20 Best Places To Go During Christmas Time In USA – Select One Of These destinations & Enjoy Christmas 2020

best place to go for Christmas in USA: – Do not fall into the same hibernation during this vacation being laze around in a cozy corner of the house all season. Instead, leave the holiday haze and spend your winter holidays in one of the many transcendental magic Christmas cities in the United States.

Every place, offers some of the finest Christmas experiences, surrounded by an idyllic landscape that seems to come from a postcard.

So if you’re brave enough to leave your comfort zone on vacation, take a walk to one of these Christmas cities, all of which have more charm and atmosphere than you’d expected in those cities of America. and you can be glad to have left the comfort of your sofa to experience these cities that are adorned with lights and Christmas joy.

During the holiday season, families and couples want to have a good time together. Traveling to a new country is an excellent way to create new and unforgettable memories. As expected, the United States, with its wide range of states, is often the first country on people’s holiday destination lists.

Trying to find the best place for Christmas in the United States is no easy task. Every city in the country takes the holiday season in its own way. From a winter carriage ride through Central Park in New York to a jump over the snow-capped slopes of Colorado, there is an American destination for every family.

Whether you travel alone, as a couple or with your family, the best Christmas destinations ultimately depend on your budget and your personality. Whether you are looking for a white Christmas tale or looking for a place to defrost yourself from the cold December cold, we firmly believe that the South is by far the best place to spend the holidays.

If you want authentic Christmas decorations from the South, decadent Christmas food, rich family traditions and a mild and tolerable climate, the South is simply unbeatable. The most beautiful Christmas holidays are here in the south.


People in San Antonio, Atlanta, Louisville, Orlando and Washington, DC, know how to revive holidays with the right combination of tradition and surprise. What better way to spend your Christmas vacation than strolling along the promenade of the San Antonio River next to the colorful Christmas lights? Or are you sliding down a 400-foot piste at Snow Mountain Park in Atlanta?

Find a classic musical Christmas tradition, A Christmas Carol, in the bustling and cozy city of Louisville, KY, and you can even find some snow. Make Christmas holidays in the place where dreams come true year-round: Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL. And for a classic and patriotic Christmas celebration the historic beauty of Washington, D.C. It is unbeatable.

Forget the skis and fly south this winter to celebrate Christmas with tradition and surprise. Here you will find a selection of attractions, activities and offers that you can buy for Christmas in our favorite southern cities.

It will certainly be inspired by our list of recommendations for Christmas destinations.

20 best place to go for Christmas in USA – Select One Of These destinations & Enjoy Christmas 2020

  1. Leavenworth, Washington DC

This Bavarian-inspired city can be the best place to stay during the holiday season, as this is a city that takes Christmas to a whole new level. At least you should head to Leavenworth to attend your Christmas Lighting Festival, where more than half a million Christmas lights illuminate the city, accompanied by themed activities such as sleigh rides, Christmas concerts and cider tastings.

If you want to stay in the area for a long time, the Bavarian Christmas Market offers some of the best Christmas shopping in the US and unique and handmade gifts for everyone on your Christmas list. A & E Network has named Leavenworth “the ultimate US tourist city”.

In this Bavarian town at the eastern end of the cascades, you feel like you’re in an impressive snow-capped setting, like in a historic German town.

Leavenworth Washington DC Christmas celebration image usa
Christmas celebration in Leavenworth Washington DC.

image source: image source: facebook.com/ChristmasLightingFestival/

The Christmas Lighting Festival, which takes place from early December until just before Christmas, includes old-fashioned Christmas carols and a variety of bright lights. On Friday, St. Nicholas receives the children with songs and fruits. A trip to Leavenworth, Washington, is only worth it for the Christmas lights. Find your flight to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

On that nights, the city is illuminated with more than half a million flashing lights, which are synchronized with live music in the town square. During this spectacular night, the Christmas carols roam the city, the smell of roasted chestnuts floats in the air and Santa and Mrs.

Claus meet the happy party animals. You will not regret when you come here, after all, you are in the heart of Leavenworth. The Icicle Village Resort is the perfect winter getaway with a warm atmosphere galore and many amenities, including a sports bar and on-site restaurant and exercise room. That is why, Leavenworth is best place to go for Christmas in USA.

  1. Santa Claus, Indiana

As the name implies, Santa Claus in Indiana is a big destination during the holiday season. For those of you who want to celebrate Christmas this year awesome, this destination offers year-round Christmas entertainment, such as the Santa Claus Museum & Village and the Santa Claus Christmas Store, filled with thousands of unique finds on holiday.

If you’re planning to visit Santa Claus, Indiana in December, do it on one of the first three weekends of the month, when Santa’s Christmas party offers a fabulous selection of lights, party activities, and more. The milk and cookies you could wish for , How can a city bearing the name Santa Claus not go out for Christmas? Known as the “Christmas Hometown of the United States,” this city knows how to celebrate the holidays in December.

Enjoy a weekend with your family at Lake Rudolf or spend a few nights in the Santa Lodge or even in one of their cabins. Every week in December, this city hosts events featuring elves, Christmas lights and roasted chestnuts. Santa Claus, Indiana, has many Christmas holidays.

Christmas Celebration in Santa Claus, Indiana, USA
Christmas Celebration in Santa Claus, Indiana, USA.

Image source: facebook.com/SantaClausIndiana

Of course, a city named after Old Saint Nick is a winter paradise all year round, but Santa Claus, Indiana, really takes things to the next level during the holiday season. In addition to the celebrations in Holiday World, the annual land of lights in Santa Claus tells the beloved story of Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer, on a 2-km light trail. You can find the flight from Louisville International Airport to get there.

Located on West Christmas Boulevard, Santa’s Lodge is a great place to rest after a long day of sightseeing, especially with small children in tow. In the lobby, there is even a sled that welcomes guests on entering. Together with an indoor pool and endless Christmas decorations, this hostel will delight and delight all children (and adults) in your group. That is why, Santa Clous of Indiana is best place to go for Christmas in USA.

  1. Alexandria, Virginia

Just take the flight to Ronald Reagan National Airport to reach the stunning Virginia location. Just minutes from the heart of Washington, DC, Alexandria, Virginia, it has become a major destination for Christmas fans across the country.


A walk on King Street, with its canopy of twinkling lights and historic buildings, offers an impressive atmosphere and a range of unique restaurants and shops. After this adventure with no exit to the sea, head to the waterfront to see the Alexandria Christmas Lights parade, followed by the district’s festive boat parade, where thousands of lights are used to create a truly festive collection of lights against the sea create water.

The historic coastal city of Alexandria, radiates ancient traditions. Stroll along historic King Street and feel like you’re in a real Dickens town with European flair, cozy cafes and restaurants to warm yourself up.

Join the 46th Annual Christmas Campaign in Scotland, with a parade of dozens of Scottish clans in colorful tartans, the 17th Annual Christmas Light Parade on the Potomac River and the 22nd Annual First Night in Alexandria, a Spectacular New Year celebration with over 150 performances and a fireworks finale. There is even a water ski Santa on Christmas Eve.

The RT’s restaurant in the center of Alexandria serves some of the most authentic Cajun and Creole dishes from the south and is a must for those who want to enjoy the best the South has to offer. The Christmas season in Old Town Alexandria is magical, with historic streets that are decorated in bright colors, artists in the corners, who put on a lot, and festive events that create lasting memories.

You and your family can explore the festivities that take place from King Street in Old Town Alexandria to the nostalgic Mount Vernon Avenue in Del Ray, and you’re sure to find something fun in November and December. The official Christmas tree of the city of Alexandria is set up in honor of Christmas from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve on the historic market square in the Old City (301 King Street).

The inaugural event of the year, however, is the annual tree lighting ceremony that will take place on Friday after Thanksgiving this year, starting at 18:00. You and your family can enjoy the musical entertainment, the Christmas carol with a community song and the greetings of the mayor and Santa Claus guiding the lighting ceremony. That is why, Alexandria of Virginia is another best place to go for Christmas in USA.

  1. Williamsburg, Virginia

If you want to enjoy something different than any other place in America at the season of Christmas, then Williamsburg is worth the trip. Perhaps a walk-through Williamsburg, Virginia during high season is one of the finest Christmas experiences on the list, and will certainly amaze everyone, especially those with an affinity for Christmas lights.

If you are already there at the moment at Colonial Williamsburg, you should wait till spend the 2nd of December for the Great Illumination, which will set up a month of celebration-themed parties in the historic building. For just as impressive lighting, visit Yankee Candle Village’s flagship store, where Santa’s workshop is always full.

The Williamsburg Christmas party has a colonial touch, with carols in the torchlight, five performances and drums, Great Lighting, a fireworks display, and a historic performance of the WATCH. More than 2,000 wreaths hang in the historic center of the city, where holiday guests can walk with a resident wearing an 18th-century dress as a guide to the Christmas season.

One of Williamsburg’s Christmas traditions is to put a single lit candle in its window reminiscent of the tradition of the era of American independence.

The fires brighten the cobblestone streets of this neighborhood and provide the perfect winter feeling. If you are looking for something more adventurous, visit the nearby Busch Gardens. Over 8 million Christmas lights make Busch Gardens Williamsburg the country’s biggest Christmas lights. Do not forget to visit Rudolph and his friends when you ride the roller coaster!

For those philosophers and inventors in their lives, a trip to the Food For Thought restaurant in Williamsburg is truly unique in its conception. On the walls you will find quotes from inventors, scientists and leaders as well as discussion boards at each table to be advertised. Intellectual Discussion It would also be a different experience for you. Exciting! So, Williamsburg of Virginia state is another best place to go for Christmas in USA.

  1. Bernville, Pennsylvania

A trip to Bernville, Pennsylvania, is really just a trip to Christmas City Koziar, which turns out to be a truly authentic experience. Travelers and locals alike enjoy the sparkling lights that illuminate the surrounding buildings and valleys. This is a must for those who cannot resist impressive Christmas lights.

This is the time of Christmas lights, hot chocolate and Santa Claus. Bernville is home to a Christmas town that has been celebrating the Christmas tradition for almost 70 years. Visitors drive to a view of the hills of the city, whose lights are reflected in the lake. Winter Wonderland offers a scenic route with screens along the way.

Photos with Santa Claus, a mist covered bridge and many quaint shops bring Christmas joy to the city. Overlook Mansion Bed & Breakfast, located in the historic Center Park district, offers a truly mesmerizing 19th-century retreat and a large wrap-around porch. This is the most fantastic Christmas exhibition you will be seeing!

It is a farm decorated with millions of Christmas lights. The lights are in houses, barns, sheds, exhibition buildings and everything around the halls are Christmas themes. What’s so spectacular is, as you approach to here on your car, driving on a dark road and then reaching the top of the hill and feeling like you’re in a fairyland. There is a large lake where all the lights are reflected, adding to the incredible beauty.


There is a large train inside display and all imaginable Christmas decorations. What you liked best is that you walk through the site. You can enter many of the beautifully decorated buildings and the music is just great. So, Bernville of Pennsylvania is another famous & best place to go for Christmas in USA to celebrate Xmas.

  1. New York, New York

Although New York may be a bit busier than the North Pole at Christmas, it has the potential to lure you to a higher level of appreciation for the season with its stunning Christmas windows and bustling shoppers.

New York City is listed as one of the top travel destinations, but it is a favorite destination for many Christmas travelers, especially on vacation with all the lights and snow. There’s a reason why people love New York on vacation: it’s really a magical place to spend that time.

And it’s a place where you can go on vacation once in a lifetime. From the tree to ice skating at Rockefeller Plaza to the spectacular Christmas show at Radio City de Rockettes, the Nutcracker and Broadway shows at the New York Ballet, endless Christmas shopping and cheerful shop windows, New York is the epitome of the Christmas experience.

Many hotels in the area have excellent vacation packages that include tickets to some of these iconic holidays. Visitors can stroll along Fifth Avenue and enjoy the spectacularly decorated Christmas windows in department stores. The Bryant Park Winter Village offers free ice skating, 170 emerging kiosks and food vendors, and an outdoor beer garden.

There are also holiday markets on Union Square and Columbus Circle. Oh, and of course, there’s the world-famous 75-foot-tall Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center. Manhattan is famous for its shopping and is the ideal place to find unique gifts and find everything on your own wish list.

You can also enjoy another way. The metropolis has many annual traditions, such as festive themed windows in the famous New York department stores and the huge spruce tree in the Rockefeller Center.

During the holidays in New York there are many live performances. The Radio City Christmas Spectacular is a Broadway-style show organized by the famed Rockettes at the even better-known Radio City Music Hall. Each year, the New York Ballet presents a revered version of the classic nutcracker, while for the kid we all carry, the man known as the “true Santa Claus” is waiting at Macy’s.

Book your room at the Lotte New York Palace, just one block from Sak Fifth Avenue, and experience the sophistication and elegance that New York has to offer. Especially during the holiday season, this boutique hotel boasts a 30-foot-tall Christmas tree and numerous ornaments. So, New York is another famous & best place to spend for Christmas to celebrate and enjoy Xams in USA.

  1. North Pole, Alaska

For jet-set lovers who are committed to the idea of ​​a cold, white Christmas, Alaska is the place for vacations. There are a number of festivals and Christmas events in Alaska, including ice sculptures with Christmas themes. The adventurous guys can even try the dog sled.

Winter is also the best time to catch Northern Lights or Northern Lights crossing the sky of the state. For families with small children, Alaska may be the best option to visit the North Pole. Since 1952, thousands of children who have written to Santa Claus with their Christmas wishes have sent their letters to Santa Claus’ House on the North Pole in Alaska, near Fairbanks.

If you do not believe in Santa, you can change your mind after visiting the North Pole in Alaska. While the city celebrates Christmas all year round (even with a climate of 80 degrees in July!), Christmas comes alive in December with the annual Nordpol Christmas Ice Competition, which draws together ice sculptures from Germany. The Winter Festival is held with activities and fireworks. It is ideal for travelers and RVs.

It is a 15-minute drive south of Fairbanks and the nearby recreational area on Lake Chena offers 80 campgrounds as well as a beach, paved bike trails and canoe rentals. Lake Chena can be fished for hard coal, grayling and rainbow trout. Within the North Pole, there are two full-service camps and campsites in the North Pole Park.

What could be better than a visit to the North Pole? In this city in Alaska, you can drive on streets like Kris Kringle Drive, Mistel Lane or Santa Clause Lane and enjoy the annual North Pole Ice Christmas Contest, attended by ice sculptors from around the world.

National news broadcasts are also often broadcast live from Santa’s home country. This is also the Aurora Season, which means you have the opportunity to see one of Mother Nature’s most impressive shows: the colorful Northern Lights.

If you prefer to experience a less crowded version of the holiday, a trip to the North Pole in Alaska with its immaculate scenery and Christmas atmosphere is worth every penny. While the city celebrates Christmas all year round (with such a name cannot disappoint), a visit in December has its advantages.

For example, the North Pole’s Ice Christmas celebration attracts ice sculptors from around the world who are eager to showcase their latest creation, which they can also admire. Winterfest also attracts a large number of tourists from around the world with its impressive fireworks display and holiday-related activities, such as Santa’s Day Outings, where more than 400,000 postal items are kept annually.

Children sent them to the North Pole (and as a result, there are actually a small number of volunteers who respond to these letters each year). So if you want to make this Christmas awesome, then take a break from your Christmas outing by taking a short 15-minute detour to nearby Fairbanks, Alaska, where you can catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights on a clear night.

Get in the front row for this natural phenomenon at the Borealis Basecamp, a modern geodesic dome that offers a panoramic view of the sky from your bed. So, North Pole of Alaska is another famous destination or best place to spend your holiday during Christmas in USA.

  1. Durango, Colorado

Another truly idyllic Christmas experience, Durango, Colorado, is home to the Polar Express, a tour of the Cascade Canyon that takes travelers on heated buses for a 42-kilometer journey through the San Juan National Forest. Near Four Corners, home to Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico, Christmas City is behind The Polar Express, the popular book that became a movie starring Tom Hanks.

Families can enjoy a sip of hot chocolate while traveling by train to the “North Pole” to pick Santa, and this western city offers all sorts of other holiday events, while the Purgatory ski resort is within walking distance of the car for skiers and boarders, After traveling through the snow-capped mountains, you can do Christmas shopping in the shops on Main Avenue, or ski down the slopes at Purgatory Resort, which is ideal for families.

A ski holiday during the Christmas season offers snowy slopes and cozy chalets for a fun and relaxing getaway. Many of the most popular skiing destinations in the US are located in Colorado, home to several fashionable tourist towns. Here you can have celebration in Victorian-style Christmas at the Breckenridge Ski Resort, or join the Jet Set at Aspen, Vail and Steamboat Springs.

From snow-capped Pikes Peak, thousands of flickering lights in the only mountain zoo in the US, Santa Express trains and a Madrigal dinner in a Colorado castle, Colorado Springs will captivate you with a unique celebration! Stay at a unique property, including Broadmoor and Cheyenne Mountain Resort.

This Rocky Mountain town also hosts the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) Track Santa program worldwide. Every year on Christmas Eve, “NORAD Tracks Santa” follows Santa Claus as he leaves the North Pole and delivers gifts to children around the world!

When traveling with your kids, Chris Van Allsburg’s magical Polar Express comes to life in Durango, Colorado. Each night, from Thanksgiving to the first week of January, children in pajamas queue in the historic depot of Durango to have the opportunity to board the famous Polar Express, a real train steamed by a steam engine locomotive during this walk With your children you can sing melodious Christmas carols, drink a cup of hot chocolate and visit Santa Claus at the North Pole.

In addition to the Polar Express, Durango offers its pilgrims a world full of Christmas specialties. In fact, the city has a fascinating winter environment that will remind you of traditional Christmas cards. For families, a city Christmas in Denver may be the right choice.

A big holiday attraction is the Zoo Lights at the Denver Zoo, where kids can travel around the holiday carousel and have tea at the Brown Palace. Eventually, Santa’s persecutors will know Colorado is home to NORAD, a government agency that tracks Santa’s gift route on Christmas Eve. So, Durango of Colorado is famous destination to celebrate Xmas in America or say, it is the another best place to go for Christmas in USA.

  1. Woodstock, Vermont

A trip to Woodstock, Vermont, during the holiday season can give tourists the feeling of being back in time. One of the most perfect cities to celebrate Christmas is Woodstock, Vermont, with its covered bridges, at least a light layer of snow and many pines floating in the air.

This historic city knows how to make the holidays good, starting with the Woodstock Wassail Weekend, a pre-festival of Nordic cultural traditions of the 19th century. Book your reservation at the historic Woodstock Inn and Resort, which is beautifully decorated each year with lights and Christmas decorations.

If you really want to capture the Christmas spirit that prevails in Woodstock at this time of the year, you should go there on the Wassail weekend, which takes place this year from December 7th to 9th. On this holiday weekend, the city comes alive with the Christmas parade, several nearby ski areas, local shopping and carriage rides.

This New England taste like town is transformed, with its nostalgic charm, into a Christmas card with historic houses, serenade songs and sleighs. Walking through the festive decoration of the 1890 Billings Farm House and stables, visitors can experience the traditions of a 19th-century Vermont Christmas. Everyone gathers to light the Yule tree and tribe while the sleigh bells ring during the Wassail parade.

Unlike Las Vegas, this city looks like a classic white Christmas with snowy bottoms and a fresh and fragrant air with the scent of pine needles. Not to mention that he hosts the Wassail Weekend, a pre-Christmas gala that has its roots in the Nordic traditions and Nordic culture of the 19th century.

While the city itself is an unforgettable sight, the Wassail weekend attracts many travelers and tourists at Christmas. This festival features a fun parade of over 45 horses and riders, adorned with colorful vintage dresses and Christmas costumes.

In addition, this parade shows a series of sleigh and cart rides. It includes a parade of more than 50 horses and riders wearing historical costumes and Christmas costumes, as well as cart and sleigh rides, Christmas carol serenades, and lighting the Christmas tree and trunk.

An old-fashioned celebration with a large banquet will be held at Billings Farm & Museum, and all local shops with their beautifully decorated windows will be open throughout the event. Thanks to the snowy winter temperatures you will experience a “white Christmas” in Woodstock.

An annual Wassail weekend is one of the best ways to celebrate the holidays. In this city, the historic elements are covered with a Christmas decoration. Christmas lights, crowns and snow are everywhere. See the sights and sounds of Main Street in a horse-drawn carriage.

Woodstock is full of small restaurants and many shops to remove items from your Christmas list. If you want to have fun, you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of Vermont just outside Woodstock.

All this can be done from the comfort of your room at the Lincoln Inn & Restaurant, which offers breathtaking winters capes and a flawless dining experience. So, if you are in mood of celebrating Christmas in Vermont, Woodstock of Vermont can be your best place to go for Christmas in USA.

  1. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

If you want upcoming Christmas would have some fun experience and you better prefer to celebrate the season in warmer weather, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is the perfect destination for you.

Perhaps more than any other place on the list, Myrtle Beach offers a variety of Christmas shows, from the biggest Southern Christmas show in the Alabama Theater to the Legends in Concert Christmas Show, proving that almost anyone can find something.

An aspect of the holidays. Season to really enjoy. Once you’ve delivered to a show (or three), Myrtle Beach offers a wide selection of light shows and festive events, such as: B. meals with Santa Claus.

The holiday season is not the time to find swimmers in the sand on the shores of Myrtle Beach SC, but the area does not become a ghost town after Halloween. The Grand Strand turns into a Christmas show before kids can eat their last sweets.

From live shows to special events, beautiful decorations, party parades and good will, Myrtle Beach is the perfect place to end the year with your family. The fun action begins immediately after Halloween when the Alabama Theater and Carolina Opry debut their Christmas shows on November 1, opening Legends in Concert on November 2.

The excitement rises during the month of November with the Dickens Christmas Show at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center, parades and Black Friday shopping like nowhere else in the US at local malls, small businesses and two Tanger outlets.

The area marks the beginning of December with eighty-one candles, a dazzling display of light and beauty in the Brookgreen Gardens. Do not wait for Santa Claus, but book your perfect vacation at very reasonable prices and with offers that make your belly dance seem like a jelly-filled bowl.

From Georgetown to Calabash, North Carolina, there are plenty of things to do to rekindle the Christmas spirit. Check out this list of the most popular in the region to prepare for a Merry Christmas. Another annual holiday tradition here in the south is seeing a live Christmas show in one of the many theaters in Myrtle Beach. It can be overwhelming with so many to choose from.

You can enjoy a beach-themed Christmas adventure by staying at the BLUE Hotel, where visitors can enjoy the egg liqueur of the river or the beach right in front of the hotel. So, if you are in mood of celebrating Christmas in South Carolina, Myrtle Beach can be your perfect & best place to go for Christmas in USA.