Black Friday Celebration Wishes, Shopping, Deals and Discounts Offers in Nepal


Get the information about black Friday celebration, wishes in Nepali language, shoppings ideas, buying tips, deals and discount offer in Nepal. We are giving you the real information for the all interested people who are want to get more on this black Friday.

Black Friday Celebration Wishes, Shopping, Deals and Discounts Offers in Nepal


In the world, there are many country who announces the business weeks, but the name black Friday has got more priority and values. It has also become precious and popular not only in America but also in other country. Black Friday does not actually stands right meaning with its name but its influences and impact has great meaning whenever it comes nearer and nearer. The large crowd of people are busy in preparing the list of goods and services which they want. This week has got many values by the people of America. So they even celebrate it as the festival week of buying the product for customer and selling the product from seller. When the greatest crowd comes in one platform with one motive that is purchasing something. it surely impact the business economic of the country.

The country will  only face the recession when there is low marketing and low trade or transaction. The country economic goes done and occurs the deflation. people  have face the situation of poverty and they even struggle hardly with life. The country economy can be only improve when there is more transaction in trade.The black day has also their own meaning and performances in the specific day. That is why they have go such the huge place in people mind and planning. The people who have nothing to buy even makes their list of  goods which is probable to end. This day have such power to attract the people from the world. There are some people who treat it as occasion because many sellers are giving the offers. Black day is higher marketing day and people try to purchase more and more thing which is needed for their  family for long time.

As we know that when the goods is cheap, the demand become more and when the goods become expensive, the demand also get less. It happens  due to the purchasing power and income of the customer. everyone have will to have something more but their resources is stopping them. They do not have capacity to go through the higher list of purchasing list in large market and shopping center. When people basic needed goods become cheap, then they become very happy and try to purchase in large volume. Black Friday is also such the marketing week which is ready and made for targeting the all class of customer. This week gives the opportunity to every class of people to buy the luxurious things or materials in cheaper price. Many large to small institution are announcing their dealing and offer to attract more and more customer towards self.

These all are the main instrument and strong sides of the black Friday which has not only gain the name but also the respect and dedication towards it. Those who are very busy in their works and life, also manage their time to visit it once and purchase something that is necessary for us.

To sum up, with meaning, black Friday means the business week which is organized for thanksgiving day. The seller, shopkeeper start their strong and maintain the plan for selling in high quantity in these days. This was firstly started in 2013 and now it has grabbed the greatest role in American m market and for American economic. Businessman or seller starts it’s during the business week. They do not only start or keep the opened for Friday only but also from Sunday, may be from Monday and another day.

What should we do on black Friday

This is also the most asked question which is started to ask with someone at it comes nearer and nearer. As I have told that black Friday is the week of business where it is available for a large number of buyers and a large number of share. It becomes perfectly the perfect competition market. And we know that when it is available to more buyers and seller as one scale, there arises the tough competition.


In this places, the customer is in benefit. When there is competition, the price of product become low. That is why even the lower income class people also can have better days. They can also buy the luxurious product. They can also fulfill their dreams by purchasing something expensive product at cheap rates in this business week also called Friday week. It is also every common topic that is asked by everyone.What to do in black Friday reply you the chance of spending time and expensing the money on your desired product.People who have something scarce in their home mostly make a visit to it. They even buy in more number when its number or demand is not appropriate. Black Friday has only black coloring but it has all the white affects.

People mostly do the business performance in these. The business level of this day rapidly touches the peak and even there creates many employment as well the money value also increase. It all happens when the country gets chance to earn more and more money. And all these thinking and planning can be fulfilled when there arises the good trade. It is also the festivals of American. As it is celebrated and announced by the shopkeeper and great business magnet before the celebration of Christmas. Christmas is a great festival for Christian. The American looks in full mood and preparation when these day comes nearer and nears. They show in the happy mood and even started the talk with their friend.Some even make their husband to buy the product from their husband when they listen to it.

American get glad and purchase eth high volume of goods which makes them accessible to a large number of days. That product which is expensive in a market is mostly sold at very cheaper prices. They purchase a large commodity of products which makes them the fulfillment happiness. This is day is also taken as thanksgiving day because the seller pays the tanks you instead Of purchasing.

Black Friday Wishes in the Nepali language

Black Friday 2017 ko uplakshay ma sabai ista mitra haru lai dherai dheari shubhakamana chha. shopping majja le garnus….. khub dhansampati ko byabasta gari diyun…. best wishes to all of you.

Black Friday Greeting Cards


Black Friday celebration

Black Friday is one of the most popular celebrations in western cultured countries, especially in the Christian community. It is celebrated as the shopping day for a combination of several reasons. Black Friday is also celebrated in Nepal among Christian communities. The people who are belongs to the Christian religion and are in Nepal now, celebrating with great happiness.

When is black Friday:

It does not have the fixed time that it will be celebrated on this in every year. It is flexible in nature. And its date can be changed according to the intention and planning of the group of shopkeeper and seller. In many years, it even starts in some other month but in some year it has another date of celebration.

In this year, the black day is celebrated on November 24, 2017. The date has been announced and people are doing their preparation from now.Because the day is about to come and has reached very near. After very few days it will knock our door and we have to get ready for racing up in buying the competition.  This festival date also notifies the date of preparation and celebrational preparation before Christmas.

What are the shopping deals and offers?

There are many shopping deals and offers provided by many companies to attract the bulk of customer towards their shop.Some even announce the deals of giving a discount at prices, while some announce the offers of providing some extra content in actual existing material packets like these, every company trying to make their deal and offers more and more lucrative. So that the customer will not divert their way and they will not come in their shop.Some seller even gives something free when you buy the stipulated items and number of materials like buy two get one free, more discount than before, have something in gift compulsory gift, large packet, opportunity to travel the world, etc. are some of the engaging and  grasping the customer attention towards their own shops.The large crowd of people has many options and many similar products for the different company.

Even many customer feels disturb and suspense to choose the product due to existence of multiple optional product with them. When the largest retailer who have large networks and have good reputation as well as transaction in the market also looks in front to trap the customer. In America like Oracle, Wallmart and other are also planning and releasing the many offers for customer attention and their satisfaction. They have also become one of the most highlighted trader in this large platform and great opportunity. In the black Friday only, the transaction held more than 50 billion rupees which shows the efficiency and  its positive this day.  Even in many state there is not given the national holiday because the state government does not have taken it seriously. But there also exist some of the state who announces the periodical  holiday for employees to make their demand fulfilled and cut off. Even many people who goes with intent of visiting also become obliged to buy it due to the available of product in very cheaper price. And we know that when the goods is available in less than the actuality, the our hands automatically moves towards the pocket with purpose of buying something.

Why people celebrate the black Friday:

It normally becomes the most trending questions to be asked by everyone when it comes nearer and nearer. It becomes more precious and popular when it is celebrated in multiple countries with great joy. In many countries, they have announced the similar day as Black Thursday, Black Wednesday and another day. These all types of action and impact seen in another country also indicates it values and effect in the people as well as economy.


Increase the economy:

It is estimated that America has done more than 50 Billion dollar business just in 4 days in 2014. It reflects the amount everywhere and effects the economic system. Many leaders and government have understood that it can bring the change and the country be also change in a very short time when it occurs. The people who belong from low-class family and poor background also wish to purchase something which can be applied to them. If their money fulfills the prices then he or she buys it. Normally, in the market, there are not any kinds of offers and deals are announces due to regular incoming and outgoing of the customer.

The government announced it for making their economy backbone more strong and powerful. When there is the high business the, country economy have to never face the challenge of the recession in the country which is very dangerous. American government have decided and announce to celebrate it as the festival make the records of purchasing and buying by crossing your targets. That is why government also gives them all kinds of securities to operate it in a peaceful and conducive environment.Government shows their hard action against any kinds of negativity, attacks and other illegal activities. These all are the major reason too which has made the Black day celebrating the day.

Festival day before Christmas:

It is celebrated for the motive of preparing the Christmas. In America, there are a lot  of people who follows the Christianity and they celebrate Christmas with great joy.  Christmas is their great festival and celebrate it with great prose and illumination. They make the city and their home bulbing and lighting.  This types of day gives the chance of making everything ready for decorating and celebrating the festival of Christmas with great  management. As we know that to celebrate there happens higher expenditure because of buying and decoration products. People who have intention and thinking for celebrating this Christmas with great devotion and decoration, then they needs large amount to manage it according to their planning and thinking. But this Black Day makes their expenditure low due to  the cheapest thing. Many person buys new clothes new, things as gift and share to their lovelier. It is also said as the celebration before the real celebration. Due to large crowd, people even looks in happy mood and adopted the feeling like celebrating the Christmas from now. This kinds of things are also the main sources which has made the Black day the great.

How the name Black Friday become popular?

As we know that, the word black has negative meaning and negative timings. Generally,  when people listen about the word black they feared with it because their mind firstly the something negatives. It is because there are many controversies which has unexpectedly without any forecasting and prediction.People even celebrate some of eth accidental days, or catastrophe day or any dirty revolution in the history as black day. But when the world black gets it meaning and placement as white, then it became the news of popularity. There are many people who  have no any color in life. They are living white life. In the terms of life and living standard the word white has also some  different meaning. The white means simple and even sometimes it indicates as poor life and lifestyles really in America, white its not good. They even think white as  empty. If there is not anything, there cannot be something happen. That is why celebrate this day.

In other words, the black day has also other meaning and sense. The all sellers have even faced many challenges and problems throughout the year. Even they have faced the many losses in sometime. So for maintain the accounting transaction  white into black has also given the birth of the name black Friday. All the accounting books, and all the shops who are suffered from the loss also try to re-stand with strong effort.  Those business who are at the stage of dawn  also want to rise like sun. So there are many business who have not earned throughout year due to various problems and effective factors. At this opportunity, every shopkeepers and seller have only one mindset, that is to earn the profit by selling higher number of volume of goods and services, this is also the most important thing that all the seller get big opportunity to make their root and  build their own strength for alive.

By targeting all these factors also, the group of seller have started to the black Friday as the festival of buying  with joy and offers. There are large number of shopkeeper who are buying their product at very low price. In this festival, even the sellers looks more happy than customer because they get chance to form the capital. Capital formational work are also conducted by them.All the businessman and trader announced to form the business week which later one become the speaking word as back Friday. It also hold the sense behind it that all the white account who have suffered from many crisis get black and bold with higher amount. Because the accounting book are prepared and maintained by white words. Many people later one made this words as the vibration. The word become undulated. They started to sharing and saving these day  and memory permanently. All people who lives in America do not miss their chance to visit it once and fulfills their dream of buying the large volume of product for gifts and for self too.


The effect of Black Friday in Nepal:

The effect of black Friday is not only in Nepal but also in another country. Nepal has also many black Friday but people mostly get engaged and planned to buy on Black Friday. According to Nepali calendar, black Friday is in 10 Mangsir. And people of Nepal have also made their mood to celebrate it as one of the occasion. Many people who have made the plan for making their dream free. In Nepal also, the many companies, dealers, and the large stock company announce their big offers to attract the customers in more number. There seems the crowd of people in the shop for purchasing their requirement. There is much company who even has announced the big deal and have made the special offers for making the customer satisfied.

One of the biggest online seller company Kayamu. com has announced the 75% off discount on their product. The discount will be given to that customer who does the transaction through it. And other have also announced the 40%, some have announced other offers like free of something extra after buying any particulars object. Nepalese gets more active when they see the discount and cheap word. Nepal are more passionate in wearing and making their home decorated. They do not think about the consequences of future but expend in present. Nepalese also takes it as special week. The Nepal also get chance to push of their economy for some period of time.

In Nepal, even the small shopkeeper  start to sell the product in street. Even the government does not ask an notice them to not do such activity. There are large number of people who  looks  engaged in buying something for their ownself or for others. There is one saying in Nepalese, that Nepalese buys the full material of home when they get it in cheaper rates. There are many automobiles company who announces their big offers in this week by making the new buyer and planner for hurry up. The sound of advertisement with new and  noble offers started to heard in market when the day comes nearer and nearer. There seems the great hooding board in almost every shops with discount. even the shop who does not have their identity of bargaining and kept fixed price also become obliged to  give them discount and offers. It become one of the great watching memory when people from every sides of country bump in one market and bargains for discounts. People most buy either the expensive product or cheapest product in the Black Friday.

This happens because they think the product is available at cheaper rates than before. It actually happens too. After all this pictures and presentation in Nepalese market, we can easily evaluate that, there also looks the craze and dedication for it. Those who are busy and are out of the valley, also try to come here for grabbing this opportunity.However, it is the greedy offer and weeks which makes people hasty due to its short period of existence vividly making them the feeling of may exist some days more. It has big stores that can be directly seen in the market of Nepal.

Black Friday Deals, Discount Coupon, and Shopping Cards

For those people who are in Nepal and interested to celebrate Black Friday, some of the Nepali shopping centers, online shopping blogs are offering some of the deals and coupons.


These online shopping center are offering to their customers some heavy offers.


So, let’s celebrate Black Friday in Nepal

Get Ready For Black Friday deals 2017 in Nepal

For the first time ever in Nepal, south Asian country, you will be able to celebrate with some of the shopping centers in Kathmandu valley and out of Kathmandu valley in the madness and craze of Black Friday in Nepal. So, why not you prepare yourself for the biggest shopping in this year in the day black Friday 24th November 2017. This is the date when Black Friday is celebrating around the world, Do not want to miss out on the thousands of craziest Black Friday deals, coupons in Nepal!


When Is Black Friday In Nepal?

Black Friday in Nepal is nearby with us. Black Friday starts on the 24th of November this year. It means Black Friday is in 10th Mangsir 2074. You can grab the amazing offers and awful discounts through till 28th November 2017 or 13 Mangsir 2074 Monday.


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