*Best* 13 Gift Ideas for Brother on Bhai Dooj (Bhai Duj)


13 Best gifts for your brother on Bhai Dooj / Bhai Duj / Bhai Tika

Bhai Dooj is the fifth and last day of Diwali . It is the day where sister performs certain rituals for their brother to ensure good health and prosperity for them. In return , the brothers gift their sisters a special gift for thanking them . Confused on what to buy on Bhai Dooj for your brother? Here’s 13 thing you can buy for your brother for thanking them for all the love and protection they have given .

1) Clothes :

Now let’s face it. Brothers are bad at shopping and picking the right cloth for themselves. They take help from their sisters and mother to get the cloth they really want. So before they bother anybody to buy clothes for them , get your brother some clothes to gift him. The cloth can be anything – shirt , t-shirt , pants , jackets. Ask him what he wants and get him what he liked basis of color and designs.


2) Gadgets :

Boys will always be boys and no matter how old they are , they will love gadgets. If you have a small brother who is still a child-like , get him video games. Video games can be different types , you don’t want to get a game he already played so ask him what kind of game he prefers now. And if your brother is big enough , get him a phone. If you have enough saved money and a little help from your parents , you can get him the branded phone he always mentioned about.

OnePlus_X_ Mobile Phone Pictures

3) Wallets :

I have noticed that brothers don’t really buy wallets on their own. It is mostly a gift from other people. So when his wallets are getting old and wrinkly , get him a new wallet . Wallets can come in different shapes and sizes. So before you buy him a wallet, notice what brands and color and obviously size they have been using over the past few years. Wallets can still fit in your budget so get him a proper one.




4) Spy pens :

Now don’t get me wrong , spy pens are not only used for investigating someone. It can come in big handy when your brother is traveling and he is lazy to carry a phone and record it all the time. Spy pens are such gadgets that can make your brother be extremely happy. But before you buy it out , see if your brother is interested in such gadgets because not everybody is a fan of spy pens. It can be available in short budget of Rs 1300 to 1500 .

spy pen pictures gift

5) Shoes :

Who does not love shoes? Boys do not have specific shoes , they prefer wearing the same old sneakers or sports shoes to go to college or go outing. So get him a nice branded sports shoes so that he can use it where ever he goes. The shoes can be available in Rs 2000 to Rs5000. If you prefer more branded shoes , the price is gradually increased.


6) Guitars :

Guitars are friends for most of the people. Well if they know how to play it. So if your brother is a music freak and he loves to play guitar , gift him . Guitars can range from Rs 8000 and increases gradually as per the function , quality, and brand.

instrument guitar gift for brothers boys


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