21 Benefits of Twitter For Every Internet User


21 ways twitter helps you

Do you know what is twittering? Of course, yes.  Twitter is an online social networking media service and micro blogging service which provides its users to send and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters, known as “tweets”. Importance of twitter is not hidden to anybody. It’s an open book. I think there are 21 benefits of twitter for our better daily life. If you want to be among the people, if you want to maintain your busy life easier then of course the importance of twitter you know. So, I find here are 21 ways that helps you for your better daily life. Let’s check out the benefits and advantages of twitter or reasons to start twittering.


  1. Twitter helps you to send message in a free:  It is not payable social media website. It is free. To open an account on twitter, you don’t have to pay anybody anything. It’s totally free to send message to anybody to your followers.
  2. Twitter helps you to enable to share your experiences: There are many more followers who want to know about your experiences. So, first reason to use twitter is sharing your personal experience. So, tell your experience, feeling, thoughts with the world.
  3. Twitter helps you to post in any language: Are your English language is second language? You don’t have to worry. It supports all the common language.
  4. Twitter helps you to get connected in all the Internet devices: There are 6 billion people on Earth and 4 billion of them have twitter ready devices. You can play with twitter in all the internet accessible devices even in cell phones too. You can send message to your followers via your accessible devices.
  5. Twitter helps you to make a better writer: There is a limit of characters of your sentences of your post on twitter. It only allows the twitter to post until 140 characters at a time. As a result, while posting your post, you will have to be concise. It is a platform of short message, short sentences, and short paragraph. Yes, it is a hallmark of good writing skills.
  6. Twitter helps you to get more than 70,000 apps to say your experiences: Twitter is open source. There are more than 70,000 safe apps to say and customize your experiences and thoughts.
  7. Twitter helps you to stay connected with people: It is a very good social network website that makes help to keep connecting with people about you want to care. It is contributing to make a huge community building on not only the internet world but also on the real world. Because we all are busy with own world like careers, jobs, office, family, school, colleges, etc. To keep up with other friends, it is a best to stay connected with them in very funny way. And it is very easy, not difficult.
  8. Twitter helps you to introduce to make a new friend: Like Facebook or other social media websites, twitter also helps you to make a new friend. There is no boundary. You can make several friends via twitter. Just clicking and playing twitter, you can make a community of all over the world as you interest.
  9. Twitter helps you to send message very faster:  It is such type of technology that sends message in a seconds. One can send message to all of his/her followers or to just one follower only. Twittering a message on twitter, after sometime one can forget to send text message.
  10. Twitter helps you to think about your life: While posting any message in your post, you will think what are you doing? Is it good to post or not? It makes you more thoughtful about your life.
  11. Twitter helps to keep up gaining knowledge: There are several post you are getting information via twitter about books, music, movies, software, gadgets, breaking news, and scandals from real people. It may be more valuable for you. So it makes to help to increase you knowledge store house.
  12. Twitter helps you to create traffic for your blog or website: If you have your personal blog or website, then twitter is a very good means to rise up your blog or website. It is shown that twitter is raising the traffic with the link of twitter you have posted. You can take benefits of this facility too. Give link in your twitter profile or post.
  13. Twitter helps you to get entertainment and fun: All you know like your friends, family member, celebrity, friends of friends, boss, employer, TV, news, music channels, movies channels, employees, classmates, etc are there on twitter. People you are about to care and people to whom you are to care about, all are there on the twitter. So playing twitter gives you fun and entertainment.
  14. Twitter helps you to save time: As a boundary of 140 character of twittering at once, you will save time from longer message. To express your feelings, it just takes your few seconds. It doesn’t require your huge investment of time. It has the best technologies and installed software to spread your brand message in less than 8 seconds all over the world.
  15. Twitter helps you to build your personal brand: When people read your profile, what comes to his/her mind? What is your reputation? It is platform to build a “brand promise”.
  16. Twitter helps you to influence what don’t expect: Twitter is not what you know. it is what you don’t know. It is bigger than your thought. It is the easiest way to connect to influence other people including politicians, celebrities and industrialist just a moment raising your brand awareness.
  17. Twitter helps you to solve your problems or get several answers of your one question:  It has diversification system. Post your question in your post, after sometime answers are coming to you. Solution of your problem is coming to you from several twitters.
  18. Twitter helps you to spread your experience into other social media. It can be a platform to spread your message to all over the world in just a moment. News, ideas, brand stories and rumors spread at the speed of light on twitter. Your status, information, feelings that spreads on spreads on twitter will trickle down to virtually all other social media platforms.
  19. Twitter helps you to pursue your passion: A key for happier life is to have much more fun. But sometimes, you don’t have time to pursue your passion as much as you’d like. But if you can’t find the time, or if you’d like to spend even more time on your passion than you do, Twitter is a great source of conversation and ideas which gives you fun and to pursue your passion.
  20. Twitter helps you to laugh: On twitter, if you follow some very funny people, then you can get more reasons and materials that make you laughing person. Reading 140 characters message takes just a few seconds, but it is enough to make one laugh and refresh one’s mood.
  21. Twitter helps you to maintain relationship: All we know that this is technology era. It became modern. Technology has changes us much more.  It helps to maintain your relationships that are not to lose relationships and strengthen strong relationship. You can handle your relationship via Twitter. Twitter along with your blogs, websites, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, and all the rest, helps you to keep maintaining little connection with lots of people without much effort.

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