19 Blogging Tips for Newbie Nepali Blogger


Blogging is just my hobby. I started blogging since my school days. At that time the number of bloggers and blog readers in Nepal was very low. Due to the poor internet connection in Nepal, I left blogging for a few years. At the time I only used to learn about blogging, SEO tutorials, making money online, and so on.

After a few years, I discover that the number of internet marketing bloggers in Nepal is still the same.

In Nepal, we saw see thousands of news portal websites, entertainment websites but not internet marketing blogs. Few websites used to cover stories about blogging tips and tutorials. Now it’s very hard to find an active internet marketing blog in Nepal. Due to this, I’m here, still active in this niche.

The main aim of my Blogging journey is to inspire and to help newbie Nepali internet marketing blogger who wants to make their career in this field.

19 Blogging Tips for Newbie Nepali Blogger

Here in this tutorial, I’m mentioning full 19 blogging tips for a newbie blogger. Hope you will like it.

1. Think Twice

think twice a little boy
think twice – a little boy

You know blogging is not an easy task to do. You have to spend lots of time in blogging. If you want to be a pro blogger then you must work very very hard. So before starting blogging, you must think twice.

Is this right for me? Can I run my blog in my near upcoming days too? Will my readers will be happy with my article and so on. Blogging is not easy work, but it will be full of fun if you choose to blog as a hobby.


2. Niche


Simply, a niche refers to the category. You can find lots of bloggers on the web. Like internet marketing blogger, fashion blogger, technology blogger, food and recipe blogger, travel blogger, and so on. In Nepal, the number of bloggers is very few. I already told you that, here we have only news portal websites.

So, before starting blogging, you should choose the best niche for your site. If you are interested in technology then you can run a technology blog. Like that photography, travel, recipes, fashion, etc blogs are also highly demanded in Nepal.

3. Learn English

learn english

Blog written in the English language has got a lot of advantages. Till date, Google Adsense does not support those blog which is written in the Nepali language. So to get approved Google Adsense in Nepal, your blog must contain English written content.

And also it will help you to generate lots of international blog traffic too. For example, you wrote an article about One Direction in the Nepali language. Will your post get international traffic?

Of course not. It’s because we Nepali people only understand the Nepali language. Like that you update the same article in the English language then I’m sure that you will get a lot of international traffic from all over the globe.

And also people hate those websites which are written very poorly. A lot of grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes, and so on. So before blogging, you must increase your English writing capacity.

4. Read Other Blog

As I already mentioned above, before I used to read many blogs online related to internet marketing. A blog by Harsh Agrawal “ShoutMeLoud” is my best one.

Still am the huge fan of shouting me loud. After reading dozens of the blog for a year, I gained numerous tips and learned many blogging tutorials. So, if you want to learn how pro blogger works, writes, how they manage their time then you must follow or read the related blog regularly. It will give you unforgettable knowledge, that you need in your blogging career.

5. Do Research

a man working doing research with laptop
A man is working on His laptop

People like those blog which is well written after doing lots of research on the topic. Ok, let me give you some examples here. Previously I was given a task to do i.e, Jitendra (Admin of ImNepal) told me to write an article about the top 10 bloggers of Nepal.

Well, I was fully unknown about this topic. I had only heard about Lex Limbu, Anil Aakar, Pradeep Singh, Bivori, and Neo stuff.

Due to this, I did very hard research to find their exact information. And about the top 10 bloggers, again I was in search of another Nepali blogger. Like this, I spend more than a month only to collect their real biography and-and also to find some information about their blog.

So before blogging, I suggest you do some research on the topic. Do not ever provide false information to your readers. It will somehow increase your traffic but not readers and trust.

6. Blogging Platform and Domain

Today you can find dozens of a blogging platform on the web. Some of them are Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, blog, and so on. They also provide you a free subdomain for your blog like blog spot by blogger, WordPress by WordPress. Here we are talking about newbie blogging tips.

So I suggest you choose a blogger platform if you are a newbie blogger. If you want to learn to blog then the blogger will be suitable for you. It is free to use and easy to understand.

blogging platform
blogging platform

For domain, you can purchase any domain for your blog later. That will cost no more than $17/Year. Some of the top old domain are com, net, org, info, and much more. Do not worry about the fund.

If you don’t have enough funds to purchase a domain then you can also use a free domain like tk, cf, ga, etc. It is 100% free and you can get that domain from freedom.

7. Find A Source

Find A Source


Have you ever seen a blog with only 5-6 article? Of course not. If you are the true blogger then you must run your blog continuously. All the websites that you know are linked to another website.

Like I already told, I picked up to shout me loud as my blogging source. Before you start blogging, you must manage all the blogging sources that are related to your niche. Due to this, you will able to generate new ideas and topics for your new blog post. Isn’t it important?

8. Perfect Theme

Had you ever noticed? How was your newly created blog theme looked like? If you want to make your blog design professional then you should change your blog theme. You can get it anywhere on the web. Your blog theme must match according to your blog niche.

Let say you have a shopping website then shopping the theme will be best for you. Like that magazine-style theme for news portal blog, video theme for video blog, and so on. It will be best for you if you pick an SEO ready theme build with lots of widget in it.


9. Responsive Site

Responsive Site website mobile
Responsive Site website mobile-friendly website

According to the new report, Google will now give more priority to the responsive site. So, while choosing a theme, you can pick up that theme which is best for all devices like mobile, tablet, and PC.

It is because the number of mobile readers in the world is increasing rapidly. A responsive theme will be fit for all devices so that your mobile readers can read your blog without changing your blog to the desktop site.

10. Important Pages

Important Pages
Important Pages

Believe it or not, your blog must have important pages like About, Contact, Term and Condition, and much more.

About – It must cover all the information about your blog or you.

Contact – It must cover all the information about how your readers can contact you. You can keep your email address, Facebook, or twitter URL there.

Terms and conditions – It is just like rules and regulations. You can create your own rules and regulation for your blog. So that your readers will feel safer when they enter your site.

11. Create Sitemap

It is just like a map. On the map, you can find all the locations, places, restaurants, hospitals, and so on. Like that in the sitemap, your readers will find all the blog information, blog posts just on a single page. It will save your readers time while visiting your sites. So don’t forget to create a sitemap for your blog.

12. Important Widget

The blog is not blogging without a blog widget. To attract your visitors you must have some important widget in your blog.

Facebook page plugin – It can be added to the sidebar of your blog. It will help you to increase your Facebook page likes.

Twitter timeline – It can also be added to the sidebar of your blog. It will display all your latest tweet.

Popular post – It displays a highly visited blog post.

Related post – It can be added at the bottom of every blog post. It will display related blog posts automatically.

Label or Category – This will display all the labels and categories that you have to maintain in your blog.

Social sharing – It will make easier to share your blog post on the popular social network like Facebook, Twitter, and so on.

Email subscription – This widget helps your readers to subscribe to your blog via email.

13. Back up your blog frequently

If you want to be a professional blogger then you must make a habit to back up your blog frequently. Sometimes, by the mistake, your blog content may get deleted. So to recover your deleted blog post, you must always do a backup. Not only blog posts, but you can also do the backup of your blog template. Remember it, It will help you a lot in your near upcoming days.

14. Use Own Image

brain use it own
brain – use it own

Let me clear you that, google is very strict in its policies and one of them is copyrighted policy. So always try to use your own image i.e logo, post images, and so on. It will help you to build your brand on the web as well it will play an important role to drive some blog traffic too.

For example, you own a modeling website. You attach the website URL to the model’s photos. Whenever your photos get more share on the social network, people will once check your website to find more information about your website. Like this, the number of visitors will be high.

15. Post Words

Before I used to write an article only in 100-200 words. I didn’t know anything about SEO ranking. I used to update a blog post without keywords research. That’s the reason why blog traffic was too low in the past.

After that, I search and learned much information about SEO ranking. Today I used to write a blog post in 500-1500 words. The more words you will import, the more keywords will get the place in your blog post. As a result, your SEO rank will. also, increase. Not only about SEO rank, but a post is written with full information also gets more attraction than the post with null information.

16. Clickable Headlines

Clickable Headlines a woman watching movie in laptap using computer image
A woman is playing laptop

This are the most important tips that you must learn before you launch your website. Writing only high-quality posts will not help you to get more visitors. To attract more visitors you must generate a clickable headline/title for your blog post.

While googling, your visitors will only see your blog post title, not the full blog post. It depends upon you, how you can attract visitors to your blog post. Let say you wrote an article about Butwal, and you fixed its title as my city but was, will it attract visitors? Not. Instead of that title, you can write 20 facts about Butwal city. I’m damn sure it will surely help you a lot.

17. Update Blog Post

Update Blog Post
Update Blog Post

This tip plays an important role only if your blog post information gets expired. I have seen more than a thousand blog posts covering PayPal verification in Nepal information.

All the post presenting the same detail, that you can verify your PayPal.account with Payoneer MasterCard. But today, PayPal no longer supports Payoneer, i.e you can’t verify your PayPal account with Payoneer MasterCard. In this condition, you can now update your blog post and add some words to your blog post like, “Update- Paypal no longer support Payoneer MasterCard”.

4 Ways or Solutions for How To Verify Paypal Account In Nepal

18. Regular Posting

As I already mentioned above, you can find very few bloggers in Nepal. Most of them are retired from blogging too. Many Nepali blogs on the web are in very poor condition.

Honestly, if you want to be a professional blogger then you must write and update your blog post regularly. There are very high advantages of regular posting like blog ranking, SEO ranking, visitors attraction, and so on.

19. Social Network

Social Network media picture
Social Network media

Social networks helping me a lot to generate more blog visitors. More than 65% of my blog visitors are from social networks. Well, I don’t use all social networks recently but I’m very active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Among them, Facebook and twitter is a power bank to generate huge blog traffic. So if you want to get the same blog visitors as mine then do not ever forget to create a social network account.

That’s the 19 blogging tips for a newbie blogger. If you are new in this field and want to learn more about blogging then you can contact me or comment on your issue below. Best luck.

Writer: Sachin Gurung


Jitendra Sahayogee

I am Jitendra Sahayogee, a writer of 12 Nepali literature books, film director of Maithili film & Nepali short movies, photographer, founder of the media house, designer of some websites and writer & editor of some blogs, has expert knowledge & experiences of Nepalese society, culture, tourist places, travels, business, literature, movies, festivals, celebrations.

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