20 Best Places To Go During Christmas Time In USA – Select One Of These destinations & Enjoy Christmas 2019

  1. Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Although the city of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, attracts many tourists to its fascinating city at any time of the year, winter is the season with merry Christmas celebrations and an impressive snowy landscape that has proved to be one of the most idyllic spots in America during the holidays.

Your first stop on vacation in Jackson Hole should be the Elk National Shelter, where visitors can horse-drawn sleigh rides and admire the stunning language and wildlife.


Or, if you prefer to spend the holidays with a laugh or emotions, visit the Jackson Hole Playhouse to see the musical comedy offer of the Holidays Dinner Theater at Holidays at the Playhouse. Jackson Hole is high on the wish list of vacation experts around the world.

The destination is so popular every year that rooms, condos and houses are occupied early. This is one thing on your list that you want to prepare before the last minute. The Jackson Hole holiday is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and families.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming Christmas celebration image usa
Christmas celebration in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. image source: facebook.com/jacksonhole/

So, book as soon as possible to make sure you have the accommodation that will make your winter holiday perfect in every way. But do not despair because you will still find great discounts and deals when you dig. Book at the end of November to have the best opportunity to get an excellent deal at the resort and the desired accommodation.

Of course, you can get a better deal later in the season, but your chances are lower the longer you wait. If you book in advance, you will receive an excellent price and can also secure your first accommodation and flight option. This can be very important for the Christmas holiday season in December.

For seasoned skiers looking to explore more challenging terrain, a stay at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort offers a vibrant grass-roots village and wide green ground that almost feel like a meeting place for locals and tourists in this mountain town. So, Jackson Hole of Wyoming can be your perfect & best place to go for Christmas in USA.

  1. Branson, Missouri

On cold winter nights, it’s fun to stay in the car and see epic Christmas lights. Every year, Branson’s Promised Land Zoo will be showing a new exhibition three kilometers long. The zoo is also home to the only living herd of reindeer in the region where customers can pet, feed and take pictures with Sven, Rudolph and Prancer.

Christmas City also has an interactive zoo with live animals, visits to Santa Claus and a Christmas shop. For almost 30 years, Branson, Missouri, has been taking the celebration of the Christmas season very seriously.

So serious that they’re organizing a series of events starting in November and ending on New Year’s Day that they’ve worked to put Branson on the map as an important Christmas destination. If you prefer to hide out in the cold, experience the impressive lights throughout Branson from the comfort of your car with car tours such as Let There Be Lights. and trace of the lights.

Branson, Missouri Christmas celebration image
Jackson Hole, Wyoming in Branson, Missouri. image source: facebook.com/koziarschristmasvillage/

However, if you’re ready to brave the cold, take part in the An Old Time Christmas Festival. Enjoy fun outings like a dazzling chain of lights in Silver Dollar City, two live Christmas shows, a thousand decorated Christmas trees and the Holly Jolly parade of Christmas lights.

The Ozark Mountain Christmas Village is a great way to make Christmas cheerful and bright. Next to the village, the city of Branson now has an exhibition of Christmas lights. The best thing about this city is that you can celebrate Christmas in November and December to overcome the hustle and bustle of vacation travel. For the lovers of hot chocolate, the gourmet’s name is Good Day.

Drink a cup of hot chocolate while your kids make selfies with Santa. Oh, and they also have Clydesdale horses to take pictures with! Take photos of the parade of the most beautiful time of the year. These are just a few of the many Christmas deals in this city that are worth a scrapbook. Dyker Heights is known for its Christmas lights.

The neighborhood is home to tens of thousands of lights and is one of the most popular winter attractions in Brooklyn. According to Time Out, the decoration starts the weekend after Thanksgiving. The traffic lights cover the streets 11 to 13 and the streets 83 to 86. If you do not feel like leading yourself, you can even go on a tour.

To all fans of the Titanic story: A trip to Branson would not be complete without a quick trip to the Titanic Museum, home to 400 pre-discovery artefacts in 20 galleries across the room. So, Branson of Missouri can be your perfect place to go for Christmas in USA.

  1. Helen, Georgia

Known for its charming alpine aesthetics, Helen, Georgia, becomes even more magical during the holiday season. During the holiday season, rule your ancestors in the Victorian era by visiting the historic site of Hardman Farm, where recreation takes place every Friday and Saturday evenings in December.

When you visit Helen on the 8th of December, the annual Christmas parade celebrates the Bavarian roots of the city while bringing the typical joy of the season to every person in town. The Alpine town honors its Bavarian roots with the Christmas kind market, a traditional German Christmas market with stalls where visitors can buy gifts, decorations and sweets. Or take a journey through time and experience a Victorian-style Christmas at the state-owned Hardman Farm.

Learn more about the Victorian festive traditions of teachers dressed in their best outfits from the 1870s Directly from Bavaria, Helen, Georgia, it’s the perfect Christmas destination despite its warm temperatures. Things start the day after Thanksgiving as Santa Claus and Mrs.

Claus light up the downtown area. From there, look at beautiful Christmas trees adorned for the occasion during the tree festival auction, enjoy the annual Christmas parade, and visit the local Christmas market, where food, music, entertainment, and sellers of German products are offered.

After a long day of sightseeing you can settle down with a book and an eggnog in your own cabin in the woods with a fireplace and panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.

  1. Aspen, Colorado

Aspen at Christmas time moves the heart and wakes the senses like nowhere else. During the daytime, fresh snow falls under a bright blue sky as the annual festivities begin, spreading the joy that everyone can enjoy.

At night, the roaring fire and cup filled with roasted drinks bring families and friends together to celebrate all that is good and comforting. After a busy day, retire for the night and feel peaceful, thankful and happy. Away from the hustle and bustle you have left behind, I can bet that you will create holiday memories of his life.

While Aspen is a popular ski resort during the winter months, this Colorado city also offers a range of other Christmas activities unrelated to the surrounding slopes.

The annual Winterskol Festival, which takes place between the 10th and 13th of January, features some of the best ice sculptures in the world, while the accompanying torchlight parade brings joy and warmth to activities. If you want to appeal to the younger generation, a visit to the vast replica of the St. Regis Gingerbread Complex will catch your eye long enough to steal a mouthful of one of the many delicious breweries in the area.

At the base of the Silver Queen Gondola in Aspen is The Little Nell, an elegant ski resort with breathtaking scenery and all the winter charm you could wish for during the holiday season.

  1. Nantucket, Massachusetts

As a result, Nantucket proves to be equally charming in the off-season, when summer tourists have been driven out and locals throughout the city show an impressive image of festive joy. Visit this picturesque part of Massachusetts on the first full weekend in December to join the Christmas journey, where you can enjoy mulled wine, listen to Christmas carols and buy unique Christmas gifts.

After starting the walk (or if you do not arrive in time to attend) you should definitely stop and enjoy what has made this area so famous during the holiday season: hundreds of ornate, seven-foot-tall Christmas tree ornaments that cover almost every angle decorate the city.

This Massachusetts destination can be a summer vacation, but the charming cobblestone streets with adorned trees and windows on Main Street make it a perfect vacation destination. Thousands of visitors come every year to the island for the famous Christmas Tree Lighting and Christmas Stroll Weekend.

Extravagance starts with a beautiful Christmas market filled with gifts and ornaments. Santa Claus comes to a parade through the Coast Guard cutter. The day ends with a song with Victorian Carolers. One of the most recent additions to this beachfront town is the stunning and cozy Greydon House, a boutique hotel that’s perfect for the winter season, with comfortable furniture hidden in every corner, each of which is an excellent reading nook if you find yourself alone for a moment.

  1. Park City, Utah

Park City is another famous place to visit during Xmas time in USA. For a guaranteed white Christmas, visit the stunning city of Park City, Utah. In addition, Park City shows a special charm of a small town, combined with access to a variety of shops, restaurants and cultural events, especially during the Christmas season.

Stroll along the historic main street and enjoy some of the best Christmas shopping in the state, surrounded by idyllic landscapes, both natural and artificial.

Treat yourself to the mountain air and festive joy as you put on skates and glide along the Park City outer lane in Park City Mountain Base. Guests are taken to the Santa Claus Workshop in Park City, where dozens of miniature cabins are inspired by North Pole experience. No trip to the North Pole would be complete without a trip on the Polar Express.

In  this Christmas you with your friends can drive through a tunnel in a mini locomotive. The Christmas artworks are made of glowing color in the dark. One of the best places to escape from skiing on vacation is offering many Christmas celebrations that begin in November with the annual cultural parade.

The Park City Procession is attended by locals who light cars, trucks and bicycles while making holiday music as they cross Main Street. On Christmas Eve, you can drive to the slopes next to Saint Nick, who spends the day skiing, before taking a torch parade along the Payday trail.

Throughout the season, children and adults of all ages are blinded by the almost 2-meter-tall gingerbread house, which consists of 11,000 biscuits. If you want to experience the true taste of a mountain, the Torchlight Inn Bed & Breakfast is comfortable and elegant, offering a relaxing retreat with its spacious rooms and cozy fireplaces.

  1. Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, of course, is the famous tourist destination in USA. It can be your best place to spend for Christmas in USA. While Las Vegas, Nevada may not be the first place you think of when you imagine the idyllic Christmas experience, the city has been providing a colorful and cheerful display of festive joy for years.

The most impressive representation of this joy could be encapsulated in the impressive display of Christmas lights and music in the Bellagio Fountain. It is also free to the public. After a trip to the Bellagio Fountain, take a short walk to the Bellagio Conservatory, where every year the South Garden is decorated with thousands of lights, Easter flowers, and a 40-foot-tall Christmas tree.

The “City of Sin” sure knows how to stylishly celebrate this Christmas season. Known as one of the best and most colorful Christmas destinations in the US. In the US, Las Vegas reaches a higher level in December and becomes a huge Christmas show. With a pleasant climate, elegant hotels (such as the Bellagio with its own Christmas tree garden) and a holiday season that covers almost every attraction, it’s easy to see why every year in December a multitude of travel enthusiasts come to Las Vegas.

Especially if you want to impress a particularly tough crowd, the Treasure Island Hotel in downtown Las Vegas will surely impress even the toughest critics, with a host of entertainment options (like live shows, shopping, bars and restaurants) at the same time. It offers great amenities to help tired travelers unwind after a long day of sightseeing (such as the spa and lounge).

  1. Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Why not Lancaster to celebrate Xmas 2019. Lancaster is sure of the best places to celebrate Christmas in USA. The Christmas season in Lancaster County is a joyful time full of good memories and festive traditions. Listen to the children laughing in anticipation of the gifts. Breathe in the tantalizing aromas of biscuits and cakes. Feel the heat of the crackling logs in the fireplace and smile as families and friends gather to wish you joy and peace throughout the year.

You better ask a travelling enthusiast and find out how the communities that make up Lancaster County will be celebrating every day of year. Find out why a holiday in Lancaster County is something special. Especially a walk-through Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in high season can turn any grin into a Christmas demon.

Lancaster will never disappoint those looking for the most immersive Christmas experience with its impressive lights, happy Christmas carols, adorned historic buildings and Christmas-themed musicians.

Whether you’re looking to stay out of the cold while visiting Longwood Gardens or discovering the true spirit of Christmas at Kitchen Kettle Village, this city is undoubtedly one of the finest travel destinations in the holiday season.

Lean back after your party and relax in the elegant Cork Factory Hotel, a refurbished 19th-century factory with incredible brick decor, a delicious on-site restaurant and close to downtown Lancaster. Lancaster County is full of excitement during the holiday season. Festive lights shine and shine as pictures of happy past, present, and future vacations appear before your own eyes.

Find out what makes this season so special in Lancaster County and create lasting holiday memories together. There is enough Christmas spirit for everyone!

When New Year’s Eve arrives, you can be styled by Lancaster County in style. They invite you to join them when everyone celebrate a year before the end and a new day. The celebrations start early enough for the whole family so even the little ones, who are awake at midnight, can enjoy the excitement and fun of New Year’s Eve in Lancaster.

At midnight, enjoy live bands, fireworks, artists of all kinds and, of course, a champagne toast. Celebrate the New Year in Lancaster County!

  1. Natchitoches, Louisiana

Natchitoches of Louisiana can be best place to go for Christmas in USA, if your family wish to celebrate Xmas in US. Natchitoches, Louisiana, not only houses some of the country’s most impressive French-Creole historic houses, but also one of the world’s most celebrated Christmas festivals: the Natchitoches Christmas Festival.

From November 17 to January 6, this popular festival features a number of quaint shops and restaurants, and features historic tours of Christmas themes, live music and stunning lighting effects. Visit the Cane River Creole National Historical Park, which has cleverly preserved the plantations that once dominated the landscape of the city, and enjoy the true southern flair.

Natchitoches (NACK-a-tish) has been referred to as the City of Lights since 1927, when the city’s chief electrician decided that putting Christmas lights along Front Street would be a good gift for the city’s residents. City His gesture has become a six-week festival of lights, one of the longest-running Christmas celebrations in the United States.

Every year in November, the area is transformed into a winter paradise with decorations and thousands of lights shining brightly in the middle and along the scenic Lake Cane River. People from afar flock to the city for the annual Christmas lights, a nice reason to visit this historic national district. Do you need another reason? Think of the snow!

Search for snow and carols on Front Street to celebrate the “45 Nights of Christmas Lights” and watch the spectacular fireworks over the Cane River. Start your Christmas shopping at the Fleur de Lis craft fair at the Natchitoches Event Center, 750 Second Street.

Discover Christmas crafts, jewelry, decorations and gifts. Enjoy Christmas Candlelight Tour of Homes. And do not miss the beautiful Christmas parade, because the illuminated barges “move” on the river! Throughout the festival you will find food stalls with local restaurants and home-made bakeries as well as the popular Natchitoches meatloaf.

  1. Delray Beach, Florida

Delray Beach of Florida can be your best place to go for Christmas in USA, if you want to celebrate Christmas in US. Even in December, most of Florida enjoys mild temperatures, making the state ideal for a white Christmas festival made of sand rather than snow. Travelers can not only visit beach destinations, but also Walt Disney World, which is designed in true Disney style. Take the kids to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party or watch Epcot’s Candlelight Processional.

Delray Beach, Florida’s space coast, is popular with families, adventure seekers and beach lovers. Located just east of Orlando, the Space Coast has 72 miles of beaches, golf courses, the surf capital of the East Coast (Delray Beach), the world’s largest community-built zoo, rocket launch and more.

Attend the annual Surfing Santa charity event with more than 300 Santa Clauses beating the waves and entertaining 4,000 spectators to start the Christmas vacation on the coast. It might not be a snowy winter paradise, but at Delray Beach there is no shortage of Christmas spirit.

In the middle of the so-called Old School Square (a revitalized historic district as a cultural center), a 30-meter-high Christmas tree revealing a wonderland with toy trains opens up a miniature depicting Christmas tradition. During a monthly celebration, visitors can choose between festive activities, including candlelight carols, a Christmas boat parade, and gingerbread house decorations.

If you want to spend a holiday with Latin American flair, visit Christmas in Miami. In the weeks leading up to 25 December, boat parades and festive plays of light are taking place in many state cities, including the Night of Lights in St. Augustine.

Another important reason to visit Florida is to visit Christmas, a small town near Orlando, which has become a popular place to send gifts with a unique stamp.

A trip to Delray Beach, Florida, offers travelers the best of both worlds during the winter season: a sunny getaway on the beach with plenty of activity-related activities to keep those who wish to celebrate Christmas of all traditional ways.

To truly enjoy the holiday season spent in Delray Beach, you’ll need to visit the 30-meter-high Christmas tree, which is proudly displayed in the city center. After a visit to the tree, take a walk through the city center and enjoy incredible Christmas shopping and theme restaurants on the beach.

If you start your holiday experiences with a loved one, a stay at Cranes Beach House Boutique Hotel & Luxury Villas will certainly increase the warmth of your relationship even in the middle of winter. As a tropical paradise with waterfalls and cascading pools, you can leave the cold of winter behind, at least for a while.

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