Most Popular Bikes in Nepal with Price List

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  • Platina:

Platina is one of the most popular bike in Nepal. is also one of the most purchased bike of Nepal because it is very liked and favorable for low class income. It have the high capacity of mileage and long seat can travel by sitting to three person without any circumstance. It is the manufacturer of Bajaj company of India. It cost about 135000 having the self start gives the customer high pleasure. It has become the great choice of customer mostly of villagers as they even carry and transport the good loading on it. It has made also the customer fully satisfied by providing the extreme mileage of 70 to 80 per km. as it have the high mileage and low price can be afforded by everyone who prefers and like it’s model.

It is made and designed in lighter mode and can be driven by anyone without any instruction of hints. It is the bike off first choice of low-income people to deserve its maintenance. It is firstly launched in non-self start mode but currently, it is launched in self-start features with more shining model. Platina has made the customer strong like platinum and converted their interest toward it’s own modality. The company has made it for mostly the people of small family having a small business can be affordable by every class people.

Firstly, it was cost of 110000 without self-start but presently, self-started function has installed and therefore the price is increased from 110000 to 135000. This is the product of Bajaj company and it is one of a most occupied company in the sectors of the bike. Due to its functions and features, it is also one of the popular bikes of Nepal reshaping the mind of the customer with enormous mileage and sufficient output.

  • Pulsar:

Pulsar is one of the most popular bikes in Nepal. The company has brought pulsar in various cc that is 150,180,200 and 220(t20). It is the manufacturer of Bajaj motor that has made the country youth to adult dream true by providing the bikes in every aspect and every class and every model. It has provided customer enough satisfaction and pleasure by making customer delighted in every incidence and every need and every mode. As it is the highly modified and heavy modality bike launched by Bajaj motors. It is the bike of businessman and youth too that makes him or she fit while riding and travelling.


As it is in heavy mode have not any disturbance and faults of mistake blocks you even in driving wind and tiny storm of not extreme speed. This gives the mileage of 40 to 50 and hold the reasons of making the customer feel pride by driving on it. Pulsar rider is recognized and treated as tone of the great person because it’s modal speaks about the personality and it is belief that normal person can’t ride on Pulsar. According the company announcement, various mode and cc bikes are costed in different price, like the Pulsar of 180 cost about 200000 and 220 cc cost 2,97,000. As it is little beat expensive than other bike but can’t be beatable by other in comparison it’s features and functions. It is also the bike of giving someone as the respectful and can be present yourself as the man of prestigious having and holding it.

  • Bajaj Avenger Cruise

Bajaj Avenger Cruise,  crusier style moterbike by Bajaj auto. It has its classy look that can make any people go nuts. Avenger cruise is sold at the rate of 93, 789. Along with its spontangeous features,  it is usually an equivalent exchange.

Bajaj Avenger Cruise comes with engine of 220cc. Divine black and desert gold is the colour provided for this bike. It has single cylinder with two valves in it. Its Max Power and Max Torque is 18. 76 bhp @ 8400 rpm and 17. 5 Nm @ 7000 rpm. Carburetor is used for the delivery of fuel. The system is cooled with the help of oil. Seft start is another function to be noted in this motercycle. It stores 14 L of fuel and is capable of reserving  3. 4 liter more. The mileage given by avenger is 40 kmpl. It has 5 number of gears and uses Wet Multiplate clutch for its transmission. Braking is the essential part for motercycle. Bajaj Avenger Cruise uses disc for front brake and drum for rear. They have 130 mm of difference in them i. e.  260 front and 130 rear.

  • Bajaj Discover

Bajaj Discover is yet another moterbike by Bajaj auto. Unlike cruise’s classic looks and hunkness,  this bike is rather simple and give you more of comfortable ride. Discover came to distribution in 2004. The colours offered are flame red,  ebony black,  electron blue,  blue graphics.

It has the engine with 180cc which was later increased to 200 cc and 220 cc. The starting price of this moterbike is 55, 330 India currency. It has single cylinder with two valves per cylinder. Max Power and max tourge are 10. 84 bhp @ 8000 rpm and 10. 8 Nm @ 5500 rpm. The bike can be started with either kick start or self start. Carburetor is used to enchance the delivery of fuel. Air acts as the cooling agent for Discover. Bajaj discover can hold upto 8 liters of fuel and can keep in stoke 1. 5 liter more. It allows to give the mileage of 82. 4 kmpl with Overall Riding Range of 659. 2 km. Wet Multiplate clutch is used to transmit between the 5 equipped gears. Front and rear brakes uses drum which is in the size of 130 mm.

Kerb Weight-120 kg,  Length- 2035 mm,  Width- 760 mm,  Height- 1087 mm,  Wheelbase- 1305 mm,  Ground Clearance- 165 mm,  Seat Height- 800 mm are the Dimension and Weight of bajaj discover.

At length,  this motercycle is worth a purchase for them who longs for classic.

Most Popular Bikes in Nepal with Price List

Image Model Price NRs.

Bajaj V15 Victor
Bajaj V15
150cc DTS-I Engine
Convert into 1 or 2 seater

bajajpulsarRS 200
Bajaj Pulsar RS 200 3,99,900

bajajpulsarAS 200
Bajaj Pulsar AS 200 2,86,900

bajajpulsarAS 150
Bajaj Pulsar AS 150 2,51,900

Bajaj Pulsar 200NS
Bajaj Pulsar 200NS


Bajaj Pulsar 200NS 2,81,900

bajaj pulsar 220f
Bajaj Pulsar 220F
220cc,Disc Brake

bajaj pulsar 180
Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTS-i
180cc,Disc Brake

Bajaj Pulsar 150
Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTS-i
150cc,Disc Brake

Kawasaki Ninja 250R
Bajaj Kawasaki Ninja



KTM Duke 200 349,000

bajaj avenger 220
Bajaj Avenger Cruise
220cc,Disc Brake

Bajaj Pulsar 220s
Bajaj Pulsar 220S
220cc,Disc Brake

Bajaj Discover 150
Bajaj Discover 150 F
150cc,Disc Brake

Bajaj-Discover-150 (1)
Bajaj Discover 150
Bajaj Discover 150 S
150cc,Disc Brake

bajaj discover125
Bajaj Discover 125
Disc Brake
Drum Brake

bajaj platina
Bajaj Platina ES 100 143,900

Bajaj Discover 100

Bajaj Boxer 150
Bajaj Boxer 150

image bike 150ccimage bike aprilia image bike bajaj image bike benelli image bike ducati image bike hartford image bike hero image bike honda image bike mahindra image bike royal enfield image bike scooters image bike suzuki image bike um image bike yamaha

Most Popular Bikes in Nepal with Price List

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