Reasons Why Beef Meat in Nepal is Restricted to Eat

They do not like to eat chicken as their interpretation is that they eat an only endemic variety of birds ami, not the exotic one. Newars especially eat the meat of wild boar. Fish is eaten by the majority of Nepalese. Some Brahmins do not eat only meat, fish, egg but also onions and tomatoes. Most of the people in the Tarai like fish.

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Beef is not at all eaten by Nepalese as it is taboo and it is greatly abhorred. It is prohibited to slaughter a cow in Nepal as it is the national animal. The scientific explanations for it are the following:

Cows are worshiped and considered to be the axis on which the economy of an agricultural country like Nepal revolves. Lord Vishnu and the Cow are regarded as identical. She is considered to be Laxmi, the Goddess of Wealth. According to religious scriptures, those who kill a cow or allow it to be slaughtered, suffer in hell for many years. Hindus reject the view that old and useless cows unsuitable for providing milk can be slaughtered. But Hindus consider cows as mothers and nobody can eat the flesh of one’s mother even if she is old.

The Puranas also describe cows as mothers. Scientifically, the dung and urine even of an old cow are believed to be far more valuable and useful than its flesh. For Hindus not only cows but her five sacred products called panch agave, I e., milk, curd, ghi (clarified butter), dung and urine are all means of purifying the mind and body. Panchagava is also used in religious rites. Cow’s urine is not repugnant to an old-fashioned Hindu because a cow is a herbivore. Therefore, Hindus highly venerate cows and bulls. No Hindu eats or slaughters a cow. To offer beef to a Hindu is highly insulting.

If you are planning to visit Nepal or You are already in Nepal traveling, then it is the things to know. Beef Meat in Nepal is Restricted to Eat. Beef is totally prohibited food to eat in Nepal. Must Know Before You Enter in Nepal. Thanks.

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Do Nepalese eat beef?

Nepal was once known as the one and only Hindu country in the world. But, the Interim Parliament, through the Interim Constitution, officially declared the country a secular state in January 2007. Since then, there are no laws specifically affecting freedom of religion. However, the Population of Hindus is maximum in Nepal. Almost eighty percentage population follow Hinduism. And, the belief of Hindu is and always has been avoiding eating beef or flesh of a cow. But, since there are people of other religions also, so there remains a question if Nepalese eat beef or not.

To answer the question of whether Nepalese eat beef or not, we have to consider our legal rules and regulations. The law of Nepal does not allow slaughtering of cows. Those who slaughter, do it illegally and are subject to punishment by law. Even though Nepal is now secular, the killing cow is made illegal as it is our national animal. So, due to the prevailing strict rules and regulation regarding the slaughter of cows, we believe most Nepalese do not eat beef.

Nepali woman is worshiping the cow
Nepali woman is worshiping a cow

Similarly, we must look at our religious background as well. The cow is our national animal and we have a lot of religious sentiments attached to the cow. The cow is worshiped every year in Tihar considering it a god. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu and cow are identical and considered to be a god and killing cow is like disrespecting the god itself. People also believe that those who kill a cow or allow it to be killed suffer in hell after the death. So, most of the Hindus who believe in Hindu mythology and strictly follow Hinduism do not eat a cow in any way. So much so that, it is regarded as a disrespect to the guests if any form of cow meat is offered to the guests.

Along with this, Nepal is an agricultural country. The economy of Nepal is dominated by agriculture. Today, agriculture is the livelihood for more than eighty percent of the population. And the cow and ox are the axes for doing agriculture in Nepal. People have huge respect for a cow for providing milk for many people whose livelihood depends on selling milk products. Similarly, an ox for helping in agriculture. So, killing the cow and eating its flesh is not done in any part of Nepal out of respect for the animal, despite their religious background. Even though people follow a religion other than Hinduism, they do not slaughter cow if they are engaged in agriculture.

Not only killing the cow is sinful in Hindu mythology, but it is also equally sinful for all the Buddhists of Nepal. Buddhists tend to be vegetarian and normally avoid eating beef. Though they do not have any religious norms as to not eating beef, they are against violence and normally avoid eating beef.

Having considered the religious, cultural and legal aspect, we can say that Nepalese do not eat beef in any form. Those who do slaughter cow and eat beef illegally, are subject to punishment by the law itself. So, if you are planning to visit Nepal, be sure not to order beef items in any restaurants of Nepal. Also, if you see anyone slaughtering cow anywhere, you can report it to the nearby police station as well.

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Reasons for Beef Meat in Nepal is Restricted to Eat

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