500 Hindi Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages, SMS, Quotes, Images & Greeting Cards For Your Lovely Boyfriend


Even when the night is dull and skies are dark, your smile lights up my day. Happy birthday!

I am sending you huge amounts of affection on your birthday. May you live more.

There is no other smile or embrace that can comfort me as much as yours. Hope you appreciate your exceptional day without limit! Happy birthday!

You may develop old, yet I’ll develop old close by you, and our adoration will consistently remain youthful. Happy Birthday!

On your birthday I need to tell you that I feel so honored to have such a dazzling sweetheart. Have a beautiful and favored birthday!

I am committed with you not because I don’t want to be single yet I love to be with an individual like you. Happy Birthday, dear!!

On this exceptional day, would you be able to please disclose to me where are we going today for supper since I am so ravenous throughout a previous couple of days?

For the person who can engage me from across the room with only a smile, I trust this day brings everything you need and that’s just the beginning.

Wishing you the most stunning and remarkable extraordinary day!

Happy Birthday SMS in English For Boyfriend

Let my love flood like wine from the glasses of our lives as we raise a toast on the bday of the most attractive man I know. Happy birthday my dear.

On your great day, I wish to think you for supporting and empowering me, for making me giggle and feel adored. Cheerful Birthday to my affection!

Folks ought to learn from you that what being a beau is extremely about. Happy birthday.

This welcome is for my knight in sparkling protective layer. You secure me, you adore me. I am your princess, here to wish you a cheerful, and dearest birthday.

I need to thank your folks that they get you this world for me. Happy Birthday my unparalleled!!

Happy birthday, darling! I cherish you multiple times more today than yesterday, yet not 1,586,383rd as much as tomorrow.

I am so grateful to have a beau that is as warm, empathetic, and understanding as you are to me. Happy birthday to the man I cherish!

There are no words I could use to portray the love we share. I am so inconceivably appreciative for you. Happy Birthday!

May our love develop longer and longer as this life isn’t sufficient for its thriving. I wish you an exceptionally cheerful birthday. May you carry on with an extremely glad life.

Happy Birthday to the man that I wish to hold always in my heart.

To the most attractive birthday boy, you have a tranquil quality that causes my heart to sing. I love you and treasure our time together.

When I look at you of late, I understand we truly are developing old together. A blessing from heaven. Cheerful Birthday.

You’re the individual who filled my existence with love, care, and satisfaction same as Sun fill the Light. Happy Birthday!

You get increasingly attractive consistently. Trust me! Would I ever deceive you on your birthday?

Happy birthday to the person who has consistently been my heartthrob as well as the heartthrob of college.

Happy birthday to the best man on the planet! I have the best present for you within me and be prepared to unwrap it all. Happy birthday, cutie!

I have something for you, it’s for your eyes as it were. So see you today! Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday to the cutest and best beau without whom I can never envision my life brimming with so much love and bliss!

The most loving birthday wishes to my stunning beau, who is consistently there for me, who tunes in to me and calms me.

I began dating you since I think that you will be an attractive catch. Presently my thinking has changed, and I feel that we are the ideal match. Happy birthday to him.

Your uncommon love has caused me to acknowledge how delightful life can be! You are the best thing at any point transpired. Cheerful birthday love!

On this day, I ask God for a charming boyfriend like you in my each coming 100s lives. Happy Birthday, dear!!

Happy Birthday SMS in English For Boyfriend

There are great days and terrible days. With you it is not a good day, it’s the greatest day ever, particularly your birthday.

It’s constantly a treat to wish Happy Birthday to somebody as sweet as you.

Sending you a sea of adoration on your uncommon day! May your bday be as cool and happy as you seem to be!

Cheerful birthday to the best beau in the entire world!

Today, I need to express gratitude toward God for gifting me with a boyfriend who is so strong and so minding. Happy birthday dear!

Cheerful birthday. The second best thing I did was falling in love with you. The first best is being infatuated with you.

To this amazing, handsome guy I am saying “Happy Birthday” with all my heart!

Cheerful Birthday to the person who has always beat my heart not break my heart. Remain Happy consistently!!

Your embraces are my covers in the evenings and your kisses resemble cool wind for my late spring evenings. Cheerful Birthday dear!!

Happy birthday to the one whom I cherish the most and whose smiles are the reason I live on. Much obliged for making my life so cheerful. Happy Birthday, nectar!!

Going gaga for you is considerably more wonderful than some other fall I have ever felt. Cheerful Birthday dear!!

Your smile is the cure of my every sickness. Happy Birthday, nectar!!

I like your smile however I adore the way you make me smile consistently. I’m honored to have you. Happy Birthday my attractive!!

This is the birthday wish from the cutest sweetheart to the greatest beau of this world. Happy Birthday, nectar!!

I don’t have a lot to give you as a birthday present yet I guarantee, regardless of how the condition will. Regardless of where we will be nevertheless my adoration for you will never show signs of change. Happy Birthday, dear!!

On this birthday I need to guarantee you that I’ll generally love to be a cherry on your life’s cake. Cheerful Birthday nectar!!

Devoted and thoughtful sweetheart like you is nowadays not very many. Happy Birthday, dear!!

I was indeed attracted to your charming face however today I love you because of you. HBD!

I don’t want to hear myself as your girlfriend since I’m not a girl who is your friend but rather I want to hear you girl. Happy Birthday, Darling!!

There are two moments I need to be with you one is currently and another is until the time we die. Happy Birthday, dear!!

I generally need an individual to be my beau who I may take to my home to meet my family. Happy Birthday to a similar person!!

When you are so much into reading your birthday messages let me cover your face with kisses. Cheerful Birthday attractive!!

With a man like you, I’ll never be blue. To a beau like you, I’ll generally be true so today with everything that is in me I wish an exceptionally Happy Birthday to you!!

I’m happy to just a single theft. This is my heart which you have taken when I saw you the first time. Cheerful Birthday dear!!

On this day… I ask God for a sweetheart like you in my each coming 100s lives. Cheerful Birthday dear!!

Happy Birthday SMS in English For Boyfriend

I’m giving you the most costly and interesting presentations on your birthday this is – ME. Happy Birthday, Darling!!

When I’m watching you blowing the candles just thought came into me that you are the main flame in my life which light up the entirety of my dim night of life. Happy Birthday, nectar!!

The great birthday wishes to the most intelligent sweetheart from the cutest sweetheart of this world, honey, I’m extremely glad to have you beside me. Happy Birthday, dear!!

You make my life my better and my reality complete. Wishing you a cheerful and solid Birthday sweetheart!!

Happy Birthday to the most unique person of this world and my life. Remain cheerful consistently!!

I need to disclose to you that when you hold my hand I feel secure as I am at home. Happy Birthday!

May you experience the awesome and most joyful involvement in this coming year of your life. Happy Birthday, sweetheart!!

I need to remind everyone of that cute moment on this extraordinary day and wish to have a lot more to come. HBD!

You are an incredible star who I never need to be separated from. I wish that you live more than the stars of the sky. Cheerful Birthday my King!!

I wish you a life brimming with adoration, undertakings, and accomplishments. Cheerful Birthday Handsome!!

You’re great. … and I’m the most fortunate! Happy Birthday to the great person!

Each time I see you smile, I fall somewhat more. Cheerful Birthday Handsome!!

I wish time could stop when you embrace me since its great feeling ever. Happy Birthday, dear!

You have no clue how much adoration you brought into my life.

For me, “party time” is an hour we spend together! Happy Birthday, dear!

Exactly when I figure I couldn’t love you more than I as of now do… I do. Happy Birthday, dear!

If you believe you’re getting this card since you’re adorable thus hot, you’re so right! Happy Birthday, dear!

My wish is for your birthday…my love is for always.

You’ve made my life better than I ever thought it could be. Thank you for being the most astounding sweetheart ever.

I just thought about you twice yesterday. Throughout the day, and the night. Happy Birthday, dear!

I ought to send a card to say thanks to your mother for having such a charming boy. Happy Birthday, dear!

Even though it’s your birthday, I get the present… an entire night with you!

You are the one that fulfills me when feeling complete. You lift me when I’m down. You stay with me always. Happy birthday!

You are my ideal sweetheart and my ideal man. Have a cheerful birthday sweetheart!

Not only you are a stunning beau, but you are also likewise my tutor, my guide and my main supporter. I adore you, darling.

Happy Birthday SMS in English For Boyfriend

Much thanks to you for making my reality awesome and brilliant. Happy birthday, darling!

I wish your special day loaded with treats, endowments, delight and unceasing adoration on your birthday. I adore you, darling!

Not only you are shrewd, but you’re also interesting and you have the greatest heart. I am so fortunate to be your sweetheart.

I adore you thus, I need you to know. In my heart everlastingly, you’ll be here without a doubt.

I trust you treat yourself to something outstanding on your birthday – you deserve it! Though I’m not here. Happy Birthday!

Getting older sucks, however, you make it look simple. Happy Birthday!

I’d instruct you to ruin yourself today, however, you’re as of now truly spoiled! Happy Birthday!

There’s insufficient room on the planet for all the birthday presents you merit. Happy Birthday!

If being amazing were a crime, you’d be on the top of the Most Wanted list. Happy Birthday!

One day isn’t sufficient to celebrate somebody as outstanding as you.

Some of the time in life we overlook how excellent our reality could be. I express gratitude toward God for giving me a superb beau like you.

My beau is huggable, kissable, valuable, sweet and marvelous. Cheerful birthday nectar!

You are the best endowment of all. I cherish you, darling! Have an incredible day today!

Being with you makes me smile, drives me wild, gives me harmony, being with you I’m content. Cheerful birthday to the world’s most noteworthy beau!

I am pleased to consider you mine. You have my heart and your name is composed on it.

I have the coolest, most clever, cutest and most grounded beau nearby. Happy birthday my baby!


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