550 Happy Birthday SMS, Wishes, Messages to My Lovely Sister in English


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Happy Birthday Wishes For Sister: – Sister is one of the most pleasant gifts of your life. You are lucky if you have a sister. A birthday is a chance to show your love to your sister. So, here we are with the top Happy Birthday message to Sister.

The sisters are often among the most important people in our lives, and it is only practical to send sisters happy birthday, who truly transmit the love and affection we have for them in our hearts. If you are fortunate enough to have a sister and you landed in this small corner of the internet, you have the perfect recipe to find the right birthday wishes for a sister.

There are many ways to say Happy Birthday, sister and here you will find a variety. It is not always easy to find the right words to wish the sisters happy birthday, and we hope you find the perfect birthday wish. Some of the wishes are listed below:

550 Happy Birthday SMS, Wishes, Messages to My Lovely Sister in English

Let’s make your sister realized that you do care for her and she is one of the important parts of your life:

1. I am one of the Luckiest men in the world to have a sister like you. Happy Birthday, sister.

2. Happy Birthday to my loveliest little sister.

3. Thank you, sister, for being the most caring and loving to me in this world. Who else understands me better than you? Happy Birthday.

4. On this day, I got the most precious gift in my life and it is none other than you, sister. Happy Birthday.

5. There is only one loveliest, brightest and the most wonderful sister in the world. That is you. Happy Birthday.

6. Thank you very much sister for making my childhood colorful and fun. Thank you for the most wonderful memories. Happy Birthday.

7. Happy Birthday, sister. All I want to say is that I love you sister.

8. Today is your Birthday. Let’s make this day a special one as you always made my day special.

Happy Birthday SMS, Wishes, Messages to Your Lovely Sister in English

9. There can be no better sister than you in this world. Happy Birthday.

10. Though we may not be at the same place let us enjoy your Birthday with the memories we have. Happy Birthday, sister. I miss you.

11. Sometimes I wonder how a god could make one of the prettiest and the sweetest sister like you. Happy Birthday, sister.

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12. With this Birthday message, I pray to god that all your dreams and wishes be fulfilled. Happy Birthday, sister.

13. You have been a part of my inspiration throughout my life. Thank you very much and Happy Birthday to the lovely sister.

14. I think the god has even thought twice to make you since you are the beautiful sister entire this world. Happy Birthday, sister.

15. I am so lucky that I have the prettiest sister in the world. Happy Birthday and have a blast.

16. You are my best friend and one of the prettiest sisters. Happy Birthday.

17. Your birthday always reminds of the moments we had during our childhood. Hope we will have more such pleasant moments. Happy Birthday to my sister.

18. Hey sister, I have brought a special cake for your Birthday. Let’s cut the cake and multiply happiness. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday SMS, Wishes, Messages to Your Lovely Sister in English

19. Thank you, sister, for making my life so wonderful. It would have been hard to get such immense pleasure in life without you. Happy Birthday.

20. Sisters are like diamonds that sparks and are priceless. Happy Birthday.

21. I am the richest person in the world since I have a love of my wonderful sister. Happy Birthday.

22. Wish you a pleasant and wonderful Happy Birthday my sister.

23. It would be hard to live a life with a sister like you. You have made my life much better than I do. Thank you for your care, love, and affection. Happy Birthday.

24. To my dear sister, may this birthday bring an exciting life full of joys, surprises, and great discoveries?

25. I always remember the cherish moment spent with you. You have always been so adorable to me. Happy Birthday, sister.

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Happy Birthday Wishes to My Lovely Sister in the English Language

26. You have always made my each and every day bright and beautiful. Happy Birthday, sister.

27. Your one smile makes my day. Keep smiling and Happy Birthday.

28. I am lucky to have my dear sister as my best friend. Happy Birthday.

29. Hello Birthday girl, where is the cake. It’s time to party, sing and play.

Happy Birthday SMS, Wishes, Messages to Your Lovely Sister in English

30. You are one of the most important people in my life and I hope I am too yours. Happy Birthday, sister.

31. You have always been there when I feel lonely. Thank you for your support and love sister. Happy Birthday.

32. This is your Birthday. Let’s forget all the errors and pains of our life make this a special one.

33. Happy Birthday to my favorite sister. This day will bring cherish in your life.

34. Thank you, god, for such a lovely sister in my life. Happy Birthday, sister.

35. Life would have been so difficult without you. Thank you, sister, and let’s celebrate your Birthday.

36. Dear sister, let me know whoever troubles you, I will break their nose. Happy Birthday, sister.

37. I am always happy to see you around. Your presence gives me a smile and support. Happy Birthday.

38. Happy Birthday, Dear sister. I am glad to have a sister like you.

39. Happy Birthday, sister. I am sorry that I could not find a better sister than you.

40. Friends may go and come but the sisters are always there in our life. Happy Birthday, sister.

41. Hey sister! It’s your Birthday. Where are my Chocolates?

Happy Birthday SMS, Wishes, Messages to Your Lovely Sister in English

42. The whole world starts with sunshine but my day start with your smile. Happy Birthday, sister.

43. We may have fought, we have been silenced but whenever there is your Birthday, I could not stop wishing you. Happy Birthday, sister.

44. Sometimes I wonder how lucky I am to have a sister like you. Happy Birthday, sister.

45. I have no words to describe you because these words are not sufficient to define you. Anyway, Happy Birthday my sister.

46. Why the world is so jealous of me? I found today. This is because of the sister like you. Happy Birthday.

47. Today is your Birthday sister and let me know what can I do for you to make you smile?

48. Where is the party? Where is the cake? Where is the music? Today is your Birthday and I can’t stop celebrating it. Happy Birthday, sister.

49. I am sorry I could not give you a gift but always remember that you are the best part of my life. Happy Birthday.

50. The world is happy to have a sister like you. Happy Birthday, sister.

Writer: Niraj Thapa Magar

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50 Happy Birthday SMS, Wishes, Messages to Your Lovely Sister in English

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