255 Happy Birthday Wishes Messages SMS for Girlfriend in Nepali Language


255 Happy Birthday Wishes Messages SMS for Girlfriend in Nepali

Birthday wishes for the girlfriend in Nepali Language: – We are here for the collection of Nepali Shayari, SMS, quotes, messages, wishes, msg, Sandesh, sayari, greetings for your girlfriend, gf, lover, beloved one, the special one in Nepali language and font. Get them and post in her Facebook status or send into her WhatsApp messages or text messages into her mobile phones.

Birthday is the special day for a special person throughout a year. An event that occurs each and every day of a year, but still is celebrated independently by different people belonging to different ages. Thus it is so special to everyone, no matter what their age or gender is.

And I know the reason you are seeing this is because you have no idea what to do on her birthday and what to say to her. You are confused that whether she will like it or not or maybe she will get angry at you. But to be honest, no matter what you say or do, she will love you anyways because you have cared for her like no one else did.

However, different cultures celebrate birthday differently. One of the most popular cultures in many parts of the world is to celebrate by a gathering where an exceptionally made cake, generally improved with lettering and the individual’s age, is displayed.

The cake is generally studded with an indistinguishable number of lit candles from the age of the individual, or a number light speaking to their age. The commended individual will, for the most part, make a noiseless wish and endeavor to victory the candles in a single breath; if effective, a convention holds that the desire will be conceded.

In numerous societies, the desire must be kept mystery or it won’t “work out as expected”. Presents are offered on the person by the visitors suitable to her/his age.

Other birthday exercises may incorporate amusement (some of the time by a contracted proficient, i.e. a comedian, conjurer, or performer), and an extraordinary toast or discourse by the birthday celebrant.

The last stanza of Patty Hill’s and Mildred Hill’s well-known melody, “Good Morning to You” (informally titled “Happy Birthday to You”) is commonly sung by the visitors eventually in the procedures. In a few nations, a piñata replaces a cake.

The past studies have shown that, women tend to be more curious and excited about their birthdays when it is nearly due. As women are full of affection and love and they tend to make your special day memorable by doing some crazy stuff, it’s even your responsibility to light her day.

To tell you truth, Women are very simple to please, it is just a matter of few words, choose your words correctly and observe how easily they melt.Well to be honest, girls will always be girls. The Daddy’s princess brought up in the castle of love and honesty expects nothing less from her King.

The princess of heart expects nothing but love and admiration towards her. So, this year, instead of surprising your better half with ravishing gifts, send her one of these messages to win the battle of her confusing and challenging Heart.

I have found that 90% of the time, men’s good intention to please their women goes in vain. And my dear friend, it is not because those women are more demanding. It is simply because, we pay less attention on their desire, their emotions and the biggest mistake is that we see women’s world from our own perspective.

Have you ever wonder, how many days she allocates and how many quotes does she rejects to select a best “Happy Birthday” quote to send you at just 12:00 am. And what we do is pick random quotes goggled just at 11: 58 pm and send it to her.And you my friend will never understand why she was upset even after you have sent her the beautiful quote just on time.

This article is intended to please those gentlemen, who wish to gift their girlfriend a palpable happiness. If you truly wish to bring a beautiful smile in your better half’s face then go through each and every quote mentioned below and send the one that resembles the most.

And to all men reading this article, touch your heart and think how many minutes do you allocate to select one quote and how many quotes do you go through before selecting the perfect one. It is because she knows how many quotes that you have been through, and she measures her value in your life on this basis, not on the materialistic gifts that you will provide.

255 Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend in Nepali Language

We might want to give you 50 Happy Birthday Wishes that you can send to your sweetheart on her uncommon day. Your better half considerations you like a sister, cherishes you like a mother and supports you like a companion, so it is your obligation and obligation to satisfy her in her most exceptional day; Birthday.

Your desires and back rubs are certain to fulfill her for the remainder of the year. In this way, don’t pass up a major opportunity the chance to wish your better half. You can fulfill her even without a gathering or endowments by simply making a sweet card having sweet wishes for her.

हेर म बिना पनि कति सजिएको छ यो महफिल,
मलाई भुलाएर आफनो जन्मदिन मनाइरहेको छ तोडने दिल,
जसलाई म बिना अधुरो लाग्थ्यो हरेक एक चीज,
आज केक काट रहेको छौ यसरी जसरी हो मेरो दिल!!
जन्मदिनको शुभकामना प्रियसी

hera ma bina pani kati sajieko chha yo mahaphila,
malai bhulaera aphano janmadina manairaheko chha todane dila,
jasalai ma bina adhuro lagthyo hareka eka chija,
aja keka kata raheko chhau yasari jasari ho mero dila!!
Janmadinako subhakamana priyasi

तिमी मेरो जीवनमा सबैभन्दा सुन्दर युवती हौ
योभन्दा पनि ठूलो तिमी एक असल मानिस हौ
मलाई गर्व छ कि तिमी मेरो गर्लफेन्ड हौ
यो दिन तिम्रो जीवनमा पटक पटक आवोस् र
धेरै धेरै खुशीहरु ल्यावोस् ।
जन्मदिन धेरै धेरै बधाई!

timi mero jivanama sabaibhanda sundara yuvati hau
yobhanda pani thulo timi eka asala manisa hau
malai garva chha ki timi mero garlaphenda hau
yo dina timro jivanama pataka pataka avos ra
dherai dherai khusiharu lyavos.
Janmadina dherai dherai badhai!

तिमी जे भन्छौ त्यो हरेक चाहना पुरा हो्स तिम्रो
भगवानसँग बस यही प्रार्थना छ मेरो,
तिमी जति सुन्दर हौ तिम्रो मुटु त्योभन्दा पनि धेरै सुन्दर छ ।
म तिमीसँग आजको दिन स्पेशल बनाउने कसम खान्छु ।
जति स्पेशल तिमी मेरो लागि हौ
मेरो मायालुको जन्मदिन बधाई छ।

Timi je bhanchhau tyo hareka chahana pura hosa timro
bhagavanasanga basa yahi prarthana chha mero,
timi jati sundara hau timro mutu tyobhanda pani dherai sundara chha.
Ma timisanga ajako dina spesala banaune kasama khanchhu.
Jati spesala timi mero lagi hau
mero mayaluko janmadina badhai chha.

यही कामना गर्छु भगवानसँग,
तपाईको जीवनमा कुनै दुःख नहोस्,
जन्मदिनमा मिलोस् हजारौं खुशीहरु,
चाहे त्यसमा समावेश म होऊँ न नहोऊँ
जन्मदिनको शुभकामना प्रिये

yahi kamana garchhu bhagavanasanga,
tapaiko jivanama kunai duhkha nahos,
janmadinama milos hajaraun khusiharu,
chahe tyasama samavesa ma houn na nahoun
janmadinako subhakamana priye

उसको पर्खाइमा दिन बितिसक्यो,
उसको पर्खाइमा हरेक पल बितिसक्यो,
जसले भन्थ्यो म हुनेछु तिम्रो साथ हरेक जन्मदिनमा,
जब मैले सोधे तब उनले भने त्यो दिन बितिसक्यो
जन्मदिनको शुभकामना प्रियसी

usako parkhaima dina bitisakyo,
usako parkhaima hareka pala bitisakyo,
jasale bhanthyo ma hunechhu timro satha hareka janmadinama,
jaba maile sodhe taba unale bhane tyo dina bitisakyo
janmadinako subhakamana priyasi

Birthday Shayari for Girlfriend in Nepali Language

Fula haroo ley Aamrita koh jaam paThaayekoh 6a,
Suryaa ley gagana sang Salaama paThaayekoh 6a,
Shuvkamanaa 6a tapaailaai Tapaai koh Birth Day,
mannai dekhi Maile yoh Sandesha paThaayekoh 6a !
Happy Birth Day to you my dear darling

उदाइ रहेको सुर्य हरेक् कामना देउ तपाइ लाइ,
फुलेको फूल् महक् देउ तपाइ लाइ,
म त केहि दिन् को लगि काबिल् छैन्,
दिने बाला हरेक् खुशि हरु देउ तपाइ लाइ!

Nepalese actor Rajesh hamal and Nepali Actress Sushma Karki Traditional Dress Image

Nepalese actor Rajesh hamal and Nepali Actress Sushma Karki

Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend in Nepali Language

UpaHaar yoh muToo diyi dioo ya dioo yaa yoh chandramaa taaraa haru,
BirthDay maa timilaai ke dioo yoh sodh6an malaai sabai,
Zindagi timaro naam gari dioo tara pni kama par6an,
Aanchal maa vari dioo Harek khooshi haroo laai ma timaro ..
Happy Birth Day to you my dear darling

Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend in English Language

So, how do you want to wish your girlfriend this year? You can mesmerize her, with any one of these messages. Make sure to go through each and every word of these texts and choose the best one for your better half.

I trust your exceptional day will bring you bunches of bliss, love and fun. You merit them all! Happy Birthday, My sweet heart. May you have all the happiness and love you want and I am happy to give all that I have to you.

6. Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend in Nepali Language

Surya Roshani liyera aayo,
aroo charaa haroo ley geeta gaayo ,
Fulaharoo ley haansa haasera bolyo ,
Shuvkamanaa 6a timaro BirthDay aayo!
Happy Birth Day to you my dear darling

Unique Messages Collection on Happy Birthday Best Wishes for Your Brother

हरेक मुश्किल् सजिलो होस्,
हरेक पल मा खुशि हरु होस्,
हरेक् दिन् तपाइ लाइ खुबसुरत् होस्,
यस्तो नै पुरा जिवन् होस्,
यहि हरेक् दिन् मेरो कामना होस्,
यस्तो नै तपाइ लाइ हरेक् जनमदिन् होस्……

UpaHaar yoh muToo dioo doon yaa deoo doon chandramaa taaraa
BirthDay maa timilaai ke dioo yoh soddha6an malaai saaraa
Zindagi timaro naam gari dioo pni to kama vo hai
Aanchaal maa vari dioo hareka pala khooshi laai ma timaro
Happy Birth Day to you my dear sweetheart

New Zealand Bangladesh eka huna sak6ana,
munni badanaam huna sak6an,
shilaa jawaan hun sak6an,
pyaaj 100 rs kg hun sak6an,
tab feri 2 din pa6i tapaai koh birthday wish garna sakdainan ke ?
Happy Birth Day to you my dear sweetheart

तिम्रो यो स्टाइल लाइ के जवाब् दिउ,
आफ्नो मित्र लाइ के गिफ्ट् दिउ,
कोहि राम्रो गुलाब् हुन्थ्यो त मालि सङ मङाउथे ,
तर जो आफै गुलाब छ उस्लाऐ गुलाब के दिउ,

Chandramaa vandaa pyaaro chaandani,
chaandani vandaa pni pyaaro raata,
Raata dekhi pyaaro zindagi,
ra zindagi vandaa pni pyaaro tapaai (Happy Birthday)
Happy Birth Day to you my dear sweetheart

Hera kasari masqin6au
katti hiD6aoo e haami aafno .
Maane tapai koh janamadina ho ,
yati qina 6illin6au.
Laoo je vaye pni HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Happy Birth Day to you my dear sweetheart

Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend in English Language

• Have a superb birthday. I wish you’re each day to be loaded with heaps of affection, chuckling, joy and the glow of daylight. Delightful Birthday, My sweet heart. You still love the same like the first day I saw you.

• May your coming year astonish you with the satisfaction of grins, the sentiment, love et cetera. I trust you will discover a lot of sweet recollections to esteem until the end of time. Cheerful birthday sweet heart.

Birthday Greeting Msg for Girlfriend in Nepali Language

Fula laai pyaaro Gulshana shuvkamanaa ,
shaayara koh Saayari shuvkamanaa ,
Raat laai Chaanadani 6a shuvkamanaa ,
Maayaalupan laai usakoh unalaai Pyaar shuvkamanaa ,
Haamro taraf dekhi Tapaai laai …
tapaai laai BirthDay Shuvkamanaa .
Happy Birth Day to you my dear sweetheart

Swarglok dekhi Indradev,Vaikunth bat Vishnuzi, Kailash bat Mahadev, Brahmlok bat Bramhazi, ra Prithvilok se Zitendra Sahayogee ” Tapai koh janmdin koh lagi Shuvkamaane dinchan…
Happy Birth Day to your lover

हरेक् दिन् भन्दा प्यारो लाग्छ मलाइ यो खास् दिन्,
म जसलाइ बिताउनु चाह्दैन् तपाइ बिना,
हुन् त मुटु दिन्छन् सदा नै कामना तपाइ लाइ ,
फेरि पनि भन्छन् बधाइ छ जनमदिन् तपाइ लाइ ……।

Hareka 6an hareka pal milos zindagi ma pyaara nai pyaara
Janamadina shuvkamanaa mero Yaara….
\O/ .O ..O
./ \…/\…./ \
Aaj feri dina aayo naachne, gaaune koh yaara
Janamadina shuvkamanaa mero Yaara….
Happy Birth Day to your lover

उपहर् यो मुटु दियि हलु य दियि हालु चन्द्रमा तारा हरु
जनम् दिन मा तिमिलाइ के दिउ यो सोध्छन् मलाइ सारा
जिन्दगि तिम्रो नाम् गरि दियेपनि कम् छ
आन्चल् मा भरि दिउ हरेक् पल् खुशि लाइ म तिम्रो …

tyasa dina khoodaa ley pni jashn manaayekoh holaa
Joon din tapaai laai aafno haat harule banaayekoh hola
Unale pni bahayekoh hola ansu
Joon din tapaai laai yahaa pathaayer , aafai laai eklai paayo holaa
Janamadin Shuvkamanaa 6a

होस् पुरा मुटु को हरेक् इच्छा तपाइ को,
अरु मिलोस् खुशि हरु को सन्सार् तपाइ लाइ,
जब् यदि तपाइ माङ्छन् आकाशक एक् तारा,
तब भगवान् दियि हाल्नु सारा आकाश तपाइ लाइ।

Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend in English

To my great sweetheart who has demonstrated to me what love is and who makes each day a blessing from heaven, Happy Birthday! I am so glad to consider you mine.

Upbeat birthday to my better half who is as sweet as nectar and beautiful as a rose. Much obliged to you for making my life radiant and splendid.

Sweetheart, I got you a touch of something to commend your birthday. Will you become mine on this exceptional day? It may appear to be hurried, however, know in my heart it is all I consider. You will make me the most joyful man on earth on the off chance that you express yes to my birthday present to you.

At the point when a test goes ahead my way, I will in general fall in it. Rather, I recollect your half grin and I go ahead with it. What’s more, shockingly I curb it. You grin coals love where it counts in my heart. Cheerful birthday!

There is no more prominent than the one that you have effectively given me. It’s the endowment of your adoration! I adore you so much, my dear, glad birthday!!!

Your birthday ought to be a national occasion, so every one of the general population who know and adore you can have a vacation day to praise your entry in our lives. Cheerful birthday!