500 Hindi Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages, SMS, Quotes, Images & Greeting Cards For Your Lovely Boyfriend


Birthday presents are of too highly. I got your embraces and kisses. Happy Birthday!

I am so happy to have a sweet sweetheart who isn’t materialistic. That is the reason I kept your birthday spending low. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday, Baby! Today you have one more wrinkle to loathe.

Taking care of you has been my latest jobs. Hope this experience will help me in becoming a great mother. Happy Birthday.

Try not to eat a lot of your birthday cake. We as a whole realize that the older you get, the harder it is to lose those pounds.

Nectar, I know you’re 30 going on 16 yet it’s a great opportunity to begin behaving! Cheerful Birthday

Have an incredible birthday. You realize you’re getting old when you can’t party like you used to.

Birthday Wishes in English For Boyfriend

Dear Boyfriend, I needed to make you something great for your birthday yet you as of now have the best present ever… ME!

Here’s to one more year of cherishing you in spite of your bad humor. Have a phenomenal birthday!

Congrats on not turning into my ex this year. Wishing you a brilliant birthday!

Happy Birthday to my preferred sweetheart… Oops! I forget to say one and only sweetheart.

Happy birthday, my sweetheart. If I was able to give you anything I would give you the whole world.

You bring such a great amount of light to my life. You complete me all around. I trust your birthday is an extraordinary one.

You deserve all the bliss on the planet for your birthday. Make the most of your day.

Age truly doesn’t make a difference when you have such a kind heart to give. HBD!

Trust me when I state that my affection for you will never come up short on fuel. Have an extraordinary birthday.

I’m dedicated to making your birthday all about you. Wishing you cherish and satisfaction.

Happy birthday, my affection. If you ever feel undesirable, simply think of me.

How you make me feel great is the best thing about you. Have an extraordinary birthday.

You are an extraordinary sweetheart and more than that incredible companion. I trust you will never change. Make the most of your birthday

Birthday Wishes in English For Boyfriend

You are an ideal example of keen and amusing. There will never be a dull minute with you. Happy Birthday, from your better half.

I never know genuine sentiment until I met you. How about we appreciate a romantic night together as we celebrate your birthday.

I trust your birthday is loaded up with celebrations. Make the most of this day!

Birthday cards and presents are sufficiently not to demonstrate the amount I adore you. I would like to make this day stunning for you.

You are sweet. You are thoughtful. Furthermore, you are wholly mine. Happy Birthday, Honey!

They state there’s numerous fish in the ocean. But none of them are ideal except you for me. Trusting you have a stunning birthday.

The powerful thing on the planet is love. For whatever time we have love, we are certain to endure the choppiness. Cheerful Birthday!

This event is so unique. I couldn’t message you. I needed to come over so I can look at you without flinching and state, “Happy Birthday”

I am fortunate to find the real hero of my life. That implies I waste less time glancing. Happy Birthday!

You are outstanding in every way. I trust your birthday brings you joy and sweet recollections.

My heart is beating very fast as it is your birthday today. Even my heart is wishing for you.

I saved all these awesome birthday wishes for you. I trust you saved all the birthday kisses for me. Happy Birthday!

You might have a strong physique, yet your adoration is better than sweets! Happy Birthday to you.

Happy Birthday to my hottie. You’re the man I need.

Birthday Wishes in English For Boyfriend

My beau is magnificent. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Handsome! You make all my dreams come true!

Warm embraces and kisses are waiting for you. Happy Birthday!

Cherishing you is simple. Have a great birthday.

Wishing my beau a thrilling birthday! Cherish you!

Cheerful Birthday, baby! I cherish you more than you know.

Nobody makes me smile as effectively and easily as you do. Wishing you a great birthday.

Who might have felt that I’d discover the best companion in my sweetheart? Happy Birthday!

My reality spins around you. Love consistently and cheerful birthday

The greatest evenings are when I’m home with you in embracing mood. Wishing you a great birthday.

Risks are also good when they are taken with you. Life is like living when I’m living with you. Have a fabulous birthday, my phenomenal sweetheart!

You’re the best boyfriend I could ever have. HBD sweetheart!

I need your affection like a child needs chocolate. Cheerful birthday.

after so many years of dating, you still make me smile like a little school girl. Happy Birthday!

Hearts go out to you on your excellent birthday. May it be loaded up with adoration and joy.

count the stars in the sky. That is how often in a day that I consider you. Happy Birthday to the best beau on the planet

You make me the most joyful girl alive. For your birthday, I plan to make you the most joyful boy alive. Cheerful Birthday!

Each time I close my eyes, sweet considerations if you ring a bell in my heart. Adore you generally and Happy birthday

Birthday Wishes in English For Boyfriend

You may like to change numerous things throughout your life. But I trust you will never wish to live without me close by. Cheerful Birthday.

To this stunning, attractive person I’m stating “Happy Birthday” with all my entire being!

I have been anticipating that this day should embrace you twice to such an extent. If it tends to be, that is. Happy Birthday, sweetheart.

I’m so happy I bumped upon you one day! Today it’s the day to praise this, as well. Happy Birthday!

You’re the person I’d like to go through my whole life with. Happy Birthday!

It may appear to be the same night sky today. Truth be told, the stars adjust to state “Happy Birthday”.

The mystery of your adoration is no riddle to me. “Cheerful Birthday” from a captivated young lady.

You are the ideal mix of dynamic and thoughtful in a man. Happy Birthday, I’m so enamored with you!

If that there were ever high wall concealing my heart, I’m so glad this warrior broke them. I adore you and Happy Birthday.

If I once in a while can’t hear what you’re stating, it’s simply because my heart is beating so quick. Happy Birthday, my affection.

You blow my mind. You are a blessing from heaven and I’d like to wish you “Happy Birthday”.

You are unquestionably better than the birthday cake. I’m bringing you today around evening time! Happy Birthday, my sweetheart.

Just like nature needs daylight, my heart needs your affection. Happy Birthday!

Your affection makes me feel the most fortunate young lady. Happy Birthday, baby!

They state you just live once, yet because of you, I feel re-born each day. Happy Birthday, love!

By what means can a man be so delightful and strong simultaneously? This young lady is as yet attempting to discover the mystery. Up to that point: Happy Birthday!

Birthday Wishes in English For Boyfriend

Your adoration has brought me more luck than a four-leaved clover! Happy Birthday, you’re my good luck.

I’m truly completely devoted to you and not keen on finding any cure. You’re the adoration entertainer, Happy Birthday!

If this is a dream, I don’t want to wake up into reality for no reason. Happy Birthday, you wild dream!

220 I was prepared to kiss a few frogs throughout my life, yet then I found the hero himself! Happy Birthday!)

Give this a chance to be a day loaded with affection, shocks, and music, my adoration. Happy Birthday, how about we have a great time!

Wishing you an incredibly, cheerful birthday and trusting our relationship will bloom and stand apart like a sweet blossom.

Embraces and kisses, love and appreciation, time and warmth will be my essential birthday introduces today. Happy Birthday, my adoration.

This day is the ideal chance to authoritatively re-state something I’m stating every day: I adore you. Happy Birthday!

Your birthday offers me the chance to state it loudly: “I cherish you + Happy Birthday”!

Happy Birthday to the man that came into my life and topped it off with joy.