76 Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages, Shayari, SMS, Quotes & Images for elder brother from younger sister in Nepali दाजुलाइ बहिनीले

Birthday wishes for elder brother from younger sister in Nepali: – An elder brother for sister always stands as an important figure who becomes the second father for her.

A sister therefore on the special occasion of her brother’s birthday wants not only to give the gift but also want to show her feeling via wonderful and sensitive words that can demonstrate her emotion. Here are some messages for you to choose from:

Happy Birthday wishes, Messages, Shayari, SMS, Quotes & Images for elder brother from younger sister in Nepali

Dear brother, on your birthday I would like to wish you to remain the same kind, smiling and sincere man. Let you always have the strength, money, and luck to easily solve all life tasks.

I wish you to become a year stronger, wiser, more cheerful, more confident. Increase your successes and never give up, believe in your strengths, and always find them in yourself to achieve your goal.

You have always been my pride, support, ally, and most dear to me. I wish that the well-being in your life has no end, no edge.

May luck, joy, and true love are always with you. So that health does not fail, you do not let us down, energy does not fade, and fortune does not leave you at the most crucial moment.

Birthday wishes for elder brother from younger sister in Nepali

जसको शिरमा दाजुको हात हुन्छ,
हर कठिनाईमा उसको साथ हुन्छ,
लडनु झगडिनु फेरि मायाले फकाउनु,
तब त यस नातामा यति माया हुन्छ
जन्मदिनको शुभकामना दाजु


jasako sirama dajuko hata hunchha,
hara kathinaima usako satha hunchha,
ladanu jhagadinu pheri mayale phakaunu,
taba ta yasa natama yati maya hunchha
janmadinako subhakamana daju

हे इश्वर धेरै प्यारो छ मेरो भाई,
मेरो आमाको नानी हो मेरो भाई,
नदिनु उसलाई कुनै कष्ट भगवान,
जहाँ पनि होस् खुशीले बितोस् उसको जीवन।
जन्मदिनको शुभकामना दाजु

Happy Birthday Wishes Big Brother Nepali Image
Happy Birthday Wishes Image For Big Brother in Nepali

he isvara dherai pyaro chha mero bhai,
mero amako nani ho mero bhai,
nadinu usalai kunai kasta bhagavana,
jahan pani hos khusile bitos usako jivana.
Janmadinako subhakamana daju

तपाई त्यो फुल हो जो फुलबारीमा फुल्दैन,
तर जसमा आकाशको देवदुत पनि गर्व गर्दछन्,
तपाईको जीवन धेरै नै धेरै मूल्यवान छ,
जन्मदिन तपाई सधै मनाउनु यसरी नै हाँसी हाँसी
जन्मदिनको शुभकामना दाजु

tapai tyo phula ho jo phulabarima phuldaina,
tara jasama akasako devaduta pani garva gardachhan,
tapaiko jivana dherai nai dherai mulyavana chha,
janmadina tapai sadhai manaunu yasari nai hansi hansi
janmadinako subhakamana daju

Birthday wishes for elder brother from younger sister in Nepali

साउनको रिमझिम पानीका थोपाहरुको बीच
पुष्पहरुमा नयाँ आभा चम्किन्छ
भाईबहिनीको मिठो मनमुटावको बीच
मायाको खुसिहरु प्रसस्त पाइन्छ
जन्मदिनको धेरै धेरै शुभकामना दाजु

saunako rimajhima panika thopaharuko bicha
puspaharuma nayan abha chamkinchha
bhaibahiniko mitho manamutavako bicha
mayako khusiharu prasasta painchha
janmadinako dherai dherai subhakamana daju

प्रार्थना छ की सफलताको हरेक सिखरमा तपाईको नाम हुनेछ,
तपाईको हरेक कदममा दुनियाको सलाम हुनेछ,
हिम्मतले कठिनाइहरुको सामना गर्नु
मेरो प्रार्थना छ की समय पनि एक दिन तपाईको गुलाम हुनेछ’!!
जन्मदिनको शुभकामना दाजु


prarthana chha ki saphalatako hareka sikharama tapaiko nama hunechha,
tapaiko hareka kadamama duniyako salama hunechha,
himmatale kathinaiharuko samana garnu
mero prarthana chha ki samaya pani eka dina tapaiko gulama hunechha!!
Janmadinako subhakamana daju

मलाई टाढा भाग्य गरिदिए,
आफनो मनबाट बिछोड नगर्नु,
साउनको पावन दिन हो दाजु,
बहिनीलाई याद गर्नु
जन्मदिनको शुभकामना दाजु

malai tadha bhagya garidie,
aphano manabata bichhoda nagarnu,
saunako pavana dina ho daju,
bahinilai yada garnu
janmadinako subhakamana daju

आकाशमा ताराहरु छन् जति,
उति जीवन होस् तिम्रो
कसैको नजर नलागोस्,
दुनियाको हरेक खुशी होस् तिम्रो
जन्मदिनको दिन भगवानसँग बस यो प्रार्थना छ मेरो !
जन्मदिनको धेरै धेरै बधाई छ, दाजु

akasama taraharu chhan jati,
uti jivana hos timro
kasaiko najara nalagos,
duniyako hareka khusi hos timro
janmadinako dina bhagavanasanga basa yo prarthana chha mero!
Janmadinako dherai dherai badhai chha, daju

Birthday Shayari for elder brother from younger sister in Nepali

अनुहार तपाईको फुलिरहोस् गुलाबको जस्तो,
नाम तपाईको फैलियोस् सेलिब्रेटीको जस्तो,
दुःखमा पनि तपाई हाँसी रहनु फुलको जस्तो,
यदि म कहिले तिम्रो साथ दिन सकिनँ,
भने पनि तपाई आफनो जन्मदिन मनाइरहनु यसरी
जन्मदिनको शुभकामना दाजू

anuhara tapaiko phulirahos gulabako jasto,
nama tapaiko phailiyos selibretiko jasto,
duhkhama pani tapai hansi rahanu phulako jasto,
yadi ma kahile timro satha dina sakinan,
bhane pani tapai aphano janmadina manairahanu yasari
janmadinako subhakamana daju

Birthday wishes for elder brother from younger sister in English

As you have always been there for me, you know that now that I am old enough, you can count on my unreserved support, understanding and outstretched hand for every obstacle you come across. Happy birthday, brother, your sister loves you the most in the whole world.

Thank you for showing me what real goodness is, and for covering up all my little and big mischief. And for giving me a good night smile, for watching over me and keeping me safe as Mom and Dad.

I do not need to send you some of the wisest and most valuable words for your most beautiful day. Words are works, the measure of things is my willingness to give back for all the good that you have given me for years. Thanks for being the best older brother in the world, you can always rely on me, even though I’m smaller and younger, I’ll be there whenever you need me.

They say that there is no such thing in the world that can compare love between a sister and a brother. I just became convinced of myself, how much I love you, and how much you love me.

Happy birthday to you from your heart, your sister loves you and wishes you all the best. And to achieve big goals and all desires and dreams, but never stop wanting and dreaming. Because that is the best and that is exactly what it is and the meaning of life, and all its beauty and charm.

If you were a dog now, you would be about 120 years old, and I just realized how old you really are. But don’t let that discourage you, you will always be my younger dad for me.

I don’t want to disappoint you, but since you came of age and now have a job, you pay all your expenses yourself first. And now you also give me part of your salary for pocket money. I love you as always, and I do not care about your money and position in society, but let it be at least 10% of the total income for me.

You know you have always been and will continue to be a brother to me. On your special day and throughout your life I wish you good surprises and many joys.

May your steps always be guided and enlightened by God and may you continue to be that person full of strength and humility.

Today is special for me too and I thank you for existing in my life. You were the one who helped me mature, who gave me the most sincere smiles. And the loudest laughs, just as your friendly shoulder was always there when I needed it.

Birthday wishes for elder brother from younger sister in English

You were my strength in weakness, my laughter in sadness, my sure support in helplessness, and I thank you for every second you share.

You have become my brother of consideration and you deserve many good things to happen to you because you go for it. I hope you can enjoy all the happiness that this world has to offer.

Today I’m going to give you the thousands of hugs and kisses that I reserved for you. Today I got up very early just to cover you with affection, today I’m going to ask God to reserve a corner to put your dreams in order, the reality.

You have been a special, wonderful brother, always present and all the prayers that I ask God to protect you will still be few.

Your path will always be full of light and happiness your companion in everyday life. I want you to always be that upright, strong, and kind man to always be well-loved by everyone.

Thank you for your friendship, my brother, you are a great person and we will be rooting for you. May we be more and more united with great friendship and great confidence.

May smile and fraternity be a link of love in your journey, building your steps and making them visible and attainable.

A friend and a brother, a piece of me, a piece of my heart. I wish your day is immensely happy and that there is no lack of reasons for your smile to become permanent forever.

Happy birthday today and every day of your precious life. Do not do anything in your life for a mere obligation, feel pleasure in everything you do always with interest, with attention. Like someone who finds what makes a bigger reason to be happy. I count on your ability to think better, to do better, and always do the best.

My beloved brother, my protector. You are one of the most important people in my life, I can’t imagine my life away from you, despite knowing that we are becoming adults.

I hope that this day there will be no shortage of wonderful surprises and moments of joy without limitations. You are the big brother that everyone would like to have. Protector and friend, so are you.

Birthday wishes for elder brother from younger sister in English

Everyone says that a girl’s hero is the father. But I can say that my great hero was and is my older brother. I sincerely wish you to be very happy and to continue to be my older brother for many, many, many years.

Your birthday will have to be a giant party, because that is how you have lived your life, always with joy on your lips.

I make every effort to make this day of very beautiful and with everything you have the right to.

Being an older brother shouldn’t be an easy task, especially when you lose the throne more than once. Today is your day, a time to celebrate your coming to this world and how grateful we are for the privilege of being part of our family.

Happy birthday, old man. You will always be one of the great heroes of my life, and I wish you every day to be happier and feel fully realized.

Having an older brother is having a protective instinct without limitations. You are and always will be one of the most important people in my life. That’s why I wish you a very happy birthday. 

Congratulations my brother. I was really lucky because when I was born there was a wonderful person waiting for me to discover life with me: you.

You could be anything you wanted, but your real mark is that rebellion. I confess that I even find it funny that you are a dissatisfied rebel like that, my brother. And I adore you.

May this day be marked by joy, love, and harmony among all the people you truly love. I wish your life is long and full of success and lots of happiness.

Today is very important, my brother. Of course, the day is yours – totally yours, but I feel it is fair to celebrate this date as if it were mine too.

I like you so much that I can’t even explain why. I feel that our relationship is very strong and nothing in the world is going to make it disappear.

Today, more than on other days, I remembered our times spent together and the longing gripped my chest with greater intensity.

You have plenty of reasons to be proud of your existence. I confess that I have a giant admiration for the person you are and I’m sure that will never change.

After many years of fights and endless adventures, it is with great joy that I realize that all of this contributed to the construction of our great and sincere friendship.

Birthday Messages for elder brother from younger sister in English

You deserve that happiness always walks alongside you through life, and that is what I most desire.

You are very important to me because you are my brother, my friend, and a wonderful person, and that makes my life a much better place.

Happy birthday brother, hopefully with increasing age you can increase the level of maturity, always healthy, and what is aspired to be achieved soon.

I want to wish you, brother, long, happy, and joyful years. Health and strength, so that you can easily cope with any business and easily overcome various obstacles. Let difficulties only temper you and urge you to go forward, achieve your goals, and get what you want.

I wish you, of course, many, many happiness and good luck, bright thoughts and ideas, common sense, and firmness of mind.

I wish you to embrace the most immense, to conquer the unchallenged, always stand up to triumph and never give up your great dream. Be truly happy.

Brother, let everything that you think of success in realizing, let everything that pleases you be sure to be present in your life.

My dear, I wish you never to give up and always stubbornly go to victory. I wish you love, understanding of relatives, support of friends, and luck of fate.

Dear and beloved brother. I wish you to be always happy, healthy, and rich. Rich in emotional terms, financially and spiritually.

 May you always have plenty of bread, water, and sun, a gentle wind, new ideas in your head, opportunities, and forces to realize your endless plans.

I wish you to always be able to rejoice, enjoy, and appreciate your own happiness. Happy birthday dear brother.

In life, always follow your dream and believe in the voice of your heart, because life is what you create from it and therefore anything you desire can happen in it.

Birthday Messages for elder brother from younger sister in English

On a quiet morning when the chirping of the birds interrupts your sleep and the ticking of the clock signifies your day, I wish you the happiest and most beautiful birthday.

Your courage inspires me, your perseverance and stubbornness amaze me, and your loyalty means a lot to me.

Your words led me through life as a light in the darkness, your wise counsel gave me hope when there seemed to be no way out. And your love was the greatest impetus when it seemed that I could not go on.

Imagine yourself the most beautiful and sweetest thing. Add infinity to it, expand with eternity and decorate with stars. Only then will you know how much I want you for this wonderful day.

I want you to be walkable every time you choose, to have pleasant surprises every step of the way, and that every door you open brings you good fortune.

I was very lucky since I was born I count on your company, support, and friendship. And all of this has always made my life easier and contributed a lot to my happiness.

You deserve to be happy at all times in your life, as you are a special person and with a very big and generous heart. I love you very much, as a brother and as my friend.

My brother, I hope that the joy will come to stay on this day and that today will be the beginning of a great year in your life.

My brother, my friend, you are one of the most important people in my life, and you always will be. So I really want you to be happy and successful in all areas of your life.

Today you get older by a year, but it doesn’t matter because your heart will always be young, new, fresh. I love you very much, dear brother, and I just hope that joy is at your side.

May the Lord continue to bless you and may you remain humble and very enlightened.

You are more than an older brother, you are an example, a friend. Thank you for each advice.

I always want to be by your side to celebrate good times, support you, and encourage you to continue whenever I need to.

We are part of the same family and I will always look after you, hope for your good, and ask God to grant you all the desires of your heart.

Today is your day, and you have been a special, wonderful brother, always present in my life, and all the prayers that I say to God to protect you will still be few.

I wish you the courage to grab all the opportunities that will come to you and the perseverance to live your life to the fullest.

Some relationships are strong, long-lasting, resisting adversity, enduring all but not unbreakable. Only those bonds between brothers and sisters are unbreakable, and there is no greater love in the world, and that is what I felt in my skin and in my heart.

Your courage inspires me, your perseverance and stubbornness amaze me, and your loyalty means a lot to me. Thank you for being the best brother I can have.

Happy Birthday Messages for elder brother from younger sister in English

To my most annoying, but also a most beloved creature, I say that one day it is removed from the list of persons I want to torture. So that it can celebrate its birthday in peace, surrounded by dear people.

To this day I wish you that the ground beneath you should never escape, that the space around you should always be filled with dear people. And that the sky above you will bring sun rays that will illuminate your path.

I want to congratulate my brother on his birthday, a man who is ready to come to the rescue and support at any moment and will always find a kind word for us all.

With all my heart I congratulate you and wish you to always see the good in everything, never give up, be on the alert and avoid problems.

I cherish you madly and want you to live a long, interesting, and beautiful life.

I really want you to be healthy, strong, smart, and happy, loved by your wife and children. Let the house be a full bowl, the children are healthy and lucky, the wife is happy and loved, and you are successful and rich.

I want to wish you luxurious opportunities and achievement of great goals, well-being, optimism, and the most amazing finds.

May your will always be iron, health strongest, freedom unlimited. I wish you much, much love and happiness, male charm, and material well-being.

You are the best brother and best friend, defender, adviser, and reliable companion. I wish you to be generous and kind, to love and always to be loved, to strive for heights, and achieve the impossible.

Let the world give you a smile, a great mood, and constantly opening doors of opportunity. Enjoy life, be healthy, and get all possible pleasures.

You and I are inseparable, you and I are very similar, you and I agree and support each other. You are the perfect brother, you are the perfect person, your character is wonderful, your heart is very sensitive.

You have never disappointed or hurt me and I am indebted to you for that. I sincerely love you as a brother and wish you a lot of joyful, peaceful, and relaxing moments this day.

Our hearts represent a single whole, our souls are constantly drawn to it, all of which and testifies to our superior connection. If I didn’t have you, I’d be lonely and sad, I’m happy with you, I’m strong with you, I love you to heaven, my dear.

Let this birthday decorate and beautify your life, with all your heart I wish you a relaxed, wonderful and cheerful celebration.

Happy Birthday Messages for elder brother from younger sister in English

My only brother, you have always been my best friend, you have always been a man who knows everything about me. I never hid anything from you, you are my brother and it is your right to know everything.

A fraternity without sincerity is a bottomless glass, a ship without a sailor, a dock without a port. May the very brotherhood always be magnificent and may our relationship shine like precious stones.

This day is a day of joy, this day all your wishes will come true. Congratulations and I salute you very much, happy birthday brother.

My only brother, when I think about our relationship, then my warmest, most tender and sincere feelings pass through my chest, which strikes my heart like thunder from a clear sky.

A perfect brotherly relationship is ideal and everyone should aspire to that ideal. I am deeply pleased that this ideal is in our possession, I am deeply pleased that we are cooperating fantastically and living in harmony, love, and tolerance.

May all of you who love you and wish you a good and prosperous life be here this day and have the whole world under your control, in your hands.

Love is the key to our cooperation, a sure path to our shared happiness. You and I can do everything together, you and I can work all seven world wonders together.

Having a brother means having power, having superhuman energy and strength. The fact that I have you in this life is very encouraging to me, I’m glad to have a brother, I’m glad I’m not alone.

Your birthday has come and may all people this day be kind and nice to you and let your heart melt with pleasure.

You and I are proof that agreeable and good brothers exist, you and I are proof that nobility has not completely disappeared from the earth on this planet.

Birthday is a day when a person should enjoy and in that name, I wish you lots of fun and enjoyment, let your good mood follow you everywhere.

You are my biggest and strongest support and that is why I appreciate you endlessly.

Thank you for all your sensitivity, thank you for all the tips and all the pleasant and enjoyable moments.

This day is a real opportunity for me as a sister to hug and kiss you, may happiness always be in your being and may sadness always run away from your life.

Near you I feel like a bird that is ready to fly to heights, near you I feel strong, you are the source of my courage, of my heroism.

You are my father, you are my brother, my life is yours. My life without you is a story without the main character, your appearance represents the essence of my life and all my life events. Make this day really exciting and have fun and joy on your face.

There is only one truth, and that truth is that you are a precious decoration of my life. Love you brother and wish you many beautiful, sweet, and wonderful moments in the future. Happy Birthday. 

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