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Best A Level College in Kathmandu, Nepal: – The Cambridge A / AS levels are internationally recognized qualifications that are well prepared for higher education.

They are part of the Cambridge Advanced stage. They are accepted in more than 125 countries and offer a selection of 60 different themes.

The Cambridge A / AS qualifications are recognized and appreciated by universities and employers alike. Thus, some universities in the United States give credit for up to one year.

Each year, thousands of Cambridge international students get a place at good universities around the world, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.

The G.C.E A program means the General Certificate of Education and the Advanced Level Program of the University of Cambridge U.K. The university is one of the largest universities in the world.

The General Advanced Examination Certificate (GCE) is determined and evaluated by the University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE).

Best and top A level college in Nepal: A level stands for Advanced level. It is the general certificate of education qualification, equivalent to the intermediated level student of Nepal. It is two years of duration.


The first year is A1 Level and the second year is the A2 level. Students who have passed SLC (secondary level education)in Nepal can get admitted to A level.

A level, students can go to the University entrance. Since there are large numbers of A-level colleges in Nepal, most of the students will be in a dilemma in which college is right for them.

In Nepal, the Level A program is facilitated and approved by the Ministry of Education and the Department of International Programs and Qualifications. The Level A courses correspond to the Level +2 programs of the Board of Higher Secondary Education of Nepal.

Table of Contents

=> Little Angel’s College
=> Xavier International college
=> Kathmandu Valley Higher secondary school
=> Malpi International college
=> Orient college of science and management
=> Chelsea International Academy
=> Ace Institute of Management
=> The British college
=> St. Xavier college
=> Trinity international college
=> Gandaki Boarding Higher Secondary School
=> Kathmandu Academy
=> Saipal Academy
=> Lumbini International College
=> Novel Academy
=> Cosmos International College
=> Rato Bangala School
=> Budhanilkantha Higher Secondary School
=> Butwal Public School

Top 19 Best A Level College in Nepal (Kathmandu and other regions of Nepal)

If you are waiting for your SLC result and planning to pursue A level education then, here are the top 10 A level college in Nepal. Here in this article, we are enlisting top A level college in Nepal. Here they are…

  1. Little Angel’s College – A Level College in Kathmandu Nepal

It was founded in 1997 under NEF. NEF stands for the Nepal Education Foundation which was founded by a group of experienced educationists. The college has been providing quality education to the students since its establishment. So, it is one of the best colleges in Nepal.

Little Angles College Kathmandu Nepal
Little Angles College Kathmandu Nepal

It has been offering A level to the students with innovative teaching methods due to which the passed out students have outstanding performance in the final examinations. It is situated in Hattiban, Lalitpur.

  1. Xavier International college – A Level College in Kathmandu, Nepal

Since its establishment, it has been providing outstanding education to the students. It was established in 2000 and it has grown its brand name throughout the country.

xavier international college in Nepal
xavier international college in Nepal

Its education quality has been so much accredited by the students since it has been developing the independent work habit among the students and taking responsibility for their own.

Besides A level, it has been offering +2, school level, and Montessori pre-school. It is a member of HISSAN, PABSON, and CEAN. It is situated in Kalopul, Kathmandu.

  1. Kathmandu Valley Higher secondary school

Kathmandu valley Higher secondary school shortly known as KVHSS is providing high-quality education to its students. It has 31 years of dedicated service in the field of education. It has been encouraging, challenging, and nurturing the student to perform their best abilities.

Kathmandu Valley Higher secondary school Nepal
Kathmandu Valley Higher secondary school Nepal

It has been maintaining its excellence in academic records with extra curriculum activities. It offers school, higher secondary school, bachelors and A level courses to students.

If you want to know more about this college, you can visit its official site www.kvhss.edu.np. It is situated in Maharajgung, Kathmandu.

  1. Malpi International college – A Level College in Kathmandu, Nepal

Malpi International college was established in 1998 with a slogan of ‘’a tradition of excellence’’. It is situated in Baluwater, Subarna Shumsher Marg. It’s building gives a very impressive look to its visitors. It has already gained a reputation with its excellent education.

Malpi College Kathmandu Nepal
Malpi College Kathmandu Nepal

It has been offering A level of Cambridge University, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) of Pokhara University. Its A-level education is one of the most prominent education in Nepal. To know more about A level from this college, you can visit its official website www.mic.edu.np. You can also visit the college.

  1. Orient college of science and management

It was founded in 2003 in Maharajgunj with a group of excellent educationists, academicians, social workers, and scholars with more than 18 years of experience in the field of education.

With a very short period of time, it has been a popular name among parents and students.

orient college in Nepal for a level college in Nepal
orient college in Nepal

With its slogan ‘’Education for excellence’’, it has been providing an excellent education to the students with the view to bring out the potential of the youth for the nation-building.


It’s A level is one of the most famous compared to other colleges. To know more about the courses and fees, you can visit www.orientcollege.com.

  1. Chelsea International Academy

Chelsea college in Nepal
Chelsea college in Nepal

Chelsea International Academy is established in 2005 with a motive to help students to achieve academic excellence with practical work experience. It is run by the excellent and prominent academicians.

Besides A level, it is also focusing on Pre-Primary school, Primary school, and secondary school. It is situated in New Baneshwor, Kathmandu.

It has a well facilities lab, internet facility, audio-visual aid, and a rich library. Its motto is Vision through virtue and is committed to producing the human resource capable of contributing to the development of Nepal. For more information, visit the academy or its official site www.chelseinternational.com.

  1. Ace Institute of Management

ace college in Nepal
ace college in Nepal

Since its foundation in 1999, it has been a leading institution with a vision to enhance the abilities of the students to help in the nation-building program.

It has been offering A-Level for 9 years and it has been able to distinguish itself from other institutions with its individual-centered approach to learning. Its focus is on science and management stream.

It is situated in Sinamangal, Kathmandu. For more details about the A level in ACE, please visit the site www.acelevel.edu.np.

  1. The British college – A Level College in Kathmandu, Nepal

The British College was formed with the aim to provide the British-style education system to the students of Nepal. It is founded by a group of expatriate parents from Britain.

The british college kathmandu nepal
The British College in Kathmandu Nepal

It was established in 1966 but it got authorized from a government of Nepal in 1967. Its main motive is to provide an international community-based education system in Nepal. It is located in Sanepa, Kathmandu. For more details, visit its official site www.tbskathmandu.org

  1. St. Xavier college – A Level College in Kathmandu, Nepal

St. Xavier college is one of the most famous colleges in Nepal. Every year, thousands of students give an entrance exam just to make their place in the limited seat.

St. Xavier's College Kathmandu Nepal
St. Xavier’s College Kathmandu Nepal

It was established in 1988 under the Nepal Jesuit Society.
It has been helping students to enhance their inner ability to become the leader. It is situated in Maitighar, Kathmandu. If you have any queries, visit www.sxc.edu.np. You can also send the email to ktm@sxc.edu.np.

  1. Trinity international college

Trinity is best known for its academic excellence. It’s A level is very famous among the students. It has state of art infrastructure and its academy is managed by dedicated professionals.

Trinity International college Kathmandu Nepal
Trinity International college

Besides, A level has been providing +2, BBS, and BA programs of Tribhuvan University. It is one of the leading education providers in Nepal. It is situated in Dillibazar, Kathmandu.

  1. Gandaki Boarding Higher Secondary School

This boarding school is located in Lamachaur, Pokhara in the district of Kaski. The upper secondary boarding school of Gandaki offers a certificate of general education for advanced levels or A.

This is the gold standard of examinations of the University of Cambridge (CIE) in the world. It has exactly the same value if students are admitted to all universities, as is the case in Great Britain. It is also recognized as proof of the academic capacity to enter universities, colleges, and professional programs.

Gandaki Boarding Higher Secondary School Pokhara Nepal
Gandaki Boarding Higher Secondary School

The qualification is recognized in the United Kingdom, Universities of the European Union, Australia, the United States of America, New Zealand, India, Singapore, and other countries.

The Cambridge A levels are a level test in which AS and A2 level exams can be taken in separate sessions. Candidates will join Level A2 during the twelve months of the academic calendar and level A2 at the end of the next twelve months to reach levels A.

They offer purely natural science subjects: physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, computer science, and general paper. Normally only 5 subjects are taken. Occasionally, exceptional students take 4 subjects, including general essays, which are required to continue the degree in India and Nepal.

The school was opened with the goal of providing international standard education to satisfy the thirst of high school students in the Western Development Region.

Believing only in the holistic development of a child, students are encouraged to create a welcoming environment for their spiritual, physical, and social development.

The school offers a comprehensive education that challenges the mind, body, and mind of the student. Combine freedom with responsibility and reason with emotions. As a non-profit organization, the school’s goal is to provide quality education at affordable prices.

Character, service, and knowledge are his school motto. The level A exam is established and evaluated by the international examinations of the University of Cambridge at the secondary boarding school Gandaki Higher, formerly known as Nepal Adarsha Vidyalaya, on June 11, 1966, as a result of the establishment of three groups:
i) The United Mission in Nepal.
ii) the bright hospital and
iii) the local community.

Originally, the facilities were primitive, with all buildings made of straw, mud, and bamboo. There were only 45 interns attended by 5 teachers. It was designated in 1985 as a mixed regional school with English as a teaching tool in an agreement between the Government of Nepal and the United Mission in Nepal.


The first group of 10 + 2 students enrolled in 1992. Before starting education 10 + 2; The students prepared for the O level study for several years.

  1. Kathmandu Academy – A-Level College in Kathmandu, Nepal

The Kathmandu Academy is located in Sano Gaucharan, Kathmandu, and is the oldest private institution to teach level A education in Nepal since 1988. This co-educational institution was founded with the mission of contributing to society through education and learning at the highest international level.

The academy, which serves as a flagship for higher education in the country, provides an excellent educational experience for every student through the integration of education and service.

Kathmandu Academy
Kathmandu Academy

The university was founded with the vision of being recognized internationally as one of the leading institutions that train leaders and offers outstanding educational programs with a global perspective based on knowledge, compassion, and understanding, offering students “A” Levels.

The College is committed to providing a wide range of opportunities and academic experiences for students of different ages, backgrounds, interests, and needs.

It seeks to provide a contemporary collection of topics that allow students to become an intelligent and caring person who can function as a contributing and productive member of society.

Founded in 1988, the academy is located in a quiet area on the premises of the HSB Mahendra Bhawan school in Sano Gaucharan in Kathmandu, the capital. It is the oldest private facility that provides a level A rating in Nepal.

It is coeducational and sees its main strength as small size, along with a friendly and attentive approach. In essence, the academy clearly creates a friendly, informal, and bright atmosphere that is conducive to the conscious students who perform well.

No student can get lost in the crowd. All students are interviewed to rate the Academy’s offers according to their realistic expectations. Most subjects have an average of six to ten students.

This allows for a student-centered approach that allows faculty members to interact directly with each individual. No assumptions are made about a student’s prior knowledge and understanding is established systematically.

The lessons are well structured and students here find the course material interesting. Learning is emphasized by living interaction and obvious enjoyment.

The teaching style aims to be positive, encouraging, and understanding of the challenges of the students. His supportive, test-oriented approach was consistently successful. All Academy students seek higher academic degrees at universities around the world. Its application is facilitated throughout the Academy.

The Academy has an excellent reputation for having teachers whose passion and enthusiasm for the subject are contagious. The students have regularly achieved high marks.

All courses cover all aspects of the curriculum, do not make any cuts, and require prior knowledge of the student. They can do this because they are willing to establish more contact between students and faculty members.

  1. Saipal Academy – A Level College in Kathmandu, Nepal

The college is located in Dhumbarahi, Kathmandu, Collage is one of the recognized colleges whose teaching and learning is fundamental to the international recognition of the qualifications it accepts for recognition and evaluation by educational institutions and employers around the world.

Cambridge curricula are flexible and adapt to local experiences. They result in an interesting study and a highly relevant qualification. The exams are conducted and moderated by UCLES (University Exam Center Cambridge University), which takes place every six months.

Saipal Academy
Saipal Academy

This allows students to prepare easily if they want to take part in exams. There are a variety of subjects and curricula that are adapted to the needs of students from a global perspective.

The Saipal Academy is a world-class college preparatory school that has been recognized and nationally authorized by the University of Cambridge. U. K. offer the three departments of Upper secondary, primary, intermediate, secondary, and secondary A offers students a passport to the best universities in the world.

The advanced course provides a good foundation for students entering college or university for further study. A wide range of subjects offered in A-Level offers students the opportunity to create their own subjects from different subjects, which reflects their area of interest, potential, and career prospects.

Saipal offers all the important topics to enter the fields of medicine, technology, administration, and humanities.

  1. Lumbini International College

Lumbini International College (LIC) is one of the few A-level colleges (advanced level) in the country, run by a professional A-level teaching team that specializes in pre-university education.

According to the spirit of the university, the university combines approaches of informal and adult education; With a disciplined system, each student’s work is carefully monitored.

Its objective is to provide solid scientific bases, achieve excellent results in exams, and achieve a mature and independent attitude that is essential for life’s opportunities.

Lumbini International College
Lumbini International College

Their totally international curricula and co-curricular educational programs provide students with the preparation to enter the best universities in the world.

Lumbini International College for the Advanced Level Certificate GCE, commonly known as A-Level, a course designed and conducted by the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom, equivalent to 10 + 2 grades as part of the Board of Higher Secondary Education (HSEB), Nepal
LIC is a mixed university in a safe area (Mahalakshmisthan, Lalitpur-5) in the heart of the Kathmandu Valley.

The university offers close academic attention and a pleasant environment with a high level of pastoral care for its students. Private lessons for individuals are an important and unique component of SCI, in addition to group lessons.

LIC provides a high quality “educational experience” that aims to provide each student with an individualized approach. They are committed to improving the range and quality of all activities so that students become sensitive, understanding, confident, and competent and can only be supported by a learning environment of exceptional quality.

  1. Novel Academy – A-Level College in Kathmandu, Nepal

International Exams from the University of Cambridge have offered Advanced Certificate of Education (GCE), Advanced Subsidiary (AS) and Advanced Level (A) degrees in more than 150 countries for more than 50 years.

Over the years, these programs have become a hallmark of the development of vital educational skills, including knowledge recovery, problem-solving, decision making, evaluation, and research skills. The AS and A levels are recognized worldwide by both education providers and employers.

Novel Academy Nepal
Novel Academy Nepal

The GCE AS and A-Levels exams are determined and reviewed by a panel of international examiners at the University of Cambridge. The AS and A-level exams are held twice a year in May-June and October-November, and the results are published within two months of the exams.

NOVEL ACADEMY officially became the Novel Academy Kaski (P) Ltd. on December 2, 2002. Registered in the registration office of the government company of Nepal as an academic consulting institution.

Novel Academy is located at the University of Cambridge International Examinations, United Kingdom, Nepal, and at the Ministry of Education and Sports, Nepal, which offers Level A and Level A courses in Pokhara at the University of Cambridge.

The Novel Academy has its own place (formerly Hotel Chautari) in Neue Straße. The newly acquired premises of the Novel Academy are located in the heart of the city of Pokhara. Ideally located in a quiet and peaceful environment, it is broad enough to complete curricular, extracurricular, and curricular activities.

  1. Cosmos International College

Nepal Cosmos International College is located in Palikhe Chowk in Pokhara and is facilitated by the advanced level qualifications of GCE called A-Level.

GCE has been offering A-level qualifications in more than seventy different subjects in more than a hundred different countries for more than half a century. Students must select their combination of at least four subjects from the lists, including the mandatory general document.

The course consists of two parts. One is known as the Advanced Affiliate (AS) curriculum. It covers the first half of the course. Half of the offer is known as the A2 curriculum.

Cosmos International College Kathmandu Nepal
Cosmos International College

It covers the second half of the course. A student who completes a level A qualification can take two separate exams during the two years of preparation or take a final exam after two years.

The A-level exams are held twice a year around the world, in May / June and October / November.

Cosmos College is the first choice for students of the A-Level program of the University of Cambridge in Nepal. Since its founding in Pokhara in 2003, Cosmos has been a fast-growing Abitur wheel accessible to all.

At Cosmos, a group of excellent teachers is training students in an exceptionally conducive learning environment, equipped with sophisticated technologies.

You, young people, have the opportunity to participate in various programs to build leadership and improve personal dynamism. They prepare aspiring students for future leadership with solid science and professional skills.

  1. Rato Bangala School – A Level College in Kathmandu, Nepal

Since its inception in 1992, Rato Bangala has been offering student-centered education to students between six and eighteen years of age. The school offers a rigorous curriculum with updated teaching methods, good facilities, and trained teachers.

After completing the SLC exam in Class X, students begin the Advanced (A) two-year course, conducted by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). Students wishing to participate in this program will apply immediately after the SLC exams.

The Rato Bangala School is a registered Cambridge International Examination Center. The Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) offer international courses, exams, and qualifications to students from all over the world.

Rato Bangala School
Rato Bangala School

One level, as its name implies, is an advanced international degree for students with academic inclinations. The courses prepare them for higher education anywhere in the world.

Rato Bangala is a daytime mixed school that also houses a teacher training institute. It seeks to replicate its innovative teaching methods and high-quality teaching (the so-called Rato-Bangala method) in schools throughout Nepal.

Rato Bangala opened its doors in 1992 in Lalitpur, Nepal, with the obligation to prepare Nepalese students for analytical and independent thinkers who are aware of the current situation and the potential of the country.

In order for learning to be meaningful and relevant, the school works closely with parents and the community. It highlights cooperative action, social services, and critical thinking.

By recognizing individual skills and strengths, Rato Bangala encourages students to become lifelong learners. The school believes that academic excellence must go hand in hand with social and emotional growth. With its rigorous and inspiring curriculum, the school helps develop self-confidence and articulate individuals committed to justice and development.

  1. Budhanilkantha Higher Secondary School – A Level College in Kathmandu, Nepal

The Budhanilkantha School, located in the impressive panorama of the capital, Kathmandu, is the government that is known as the “National School” of Nepal.

It is a public school shared in English that teaches classes from 5 to 12, including the advanced level of the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom. Founded in 1972 with the Government of Nepal and the Government of the United Kingdom, the school has the sole objective of providing quality education “rich and poor” in an environment that promotes unity and equality.

During the first two decades of its existence, the school was run by several British directors who had done an excellent job in making the school a center of excellence.

Budhanilkantha Higher Secondary School Nepal
Budhanilkantha Higher Secondary School

The school covers 29 hectares of land (574 companies) and has excellent physical facilities for a primary school of first grade. Meritorious students come from all corners of Nepal and represent different races, ethnic groups, cultures, and socioeconomic levels.

About a third of the total student population receives a scholarship as part of the government grant. The scholarship is offered to deserving and needy students after a highly selective entrance exam, which takes place throughout the country each year.

In addition to the high academic standards, the Budhanilkantha School also provides multi-dimensional skills and leadership through a variety of sports and extracurricular activities. Most graduates get scholarships to attend prestigious colleges and universities around the world.

The school is administered by the Public Educational Trust, the main administrator is the Ministry of Education. The Board of Directors and the School Administration Committee (SMC) are chaired by the Secretary of Education.

The Budhanilkantha Alumni Society (SEBS), the Alumni Association, and the Budhanilkantha Friends School (FOBS) are the two organizations that are very interested in the welfare of the school.

  1. Butwal Public School

The public school of Butwal ‘A’ Level College has been preparing students since 2059. B. S. for the school exit exam. They are now introducing the Advanced Certificate of Education (GCE) qualification through exams, which are established and evaluated by the University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE).

Admission to this program begins immediately after the baccalaureate exam (S.L.C). Butwal Public School was founded in 2059 in Baisakh under the motto “Learning through exercise”.

Cultural Program Dance Butwal Public School Nepal
Cultural Program by Butwal Public School

The school was founded by Mr. Hemlal Sharma as founding president and Mrs. Meera Sharma (founder), including Bishnu Bashyal, Mrs. Premkala Belbase, and Mrs. Tejinder Verma as founding teachers. The first female student who joined BPS was Susmita Poudel in the first grade.

The first year of school, 2059 BS, had only 22 students up to the first grade. He was executed in a rented building. The school was moved to its own school building in Shankarnagar-8. There were 125 students at grade V in 2060 BS.

The unique design of the building with its infrastructure and high-quality education has been and has been judged by all.

The school has been organizing various teacher training programs since 2060 with several national and international professional trainers, including JR Praser from India, Devi Lal Joshi, Budhanilkantha School in Kathmandu, and currently Parshuram Niraula from the National Teacher Training Center in Kathmandu.

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