Best 10 Bhai Tika Gifts for Brothers

Happy Bhai Tika 2073 : Bhai Tika is an festive occasion to celebrate the brotherly-sisterly relationship in the Tihar. Bhai Tika is celebrated by all the regions and location of the Nepal. It falls on the last day of Tihar festival and is succeeded by the Tihar festival celebration. Tihar lasts with  the day when sisters (Didi Bahini) engage in ceremonies of showing their love by putting a saptarngi (seven colored) Tika on the forehead of their brothers (daju bhai) and perform an aarti or mantra of him and shower him with blessings and prayers. We have already posted about sms and wishes for brothers in bhai tika festival. Get here bhai tika gift ideas for your brothers.

Below are the top ten Bhai Tika Gifts for Brothers.

1. Clothes

A formal or a casual shirt can be a good gift for your brother as it stays with him for long time and whenever your brother wears that your gifted shirt, he will remember you, sister’s love.


2. Trendy Bag Pack

A Trendy Stylish Bag Pack can be a good gift for your brother who goes to office or university or college or school as a symbol of your pure love and relationship and would be really useful for him. Whenever your brother put that your gifted trendy bag, he will remember you, sister’s love.

Trendy Bag Pack

3. Wrist Watch

A classy wrist watch is another one of the best gift for your brother in this bhai Tika day of Tihar festival. By knowing your brother taste, color and preference can be an ideal gift for brother to make him surprised in Bhai Tika 2072. Whenever brother (Daju Bhai) put that watch, he will remember you.

Wrist Watch

4. Chocolates

Chocolates is another one of the top gift for your brother in this bhai Tika day. Gift your brother with a hamper of sweet chocolates, if your brothers love sweets along with a card with wishes in it.


5. Perfume with Table Calendar

A perfume is a good gift for brother along with a table calendar with good messages to beautify his table. Present a wonderful perfume with the table calendar in the bhai Tika day to your brothers.

Perfume with Table Calendar

6. Wallet & Keychain

A good combo gift of a wallet and a Keychain can be an best one to gift to your brother (daju bhai) on the occasion of Bhai Tika. Make him happy and joyous with your gifts.

Wallet Keychain

7. Customized Mugs

Customized mugs are another top ranked gift can be for your brother too. Gifting a personalized or engraved mug for your younger or elder brothers with happiness messages in it is also a good one to think about in Bhai Tika.

Customized Mugs

8. Wall Clocks

Wall clocks are another top ranked gift can be for your brother as well to make him happy. A wall clock with personalized wonderful messages or wishes be a good gift to make your brother happy. You can put with his favorite super hero’s picture would be a good gift to make brother happy.

Wall Clocks

9. Business Card Holder

If your younger or elder brother is a working professional carrying business cards, then a you can give a beautiful business card holder with messages.

Business Card Holder

10. Brother T Shirts


T- Shirts can be good gift for your brother in this bhai Tika, last day of Tihar festival. Branded T-shirts or Customized T-shirts with printed successful quotation also can be considered as a good gift to your brothers (Daju or Bhai) in the day of Bhai Tika.

Greeting cards are on


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