Bhoto Jatra History of Nepal with 14 Pictures (Infograpic)

Get here information about the history of bhoto Jatra in Nepal. Bhoto Jatra is one of the traditional festivals, celebrated in Kathmandu city of Nepal. We are here with some great information and facts about the history of bhoto Jatra with infographic pictures.

Bhoto Jatra History of Nepal with 14 Pictures

1.  Bhoto Jatra

Bhote jatra story history of Nepal Picture


Bhote jatra story history of Nepal Picture

A long time ago, a pair of serpents lived happily in a pond called Taudaha. They were the king and the queen of snakes. The king was known as Karkotaka.

One day the queen fell ill. Her eyes hurt badly. The king was anxious and hurried to find a physician. In those days, peasants lived in Bhaktapur. An experienced Jyapu physician lived there. he rushed to find the physician, Jyapu Vaidya.


Bhote jatra story history of Nepal Picture

Karkotaka visited him and said, ‘My wife is ill. Please come to my palace and cure her


Please come to my palace and cure her.

I shall be very grateful. I return of your service, “I shall reward you bountifully.”

Jyapu Vaidya nodded his head and agreed to cure the snake queen.

“I will gladly come and cure the queen,” he replied.

4. As soon as they reached Taudaha, Karkotaka lifted the physician and plunged into the pond.

When they reached Karkotaka’s palace, the queen was lying in bed in deep pain.

Bhote jatra story history of Nepal Picture

5. story of bhoto Jatra continues…

Bhote jatra story history of Nepal Picture

With no time to spare, Jyapu Vaidya sat down to work. He prepared a yellow balm and applied it to the queen’s eyes. As soon as the balm was applied, the queen got well.


Bhote jatra story history of Nepal Picture

Karkotaka was very happy. He was overjoyed that his queen had recovered. He presented Jyapu Vaidya with many valuable things. Among them was a black velvet bhoto decorated with different types of gleaming jewels.

7. Jyapu Vaidya was fond of the bhoto. He took good care of it. He would wear it only during festivals.

Bhote jatra story history of Nepal Picture

A ghost saw the bhoto and liked it. He wishes to own the bhoto. So, the ghost followed Jyapu Vaidya wherever he went.

8. history of bhoto Jatra continues…

Bhote jatra story history of Nepal Picture

One day Jyapu Vaidya was busy working at his field. Since it was hot he had left the bhoto aside with other belongings beside the field. As always the ghost has followed him. It came stealthily, took the bhoto and ran away. The Vaidya ran after the ghost but could not catch him.


Bhote jatra story history of Nepal Picture

It was summer. The people of Patan pull the chariot of Lord Matsyendra Nath every summer. When the chariot arrived at Jawalakhel ground, people ghosts and spirits visit to pay reverence to Matsyendra Nath. So, the Jyapu thought this would be the right moment to get hold of the ghost who had stolen his bhoto. The ghost would certainly come.

10. He was right. The ghost was there in the crowd wearing his bhoto. Suddenly, he disappeared into the crowd. However, Jyapu Vaidya caught him after a lot of running around. “Give me my bhoto”, he shouted. But the ghost said, “I won’t.” And a quarrel broke out.

Bhote jatra story history of Nepal Picture

11. story of bhoto Jatra continues…

Bhote jatra story history of Nepal Picture

King Guna Kamadeva was just and virtuous. he respected the law and region. After hearing from both sides, he said, “Whoever will bring proper evidence of ownership will get the bhoto. Now, it will be kept under the care of Lord Matsendra Nath until the decision is made.”


Bhote jatra story history of Nepal Picture

King Guna Kamadeva gave the bhoto to the authorized person of Lord Matsendra Nath. He told him to keep it safe until they reached a decision.

13. The Vaidya could get evident only from Karkotaka. So, he went to the edge of Taudaha and started to cry. “Snake King Karkotaka, please listen!” Karkotaka appeared immediately and said, “Why did you come to Mr. Vaidya?” The Vaidya narrated everything that had happened to him and requested Karkotaka to appear before the king for evidence. “I’ll come to the festival of Lord Matsendra Nath and appear in the form of a man in white clothes. A storm will blow when I come and I will be seen as the tallest of all.” Karkotaka replied.

Bhote jatra story history of Nepal Picture

14. story of bhoto Jatra continues…

Bhote jatra story history of Nepal Picture

It was time for the chariot festival. The Chariot of Lord Matsendra Nath has arrived at the Jawalakhel ground three days ago. The Vaidya came in time with the hope to get his bhoto back.

King Guna Kamadev was already there. There was a wind for a little while. But the Vaidya could not recognize the tallest man among the crowd.


Bhote jatra story history of Nepal Picture

It was already evening. People began to leave. The king had to return the bhoto from all sides of the chariot. But, nobody came forward to claim the bhoto with necessary evidence.


Bhote jatra story history of Nepal Picture

From then on, the bhoto is shown every year at the fair of Jawalakhel in the presence of important persons.

all the images are source: facebook (Ason Annapurna Mata)

Thank you in advance for sharing…

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