Valentine Day SMS, Wishes, 500 Quotes, Greetings, Love Messages For Wife From Husband – Be My Valentine

Valentine Day SMS, Wishes, Quotes, Greetings, Love Messages For Wife From Husband : – Valentine day the day of love soon approaching. It’s the day of expressing love to the one who you have admired for a long time. The day lies in every 14th of February. Generally, the day is significantly recognized as the day for the newly loved ones as couple but the day has also been known to express love and gratitude between the family members as well.

The day is celebrated as festival by all the loving couples. The day is important for the husband to express their love for his wife as well. Therefore, list of romantic and beautiful messages have been given below which can be conveyed to wife to show one’s love.

Here is a page of Happy Valentine’s Day 2018 or Valentine’s Day 2074 that gives Valentine’s Day SMS for My Wife in Nepali saying Be My Valentine. Send these Valentine’s Day SMS for My Wife in Nepali saying Be My Valentine on Valentine’s Day 2018 and Celebrate Your Valentine’s Day Festival by Sending SMS Any Where in the Nepal.

Valentine Day SMS, Wishes, Quotes, Greetings, Love Messages For Wife From Husband – Be My Valentine

If you have a wife then these Valentine’s Day SMS for My Wife in Nepali saying Be My Valentine on Valentine’s Day 2018 are for you. You can use and send it to your wife. Make her happy with these Valentine’s Day SMS for My Wife in Nepali saying Be My Valentine on Valentine’s Day 2018. Here we present Valentine’s Day SMS for My Wife in Nepali saying Be My Valentine on Valentine’s Day 2018 with English script and Nepali script.

Valentine Day SMS, Wishes, Quotes, Greetings, Love Messages For Wife From Husband – Be My Valentine

1. So another Valentine is here. Love has gone through so many challenges to be as happy as it is today. I am very happy to be with You.

2. From the day I met you for the first time, I knew how to call love. The thing that even the doctoral professors could not explain, and from that time every day when I met you. I would put a heart in paper, and on the 30th day, I would hold that heart box for you.

3. Europe sleeps, Asia is also sleeping, America is darkening. Only the best eyes in the world are reading this messages. Happy Valentine Day !.


4. I’ve always dreamed of beautiful dreams, dreams including you. I came to you very passionately like the arrangement of fate. In the dream, you were a happy person, and you wanted to prolong that dream of happiness, lasting forever. Wish you love a happy Valentine day.

5. Hello. This is a message switchboard. Press 1 to receive a compliment. Key 2 to receive a good wishes. Key 3 to receive a kiss. Key 4 to have an appointment. If you want all, press my number.

6. I hope that you will receive a great gift from me – That’s my love, is it okay?

7. I am special in my life for you and I love you in my heart. I’m here, in you, and in your dreams. The lack of you in my life has no meaning. If 1 hour I miss you, my heart will hurt. I wish we would never be the past.

8. I love this life because this life brought me to you. That love is never equal to my love for you. Give me the sweetest things on Valentine’s Day. I love you!

9. Send half of you. Ever since I love you, I realize that I can’t seem to live without you every day. I want to hold your hand and walk on the long road, as well as holding my hand to the end of this life. Love you with all my heart.

10. I know, love will be difficult and challenging, but I believe, we will be brave enough and love to pass, dear! Congratulations on your Valentine’s Day!

11. Thank you for coming to me, let me know what is the sweetness, happiness of love. I wish you always beautiful, loving and successful in life.

12. The most fulfilling moment in love is not holding the hand of one person most, not leaving, but when experiencing many difficulties, still holding hand. My heart is always towards you. Celebrating Valentine’s Day from the depths of my heart always wished you happiness, and our love will keep you forever! I love you!

13. Honey, when you read this message, I owe you an appointment. Delete this message, I owe a love. Save this message I owe you a kiss. Reply to me, I owe you everything. If you don’t answer, I will fall in love with you.

14. If you say the earth is lucky to have the sun, the boats are lucky to have an ocean to struggle with, the grass has a ground to survive. Then you must say that you are an extremely lucky person because you already have me in my life.

15. There are 8,000,000,000 people on Earth. And I don’t understand why I just texted you each. Perhaps because the remaining 7,999,999,999 people could not replace you.

16. The Math teacher taught me 1 hour = 60 minutes, 1 minute = 60 seconds, but he did not tell me 1 second without you is equal to 100 years.

17. Thanks for the life for letting me meet you. Give him the sweetest things on Valentine’s Day. I love you!

18. I was summoned to court for entering your dream, stealing your heart, and robbing you of all emotions. I was sentenced to be with you forever. What do you justify it?

19. I don’t know what to say so I can understand the love that I have for you. I know our future has many difficulties and challenges but I believe in the love that I have for you, so do you! I love you so much and are always proud of loving you and being loved by you. Try to do what you said and do what you like, darling!

20. In your eyes, I see tomorrow. In your arms, I found love. Love you today and forever.


21. Time can go by, but my love for you is nothing to change. It’s much colder now, please eat a lot, wear warmly when you go out and be careful. Believe that there is still one person waiting for you. Give me more time and opportunity. Wishing you all good things!


22. If there is a sentence for you because you love me, then I will stand in front of the court and get a life sentence for you for life.

23. Keep that smile on your lips! Do you know, you’re cute when you laugh? I just want to Bite on those lips every day to deepen my love for you. Give me the opportunity to take care of that smile.

24. My dear! For the world you are just someone. But for me, you are the whole world. You knew I was not rich to ensure a full life for you. But I have a sincere love for you with all my heart.

25. People are proud of money and wealth. And I’m proud and lucky because I have you. This Valentine, I wish you happiness. May our love be forever strong. Happy Valentine!

26. I would like to send a hundred times to remember, thousands of times to love, million times to love the person who received this message.

27. Boy! Accidents always gives us interesting things and I know that since I met you, it was the most interesting thing in my life. I wish you a happy and warm Valentine.

28. February 14 is always a special day for you and me. Because that is the day I was chosen to take care of you. I wish you full of sweet happiness, please keep and nurture our love.

29. Last night I went to bed with a smile because I knew I would dream about you … And this morning I woke up with a smile because I knew it wasn’t a dream. I love you.

30. I thank you, thank you for being with me, having been with me through difficult times. And sharing with me sadness and happiness. Sometimes I made you sad, I’m sorry. But I ah, I love you so much. Valentine is so sincere that I sent a thousand words of love and happiness. Love you much! Happy Valentine Day !!!

31. February 14th, wish someone happiness in the half they love, wish someone who is lonely will find a shoulder to share, wish someone will find each other after months distant days. Valentine this year and later will not only be filled with smiles but also tears and happy tears. There is no eternal love, only eternal moments of love … Wish those who have loved, are in love and about to love will be forever happy.

32. I am not a romantic but I will always try to make you have a sweet and happy feeling while being with me. Please always be by my side, never leave. Happy Valentine!

33. Congratulations! You are the most lucky customer in the program “opening the heart of winning”. And your reward is the heart of the owner of the subscription number: 98x. ***. ***.

34. The first time I saw you, I saw love … The first time I touched you, I felt love. And after that time, you are still the only one I love.

35. Thanks for life every morning to wake up and have another day to love you. If one day I wake up and one wish I would wish? For you it is our love that will persist with time. Love you so much. Send me all the sweetest things on Valentine’s Day.

36. I’m sorry, I was limited to texting you today … Today, the doctor told me to limit myself to sweet things … but you are the sweetest. I’m risking my life with this message. Happy Valentine!

37. Love is good things that we give away before we can think about what we will get back. And love is also all that is most miserable that we accidentally or intentionally bring to each other. But where there is love there is happiness. Wish you happy valentine.

38. Thank God for giving me a gentle and beautiful wife. If there is a next life, you will still be my wife. Love you so much, dear wife !!!

39. Honey! I don’t love you because you are beautiful, not because you are rich but I simply love you and not for any other reason. I do not know what gift I will give you because I think they will not show all my feelings for you.

40. An angel asked me why I loved you so much, I said that I loved you because there was no reason not to do so.

41. Every time when I hear the message, I hope one of those messages is yours. My phone memory capacity may be limited, but my heart has a lot of space for you.

42. If love is gravity, then you are Earth. If beautiful is a crime, then perhaps you deserve to be sentenced to death … .. I love you!

43. I am the luckiest person in the world because this life I have you with. The day I accepted your love is the happiest day in the world. I hope every day is the happiest day for both of us.

44. A warm smile. A look for happiness filled. A word for the full faith. A fist for love forever. A wait for love lasts forever. A little bit of jealousy for love shines. A pink heart for faithful love.

45. I will lend you my shoulder when you want to cry, borrow my ear when you want to confide, borrow my hand so that you can tighten. Borrow my feet to accompany you, but I can’t lend you my heart because it belongs to you already.

46. Give me three roses. A flower symbolizing my feelings. A flower symbolizing my breath. A flower symbolizing my thoughts. Give me these 3 roses, I gave you my life!

47. You, my love. I know I have been waiting for you for several decades and so do you. We continue our journey so that one day we will finally recognize each other.

48. I will sit and watch you cry and serve as a tissue assistant for you whenever we watch sad movies. Even though I can see that scene is not worth tears.

49. When the rays of love pass through, you slowly feel, do not avoid it because it is very warm and gentle. No matter who you are, even if you feel lonely, you know, there’s always a person who is watching you and praying for the best things to come to you.

50. If someone asked me what is happiness? I will lean on your shoulder and say happiness is simply that I can be with you! Forever love you! Happy Valentine’s Day’s love!