515 Bhai Bhaiya Dooj Wishes & Messages For Brothers From Sisters in English Language

This occasion is about remembering all the crazy things we did when we were children, all the problems we got into, and the ones we got out of, and all the good memories we’ve had over the years. Happy Bhai dooj.

Having you as a brother means having a friend who supports me for life, and I just want to thank you for always being there. I really love you. Happy Bhai dooj.


We were all created beautiful, but you were blessed with extra beauty and kindness inside. You become more exceptional, more inspiring every day. So happy to celebrate our bond and watch your life unfold in such beautiful ways. Happy Bhai dooj.

I am very fortunate to have a brother as affectionate and loving as you. I want to thank you for everything and Happy Bhai dooj, bro.

Bhaiya Dooj Messages For Your Brother – Ideas to Sisters

You are the best brother and mentor and best friend anyone has ever had. And I’m lucky to have you. It’s a special day. Happy Bhai dooj, brother!

Happy Bhai dooj to the most handsome and  kind hearted man in the world. You mean the world to me, dear brother. Have a joyful celebration of this special day!

You are an optimistic brother in this world. Never give up, never fear, always come back, and never forget where you come from. I love that about you. Happy Bhai dooj.

We may not return to birth, but I will tell you this. I know you enough to know that I respect you and I am grateful to have you in my life. I am fortunate for brother is what you are to me. Happy Bhai dooj.

You have been like a brother to me in so many ways that I have come to see you as one. So on this special day, I just want to tell you that I love you as a family and that I wish you the best year yet. Happy Bhai dooj.

There is only one thing better than having a brother and I am fortunate to get the brother who is more than friend. We may not be related, but you will always be my family. Happy Bhai dooj.

I am thinking of you today because it is the festival of celebration of special and pure bond of brother and sister, and I hope it is an especially happy time. Happy Bhai dooj, brother.

Happy Bhai Dooj Wishes for Brother

I also think of you on many other days because you are my brother and I always wish good things for you. Wishing you Happy Bhai dooj.

Brother, we see the world a little different now than when we were growing up. We have had enough experience to realize that life is what we make of it. We are the best.

We have enough wisdom to make every day really count. And we have learned how important family really is. Love you brother. Happy Bhai dooj.

Some things really get better with age like how much it means to have a brother like you to share the years. Happy Bhai dooj, my brother.

Brother, I hope that this celebration of Bhai dooj surrounds you with smiles and laughter, warms your heart with hugs and illuminates your world with thoughtful surprises. I hope that being the center of the celebration will remind you how much i love you not only today but every day. Happy Bhai dooj, my brother.

Bhaiya Dooj Messages For Your Brother – Ideas to Sisters

Wishing you a day wrapped in all the colors of possibility, that is what a brother like you deserves. Happy Bhai dooj.

I wish you friends, fun and laughs to share all day, memories as happy and wonderful as you. I wish you: a special celebration, a year of dreams come true, and every desired thing you have dreamed that your life could bring! I hope next year we will celebrate Bhai dooj together.

I hope the best part of this Bhai dooj is knowing how much you are loved, valued and enjoyed just because you are one and only you! God did an amazing job, and the world has the blessing of having you in it. Enjoy this occasion.

It seems that every Bhai dooj becomes a little more meaningful, a little more special in the heart. Maybe it’s because every year, as we get older, family ties become increasingly important. So, on this special day, I think it is especially important that you know exactly how grateful I am for having you for my brother and for being your sister. Happy Bhai dooj.

Brother, you are a good man who keeps improving. From the way you can reassure others when it is time to relax to the way you collaborate when someone needs help: you are the type of man who is always happy to be around. Happy Bhai dooj.

Brothers like us are not so common. Supremely intelligent and incredibly hot is not a combination you see every day. Happy Bhai dooj, my bro.

I love to see how your life unfolds, I love the times we spend, I love your heart, your way, your smile. I love you endlessly. Happy Bhai dooj.

Happy Bhai Dooj Wishes for Brother

At some point, I began to see you not only as my brother, but also as an accomplished man who has turned into something special. I began to admire the grace that you have perfected and the wisdom that you have gathered. I love you for that. Happy Bhai dooj.

I began to thank not only that you are in my life but also that you are in the world with your gentle strength, your powerful love. And today I celebrate you that you have always been like the beautiful man you are. Happy Bhai dooj.

You are amazing. You are the kind of boy who can make anyone smile! You are so fun to be around that you have your own great style! You are intelligent, you are fun and affectionate too, there is no doubt. You are the kind of brother that families dream of! Happy Bhai dooj.

You have everything: a loving heart, a spirit of power, a fun personality and a family that loves you very much! I wish you have a Happy Bhai dooj!

It feels good to see you more and more mature, kind and lovable. You are growing like a prince. Happy Bhai dooj dear!

It’s great to have a brother like you, who, no matter what goes wrong in life, will always be there to support and protect me. Happy Bhai dooj dear!

Bhaiya Dooj Messages For Your Brother – Ideas to Sisters

People have idols that are celebrities, famous personalities. But I found my idol in you. I love how you are and I respect it. Happy Bhai dooj to the amazing brother of the world.

We were not born from the same uterus, but I think we share the same soul in two different bodies! Happy Bhai dooj to the other part of my soul!

When I first saw you curled up in a green blanket. From the moment that little cute deer-eye package created a place in my heart. Happy Bhai dooj, brother.

As time goes! I remember you started walking with those legs, it felt like yesterday. And now you’re finishing high school. Happy Bhai dooj, my cute sparrow.

May god bless you with happiness, prosperity and joy. I wish you a Happy Bhai dooj to my brother from the deepest corner of my heart!

You are the person I have closest to my heart. There is no one in the world who cares more than you. I wish you a good day today. Happy Bhai dooj!

On this special day, I want you to know that you are the sweetest and most charming brother in the world. Love you very much. Happy Bhai dooj!

There is no one in the world more adorable, fun loving and affectionate than you, my brother. Take my warm wishes as you add another year in your life. Happy Bhai dooj!

You have always been the source of inspiration for me. You understand me like nobody else. Happy Bhai dooj to you. Have a joyful life ahead!

Today all I want for you is that your life be bathed with abundant happiness and abundance of success and glory. Have a good time. Happy Bhai dooj!

Without a doubt you are the most important person in the family and, without a doubt, my favorite person. Happy Bhai dooj to my lovely brother!

Thank you for being the amazing person you are. For me, you are the perfect gift from God that anyone could ask for. Happy Bhai dooj!

Happy Bhai Dooj Wishes for Brother

I send you many hugs and good wishes on this special day. Thank you for being my only and best friend. Happy Bhai dooj, brother!

You are quite different from me but you are the closest to my heart. Thank you for being the only person who sees greatness in me! Happy Bhai dooj!

If there is a person in this world who can see me and know what is wrong in my life without me saying a word, it’s you! Happy Bhai dooj, brother!

Although you have become a beautiful man, you are still that cute panda. You used to stay by my side like a baby panda. Happy Bhai dooj, panda.

You are the small package of a precious gift. Small but the most valuable person in my life. Happy Bhai dooj kiddo.

Dear little brother, although we fight like cats and mice for small things, in the end, I will always give you mine. Because you are my heart. Happy Bhai dooj, dear.

I wish you Bhai Dooj and good luck for everything. Your love makes me proud. And on this day I want to shout out loud. Happy Bhai dooj, my brother .. !!

Bhaiya Dooj Messages For Your Brother – Ideas to Sisters

We may be far from each other, but you are always at heart. On the occasion of Bhai dooj appreciating the memories we had together. Happy Bhai Dooj to you.

Do you remember the story that mom used to tell that she found you crying on a street and then took you home? The story was true! Happy Bhai dooj, my sweet little brother!


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