15 Things to Do in Bardia National Park, Most Undisturbed Wilderness Area in Nepal

Bardia National Park: – Bardia National Park is the largest national park and most undisturbed wilderness area in the Terai, in the lowland or Inner Terai region of in the mid-Far Western Terai, east of the Karnali River.

Bardia National Park was established in 2032 B.S. (1975 AD.) to protect representative ecosystems and conserve tiger and its prey species located in Western Terai Thakuradwara, Bardia, Nepal. It has an area of 968 sq. kilometers subtropical lowland. Initially, a small area was reserved as the Royal Karnali Wildlife Reserve in 1976, But later in 1988 AD., the reserve was given the status of a National Park.

This park is observed as the fully protected forest area. It lies to the east of river Karnali and the Terai of Mid-Western region. This park lies in the district of Bardia. It is also treated as the park of rare wild animals.

The pine forests are found in the upper region of the Chure. Most of the area of this park is covered with Salla forest and grassland. The vegetation found in this park has made it attractive and beautiful. This protected area was established first as a wildlife reserve. Later, in course of its development, it has been converted into a national park.

Where is Bardiya National Park in Nepal

The Bardiya National Park (Nepali: बर्दिया राष्ट्रिय निकुञ्ज) is also called as Bardia, it is an ensured territory for wildlife in Nepal that was made in 1988 as Royal Bardia National Park. Covering a range of 968 km2 (374 sq mi) it is the biggest and most peaceful national park in Nepal‘s Terai, connecting the eastern bank of the Karnali River and cut up by the Babai River in the Bardiya District.

Its northern limit points are delineated by the peak of the Siwalik Hills. The Nepalgunj-Surkhet expressway mostly shapes the southern limit, however truly disturbs the ensured range. Characteristic limits to human settlements are framed in the west by the Geruwa, a branch of the Karnali River, and in the southeast by the Babai River.

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Together with the neighboring Banke National Park, the  national park is of 1,437 km2 (555 sq mi) speaks to the Tiger Conservation Unit (TCU) Bardia-Banke that stretches out more than 2,231 km2 (861 sq mi) of alluvial fields and subtropical clammy deciduous forests.it is the biggest and most undisturbed wild zone in the Terai, connecting the eastern bank of the Karnali River in the Bardia District.

Introduction to Bardia National Park of Nepal

Ride through the quiet wilderness getting untamed life off guard the biggest national stop of Nepal in Bardiya or take nature stroll under the direction of master naturalists with years of experience. Consolidate it with wilderness boating in the longest waterway of Nepal, Karnali, where you could even spot dolphins or gharial on a day of reckoning.

What’s more, meet the beguiling Rana Tharu and Dangora individuals of southern Nepal to find out about their way of life. A trek to Bardiya is sure to remain in your memory as a standout amongst the most persevering encounters in Nepal. These wildernesses in the south-western parts of Nepal are an hour’s flight away with an extraordinary assortment of vertebrates, reptiles, and winged creatures.

Bardiya National Park is likewise a standout amongst the most undisturbed ensured ranges in the Terai and is home to the imperiled Royal Bengal tiger and Nepal’s well known one-horned rhinoceros. The recreation center situated in the far western area of Bardiya is flanked by River Karnali in the west, the Churia run in the north, while the River Babai streams directly through.

The differed geological factors together with the front of Sal, Savannah backwoods and prairies render this area perfect as wild creature natural surroundings. The recreation center hosts 30 unique warm-blooded creatures, more than 250 types of winged creatures, and a few assortments of reptiles and water creatures. A portion of alternate creatures found here are an elephant, overwhelm deer, black buck, gharial crocodile and bog mugger crocodile.

The extraordinary Gangetic dolphin is additionally at times found in River Karnali. Fowls incorporate jeopardized assortments of Bengal Florican, lesser florican, Silver-eared Mesia and sarus crane. The recreation center offers the chance of angling at River Karnali and River Babai. The best time to visit is harvest time, winter and late spring when the climate is warm and dry.

Bardiya can become to by street by means of Nepalgunj or by flight to Nepalgunj or Surkhet from where the recreation center can be headed to. A few safari holds up in Bardiya give brilliant settlement and offices to visitors to appreciate untamed life exercises. The closest urban areas from here are Nepalgunj and Mahendranagar. Stop home office Thakurdwara is roughly an hour’s head out from the Nepalgunj-Surkhet street.

Bardia national park reserves six deer species like Chital or Spotted Deer, Hog Deer, Sambhar, Swamp Deer; Barasingha; and reddish-colored Barking Deer.

This park has different kinds of wild animals and birds such as rhinoceros, tiger, leopard, Krishansar, Godgadha, stag, Laguna, Langur Monkey, Yellow-throated Marten,  Mongoose, Rhesus Macaque, Jackal, wild elephant, Serow and Goral, sarus crane and florican.

Aquatic animals such as Gharial crocodile, Magar crocodile, Gangetic dolphin and different kinds of fishes and 3 species of cats (jungle, leopard, and fishing) are found in this park. There is a large mammal like Gaur, the largest wild oxen in the world found in here.

There is also wild animal wild Boar, an omnivorous black-coated creature with large tusks. We can see Blue Bull or Nilgai which is the largest Antelope on the Indian subcontinent there in the park. This park also supports the migratory birds that come here from different places.

Greater One-horned Rhinoceros were translocated from Chitwan National Park in 1986, 1991, and 1999.

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There are no settlements inside the park. The best times for visiting the park is Mid October and early April when the weather is warm and dry.

History of Bardia National Parka of Nepal

In 1815, Nepal lost this area toward the East India Company through the Sugauli Treaty. For a long time, it was a piece of British India and came back to Nepal in 1860 in acknowledgment for supporting the concealment of the Indian Independence development in 1857.

Today, this attached region is still called Naya Muluk – recently procured arrive. A territory of 368 km2 was put aside as Royal Hunting Reserve in 1969 and gazetted as Royal Karnali Wildlife Reserve in 1976. In 1982, it was broadcasted as Royal Bardia Wildlife Reserve and reached out to incorporate the Babai River Valley in 1984.

At last in 1988, the secured territory was gazetted as a national stop. The roughly 1500 individuals who used to live in this valley have been resettled somewhere else. Since cultivating has stopped in the Babai Valley, the normal recovered vegetation makes the zone a prime territory for untamed life.

The western end of the Bardia is limited by various conduits of the Karnali which have made numerous vast and little rock islands. These islands and a significant part of the lower ground territory secured by a mosaic of the field and riverine woods of acacia, sisam, and the extensive buttressed silk cotton trees. In spring, the silk cotton blossoms and the woods wake up with red blooms.


Bardia is the home of a wide assortment of creatures, a large number of which live in and around the Phantas. These open fields, for example, Baghora and Lamkoili are the best places to see creatures.

The most obvious of which is the spotted deer. Different ungulates incorporate dark buck, hoard deer, sambar deer, wild pig and barasingha or overwhelm deer. Two types of monkeys, the langur, and the rhesus macaque are additionally present.

The recreation center is celebrated for its little groups of wild elephants which are once in a while observed. The recreation center likewise brags a little populace of the uncommon gharial, the bog mugger crocodile, and the Gangetic dolphin.

The island of the Karnali stream harbors the sub- mainland’s biggest land species, the nilgai or blue bull. The Karnali and Babai streams draw in an expansive number of wintering waterfowl alongside inhabitant species, for example, herons, kingfishers, and divider creepers.

More than 350 winged animal species have been recorded in Bardia, genuinely a feathered creature watcher’s heaven. Its attractions are its shifted creatures and birdlife as well as its massive regular magnificence. As far as assortment and untamed life, the recreation center is extraordinary compared to other national stops in Nepal and the world.

The recreation center is home to numerous uncommon and imperiled species including more than 30 unique vertebrates, more than 400 types of feathered creatures, more than 25 types of reptiles, just about 121 types of fishes, many snakes, reptiles, have been located and recorded in the recreation center’s woodland, prairie and stream living space and obscure assorted variety of mollusks and arthropods.

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Among these incorporate, langur monkey, rhesus monkey, regular panther, wilderness feline, angling feline, huge and little Indian civets, mongoose, hyena, wild puppy, jackal, sloth bear, otter, screen reptiles, bandicoots, blue bull ( nilgai ), black buck, sambar deer, hoard deer, yelping deer, wild pig, porcupine, dolphin ( the amazingly uncommon ) and so forth.

Termite hills can be located in the sal timberlands. The recreation center is outstanding amongst other spots to see the most heavenly of felines, the Bengal tiger. The odds are very nearly 80 % relying upon the season.

15 Things to do in Bardia National Park of Nepal

1. Wilderness Walk in Bardia National Park:

Our wilderness guide and untamed life tracker will take you to the wilderness to bring up the shrouded life of the untamed life, where you can have untamed life encounters by strolling securely, unobtrusively, and relaxed through the timberland and also Riverside, where you are certain to see much-untamed life, normally landscape and have awesome photographic open doors. So, wilderness walking is one of the best things to do in Bardia National Park, Nepal.

2. Elephant Safari in Bardia National Park:

Elephant safari is additionally the most secure approach to investigate natural life very close. You will be taken into the bramble and regular natural surroundings of the calm and delightful wilderness, which gives an alternate perspective of the recreation center as one can go off the primary trail and in addition you, may have incredible chances to see the wild creatures.

Morning and late evening are the perfect time to go on a ride. We propose you take an elephant ride practically for three hours. So, Elephant is another one of the best things to do in Bardia National Park, Nepal.

elephant ride safari national park - elephant Driver in Nepal
The elephant in national park Nepal

3. Fledgling Watching in Bardia National Park

Fledgling watching notwithstanding the occupant spaces, a few transient feathered creatures visit the recreation center. Around more than 400 species can be a sight in the recreation center and cradle zone region that is the reason Bardia is a heaven of feathered creatures too. Where your walk will be on dawn through the wilderness and along the stream bank.

animal birds Pictures Nepal
birds Picture in Nepal

4. Wilderness Drive in Bardia National Park:

To investigate the tremendous region is additionally the best approach to watch the natural life. You can cover the huge range, stop the jeep and stroll to the creature conceivable outcomes zone and additionally observe the different sorts of woods and regular excellence and landscape. So, wilderness driving is another one of the best things to do in Bardia National Park, Nepal.

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5. Untamed life Rafting:

An entire day’s wild boating on the Karnali River is likewise an ideal approach to watch the natural life, which keeps running over the recreation center.

You will be halted time to time in the creature conceivable outcomes region and watch the natural life were even unrealistic to reach by walk, elephant, and Jeep. Boating on extraordinary chances to locate the waterway flying creatures, Asiatic Gangetic dolphin, crocodiles, bugs, three major creatures and significantly more living in the stream framework and in addition incredible angling in the stream. So, untamed life rafting is another one of the best things to do in Bardia National Park, Nepal.

6. Visit Black Buck Sanctuary:

Visiting blackbuck sanctuary is another one of the best things to do in Bardia National Park, Nepal. It is Nepal’s most imperiled Impala and is discovered just in Bardia area.

In this way, the recreation center is effectively occupied with saving the final populace of dark buck making due at Khairapur in Bardia outside the recreation center. The zone is around 35 km south from Thakurdwara, stop home office which is extraordinarily made for them to expand its number and ensure the residence

7. Angling:

Are you inspired by angling? At that point why not attempt! How about we set out toward the angling. The Karnali and Babai River are renowned for Mahasheer (Golden Mahasheer), a King of the fish. When you get, you feel to abandon them once more into the stream of its magnificence and feel of its own reality. Yes, angling is another one of the best things to do in Bardia National Park, Nepal.

8. Outdoors:

We sort out an outdoors trip in group woodlands, which is a passageway for the wild creatures. One can camp along the edge of the Karnali waterway (a recreation center limit) with the agreeable place without even a generator, power, no aerates and cools, no fans however with some nature wild mud, wild water, untamed life and feel the soul of it.

Sit, look and tune in, you may see wild creatures strolling through, winged animals with sweet peeping, and considerably more. So, outdoor for recreation is another one of the best things to do in Bardia National Park, Nepal.

9. Town Tour:

A walk around the ordinary neighborhood towns will be the compensating knowledge. The Tharu ethnic gatherings are local to this range and are extensively isolated into two gatherings to be specific Dangaha and Desauri. Where you can find out about their way of life, everyday way of life, customs and substantially more.

Your guide will be glad to educate you concerning these indigenous individuals. Customarily they are subsistence ranchers and practice their own tribal religious. Handiworks made by the group individuals could be purchased as keepsakes. So, touring at town is another one of the best things to do in Bardia National Park, Nepal.

10. Culture Dance:

Culture dance is another one of the best things to do in Bardia National Park, Nepal. The towns’ harbors multi-ethnic gatherings with various culture, in which Tharus are the real attractions for tourism. The principal pioneers of Bardia,

Tharu will demonstrate to you the hit the dance floor with the narrative of their own history, culture, customs, exercises, trusts like Hurdunguwa, conventional stick move, et cetera. Toward the finish of the move, the visitors are welcome to join the artists.

11. Crocodile Breeding Center:

There is a crocodile reproducing focus at the recreation center headquarter for Gharial and Marsh mugger to expand its number, which incorporates two noteworthy segments incubator and raising segments.

Eggs required for the incubation facility is gathered from sandbanks of Geruwa and Babai stream frameworks. In the wake of getting enough greater, are supplant into the Karnali and Babai River. So, the crocidile breeding center is another one of the best things to do in Bardia National Park, Nepal.

12. Guest Center:

The guest focus has set up at the recreation center headquarter to give the data about the recreation center, natural life, and its profile decent variety, and neighborhood groups dwelling in the cushion zone.

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13. Tharu Culture Museum:

Tharus are the indigenous gatherings in the Bardia area than other ethnic gatherings like Bhramin, Kshetri, and People from Mongoloid root (Magar, Gurung, Tamang and so forth). So is remaining to give about their way of life, living style, and considerably more.

Its principal motivation behind building up is to re-establish vanishing indigenous Tharu social legacy. This exhibition hall is improved with required all materials, similar to decorations, nourishments, gear, dress, mud made grain stockpiling, husking machine, Tharus God and so forth.

For this, you need to pay a little sum for an administration of the exhibition hall. So, the Tharu culture museum is another one of the best things to do in Bardia National Park, Nepal.

a handmake product at Tharu Culture Museum at Bardia National Park
a handmade product at Tharu Culture Museum at Bardia National Park

14. Elephant Breeding Center ( Hattisar):

Elephant rearing focus is situated around 3 km south of the recreation center home office which is dealt with my stop. The elephants are widely utilized for watching and research exercises.

Since the Park Forest is blocked off by vehicle amid the storm, the household elephant servers as the most secure method of transportation to cross overflowed rivulets and move around water-logged zones.

Elephants are additionally accessible to guests for safari with an administration expense. So, like the Chitwan national park, elephant breeding center is another one of the best things to do in Bardia National Park, Nepal.

15. Bull Cart Ride:

For the individuals who cherish the old ethnic conventional method for transportation, we have a bull truck. This will give you an accomplished of the extraordinary method of transport while riding on the old soil streets of the adjacent Tharu town. You can enjoy with bull cart ride around the Bardia National Park, Nepal.

15 Things to Do in Bardia National Park, Nepal


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