15 The Best Offline Android Mobile Games For Housewives in Nepal

The offline Android best games for housewives in Nepal:- A game is entertaining to play, and spend your free time smiling with your family and friends. It brings excitement with each new level and more challenges, so people find it even more enjoyable.

It is a 21st century where everyone seems busy in their work and has no time to play outside. Kids to the old generation prefer video games and android games for play, and they feel happy with it. It also has many advantages, like old people can play real-life football and cricket through a mobile phone.

Games bring various new ideas and creativeness in the human brain and chess and general knowledge question and answers. These days’ android games have almost become one of the basic needs of people’s lives, and their demand is increasing day by day. 

As we are talking about the games and especially for Nepalese women, the offline game is the best to play. Nepal is s small and medium literate country where housewife does not have a high level of education.

Another hand, everyone is not capable of connecting the InternetInternet to play games in rural areas. So, they tend to choose some of the best offline games and learn from another family member.

These days, many homemakers are attracted to fun games and spend their free time playing it. These offline games are for women, but women in Nepal often play games like candy crush saga.

They have lots of free time in the day time which they choose to play games on their phone and spend time. We also know that offline games will be the best for them; hence, they don’t need to spend money like online games.


We have listed some of the famous and popular offline games among housewives in Nepal. These games also represent their level of enjoyment and happiness in their life, so they are as below:

The Offline Mobile Android Best Games For Housewives in Nepal

  1. Candy crush saga

Candy crush is one of the most famous and popular game all over the world. It is developed by the king and released in 2012 A.D. it has also got many international awards like the best social, mobile game, and people choice award.

From old age to young generation everyone, like it and love to play it on their phone. You can find various feathers and extra life after you complete many challenges. It is the best games for housewives, also famous among women, especially housewives in Nepal.

Candy crush saga
Candy crush saga

Its player demographic also shows that 58% are women in the world’s total number of players. Women attract towards those types of game which has an excellent visual and sound effect like candy crush saga. 

A total of 7685 levels can be found in candy crush saga, and because of its extended mission, housewife loves to play it. They can enjoy most of their time by playing it in Nepal, and it is so fun.

There are different color pieces of candy available, and you need to match them with each other to cross the level. It is an offline game, so; you don’t need the InternetInternet to play it until you want extra life and rewards. Nepal women usually have free time in a day after their regular work and feel board.

Candy crush saga gives them good fun and enjoyment with so many exciting gifts and rewards in each new level. This game has won the various titles in-game community and can be played in a short version of mobile. It is a solo game that is also the reason women play because they don’t need to ask others to play with them every time. 

  1. Temple run

Temple run, the best games for housewives is also one of the most famous games in the gaming community as like others, and people love it from all over the world. Image studios develop it, one of the wells know studio with 3D character. It is an endless game with many challenging levels and new challenges.

It’s amazing to see its graphic and sound quality, as well as the controlling system in 2011 A.D. This game has been launched, and it can be played by medium to high version mobile phone. These 3D graphic games like temple run are originally popular among kids and women in Nepal.

Temple run
Temple run

You can play as much as you like without any time limit, and spend your time playing temple is the best feeling for housewives. We have seen our mothers playing it in their free time in Nepal because of its quality. First of all, it is easy to swipe up the character, which makes its control even better and has the flexibility to run.

The game is so much adventurous and attractive that you will keep playing it until your battery gets down once you start to play it. Housewife also gives much interest in these games, which have an endless journey and can play offline.

Overall, it is a beautiful game with a strong focus and fun inside it and helps Nepalese women to spend their time. It is less than 50 M.B.M.B. and can be installed in medium to the higher version of the android phone. It is also a successful mobile game and has collaborated with Movie Company like Disney and many more.

So, it is preferred by many housewives of Nepal, and they spend their time playing temple run. People usually think that both husband and wife go to work in the day time, but Nepal, most of the women stay in the home.

They don’t work but take the whole family’s responsibility, and their daytime is almost free every day. An offline game like temple run becomes a vital role in giving them quality time and entertainment.

The internet is not available in most rural parts of Nepal, so playing online games is also impossible for housewives. That is also the reason it is popular in Nepal gaming society too. 

  1. Subway surfers

A subway surfer is considered as one of the best games for housewives and most colorful games in the gaming community. It is so attractive due to its graphic design and funny quality of sound in it. When you swipe to jump or use any gift like a skateboard, the sound quality is so much satisfying.

It is also the endless running game from traffic police, developed by the kilo and sybo games. Its released date was 2012 A.D.A.D., and at that time, it attracts lots of gamers around the world.

Subway surfers
Subway surfers

You don’t need the InternetInternet to play subway surfers so, and it is a single-player game mode where gamer don’t need other players to support.  


A subway surfer is one of Nepal’s famous games, too, especially for youth and homemakers. You can see them playing most of the time, and it also gives rewards as a gift whenever you successfully run a given distance.

This game doesn’t have any complicated process to play so, and women are interested in it. They can click the play button and start to play by a simple method like jumping whenever you face train or other obstacles.

It is one of the good animated games and has a huge fan base in Nepal. You can also use a skateboard and flying jet for more adventure and save from traffic police. 

  1. Chess

Chess is famous around the world, and a board game develops it in android and pc. We can also play in real but for two players is most needed but as we are talking about the housewife, it would be right and best games for housewives on the mobile phone. Chess is also represented as a classy game and started many centuries ago by older adults.

So, slowly people make it more advanced, but wherever we played it, the format is always the same for this game. Boardgame developed it on mobile and put the A.I. system to play it without other players. 


Nepali homemakers often never engaged in official work so, they have lots of free time, but they are confused about using it. Chess becomes a good game for them because it will also teach your brain to work efficiently and create more focus.

In other words, those housewives are more creative and talented compares to other game players. It is developed from the real game, so women will learn fast to play it because they most have played it in real many times. It is also the best game for every age group that will boost your brain to work even better.

It is an offline game, and women can play it without any internet, which helps them play anytime and anywhere. It’s a strategy and tactics game where you use your full brain and follow the patterns. Nepali housewives usually play chess whenever they feel the board and get free every day.

  1. Talking tom

Well, talking about the talking tom, it is developed by samo login, which is initially adopted by the T.V. series. This is one of the best games for housewives, funniest and enjoyable games for women in Nepal.

They love to play these games, which has a significant visual effect like tom in the game. Tom is the 3D character in the game, which will repeat your sentence but with a humorous style. You can hear your voice and sound in a childish way, which seems cute for most of us.

Talking tom game best games for housewives
Talking tom game

A Cat that is shown in the game attracts your eyes with its cuteness so, it is more effective in women. There are various feathers you can use with your sound in this game.

Talking tom is a kind of funny recording game on the mobile, and you can play it anywhere without the InternetInternet. Nepalese housewife keeps playing with it most of their free time and shares in social media like Facebook and Twitter.

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The best way to entertain yourself by hearing your voice with numerous sound effect make you laugh a lot. They can also play with the character, which has some action feathers like punching and crying.

You can do lots of funny things with that character in the game and use other wonderful, funny things. Talking tom is famous in Nepal, and we can see that small and women are playing with it most of the time. 

  1. Hungry shark

Hungry shark is a kind of virtual game where you will get the fullest sea site scene and enjoy the shark’s character. The future game of Landon develops it at the end of 2015 for android mobile and pc.

It is such a great animated game and best games for housewives with fantastic sound quality to play and even gets a successful gaming community entry. Even personally, I love this game and enjoy it a lot in my free time because it’s not a less quality game at all.

You will find the different sizes of sharks to choose and play but fulfill the mission to unlock them. The fascinating feathers which everyone out there liked the most are its controlling system.

Hungry shark evolution
Hungry shark evolution

Hungry shark has such a smooth control and a straightforward way of playing; it is also why women love to play it. It will cover less space on your phone, and you can play it without any internet connection.

It means you can play it from any part of the country, even so, rural part, and its fun to play inside the ocean. Housewife attracts fast towards those games that have quality and outstanding visual effects and easy to play. I have seen my mother playing a hungry shark whenever it gets free, and she can also click the picture and post on social media.

Due to its beautiful feathers and challenging levels where you need to give your best, make it worthy of playing. This game has a great future in Nepal as we can see people are attracted, especially women and kids these days.

  1. Card game

A card game is one of the best and popular games in Nepal, too, and the mobile version of a card game is awesome. When we talk about the card game, we may doubt playing it by girls in Nepal, but they are good players.

There are various types of card games in Nepal, like teen Patti and call a break, which is also well known worldwide. Card game in real life is also famous in Nepal, especially in the festival like dashai and tihar. You can see both men and women love to play it whenever they become free from household activities. 

Callbreak multiplayer
Callbreak multiplayer

After the games like poker and other game companies adopt the real card game in the android version, it becomes easier to play. There is a countless version of card game in an offline version, and you can choose anyone you would like.

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We have seen Nepali housewives usually prefer to call break as a card game and enjoy it by playing in their free time. These games have reasonable and realistic graphics, even offline, and rules are straightforward to learn. It will automatically teach new players all the rules so that women can play within no time.

There are levels and challenges as well, and most important is to use tricks and use your brain as real. Other additional feathers like there already 3 A.I.A.I. members to support you so; you don’t need other people to play it. 

  1. Piano tiles

A piano tile, one of the best games for housewives, is perfectly fitted in women’s interest and their personalities to play the game. There are two different parts of this game because the first one hit so successful in the gaming community.

We can also consider it as one of the best musical games in the play store with so many beautiful tunes. A piano tile is an attractive game, and whenever you start to play it for one time, you will continue it till the end.

It is an endless game with excellent graphics so, that is also the reason women like to play it even more. A cheetah mobile umoni studio develops it, and it can be played in android and window pc. 

Piano tiles
Piano tiles

Piano tile is a single-player game and released on March 18, 2014, and it has kept many records as well. There are many reasons to have this game in mobile for Nepali homemakers like an offline game and a big fan.

It has many challenging levels, and the most exciting fact about this game is, you can break the world record on your own. Nepali housewife is continuously trying their best to break the record, but difficulty arrives when you start to level up.

It will increase the tiles’ speed when you start to get better, and better than the number of tiles will automatically increase too. Women respond so positively towards this game in Nepal, and they have a very wonderful experience.  

  1. Hill climb racing

Fingersoft Company develops Hill climb racing on September 22, 2012, which hit the market hard. This game has even won lots of titles and awards back to its release date, and people love it so much. It has a significant graphic and sound effect and can play it offline, which is suitable for everyone.

Hill climb racing is about the vehicles trying to earn coin in different planets and places. It is like jumping and running with limited fuel, but you will get when you reach in time.

Hill climb racing
Hill climb racing

So much fun to play, and hearing its sound will bring new energy to your gaming sprite. I have personal experience with this game, and it made my whole month, which is so fantastic to play. 

It has various feathers like you can play in a dark mood; you can choose any vehicles with different functions and other many more. a Housewife will indeed play it due to its versatile mode and flexibility in the game. They can play offline without any charge, and it has very easy rules and control systems for players.

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Hill climb racing used to update its gaming feathers more than two times per year. a Housewife can experience lots of new gaming fun and can enjoy being an offline gamer. You can assume that hill climbing racing is one of the best games for housewives and top adventure games women can play in Nepal without any cost. 

  1. Puzzle game

It is a type of game that helps people in two ways: entertainment and another will boost your brain. There are numerous games inside the puzzle-like classic and another challenging one.

Nepali housewife usually plays word puzzle like you need to find the missing alphabet in a word. Other puzzles include many mathematics games like multiple and division and counting missing numbers. These games are very challenging, but at the same time, there are various rewards to take you to the next level.

Christmas Gift for Teen Girl 2017

Having a great graphic and easy rules also lead to giving more fun for housewife in Nepal. You can play very little game offline these days which have lovely quality and save your space too.

Puzzles usually cover less space of your mobile and can be played in a lower version like 3.0.0 too. So, Nepali housewife carries a specific limited mobile phone with a medium range of space and puzzle game will run smoothly in these mobile devices. It is one of the best games for housewives who are smart and intellectual.

  1. Quiz up

Plain vanilla games develop it in 2013 A.D.A.D. and gains over 20 million players within 6 years. We can play it in both modes like multiplayer and single-player too.

If you are playing the multiplayer version, then you certainly need the InternetInternet, but for single-player offline will be the best option. This is a game and a chance to enhance your mind through different topics and facts. Players will indeed find it more fascinating and worthy to play in their free time.

As we talk about the housewife, they love to play it because there are more than 1200 topics in the quiz. They can find many questions and answers from various sectors that help them know more about those things.

Lok Sewa Nepal Nayab Subba Kharidar General Knowledge Questions answers Quiz Nepali

So, quiz up is so much flexible with super exciting feathers, and it will be one of the best games for women in Nepal. It will be more useful for mobile users, and you don’t need an internet connection to play this game on your phone. It has a very light space cover-up to play it even in the simple version of android.

  1. Ludo king

The gametion technology Pvt ltd develops Ludo King on February 20, 2016 A.D. Ludo is one of the realistic game in all over the world and mostly played in Asian countries.

We can also buy it in many stationery and lit look like a square board with 16 different colors, round goti, and a dice. Ludo king is inspired by a real game called Ludo, whose origin is in India. It is also called a childhood game because we have so many memories with this game. Nepali housewives will love it and enjoy it as a real one.

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 It is a multiplayer game, but in the absence of another team member, you can also play as a single player with A.IA.I. It has a huge craze in Nepal, too. We can often see the whole family member is playing Ludo king in their free time.


It is a family game, so; women even enjoy playing this game with their family members in the house. It is a beautiful game with various virtual colors, and rules are also so simple to learn.

You don’t need to have too much space to have this game in your android, and obviously, no charges. This game is one of the liked games in the Nepalese community among housewives and simple too.

  1. Archery 3D

Archery 3D is the best version of focus and enjoyable game in which you will feel too real about everything. The original game adopts it contain archery competition in Olympic and another gaming part. It has a superb visual effect with quality sound and challenging.

I have heard many players talking about its challenge parts like hitting in the middle when the disk is swinging, and others are to hit from too long distance. It will also help to increase the focus and excitement of the players.

Archer 3D
Archer 3D

Nepali housewives love to play, which has good content and a level of challenge with excitement. You can compete in many leagues in this game won the rewards that help you buy a new bow and arrow.

These fresh and healthy arrows will let you focus more and hit in the bull eye. It also provides a premium version, but you need to pay for that; otherwise, many primary feathers can be found offline.

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It is also the most realistic and worth to give you an experience of real-time playing on your phone. Even women can easily control this game and its character, but at the same time, they have a significant challenge.

  1. Angry bird

Angry bird is a fantastic game and an animated movie at the same time because of its story and realistic characters. It was developed by Ravio entertainment in 2009 A.D.A.D. as a puzzle game, and it hit the floor. It has many levels, but first, you need to cross each level, and it is a kind of challenging game.

It would be best if you had a perfect calculation to play this game because it is all about using birds to break the towers. There are various kinds of bird-like animated characters with attractive colors, and its background is also so cool.  

Angry bird
Angry bird

Nepali housewives indeed love this game, and we also have an excellent record of playing angry birds by girls in Nepal. You should have a medium and high version of mobile to play this game, but offline. Even it is an offline game, there are many more levels, some are easy, and some seem hard.

Angry bird is so famous that it has its brand and has many clothing brands. Women used to wear those attractive and cool clothes of angry birds, which also proved their interest in this game. Angry birds game has very simple rules and a controlling system; even a few years old, children can play it.

  1. Fruit ninja

Fruit Ninja was developed and released by Halfbrick Company in 2010 A.D., and we all know that it is game is available in every android at that time. It is also a famous game among kids because of its enjoyable gameplay like you need to cut fruits by swing your finger on the screen.

There are also hurdles and challenges like jumping bombs instead of fruits, and if you missed that too, then game over. You will also see different types of fruits and can learn something from this game too.

It is also directly relatable with Nepali housewives because they love to cut fruits and vegetables. They will get more fun by cutting and playing fruit ninja, and a unique feather is its smooth touch. Players don’t need to touch so hard or push any button like other games.

Instead, just a smooth swipe will enough. It supports every mobile, even a shallow version of android, and women can play it without any cost. Fruit ninja also represents itself as a less consuming battery well playing it, and that is also the most significant plus point for homemakers to play it.

Players can play through single-player mode or multiplayer mood whichever they like. Homemakers can play it when they have free time, and they can enjoy it as a pulpy adventure.

In conclusion, Nepali housewives enjoy some of the above good offline games and even play with their families. The above games have easy control, and players will get a fantastic experience while playing them.

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