*Best* 13 Gift Ideas for Brother on Bhai Dooj (Bhai Duj)


7) Perfume :

Boys are the biggest fan of perfumes and does . They wear it every time they go out . Perfumes come in handy because they are not wasted. They can be used where ever they go. It can also fit into the budget list because it is easily available in the market and can come at cheap prices.


8) Chocolates:

Not only girls but brother also prefer chocolates over anything. They still top the gift list. Chocolates can have flavors and some of the people might not like the flavors available in the market. So you can still order in online based on the flavors your brother like. Get him a bucket of chocolates so that you both can share it.


9) Mp3 Players / IPod :

For those music lovers , who can not start their day without listening to songs , buy them mp3 players or iPod. IPod can be really expensive and are not easily available in the market. You either have to order in online or go to the showrooms . Mp3 players , on the other hand, are available in the market and can be cheap as compared to IPods. So collect all your money and get him the mp3 player so that next time he listens to any songs , he remembers you for taking care of him.

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10) Watch :

Watch are the top gifts anybody can give to each other. It can be real useful if he is a really punctual person. Watches are easily available and you don’t have to go to markets in this hot days , it can be easily available online where they show you the finest brands and prices as per your needs and demands.



Watch gifts for brothers boys pictures

11) Footballs :

If your brother is a sports person , gift him the kinds of stuff that are related to what he like. It can be cricket kit or football kit. Even though he is not a sports person , you can gift him indoor games so that you both can play when both are feeling useless due to your unproductive days.

White Card Football in Game images

12) Jerseys :

People who love sports are dying heart fans of a particular club or country. In terms of footballs , you can select the jersey of which club he supports which can be Manchester United , Chelsea , Arsenal and so on. If he loves a particular country then buy him the related jersey like Germany , Brazil , England and so on.

earthquak in nepal help footbal club spain

13) Grooming range:

Brothers with beard are hard to handle because they do not trim if often. This can bother mothers a lot. So before your mother shouts at your brother for being immensely horror , get him a grooming range . It can start at the price of RS 2000 and more.

Writer: Susaan Basel


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