How to Become Veterinary Doctor in Nepal – The Complete Guide

How to become Veterinary doctor in Nepal

How to Become Veterinary Doctor in Nepal? – Veterinary is the science similar to human medicine which deals with animals. It deals with diagnosing, treatment of an animal, well management of animal in farm, wise handling of animal, also directly deals with human health as well. It is an important part of human life.

In this modern world, veterinary science brings the drastic changes. It has made drastic changes in producing the superior breeds of animal, wise and perfect management of animal farm with many inventions as well inventing various vaccines and medicines used for human health.

The course of veterinary science is offered in many universities of the world. Veterinary science is completely a different course with the different department in various universities of the world. Veterinary is the second expensive course in the world next to Law.

But in Nepal, it is quite cheaper in order to motivate the students towards this course. Earlier few people used to study veterinary science especially girls weren’t used to studying this course. But with time and wide concept of people as well remarkable development in veterinary science, it has become the favorite subject of students. Mostly girls are interested towards veterinary science.

May many students are interested in animal science but they don’t know how to study this course then don’t worry, we are here to help you…

To be a veterinary doctor, one should complete Bachelor in veterinary science. There are 3 Veterinary colleges which are providing animal science course in Nepal. Also, there are many colleges which offered the course in I.Sc. in Veterinary.

So, if you have the interest to study veterinary science then, you have to pass the SEE exam with good marks and you should study Science in +2 levels. In std.12, there is the option of choosing the subject i.e. math and biology as a major subject.


Math subject is chosen by that student who wants to join IT and engineering and biology subject is chosen to study all the subjects deals with biology. So, for studying veterinary science in bachelor, you should choose biology as a major subject.

Of course, you have to pass 50 marks of physics and chemistry, 100 marks of English as well. Also, students who have completed I.Sc in veterinary science or JTA or A level can join this course.

For joining the veterinary colleges in bachelor, the student has to give entrance exam. In IAAS, AFU, and HICAST, there is the compulsion of entrance exam for studying the course.

So, students have to prepare for the entrance exam for 4 months. In these days, the competition in entrance exam of veterinary science is very tough as well the seats for the course are also very low in comparison to agriculture.

The entrance exam preparation classes are organized in many institutions of Kathmandu Pokhara, Chitwan, Butwal and other few places of Nepal. Every week, student union of Agriculture and veterinary colleges held exam to make the students ready for the exam. The entrance classes for agriculture and veterinary science are same.


Near the exam date, form for exam opens and for filling the form, one should have citizenship and most important transcript of +2 levels. Mostly the entrance exam of AFU University occurs faster than that of Tribhuwan University.

In entrance exam, the student has to solve the multiple choice question of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, math and General knowledge question. In AFU entrance exam, the total mark of question is 80 and in IAAS, Tribhuwan university, the total marks of entrance exam are 160.

As there are 50 seats for the course of veterinary science in these 2 veterinary colleges. If a student secure highest good marks then, he will get a scholarship there are merit selection of students for scholarship and there is also the provision of the quota system in these two institutions.

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There is a quota system for ladies, Jan jati, Madhesi, Dalit, dwanda pidit, staff etc. and there is the provision of paying for fewer students according to the merit list. In IAAS, the student has to pay Rs.3,50,000 if he gets selected for quota called institute development fund and he has to pay Rs.4,50,000 if he gets selected for quota called ANNEX.

Every year, many students give the entrance exam of veterinary science but only a few of them get selected. If you are not selected then, you can’t get to study if you can also spend more money.

So, only a few students of all over Nepal gets admitted in veterinary colleges. Also, in HICAST there is a compulsion of entrance exam and the study expenditure is also more. In bachelor in veterinary science and animal husbandry, altogether there is 10 semester.

In the course, there is both theory and practical classes. Students have to study subjects like economics, Animal Nutrition, Pharmacology, Parasitology, Pathology, Physiology, wildlife, Anatomy histology etc.

Veterinary Science is a tough course than Human medical because the course includes the study of animals of different species. Exam of each semester is held in end of 6 month with practical exam. Students have to labor hard in all the semester as the number of subjects increases with the increase in semester.

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After the completion of 9 semesters, there is internship program designed for the students in last semester. For internship, one can choose the field they like such as wildlife, clinics, NGO etc. After completion of Internship program, student can write Dr. in front of his name.

He can do the job in different sections such as Food industry, Animal feed industry, clinics, Hospitals, NGO’s, Governmental offices etc. Also, for masters program, three institutions are providing the course. There are many specific fields to study in masters or you can go abroad for further study.

If you have love towards animals and also the interest and passion to involve in animal science then, veterinary science is good option for you.


The entrance exam of veterinary science is very competitive so, it is the most difficulty phase in this subject but if you gets selected to study the course then, I am sure your future is bright.

This is ideas and tips what I have shared with you about “How to Become Veterinary Doctor in Nepal?”. Thank you.

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