Nepali girl has the best handwriting in the world: – Handwriting is a means of human statement which represents particular language with the help of signs and symbols.

For languages that utilize a piece of writing system, inscriptions will complement auditory communication by making a sturdy version of speech which will be keep for future reference or transmitted across distance.

Best Handwriting In The World

It is always good to get advice from others about the best handwriting exercises. Some people have excellent handwriting, and some of them need some help in writing. You can ask your friends, teachers, and even people you meet in the street for help. However, this does not mean that you cannot use a pen and paper to practice your writing skills.

One of the easiest ways to do handwriting exercises is to write something down. For example, you can write down your child’s name or your business partner in the morning and during the day and then go over your words and make corrections.

Remember, mistakes are what will make you perfect. If you find errors in your handwriting, then do not worry, it is perfectly normal, and it will not harm you.

You can always revise your handwriting when it gets worse or when you feel comfortable with your handwriting. If you have to take a break from handwriting exercises at any point, then do it.

Some people like to do writing exercises daily, while some prefer to do them once in a while. Just remember that this is a way of helping you develop your handwriting, and the more you practice, the better your handwriting will be. When writing, write as fast as possible.


Also, keep your writing brief and do not include any unnecessary letters. In this way, you will find that the handwriting exercises become more comfortable and improve your writing skills.

Writing, in different words, isn’t a language; however a tool accustomed creates languages clear. Among a system, writing depends on several of an equivalent structure as speech, like vocabulary, grammar, and linguistics, with the dependency of a system of signs or symbols. The results of the activity of writing are termed a text, and also the interpreter or substance of this text is termed a reader.

As the human civilization has started, every encouragements and inspirations for the occasion of writing were driven by pragmatic exigencies like keeping history, maintaining culture, codifying data through curricula and lists of texts deemed to contain foundational data (for e.g., The Canon of Medicine) or artistically exceptional (for e.g., a literary canon), organizing and governing societies through the formation of legal systems, census records, contracts, deeds of possession, taxation, trade agreements, treaties, and so on.

Best Handwriting In The World
Best Handwriting In The World

For instance, round the fourth millennium before Christ, the quality of trade and administration in geographic region outgrew human memory, and writing became a lot of dependable methodology of recording and presenting transactions in an exceedingly permanent kind.

A small and true biography of Prakriti Malla:-

Name                                        Prakriti
Family name                            Malla
Nickname                                 Prakriti
Profession                                Student
Date of Birth                            2004 A.D
Age                                           15 (as of the year 2019)
Marital Status                         Unmarried till date
Religion                                    Hinduism
Educational Qualification      8th grade “B” section
Hobbies                                    Reading, Playing and Writing
Birth Place                               Bhaktapur, Nepal
Hometown                              Bhaktapur, Nepal
Current City                             Bhaktapur, Nepal
Nationality                               Nepalese

Prakriti Malla from Nepal has the most stunning as well as fine looking handwriting among the thousands of writers around the globe. In the past time, Prakriti was far away from the glare of publicity up to the time when her writing got viral on the social media.

It is a magnificence of social media platform that the first class things always get viral as well as reaches to almost everyone. Excellent and best quality handwriting provides a sweet experience to all the readers out there. As we all know that, what actually goes throughout our mind during the time when we study the handwriting of a doctor.

Prakriti Malla
Prakriti Malla

Almost everyone has spent countless hours to improve and standardize the handwriting in the earlier school days. Some of them got a beautiful and best handwriting, while there are many peoples who can’t write politely.

Many of us faced problems due to bad handwriting; it could be a good way to make an impact in the class. We all know that the beautiful handwriting makes a good impact on the reader. Hence, nowadays the students are more focused on the cursive writing. Moreover, the writing contests are not overlooked anymore.

Studying in just 8th grade, Prakriti Malla got the superior and excellent handwriting which can attract everyone. Her writing seems like a beautifully designer font of the computer.

The space between the letters is uniform. Furthermore, she has introduced a new level of calligraphy. The pleasing figures are written by her hand. For this reason, her writing is preferred as the one of the most excellent handwriting in Nepal as well as globally.

Some interesting facts about Prakriti Malla

Now, if an 8th grader child can write this much well, it does encourage the rest of us to continue with the pen-and-paper method, even though it may just be scribble notes. As encouragement, here are a few comments about handwriting that we have selected from a BBC post:

I also hand write as a matter of course, many comments “how nice to receive a written letter”. In France, anything written by hand is the estimated form of proper message. – Tom Davies, Faucigny, Bonneville, France

She is about to write a “thank you” letter to my host. I will be using a fountain pen. It is also easy to bang out an e-mail, but a handwritten note on headed paper conveys real gratitude. – Patrick Farrelly, Saunton

Kids in primary schools in Japan spend a lesson or two a week learning “the way of writing”, using thick calligraphy brushes to write kanji characters. It’s an art form and takes great skill.

At the beginning of a new year, most of the kids get together in the school assembly hall and layout long sheets of paper prep their brushes and write something, usually with four kanji, which means somewhat to them individually about in what way they’d love the next year to plan out. Writing here has deep cultural roots. – Dan in Japan, Japan

Her first-grade writing has also attracted attention from her government and is recognized as one of the students with most beautiful handwriting. People are pleased to read her writing and have in recent months gone viral worldwide on a range of various different social media platforms.

Being the honest student of the Sainik Awasiya Mahavidyalaya, Prakriti Malla has got awards from the Nepali Armed Forces for her remarkable handwriting.  Now she is popular in the entire world and people are pleased to read her writing.

And I expect the doctors would also get encouraged from her handwriting. Even I don’t know what is going trough doctors mind because there are no such rules as well as regulation that doctors have to write so unclear. What do you think regarding her wonderful writing and doctor’s handwriting?

Tips For Becoming The Best Handwriting Artist

Want to become the best handwriting artist in the world? There are ways and means to do it. You have to be persistent about your goals and keep it motivated. Best Handwritten World: How to Improve Handwriting? Here are some great tips for becoming the best at writing.

Start with cursive. Participate in handwriting competitions. Learn to write like an artist by using a computer font of your choice.

Next, you’ll need a pen. If you are trying to become good at writing, then a high-quality ballpoint pen will work the best. When writing letters, make sure that the ink is dry before you begin to write. As soon as you realize that the ink is dry, you can start writing.

You can practice for handwriting competitions or just by doing the work at home. Do it several times each day. Also, do not hesitate to do this for free. If you have many friends who have good handwriting, try to get their help to practice.

Just make sure that you practice only with a pen. There are ways to improve handwriting if you use a real writing utensil. Just make sure that it will be dry before you begin to write.

Make sure that when you practice, you concentrate and do not allow distractions. Write in an organized manner so that you will get the most out of it. Keep your thoughts and writing flowing smoothly.

Never be afraid to try new things and experiment a little. It is best to get some practice on the same subject. This way, you will become used to the task and be able to complete it faster.

A lot of people would love to be the best handwriting artist. However, they do not know how to start. There are a lot of tips available to help them. But if you want to start on the right foot and start the journey towards becoming a good handwriting artist, try to follow these simple steps.

Practice as much as you can. You must start writing as soon as possible. You will get more confident if you can get a good night’s rest first and then write.

Get some practice with a pen. You will be using the pen a lot throughout the day. It is best to use a pen that you are comfortable with. If you are not comfortable with it, then find another writing utensil.

After some time, you will find yourself using a different pen. Just continue practicing until you find one that is comfortable.

Some of the Best Handwriting Tips to Improve Your Writing

If you have difficulty writing your name or date of birth or have trouble completing a task or just plain get frustrated at the inability to write, you need to start looking for the best handwriting tips to improve your handwriting.

Some people are born with bad handwriting, and others are born with good handwriting. Many things can be done to help improve your handwriting. Here is some information about what you can do to improve your handwriting.

One important thing that you need to remember about handwriting is that it depends on what kind of writing it is. In general, handwriting is a lot easier if you are beginning to learn how to read.

As you start to get better at reading and understand more words, you can move onto making the transition to writing in your style. It is important to know that it does take a lot of practice to get better at it.

However, there are many ways to help you improve your handwriting. Here are some of the most popular handwriting tips.

Before we start with the different methods, you must understand precisely what handwriting is. Writing is a visual representation of a sound. It is not easy to write down a sound.

This is why it is so difficult for many people to read handwriting. For example, when someone says “pen,” they say something completely different from when you say “pens.” This is why most people struggle when trying to decipher handwriting. With the right tips, you can learn to decipher this mess.

You may wonder what it takes to improve your handwriting. Well, most of the time, two main problems can lead to poor handwriting. The first is called Dyslexia.

Dyslexia is when you cannot comprehend what another person is trying to say. The second is called Compulsive Scoring. This is when a person has trouble paying attention and is obsessed with the score they are putting on a test.

If you have either of these two problems, you should seek the advice of one of the many professionals that is available. These professionals can be found at any local library or can be found online.

This is a great way to go about getting the best handwriting tips available so that you can begin to make some real changes in your life.

These are just some of the best handwriting tips that can help you improve your handwriting. If you can follow the steps above, you should have no problem taking care of your handwriting. Remember, though, that it is a lifelong commitment to keeping your handwriting right.

How to Improve Your Handwriting Skills

It is hard to find out how to improve your handwriting skills because everybody has their own opinion and approach to what is the best handwriting program.

It is important to understand that handwriting skills, whether good or bad, is something you can never get rid of. You can train your hand to write like a pro, but without any improvements in the way, it writes you will never be able to erase those horrible handwriting mistakes.

The most important thing to look for when you are looking for a handwriting program is that it has the right equipment and it does not require that you use a poor quality pen or pencil. This is the first and most obvious step in learning how to improve your handwriting skills.

A computer program will teach you how to do it from the comfort of your own home with just a few clicks of the mouse. It will teach you the basics and then provide you with advanced tips.

To use this program successfully, you need to make sure that you know your way around computers and recognize your handwriting. If it cannot, you will have to learn how to fix your computer problems.

The other common problem with many people is that they are afraid of taking a chance by trying something new. This should be no problem as thousands of people have already become quite successful with this program.

Another good program is one that teaches how to improve your handwriting with exercises. There are a lot of different handwriting exercises that you can do with these programs. One of the great benefits that you will find is that you will develop your writing speed, which is an important part of writing well.

One of the most important skills to develop is that you learn how to correct your errors in the paper. Many people assume that if they write like this, they do not need to update their form errors.

However, this is completely untrue. Many people who learn how to write in this manner end up correcting their mistakes more often than not because it helps them write correctly.

If you want to learn how to improve your handwriting skills, you should try to find a program that offers a step by step approach and work at home.

It can be very difficult to practice this skill at home, but if you are willing to work hard on it, you should master it over time. It will take some trial and error, but you will get better at it as you practice and build upon your new skills.

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