Valentine Day SMS, Wishes, 500 Quotes, Greetings, Love Messages For Wife From Husband – Be My Valentine


51. Today I asked the post office to give me a gift. That’s my nostalgia for you right now. But unfortunately they refused. They said because it was too big. What should I do? Will you be my Valentine?

52. Today 3 people asked me about you. I gave them some information about you. They will find you soon. They are 3 gods: health, luck and love.

53. I still know that our road ahead is full of happiness but also very arduous, but I always believe in our love. Trust me and I also believe in you. Happy Valentine’s Day! Remember and love you so much!

54. Although this life is turbulent, I will always loves you and forever protect you.

55. Although life is still very difficult, our love is challenging, but I always believe that we will pass through. We will go to the ending of the road. Believe in me, we will be happy together for life. Wish you a warm Valentine.

56. Nearly two years have passed, that time is not long but enough for me to understand that I love you and that you are the last choice of my life. People who love each other want to find all the beautiful words. As for me, I just want to say that I love you and love you very much.

57. I will always hold your hand in a crowded place, not because I’m afraid of being lost, but letting people look in admiration that “they are in love”.


58. In heaven there are 10 angels: 5 angels playing, 4 angels talking and 1 angel reading this message.

59. In terms of distance, I’m away from you. About thoughts, I am very close to you. As for emotion, my heart is already in you.

60. I have a heart and it is true .. But now it has followed you. Please take care of it like you used to do for me. Because I don’t have it anymore .. And you already have both.

61. Your world becomes a paradise when you have magical moments with me.

62. Sometimes I steal thinking, if one day I no longer have you with me …. And you know, I always have to close my eyes, cover my ears, shout loudly, so that the thought can’t continue. Because you are the life of my life! My love is so happy with you on Valentine’s Day!

63. I don’t know the path to hell, but there’s an extremely short path that takes me to heaven, that paradise is you. Let me live in my paradise!

64. He must be the happiest person in the world because he has found the most sparkling diamond in the world. That is me, my love. You are the best thing God has given you. I love you very much. My sweet Valentine.

65. In your eyes, I see the bright rays of tomorrow. In your hands, I found great love. Forever love you like today. Be my Valentine, sweet heart!

66. If I can change the order in the alphabet, I will place the letter I next to the U.

67. Give me the joy to be sweet, give me a smile to radiate, give my heart burning so that I will always be your lover.

68. I must have been tired, because you ran in my mind all day. I love you! Be my Valentine.

69. At this time, I just wish I had you by my side to hold me tight. Do you know how much I miss you? This Valentine even though we can’t be together, I still feel warm, because in my heart there is a fire that always warms me. Miss you so much!

70. Now I love you, today and tomorrow, and God gave me the time .. I will love you till the end of my life.

71. If someone inquires me what a beautiful life means. I will lean on your shoulder, hug you tightly and say, “Like this!”

72. Every time I act according to my heart, it leads directly to you. I see …, my heart just wants to be near your heart.

73. Nothing can change my love for you, because you are my soul.

74. People say: what is lost is the most precious thing. But the most precious thing for me, is the thing that every day, thinking about you every day. I wish to go with you to the end of this life.


75. From the bottom of my heart, I wanted to tell you my wife that you are always the most loving woman and would always be like that. Lacking you in my life would be boring and there would be no meaning.


76. Dear wife … I promise to hold your hand tightly, and go with you to the end of our love path. Wish you Valentine always.

77. If I am in hell and you’re in heaven, I’ll look up and be happy with you. But if I am in heaven and you’re in hell, I’ll ask God to send me down there because you know heaven won’t be heaven without you!

78. Nothing can change the love of the husband for the wife, because the wife has been fully in her husband’s heart. Happy Valentine Day!

79. Wishing you from today will be more beautiful than ever before.

80. For me, my fate was always unknown and my heart asked where you are loved? The mountains have brought you, among the summer of green, we are, as you can see, destined.

81. Sweet baby, sweetheart, my whole world is already yours. Let your dream come true this night in which your blanket hugged us and my scent on the pillow.

82. You are the most secret dreams of fulfillment, you are my paradise, great joy, always remain my love.

83. Among thousands of stars, this one I was looking for, which shines the brightest and shows the way. When I found it, I am following it. And this star is you.

84. You are the sun of my days. You have changed my life into paradise.

85. I love you tirelessly through adoration and distraction. By forgetting also how you know how to fill, how you want and how you do not want when you eat, cook, spit on me and curse when you kiss, you know?

86. That I love you, let everyone know, because it is worth to love, is it true or not? Because without love it is difficult to live because love was and must be!

87. Love is a noble virtue, love – sacrifice, I offer it to You today, because I value you the most.

88. LOVE is a great book, the word I LOVE is its content. KISS is an oath, and it’s all worth tears.

89. Over pearls and diamonds above the sea and sun the most is worth a loving heart.

90. What a great luck I had that I met you through text messages. I do not think we both thought that we would become so close to each other. And still closer and closer, not a separate couple, my love!

91. I love you the most beautiful starlight in the sky. You are my whole life, my love of admiration.

92. My love wanders at night, still with me my heart. I love you with all my strength, but I do not know … do you love me …?

93. Beautiful eyelets, a neat nose, a nice smile, a wonderful face. Tell me, dear, will you give me a kiss sometime?

94. Feed my fantasy when you want. I give you my whole heart, soul and body … Give me the same … My LOVE.

95. You are like my diary, because I can confide in everything with you. You are like my destiny, because my future depends on you.

96. Love is a beautiful and tender word, love in the world lasts forever, love is an order of lovers, but can you give it to me?

97. Look not for beautiful flowers – roses, but beautiful hearts and good souls. For to love and to be loved, it is happiness for which it is worth living.

98. Let this message remind you that there is someone who will not forget about You.

99. A quarrel makes a person think about his feelings … To understand how hard it is without a loved one … How bad it is for me without you, please, let’s not quarrel again.

100. Stay where you are, in my heart at the same address. To find you always, to tell you how much your love means.


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