Valentine Day SMS, Wishes, 500 Quotes, Greetings, Love Messages For Wife From Husband – Be My Valentine

451. Learning to love you could take me a whole life, but only by looking in your eyes I know it deserves sacrifice!

452. Think of the sweetest thing, multiply it with infinite, gather an eternity and you know how much I’m missing.

453. Do not ask me what I feel when we are separated: it’s like part of me would not be.

454. My phone works with love. Since I met you, it never stopped.

455. When a drop of rain will touch your mouth to know that it kissed you from me.

456. A golden shell is my heart; the pearl of love is in it, if the schoolman breaks out of the cold stories the pearl of love remains forever.

457. Love is the intangible thing that makes us satisfied with what we have and dissatisfied with what we are.

458. Love is the desire to give what is yours and to feel his happiness as if it’s yours.

459. Happiness … It’s a subliment word … Love means a fortune, a love, but also the pain. Love can be beautiful, but also storm.

460. The smile is not as the feelings are or not. But no one is too poor to be able to offer a smile as no one is too rich to be able to be missing.

461. If you do not love how can you honor the blinding light of the sun and the light of the moon?

462. Learn to let your face bloom a smile. It is the gift you give to your neighbor, it is the gift you give to the whole Universe!

463. Do not try to find absolute love because it does not exist. Everything is relative in this world even love.

464. When you love you are the happiest man in the world; the saddest thing is to suffer from love.

465. Without LOVE there is no life! Love yourself! And drive away that which strangles us every moment!

466. Love it … the most precious gift of humankind … we live for love … for a slice of love …

467. When the memory of love gives you creeps to know that it’s a thought of mine sent to you, to help you sleep with me in thought!

468. If one day the sun drowns in darkness and the universe is covered by darkness, I will have as a guide the light of your eyes …

469. I wish I could offer you everything that will please you, everything that will make you smile, everything that will make you live in happiness.

470. My best love story is you. You who understand me, you who make me know happiness, you who embellish my life … You are my love, I love you and I will love you forever …

471. Our paths crossed, Our eyes clung, Your smile became my sun that warms me when I’m cold and guides me when I’m lost, with you my love I live in happiness. I love you.

472. My love is you, who have revived the flame of my heart, you, who changed the course of my life. You, who give me every day the desire to live, it is to you that I will devote my life until my last breath.

473. You know, sometimes I think so much of you that I’m sure you can see your face in my eyes …

474. I am under your influence, your presence is my only pleasure and being away from you is my suffering, my heart needs your love not to die.

475. I send you messages therefore not to forget me, but in reality I want to send you my eyes to see you, my lips to kiss you very hard and tell you I love you until I die.


476. Your happiness will make mine, my smile lights yours, there is no better to see the person we love happy and fulfilled. I love you dear and what makes you happy makes me happy.

477. Since the day we met, my heart never stops overflowing with happiness. I love you, with your qualities and your faults.

478. A real lack, tears your heart, prevents you from sketching a smile, takes up all the space. I assure you, I miss you.

479. I have often been told that love at first sight only happens once in our life, but that’s not true, because I fall in love every time I see you.

480. I love you for your greatest kindness, I am frozen by your beauty, melted under your caresses. This feeling is so profound, because it was my most touching dream.

481. You are like red roses growing in my heart and they will never lose their brightness … Because they bloom every time I think of you.

482. If I was a gardener, I would give you a flower but as you are my love, I give you my heart.

483. I would like to describe to you the inside of my heart, there is your smile and thousands of flowers …

484. There are many telephone networks, but for all the love I have for you I prefer the network far from you near my heart.

485. I have there, in the heart, a little glow that shines over the days, to illuminate our love.

486. You are my drug, I sting your caresses, I shove in your words, I delude thinking about you.

487. The beautiful rose always loses its beauty, but the beauty of a love remains for the fidelity..

488. Distance can separate us but nothing can take you away from me when you are well hidden in the depths of my heart where all the images of you remain.

489. 3 flowers for you: the first of my heart and my heart is yours, the second of my eyes and my eyes see only you and the third of god and god be with you.

490. My love even if you are distant from me trying to make the transfer of your love on behalf of my heart. I love you.

491. You are the goddess of love the one who ignite my heart invades my night. Who touches my dreams tenderly.. you are the one who illuminates my life every moment sensually delicious dreams of beings. You are my morning sun that illuminates every minute of my life. You are the one everyone loves, an enchanted dream who asks to be visited.

492. Love is to take pleasure in never ending with the one who is with us to love us in sincerity. It’s a unique sharing, beautiful, as much as romantic. To love, to love oneself in simplicity is to radiate happiness.

493. No matter how, No matter when I love to cover you with tenderness. Bring you sweetness, You’re my sunshine I love you with a passionate love. Your beauty, I can only watch it With my hands touching it. Your scent drives me crazy A love crazy, that’s all. Pleasure and desire are in me That I report entirely on you. You are my life, my reason for living Together we will build a bright future. Life is so beautiful with you!

494. Hello my love open your eyes and look at this little morning paradise that is offered to you. A new day commence, a day during which I will love you even more than yesterday. I love you my dear.

495. Or have slept away from your love and the sun begins to rise, a new day arrives. Do not miss the opportunity to send him a note to say hello my love, it will please him and it will give him some energy to spend a pleasant day full of love.

496. This morning I think of you and the words dance in silence before my eyes and in the silence of each word there is so much love poetry. The beautiful words that I want to tell you, all that I find beautiful in this world to say hello to you my love.

497. With the birth of a new day, the earth begins its turn, the men follow their course and I say to you: Hello my love.

498. As soon as I open my eyes in the morning when the sun rises my thoughts go towards you my one and only love … Hello my heart.

499. I send you a hello lined with flowers on a carpet of velvet flying by a gentle morning breeze to you my heart to wish you a happy valentine day.

500. I wish you a sweet day like sweet chocolate like caramel candies with some fruit for the freshness, good valentine day my heart.

Valentine’s Day SMS for My Wife in Nepali: Be My Valentine: Messages No. 1

Zarrorat nai chhaina Sabda haru ko
Maaya ko chhez nai hunchha anubhawa ko
Nazik bhaye bhane matra ke po hunchha
Tada raheko bela khabar rakhchhu timro hareko sans ko
Be My Valentine
Happy valentines’ day 2018
जरुरत नै छैन शब्दहरु को
माया को चीज नै हुन्छ अनुभव को
नजिक भए भने मात्र के पो हुन्छ
टाडा रहेको बेला खबर राख्छु तिमरो हरेक सास को
Be My Valentine
Happy valentines’ day 2018

Valentine’s Day SMS for My Wife in Nepali: Be My Valentine: No. 2

Yo jaruri chhaina ki bole pachhi matra maya hunchha
Aankha  aankha pani maya ko sweekar hune garchha.
Timi ek palta ma tir her ta
Firi hernu ki timi hareko pal mero barema kalpi rahanchhau.
Be My Valentine
Happy valentines’ day 2018
यो जरुरी छैन कि बोले पछि मात्र माया हुन्छ
आखा आखा पनि माया को स्वीकार हुने गर्छ
तिमी एक पल्ट म तिर हेर त
फेरि हर्ेर्नु कि तिमी हरेक पल मेरो बारेमा कल्पि रहन्छौ
Be My Valentine
Happy valentines’ day 2018

Valentine’s Day SMS for My Wife in Nepali: Be My Valentine: Messages No. 3

Nazar jhukayau ta sandeshbahak banyau
Dil totyo ta madiralaya banayau
Kehi ta kura jarroo chha
Ki timi ma, tyastai thodi na timi le diwana banayau
Be My Valentine
Happy valentines’ day 2018
नजर झुकायौ तब सन्देशबाहक बन्यौ
दिल टुटयो तब मदिरालाय बनायौ
केही त कुरा जरुर छ
कि तमीमा, त्यस्तै थोडी न तिमीले दिलवाना बनायौ
Be My Valentine
Happy valentines’ day 2018

Valentine’s Day SMS for My Wife in Nepali: Be My Valentine: Messages No. 4

Yaad haru ko chhaya ma aba ta aauchha timro nai  muhar
Timi ahile pani yo kura dekhi chhau anjaan mai chhu diwana timro
Sweekar e mero mayalu, dherai palta sochhe maile
Tar harek palta timro nai maya mero bato baneko chha.
Be My Valentine
Happy valentines’ day 2018
यादहरु को छाया मा अब तब आउछ तिमरो नै मुहार
तिमी अलिे पनि या कुरा देखि छौ अन्जान मै छु दिवाना
स्वीकार ए मेरो मायालु, धेरै पल्ट सोचे मैले
तर हरेक पल्ट तिमरो नै माया मेरो बाटो बनेको छ
Be My Valentine
Happy valentines’ day 2018

Valentine’s Day SMS for My Wife in Nepali: Be My Valentine: Messages No. 5

Bhigeko mausam ko bhijeko din
Bhijeko yaad bhuleko kura
Bhuleko sabai samaya,
Tyo bhijeko aanakha
Ani tyo bhijeko sath haru
Yad aaucha har pal
Be My Valentine
Happy valentines’ day 2018
भिजेको मौसम को भिजेको दिल
भिजेको याद भुलेको कुरा
भुलेको सबै समय
त्यो भिजेको आखा
अनि त्यो भजिको साथहरु
याद आउँछ हर पल
Be My Valentine
Happy valentines’ day 2018

Valentine Day SMS for Wife in Nepali : Be My Valentine

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