5 The Best Spiritual Books to Read – Advice for Nepali Book Readers


The blessing of spiritual consciousness is indubitably rewarding in itself but the blissful path of awakening, at times, might seem weary for all starters. People in quest of finding their inner self might find themselves in uncertainty and at those times I have personally found that even little inspirational guidance in any form proves to be a huge nudge towards the positive direction.

In my case, I found these nudges in different forms; a spiritual friend, words from spiritual masters and, of course, books.

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I have tried to embrace all the assistance provided to me on my awakening. It might be same for all of you on this very path. However, if you need some inspiration or guidance or even a reason for finding yourself, here is a list of few Great Spiritual Books that certainly helped me.

5 The Best Spiritual Books to Read – Advice for Nepali Book Readers

1. The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle :

The Power of Now is an amazing book by a truly awakened writer that reaches out to the readers with the simplest of a belief that is “Living in the Present”. Having gone through depression and anxiety himself, Tolle has ever so well provided readers with the message that being aware of the present and not diving into worries of past or future shall give one “the peace of mind”. Revolving around this concept, he describes how our ego manifests from the surreal illusions of past or future and our mind keep overthinking, resulting in only dissatisfaction, a feeling of loss and anxiety.

In very friendly and simple terms, Eckhart Tolle explains the necessity and ways to be aware of Present. This book is certainly godsend for many seekers of happiness.



2. The Long Pilgrimage: The Life and Teaching of Shivapuri Baba – John G. Bennett

Not many of us have heard of Sri Govindananda Bharati (Shivapuri Baba). He was an enlightened sage living in hills of Shivapuri National Park in Kathmandu, Nepal. When Bennett, a British mathematician, scientist, technologist, industrial research director and author, met him in Nepal at his hermitage he decided to share the teachings of the sage with the world.

John G. Bennett has attempted to describe the teachings of Shivapuri Baba in its actual extraordinarily simple ways. The practicality of these teaching guides seekers from all corners of the world regardless of their age, cultural background or any other variations. The book shines the light on disciplines of body and mind along with spiritual tuning.



3. Siddartha – Hermann Hesse

We all are well known to the facts of Gautam Buddha. How a prince named Siddartha leaves his family and riches in pursuit of Enlightenment and how he finds it meditating under a tree. Hermann Hesse’s “Siddartha” is an observational take off the writer on the life ‘Siddartha’ who leaves his world of comfort and familial duty in seek of the “Truth”. The book presents several chapters of life of Siddartha depicting his ups and downs in the path towards Spiritual Illumination. The book certainly attempts to show readers the ever-running rituals of human lives that give us joy, sorrow, love, hate, greed, charity and so on. Writer projects the process of Enlightenment that Siddartha goes through and what temptations he overcomes to find his inner-self.

For all of us in our own quest to finding inner-self, this book certainly inspires during darker times of despair much like Siddartha had to face in order to attain Nirvana.


4. Autobiography of a Yogi – Paramahansa Yogananda

Born as Mukunda Lal Gosh in Gorakhpur, India, Paramahansa Yogananda is widely known for his contribution in flourishing Spirituality in western countries. In his book, he has written about his childhood, his search of a master, his journey to self-realization, and his mission to carry out Spirituality to western worlds. This internationally celebrated book as the spiritual classic has been the source of inspiration to many people I know and has been a beacon for my growth as well. Yogananda was invited to Boston to speak in a religious congress after which he traveled well across the USA making people aware of the art of Kriya-Yoga. This book is certainly recommended to everyone who is always in search for a good read.


5. A New Earth – Eckhart Tolle

After the incredible success of his earlier book “Power of Now” (earlier described in this list), Eckhart Tolle continued giving out his message of “Live in Present” through A New Earth. This book further emphasizes on Living in the Present and freeing oneself of all the materialistic longings. The book explains how our egoic mind is latched to illusive and unreal rules forged the mind itself that has rooted deep in our society causing us negative effects. Tolle aims in bringing a shift of consciousness in the reader’s mind. After reading this book, you can certainly feel the change in you that comes with the understanding of egoistic mind. It certainly brings forth a new outlook on our own perception of what we find “important” and gives a sense of impending bliss that comes with inner consciousness.


So, there you have it. A few Spiritual books that WILL uplift you or introduce a heightened level of awareness to you. Those who are seeking for this awareness, I extend my best wishes.

Writer: Suvigya Rimal


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