Nepali girl has the best handwriting in the world: – Handwriting is a means of human statement which represents particular language with the help of signs and symbols. For languages that utilize a piece of writing system, inscriptions will complement auditory communication by making a sturdy version of speech which will be keep for future reference or transmitted across distance.

Writing, in different words, isn’t a language; however a tool accustomed creates languages clear. Among a system, writing depends on several of an equivalent structure as speech, like vocabulary, grammar, and linguistics, with the dependency of a system of signs or symbols. The results of the activity of writing are termed a text, and also the interpreter or substance of this text is termed a reader.

As the human civilization has started, every encouragements and inspirations for the occasion of writing were driven by pragmatic exigencies like keeping history, maintaining culture, codifying data through curricula and lists of texts deemed to contain foundational data (for e.g., The Canon of Medicine) or artistically exceptional (for e.g., a literary canon), organizing and governing societies through the formation of legal systems, census records, contracts, deeds of possession, taxation, trade agreements, treaties, and so on.

Best Handwriting In The World

Best Handwriting In The World

For instance, round the fourth millennium before Christ, the quality of trade and administration in geographic region outgrew human memory, and writing became a lot of dependable methodology of recording and presenting transactions in an exceedingly permanent kind.

A small and true biography of Prakriti Malla:-

Name                                        Prakriti

Family name                             Malla

Nickname                                  Prakriti

Profession                                Student

Date of Birth                             2004 A.D

Age                                           15 (as of the year 2019)

Marital Status                           Unmarried till date

Religion                                    Hinduism

Educational Qualification      8th grade “B” section

Hobbies                                     Reading, Playing and Writing

Birth Place                               Bhaktapur, Nepal

Hometown                                Bhaktapur, Nepal

Current City                              Bhaktapur, Nepal

Nationality                                Nepalese

Prakriti Malla from Nepal has the most stunning as well as fine looking handwriting among the thousands of writers around the globe. In the past time, Prakriti was far away from the glare of publicity up to the time when her writing got viral on the social media.

It is a magnificence of social media platform that the first class things always get viral as well as reaches to almost everyone. Excellent and best quality handwriting provides a sweet experience to all the readers out there. As we all know that, what actually goes throughout our mind during the time when we study the handwriting of a doctor.

Prakriti Malla

Prakriti Malla

Almost everyone has spent countless hours to improve and standardize the handwriting in the earlier school days. Some of them got a beautiful and best handwriting, while there are many peoples who can’t write politely.

Many of us faced problems due to bad handwriting; it could be a good way to make an impact in the class. We all know that the beautiful handwriting makes a good impact on the reader. Hence, nowadays the students are more focused on the cursive writing. Moreover, the writing contests are not overlooked anymore.

Studying in just 8th grade, Prakriti Malla got the superior and excellent handwriting which can attract everyone. Her writing seems like a beautifully designer font of the computer.

The space between the letters is uniform. Furthermore, she has introduced a new level of calligraphy. The pleasing figures are written by her hand. For this reason, her writing is preferred as the one of the most excellent handwriting in Nepal as well as globally.

Some interesting facts about Prakriti Malla

  • She won the title of Penmanship Competition which is a beautiful handwriting competition organized by government of Nepal. Moreover, Nepal government officially announced her signature as the most beautiful signature of its country.
  • It is assumed that Prakriti Malla used to give two hours per day for her beautiful handwriting practice.
  • Many people suggest converting Prakriti’s handwriting to a computerized typing font style. Meanwhile, some suspects her handwriting as complains it as fake.

Now, if an 8th grader child can write this much well, it does encourage the rest of us to continue with the pen-and-paper method, even though it may just be scribble notes. As encouragement, here are a few comments about handwriting that we have selected from a BBC post:

I also hand write as a matter of course, many comments “how nice to receive a written letter”. In France, anything written by hand is the estimated form of proper message. – Tom Davies, Faucigny, Bonneville, France

She is about to write a “thank you” letter to my host. I will be using a fountain pen. It is also easy to bang out an e-mail, but a handwritten note on headed paper conveys real gratitude. – Patrick Farrelly, Saunton

Kids in primary schools in Japan spend a lesson or two a week learning “the way of writing”, using thick calligraphy brushes to write kanji characters. It’s an art form and takes great skill.

At the beginning of a new year, most of the kids get together in the school assembly hall and layout long sheets of paper prep their brushes and write something, usually with four kanji, which means somewhat to them individually about in what way they’d love the next year to plan out. Writing here has deep cultural roots. – Dan in Japan, Japan

Her first-grade writing has also attracted attention from her government and is recognized as one of the students with most beautiful handwriting. People are pleased to read her writing and have in recent months gone viral worldwide on a range of various different social media platforms.

Being the honest student of the Sainik Awasiya Mahavidyalaya, Prakriti Malla has got awards from the Nepali Armed Forces for her remarkable handwriting.  Now she is popular in the entire world and people are pleased to read her writing.

And I expect the doctors would also get encouraged from her handwriting. Even I don’t know what is going trough doctors mind because there are no such rules as well as regulation that doctors have to write so unclear. What do you think regarding her wonderful writing and doctor’s handwriting?

Please share your views in the comment section.

By Saugat Thapa