100 Be Safe From Coronavirus Quotes And Wishing Messages

Be Safe From Coronavirus :- As you know, it’s a pandemic situation, and the whole world needs a good amount of positive energy and blessings to fight this situation you need to pray and stay inside the home during this time stay safe from coronavirus.

Coronavirus is rapidly spreading all over the nation, and being aware and taking an effective decision will be the only solution to stay safe.

Coronavirus is something like a zombie attack as long as you are isolated inside a powerful spot; it couldn’t go against you.

100 Be Safe From Coronavirus Quotes And Wishing Messages

Listen to your heart at this time; stay inside stay safe.

Following others, the unwanted suggestion could make you in the trap, so be wise and stay healthy during this pandemic time.

Unity, peace love and harmony is extremely important at this time, and then only we can go against this evil disease as a real power stay safe.

Coronavirus will make everyone realize how hard it will be to survive when the situation becomes worst and worst so better be strong and learn to fight against it.


This is the time to play inside at your home with children; please stop going out to stay safe and stay wise.

Coronavirus is something like vibration or powerful frequency which is transferring from human to human, we shouldn’t take it as the minor disease it’s a virus which attacks directly inside the immune system making people unconscious so stay safe and get self-education regarding this powerful disease.

This is the time to spread positivity and pure energy across the world spiritually, that’s why people need to practice meditation and manifestation, which may work indirectly too stay clean and stay healthy.

 No need to worry about anything, just stay where you are and cover the two parts of your body mouth and nose stay away from this condition stay safe.

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Wishing Image For Corona Virus Patients

 Laughter can be the best medicine to put you away from anxiety and pressure at this time, so don’t worry and stay safe.

 This deadly virus may last long for years and years somehow be smart and be ready to face this pandemic situation.

 Coronavirus can be seen in any human maybe next day someone in your family gets attack don’t ever underestimate the power of this deadly virus.

 It’s time to run inside the home.

 Playing online games, studying books, learning musical instruments inside the home will be the best idea at this moment stay safe and stay healthy.

 Coronavirus is the worst nightmare for the human being, but it is the best element which helped to clean environment too taking it as positively, never mind stay safe.

 Hold each other; Exchange the pain this is time to get together.

 Corona is something like the tsunami, and it may take every weak people so be strong and keep on doing exercise don’t only rely on chemical type medicine which you got from the hospital.

 This is the time where people should learn to start doing their kinds of stuff creatively being away from this disease.

 Pandemic is the situation when a human being starts to terrify, be calm and practice yoga.

Coronavirus Update

 This virus can be a huge impact on our immune system and take out lives away, so be ready to observe the situation and face it wisely stay safe.

 Covid is not the normal disease, the only name of it can make us numb so hold your breath sit back to stay inside relax and watch it go.

 Praying is also an important factor to help out everyone and ourselves from getting trapped in this situation.

 Don’t run for the money, Run for your life stay safe.


 The word ‘survival of the fittest’ describes the pandemic situation be intellectual, research and stay safe.

 It’s not the time to support ego, hate and jealousy it’s time to heal each other mentally and physically before it becomes late.

 Educate yourself and be more productive use this free time while staying at home, stay safe

 Seeing the number of deaths this year it feels like it’s a number which is increasing rapidly and rapidly it feels like score going up high.

 Make your mind, meditate, and help your family stay home to stay safe.

 Activate the survival type of mindset to stay safe.

 Dark days need obvious light, and it is only possible with the help of our philosophical mind.

 Human beings can go up to highest form they want to but can’t beat microscopic organism. This is the power of nature, reminding them to never go against it again.

 The world may not return to its old days, so start experiencing the new way of life and learn everything which you want too at this time.

  It’s too late, and it’s too fast to stay safe.

 It is easier to be worst than it is to be best, so watch out on every condition, stay safe.

 Use a mask and be wide awake and more aware before it enters at your doorstep.

 Stay safe let this disease go silently stay home.

 It’s better to trap in the worst relationship than being trap inside the forced isolation, so be wise to wear the mask.

 Coronavirus is the results of people being careless on everything to stay safe stay strong.

 Not only a few nations are facing this situation, but the whole country is facing, and there must be something behind this reason, it is making history stay healthy stay at home.

 This is not the time to being socialized stay connected through home stay safe.

 The new phase of life will be starting after the end of this virus.

 The world will be on another level after eliminating this situation.

 Lockdown is also an opportunity for you to learn from adults and teach young ones. Stay home

 Corona made realized every human to be careful in every step they take.

 Being stable at this time is the only thing that you need to learn to stay safe during this time.

 This pandemic situation can spin your head so brutally you may lose your control on the things so better be focused and concentrated and develop the productive type of habit which helps you to program your mind in even the worst situation.

 There’s a nano or microorganism called coronavirus shaking the whole world and every powerful country, so stay safe and be careful.

 This is not the end of the world to control your emotion and fear to stay inside and stay safe.

 Corona, like other diseases, will keep targeting human, so we should start learning from this worst situation.

 Corona won’t be taking bribe from any doctors unless it teaches human to learn about real-life stay safe.

 Open your religious spiritual and all the doors, including mind doors to go against corona close your home door and stay safe for a while.

 This is not a good time to spend hours with people outside stay isolated inside the home.

 Being underground and being disconnected is the best thing you need to know during this worst moment, just stay safe and be away from the outside world.

 Corona will pass away if we all come together and help each other showing a way to be careful anytime.

 Meditate, do yoga, do exercise and be wise to stay safe be patience.

 Cents and dollars are nothing in comparison with life, so be smart and stay home.

 Stay inside, stay safe at your home, or you will be inside the funeral box.

 This is the time to reload the clips inside of the mind and be an intellectual understanding of how to work out and make a habit of solving every problem smartly at this time.

 Light the torch and research let’s go against coronavirus stay safe.

 Be hungry eat sleep work repeat staying inside the home be safe.

 One year ago, people were experiencing good vibe knowing how to gain and share, but these days only the worst nightmare be safe and stay away getting connected with people outside.

 Generating new energy my yourself and utilizing your time to elevate to the next level will make you more productive at this time be safe.

 There are many ways to learn everything staying inside the home from the internet to be safe to be more intelligent.

 Be loyal to family, and it will be the best feeling to learn new things from them stay at home.

 Read more books to help your mom and dad on household work is safe and stay at home.

 Coronavirus could spread rapidly without any information, so stay safe and stay blessed.

 The world is facing a real problem every schools, colleges, office and every sector companies are closed for many months. It will be impossible to open it as soon as possible so, in this case, you have to stay at home by disconnecting socializing and such activities until this disease vanishes.

 The pandemic situation made everyone in real trouble knowing how to survive through this type of situation could help you to survive on upcoming days too. Be safe.

 Almost everyone wants to work and start their business after lockdown. Be patience and let it go first; everything will be good again.

 Don’t say that ‘I must have my freedom’ it will harm you and every other people during the lockdown.

 The crisis is the real problem which will be facing by the people during this lockdown. It will be better working inside your own house or field growing crops and such production which will also increase your experience and will be the important factor during lockdown so be safe and stay wise during this situation.

 Be safe from coronavirus it may hurt you physically or mentally but going against it smartly can make you stronger.

 Charity does not help others. Humanity does stay safe.

 After lockdown you can go everywhere you want just this time hold yourself tight as possible.

 There will appear pure light eliminating the darkness of the present, so be careful and stay at home for the moment.

 Teaching young ones and children good stuff during this pandemic time will be an amazing thing to you and your family stay home.

 We should always know that there will be new tomorrow. Be isolated inside the home for some more days.

 Depression and such thing can create some problem to the people sitting inside home alone or with family, but the main thing you can do are watch comedy and funny movies and read books also practice doing creative things which will also help you to grow yourself. 

 Listen to music and get yourself out of boredom during this time stay home be safe.

 During this corona time, you should meditate deeply remembering what you love just go somewhere peaceful areas explore some high mountains, rivers and such areas in your imagination. It will make you happy and also you will learn to manifest deeply within your thoughts but don’t let your mind to get attacked by negative thoughts just clear your mind and work out this process in a peaceful way.

 Dark clouds will be soaked by the light of the sun, so be patient and wait for the right time. Be safe from the coronavirus and follow the lockdown.

 The world is yours, and the problem is yours, so every people need to come together to fight this epic condition.

 Spread your love and positive vibes to every people through social media and such. This is the time to encourage people indirectly without giving any problem or threat to anyone. Be safe.

 There are certain ways to spend the time one can even learn to cook various delicious dishes watching videos on the internet and can also serve every member of their family. Stay home and be wise until it’s gone.

 Destiny can be seen even after removing black clouds from the sky. So, don’t hurry up.

 At this situation, people shouldn’t create unwanted chaos; this can affect everyone’s brain and help it feeling with negative thoughts. So be safe and spread peace.

 Provide shoulders to those who are willing to be or get loved by others at this time. You will be precious for them and get a lot of blessings. Be safe and open your eyes.

 Coronavirus doesn’t discriminate it directly attacks so be careful.

 Being mentally paralyzed inside the home is more comfortable than being physically paralyzed at the hospital. Stay home and be safe.

 Respect your elder at this and keep them happy. Let them live cheerfully inside the home and fulfil their every need indirectly staying inside. Be Safe

 The world is playing an important role coming together and trying to make a cure for coronavirus at this time every powerful country are learning unity which seems to be great. Following state rules and laws like lockdown will keep you safe from this virus.

 Everyone needs to know being patient is very important.

 Be safe, take long breathe and be calm every minute of life important.

 The deadly virus will not stay longer; it will go soon. Be mature to stay inside the home.

 Don’t ever stop life at this track keep moving on. Learn new things.

 Nothing can ever stop human technology never lose hope to stay blessed and be safe.

 This situation pulled maximum people out of the comfort zone because of it; they also can experience an important way of life without complaining about things.

 This virus is cruel, don’t let sacrifice yourself, instead of being weak be strong and fight it.

 Humans are always responsible for the bad result. Respect nature and love everyone.

 Know the difference between pain and happiness, sometimes you have to face both of them so learn to be calm and positive on every situation activate your subconscious mind and feel the way like you imagine positive things in your life. Elevate yourself also it’s the time to pray and worship put your whole deep emotion in front, removing all the negative energies from your mind, body and soul. This will heal you, and the people around you, so believe in the energies which can create miracle at this pandemic time.


 Shadows will disappear when the light falls on it. Every people in this world are facing a very bad time, though some families came close after a year which is also one of the positive aspects to be noted. However, people are losing their precious life because of this microscopic organism, beside of this, there will be the cure for this virus very soon you just need to stay safe inside the home following government instructions and even researching yourself because the government won’t be responsible in every case too. So you have to be careful in your way and face this problem using a legendary move also you can teach various positive activities to others through social media.

 Everyone should start doing yoga which helps to protect the lungs increasing immune system stay safe and be used to it.

 Roaming around is not important during these days better be inside at home with your families and loved ones.

 This is also an opportunity to create a newer version of you without taking the bad suggestion of the people. Elevate yourself, motivate yourself, be safe and stay wise.

 We will rise once again, no matter what arrives, we will be going against everything with the real unification to the fullest extent.

 This virus has tested our strength and toleration capacity, and this storm will be passing very soon all we need to do is stay calm and wait for this storm to be passed.

 Don’t look for helping hands create yourself and let others get helped from you too. Be safe and stay healthy.

 Don’t regret about the situation which you are facing at this time. Be proud of yourself; you are going through an extreme level of phase stay strong.

 Doubting yourself during corona time will be the worst and can create a bad impact in your mind just free yourself from negative energies and let your heart and be eyes wide open. Be safe and stay excellent mentally.

 This is the perfect time to be transformed to another level, don’t get panic either develop your skills and lift your spirit. Take care

 By taking an educated and wise decision, we will get through this pandemic situation.

 Hard time pulls every people together; being apart can affect you from inside.

 During this worst time, let your ego and jealousy get burned, support positivity and follow the path of peace.

 Try to celebrate every moment of your life during this time. Stay safe

 As we know the world is going down also the hope of maximum people, at this time reveal yourself reveal your positive character to every people let them feel you and your inner voices also hear others voice from the heart what they want to tell you and how they feel about you. Be safe and be artistic in the way of life stay positive and blessed.

 No religion, No colour. No caste can play a role in front of coronavirus you will be responsible for everything which will be coming to you. So stop discriminating about everything just spread love, peace and positive vibe.

 Comfort makes you dumb, but crisis makes you intelligent. Be safe

 Try to adopt this new form of life positively no need to fear and no need to take it very deeply which can destroy your mind with unwanted thoughts, so better live the life and try to adapt yourself to the exact present environment.

 You are not alone in the whole isolation world is with you, so don’t feel alone stay where you are.

 There’s no relation between the human and this deadly virus which is spreading all over the country. It is a simple mistake done by someone somewhere so it can’t be put on the head of an unusual person or country or any organization; meanwhile many people started losing their lives all around the world which is not the joke, and even single country is not safe totally, instead of doubting and blaming other for this pandemic situation we should go forward working together and motivating each other very precisely and positively. Staying safe and stay awake will help everyone to get away with this situation.

 This is the region of chaos and survival so be used to it. Either natural calamities or any microorganism shakes this whole world so better always be prepared for upcoming situations and time which you have to face harder than you have thought before. Coronavirus was something that no one had expected, and now it’s flowing all around the world like a deadly tsunami taking every human in its path. Anyway, the recovering rate is still increasing slowly, it’s in the process, but all we have to do is to get frizzed inside the home and let it pass away.

 The government should start a unification method or process to rule over this virus.

 Corona will be the scary word to every people in upcoming days.

 Buy books and help other people too. At this time, you need to increase your intellectual skills, also supporting real humanity.

 Don’t only watch the mouth of the government you can try yourself too. Being dependent on everything can’t make you the person you have thought to be.

 At this pandemic, time stays inside the home and watch Discovery channel take you on the trip to beautiful nature virtually. Be safe

 People would have done much better if the money were spent on medical institutions, hospitals, and for medical equipment instead of spending on the churches, mosques and other unusual activities. Likewise, many research technologies would have been discovered when a large amount of money was spent on medical lines, which would help people for fighting every virus anytime across the whole world.

 Maximum of us will be surviving this pandemic situation, and we will be telling horror stories to the upcoming generation about the coronavirus.

 Be safe from the worst virus of the century stay home stay blessed.

 Survival of these days will be giving an interview somewhere in upcoming days.

 The world is mute now. Environment and weather returning exactly to same old days where there were no technology, beautiful new species of animals, birds and insects are appearing. Climate pattern has changed, and there’s a lot decrease in pollution compared to back normal old days. Assuming this situation, we should lock down the whole world for certain days, even the vanishing of the virus it can help earth to take rest and allow nature to evolve again and again.

 The big storm, which is covering every corner of the country, can be compared with coronavirus, stay safe and stay wise.

 Don’t break the heart of nature outcome will be dangerous. Be safe

 Keep educating yourself, keep motivating yourself and use that power to open the eyes of others until your eyes stay open. Plant some beautiful seeds in the brain of your loved one which can grow up to beautiful garden even in lockdown. Stay productive and use your precious time.

 Make sure to donate a little bit of money to every poor, homeless and disabled people living in your locality it will make them smile in their face at this pandemic situation. Be kind, be safe and be generous you will never know when your time comes so keep doing good things staying here, after it even if you go your contribution and help will make your name immortal for several years.

 Keep distance with every people cut every external social connection at this moment, and teach others to be safe, stay wise.

 Humanity means every cure to disaster in the world. You should remain true to every person and unity is very important to take over this kind of deadly virus which is jumping across the country and taking many lives putting maximum people in the worst condition. Be smart to stay inside the home. Be honest and be loyal to everyone stay blessed.

 Let’s get victory over this long term of fear. Wash your hands and be safe.

 Use maximum sanitizer time. Staying healthy, clean and keeping a distance from people will always keep you and your locality safe.

 Be more conscious about dealing with the situation and teach young ones to go through it. Stay safe.

 The pandemic situation is rebounding everyone’s spirit and collecting all the energies in one state.

 Washing hands will make you more mature at this time, so grow up and stay healthy.

 Staying focus on what you eat, how many times you go outside and deal with people, will be predicting your life.

 Be safe from one of the evilest and deadly virus roaming around the world. Stay healthy

 Nothing is planned for the future. So don’t worry about the failure of plans just be aware at the moment.

 Respect everyone and just be happy and smile today. Don’t worry too much about tomorrow, and there will be light again.

 The poor ones need money. It is not necessary for the billionaires this time, so every company need to be closed and left homeless and orphan children to get what they deserve; This is time to help them at the fullest level, and this is time to show the real humanity keeping yourself safe and letting others be saved from your hand and help not only from your vision. This is time to be a real superhero by spreading love and peace to them who are seeking it. This is the time of receiving a lot of blessings from them who are facing very worst situation by motivating them by inspiring them and keeping them away from the darkness by showing the path which you know and giving those real ideas which they want to receive.

 In movies, there are industry heroes, and they are considered as celebrities in real life as they worked with their talents and moved forward but in real-life heroes are those who risk their lives to safe others. So be real one at this moment, and everyone in this world is searching for that real one be one of it and make others smile in this pandemic situation. Be safe, be smart and be a helpful person.

 Stay inside and save yourself and help to save other precious souls.

 Research and work on yourself at this moment, utilize every free time you got.

 Respect every older adult and teach them exercise and provide them with good healthy food which will help to build their immune system as fast as possible due to which helps to fight with the coronavirus.

 Coronavirus needs something bad name as the god of the devil.

 A bath every day with soap, clean your kinds of stuff after you come from outside and let children do the same. Be safe

 Always seek medical information from only trusted agency or hospitals be smart and be wise.

 Let’s pray together and let this storm pass away as soon as possible.

 These days are just like the imagination of some horror movie. Stay healthy and stay home.

 You are not always stuck in this condition one day this virus will leave the world, making every human happy again.

 Imagine every people living a happy life again. Stay safe

 Stay calm, and you should be happy, just be alive at this time. Stay happy on small things what you have don’t go for very big at this time just hold on be safe and spread positivity.

 One morning when we wake up, we will be getting together with our friends and families, going shopping with children and handling our own business. This day is not so far be in peace and stays positive it will arrive one day.

 Visualizing the beautiful places which we have explored last time will help to uplift our inner peace of mind and real satisfaction. It helps to pull ourselves from depressive elements and unwanted thoughts. Stay safe

 Things about to get worst and worst, but knowing these things one should not stay alone in the darkness. Create happiness on yourself and let others be happy.

 We all got to go one day but not as soon as possible. Stay safe and stay blessed.

 Be safe from the virus which attacks everyone without discriminating race and colour.

 Let our ability to hope to be alive for the moment until this virus disappears. Stay safe and be wise.

 Put yourself low key at this time no need to show off about the things you got just stay calm and spread knowledge about the things which people are seeking.

 Being human is more important than being enemies or rival of each other at this time. Be safe

 Take the higher path. Path of confidence, the path of peace and path of patience at this moment, collectively, we should recognize each other through our feelings and emotions and this moment. Better be a mature person and lead yourself to a safe destination supported by your peace of mind, body and soul.

 Create a strong determination on survival during this pandemic situation. Be safe.

 Stay healthy and wash your stuff before using it again.

 Praying ten minutes or five minutes will provide you with a lot of blessings and positive energy in your mind and body. Believe it and go for it at this time.

 Coronavirus had revealed many important factors which you will know slowly one by one.

 The only way to stop spreading of coronavirus is to staying at home and practising social distance as far as possible as deep as possible. Be safe and stay healthy.

 Be helpful rescue innocent and weak ones spread love in this pandemic situation.

 We should make sure that we all have each other’s back and keep our frontline and side to side safe with uniting and coming together supporting each other.

 Coronavirus will change the whole mapping and structure of every human’s mind.

 Staying inside may cause various problems, but we have to deal with it according to this condition to be safe.

 Walk together without leaving anyone behind, because this is the moment where everyone should work together.

 Sing and dance inside home stay happy stay safe is to be isolated.

 Take care of your family and your loved ones, including your pets. This is not the time to enjoy outside.

 Coronavirus will be disappearing at any moment, so we should be patient and wait for the right time to take action.

 Coronavirus not only helped the healing of nature but also united every people hearts.

 People will be enjoying every normal day after the end of the coronavirus. Stay safe

 Covid- is the biggest test for humanity, checking the power and survival ability of everyone.

 This pandemic situation can bring a lot of damage to mind as well as body so keep working on it from time to time. Stay safe

 Don’t try to underestimate your enemy; it may unexpectedly destroy you.

 Self- isolation is one of the important factors which people need to follow at his moment.

 Be safe from one of the unexpected microorganism attacks which can lead the world to various worst nightmares.

 One disaster gone another disaster appears from time to time we need to learn the law of survival of the fittest.

 Every morning there will be a new hope. Every people will arise one day removing all the sufferings behind so be safe and be strong.

 We survived hardcore situations at the past, including war and such; this virus is nothing holds on and stays inside.

 Washing hands is not a big deal kill your laziness and clean yourself from time to time.

 Please be forward and provide medics and useful stuff that is in real trouble at this moment.

 Unwanted suggestions and fake rumours can spread more panic situation so better research on your stay at home and be safe.

 Focusing too much on other problems at this time can get you a lot of blessings too, stay safe and help others following the same.

 Analyze the moment and environment and create a long term plan which will help you to get through this situation.

 Unification of every people living across the world in each country is very important at this moment. Stay safe and spread the love.

 Don’t let anyone in your home go outside; don’t let pandemic kill humanity spread positivity and be safe.