Bhote Koshi Rafting Nepal: Huge Adrenaline Rush Whitewater Rafting Trip

Bhote Koshi Rafting Nepal: Huge Adrenaline Rush Whitewater Rafting Trip

Bhote Koshi Rafting Nepal is famous for a huge adrenaline rush whitewater rafting, canyoning and kayaking trips in the world. Nepal Rafting, whitewater, canyoning, tours, trips.

Bhotekoshi (Bhote Koshi) River is one of the best for rafting and kayaking not only in Nepal but also in the all over the world. It is regarded as one of the excellent short whitewater rafting adventures trip and one of the world’s most challenging, tough and exciting white water rafting.

It is the steepest river rafted in Nepal technically with a gradient of 80 feet per mile and full eight times steeper than Sunkoshi River of Nepal which it feeds further downstream.

The sports of rafting and kayaking in the rivers of Nepal have been very famous and highly appreciated. Every year thousands of adventure tourists visit Nepal in search of wilderness in a profound way.

Once you’re on the Bhote Koshi River though, there is no time to stop and admire the scenery, as you and your fellow rafters negotiate some of the fastest and steepest rapids in Nepal. It’s a unique combination of exceptionally fun and challenging rapids without it ever getting past the point of recreation.

Bhote Koshi River is 4 hours drive north -east of Kathmandu.  It takes two days to rafting the whole 25 km of river action. So, you should a plan for 3 days rafting in Bhote Koshi River in Nepal. This true adventure can be rafted best between October and December and February and April. This river rafting is possible during the low water.

The Rafting in Bhote Koshi River is ideal rafting trip for those who want a short but intense and thrilling rafting trip. It is better rafting trip for those who want have some previous rafting experience.  It will be hard rafting trip for those who never had some previous rafting experience but going to experience for the first time.


Bhotekoshi River is the harmony of Tibet and the Himalayas. Bhote Koshi is a beautiful mountain river originated from Bhote which in native language is known as “River from Tibet”. The river is divided into three sections upon its complex drops and rapids namely upper, middle and lowers.

Its deep green watery color magnetized you in the first sight with a timeless essence of mystical and magical wonderland.  It was just timeless captivating people’s attention by its bliss of everlasting flow and synchronizing to voice out music to the ears. The waves made you think the river as a lady with its waves forming twist and curve on the rapid who welcomed everyone with its abstract language.

After seeking the kayaker’s twists and turns, it literally made you feel the rush of the sport. Moreover the spectators watch was more discrete to feel the adrenaline rush mounting upon the river bed standing more than 2 stores high and witnessing the watch staking a fall. The Boulder gardens, small waterfalls, steep chutes and vertical bends were just some of the obstacles to be overcome.

But the excitement of achievement focuses toward highlighting your drive to do more and to seek more.

Nevertheless, the river flows through a beautiful narrow canyons with lush green vegetation and waterfalls coming in from the steep stone walls giving no word to describe the beauty.

Rafting in Bhote Koshi was an experience of life time and perhaps a different angle to enjoy the beauty of nature at its widest form. If you have limited time, or just the desire for an adrenaline overload, it is Perfect River for you.

There are many rafting trip organizer in Nepal who organize rafting trip for you in Bhote Koshi River.

Facts of Bhote Koshi Rafting Nepal
Departure Point:Kathmandu
Outward Travel Time4 Hours
River Grade5 and 6, Moderate
Return Travel Time4 Hours
River Days3 Days
River Distance25 Kms.
Av. Gradient:80 ft per mile
Source of the riverPhurbichyachu, Mt. Sisha Pangma
Put in pointLamasangu Dam(18km)
Ending pointDolalghat Bazaar
Way to reach the raft pointBy Road(Private Vehicle)
Best SeasonMar-Apr, Oct-Dec
AccommodationTented Camp
FoodMade by cook
Difficulty4 / (5)
Min. Pax.5 to 8 pax.
Water Volume40 cumecs to 180 cumecs
Itinerary of Bhote Koshi Rafting Nepal

Day 01 : Arrival Kathmandu, transfer to hotel


Day 02 : This morning drive to Baseri, rafting starting point. Baseri (95 km from Kathmandu) the main put in point for Bhote Kosi River is 4 hour drive North-East of Kathmandu. Transportation to Baseri from Kathmandu will be by private transport. The 25 km. of rafting in Bhote Koshi action takes two days.

The road journey from the ‘Dam’ – take out point is approx. 3 hours to Kathmandu. There is an orientation meeting early in the evening before the trip, providing you with an opportunity to ask any further questions you may have, to meet your fellow rafters and also your guide. Lunch is served at river beach while other member makes ready the raft.

On the first day you will negotiate only class III rapids i.e. a launching exercise for the first day because the real adventure starts the next day. The first day provides about three and half hour of pure heart pumping adrenaline. After a long series of class 3 rapids we drop into the first class 4 rapid, “Gerbil in the Plumbing”.

From here there is a stretch of class 3 whitewater and then we come to the crux of the day, which is a long, technical rapid, “Frog in a Blender”. A long series of class 3+/4 rapids lead us into one of the guide’s favorites, “Carnal Knowledge of a Deviant Nature”. The remaining ten kilometers of river is a non-stop series of technical class 3 and 4 drops.

The river flows through a beautiful narrow canyon with lush green vegetation and waterfalls coming in from the steep stone walls. At the bottom of this stretch is the village of Barabise, our take out. Drive back to Baseri (further up from the starting point), set camp at a place of peace and tranquility.

Day 03 : After breakfast, Breakfast, pack gear and drive up stream for another action packed day. Lunch on the river before continuing to the previous days take out. experience the adrenaline rushes provided by the challenging class V rapids “Frog on the Blinder”, “Midnight Express” and numerous class IV rapids. “Wall” and “Cave” are also encountered.

Rafting in Bhotekoshi River, Nepal

Rafting in Bhotekoshi River, Nepal

From here the action increases as we head down towards the steep and technical rapids of the, “The Great Wall”. From here rapid follows rapid; “Liquid Bliss”, “Fake Right Go Left” and “My God, What To Do?” culminate with, “Dazed And Confused”. Without a doubt this is some of the finest whitewater rafting to be had anywhere.

The scenery of the different mountains, forests and ethnic Nepali cultural life is marvelous and fantastic. From Lamoshanghu Dam, drive back to Kathmandu after this thrilling experience for a well-deserved rest.

Bhote Koshi Rafting Nepal: Huge Adrenaline Rush Whitewater Rafting Trip

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