500 Hindi Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages, SMS, Quotes, Images & Greeting Cards For Your Lovely Boyfriend


On your birthday, I’d like to wish two things: all the achievement and acknowledgment to you, and all the adoration to the two of us. Most joyful of Birthdays!!!

We probably won’t host a gathering, however, anything we do together with our companions today around evening time will be a festival. I cherish you, nectar! Happy Bday.

I cherish being in your arms and I realize you like it, as well! Thus, that will be my first Birthday present today around evening time! Cheerful Birthday!

Birthday Wishes in English For Boyfriend

My future is splendid just because I have a superb man like you in my life. Nothing will ever change my affection for you. Cheerful birthday, my dear.

Did you realize that you are the one behind my every smile? Cheers to my magnificent beau. Happy birthday.

You are the best and most awesome individual I know. What’s more, I’m happy to such an extent that you are wholly mine. Happy birthday, my adoration.

May your birthday be as great as the bliss that I feel when you hug me. God favors you.

My great beau is my obsession, my dream, and my life. Cheerful birthday, sweetheart.

On this unique day, I simply need you to realize that I will everlastingly be there to assist you with smiling since I adore you. Happy birthday.

When you are fortunate to have the best man on the planet whom you cherish and who adores you consequently, it will be a sin to ask more from God. Cheerful birthday.

You and I have something extraordinary that numerous couples can never have in a lifetime. Happy birthday.

Darling, you are 22 today, and that requires an immense festival. I trust your birthday is as magnificent as you make my life.

May genuine satisfaction encase your life today and until the end of time. Happy birthday, my sweet one.

You bring everything great in this universe into my life, and for that, I simply need to state God bless you. Happy birthday, my attractive ruler.

You are an amazing delight, nectar. On your birthday, may seas of joy and enchanted astonishments fill your life.

Thanks for connecting my heart such that nobody can ever do. I cherish you to such an extent. Happy birthday. May this new part of your life be awesome.

I probably won’t state it frequently, however, nobody can ever make me half as glad as you make me feel. Happy birthday, my daylight.

My heart is the most joyful spot since you live in it. May this exceptional day lead to a heightening of bliss in your life. Happy birthday.

Each day I am thankful for the chance given to me by God to be the fortunate girl in your life. Happy birthday, my love.

What fulfills me is seeing you smiling, which is for what reason there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to guarantee joy rains on you. Happy birthday.

My adoration, I want you to enjoy all as you mark your birthday.

Every time I look at you, I fell in love with you. Happy Birthday, dear.

Whenever other praises you, I feel proud to be your future better half. Happy Birthday, dear.

For what reason would I like to be with you? There are a billion reasons why. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

Sweetheart, my adoration for you is greater than the depth of the sea because nobody can ever make me feel the manner you do. Happy birthday.

A day without you feels like the world without the sun. How about we remain together. Happy birthday.

Darling, did you realize that the sweetness of your kiss is worth more than a billion bucks? Cheerful birthday.

Birthday Wishes in English For Boyfriend

my greatest wish in life is that you and I will remain together for eternity. I need you as much as the blooms need downpour and daylight to bloom. Happy birthday.

Your affection is my unique compass rose. Regardless of whether I go trillion miles away, I will always discover my way once again into your arms. Happy birthday, my sweet love.

I wish I could fix your image in the sky, for the whole world to observe how exceptional you are. Cheerful birthday.

My dear, you are more brilliant than the morning daylight and better than a crisp honeycomb. I rediscovered myself when I discovered you. Cheerful birthday.

I would prefer to have you in my life and be a poor person than be the most extravagant individual in this world and live without your affection. Happy birthday, my dear.

My dear, with your adoration in my life, my heart can never break, my smile can never blur and my reality will never know obscurity. Happy birthday.

The motivation behind why you are so dear to me is that regardless of whether I ventured to every part of the whole universe, I could never discover anybody as awesome as you. May your Big Day be as lovely as the sky.

like the sunbeams light up the world, so does your affection enlighten me. Happy birthday, angel.

Baby, you are my life, joy, pride, beginning, and end. It’s a miracle how I was able to get by before you came into my life. Cheerful birthday.

I quit envisioning the minute I got you since when you came into my life, I accomplished all the things I had been longing for my entire life. Happy birthday.

My dear, I cherish you so much and need to be with you each second of my life. On your birthday, I wish you only the incredible bliss you bring into my life.

The sound of our souls beating alongside one another is my preferred sound on earth. Sweetheart, I have never realized love so evident like the one we share. Have a euphoric birthday.

Birthday Wishes in English For Boyfriend

Wishing an astonishing birthday to the unparalleled genuine affection of my life. Consistently with you in my life is worth more than every one of the fortunes of the universe.

Sweetheart, my affection for you is the greatest thing in the whole universe. Not even God can make this adoration end. Cheerful birthday.

I will run a thousand full long-distance races a day only for you. Happy birthday.

You make me feel like a billion-dollar note. Happy birthday, my dear.

For being such a great beau to me, may you sometimes make it on the front of Forbes magazine grinning alongside Donald Trump and Oprah Winfrey? Have an awesome birthday.

You are the affection for my life – today, tomorrow and for forever. May we keep on being indistinguishable like a fat child and his cake. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

On your birthday, I need to guarantee you that my adoration resembles the best things on the planet. It will ensure you whenever things get hard. Cheerful birthday.

Happy birthday to my charming sweetheart who has recently turned out to be wrinklier today.

Cheerful birthday! You are currently entering the matured zone. Appreciate the ride.

Try to avoid panicking it’s just your birthday, not your death punishment.

Wishing a super cheerful birthday to the most superb beau on the planet. May this day make you as cheerful as a lottery champ.

Cheerful birthday to my brilliant sweetheart, who regardless of not being a cardiologist, takes great consideration of my heart much superior to anything any cardiologist on earth can ever do.

On your birthday, may God light up your life like a Christmas tree. Make the most of your day, sweetheart.

Sweetheart, for making my life a really happy one, may you be the most joyful individual in the town of the cheerful. Happy birthday

Life is excessively short, so don’t waste your valuable time on whatever brings no smile into your face. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

I have what it needs to be incredible because I have the affection for a sweetheart. Cheerful birthday, my adoration.

Nothing in this world feels more astounding than being the sweetheart of an exceptional individual like you. Happy birthday!

Baby, my days have been cheerful and brilliant since you came into my life. You are without a doubt, unique sweetheart. Cheerful birthday.

Sweetheart, did you realize that my most magnificent dream happened when you turned into my beau?! Happy birthday.

Behind me, every smile is you, my astonishing beau. Happy birthday.

You came into my life and painted my spirit with the shades of the rainbow. Much thanks to you to such an extent. Happy birthday.

Your affection motivates me to try to achieve the impossible. Cheerful birthday.

My life will never be great anything without you in it. That’s the amount you intend to me, angel. Have an astounding day.

Sweetheart, I wake up from sleep each morning realizing that it will be an excellent day since I have you. Cheerful birthday, and make the most of your day.

I shall forever thank my lucky stars for bringing such a rare gem like you into my life. Happy birthday, dear.

My light in the darkness, my son on a shady day, my heat on those winter night. You mean the world to me. Cheerful Birthday!

My dear this just updates that the amount I cherish you, on this unique event god satisfy your all want.

when you will have no hair and no teeth, I’ll be there holding your hand simply like today. Cheerful birthday to the most attractive individual I know!

I guarantee to adore you always and fill your heart with joy. Happy Birthday to the most attractive person.

Cheerful birthday to the man who followed me until I got him!

From the minute I saw your grin, I realized I was snared. Happy birthday!

Insightful. Interesting. Keen. Charming. How did you end up with me? Happy birthday to a fortunate person!

I can’t put a cost on our recollections, however, I can improve them by adding a couple of additions to the heap. Happy birthday!

How about we celebrate your extraordinary day like we celebrate our love. Truly, that way! Cheerful birthday!

When we initially met, I realized we have something common. After this time together, I keep on discovering an ever-increasing number of reasons that we simply have a place together. Today on your unique day, I need to thank you for being the person who finishes me!

You make me swoon. You make me act insane. You draw out the best in me. You light up my reality. Cheerful Birthday.

Happy Birthday SMS in English For Boyfriend

Amusing, brilliant, good-looking, yummy, loving and smoking hot. These are the words I use to depict you. Cheerful Birthday.

I may have a couple of mystery and do a ton of insane things however I can’t hide my affection for you. Happy Birthday.

Wishing you a birthday that is as out of this world as you seem to be. Happy birthday my magnificent beau!

Cheerful birthday. I’m so fortunate to have you. You’re so fortunate to have me. We’re only two fortunate individuals getting precisely what they deserve.

Tomorrow may be a superior day, yet I never need a day with you to end. Happy Birthday.

You mean everything to me. You are and will be the first and last love of my life. I will never leave you. Happy Birthday.