comes in the news mostly due to their argument on patriotism and army. His life and career have been also joined with the army. As their life past shows that he was also the part of the army.

That is why his emotion and dedication is mostly bowed towards them. He has given lots of amount to the family of the army whose family has given their lives as martyrs in the border.

Due to his infinite love and patriotic, Akshay becomes the first choice of every news channel as well as army celebration and entrants as chief guest or guests to share their feeling and views with them.

Recently he had become the part of army family program recorded by news channel where the wife whose husband has died in the border. He has millions of fan following. He has proved himself as the real players not by marvelous acting only but also by donating and giving charity of huge amount to the respective.

5. Sushmita Sen:

She is an older popular actress of Bollywood but comes in limelight due to her social activities and devotion to helping the needy. She has also herself greatest family because she has adopted many children and providing and behaving them al equally like her children.

These kinds of job can be only done by the people who have great hearts and thinks that money is not only for self-development and stride but also for other help.

Bollywood Actress Sushmita Sen
Sushmita Sen

Money should be expended on social services too because when it gets expend it become pure as it is said in our Hindu epic. Sushmita work is appreciated by many actors and actress for adopting and feeding them like her own children.

There are many poor children who are growing under the motherhood of Sushmita Sen. her income goes on those children treatment and habilitation. Due to all their activities, we can analyze that she is also one of the great philanthropist actresses.

She is not beautiful by their face and acting that she bears in the movies but also by her charity and social works that she bears in real life. Her acting has made her career in the top position but her social works have helped him to maintain the extreme and supreme love, respect and prestige in the eyes of public and common man.

She also comes in the discussion of people and even her work is appreciated by many common people not now for her acting but for their social works. She almost has quit the acting career due to her private busyness and business too.

Sometimes only she appears in some movies as supporting role to adds her originality of fame in the movies. She has not married but living the life of the mother by adopting the children and feeding them.

She has become well the mother of their adopted children. She serves and cares the life of more than 10 children by their earning.


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