16 Things to Do and Places to Visit in Banke National Park, Nepal


16 Things to Do and Places to Visit in Banke National Park, Nepal

Banke National Park is situated in a central-western development of Nepal and also considered as a gift of earth. It was recognized as a gift of the earth in 1998. These areas contain approximately 550 kilometers from the protected area, most of which are in the Churia border.

Establishment of this park for the conservation of wild tigers, an endangered wildlife species, reflects the commitment to the government of Nepal towards biodiversity conservation at the landscape level. 

Banke National Park is the most famous tourist destination for adventure sports and adventure tours. The main goal of its establishment is to conserving endangered species of wild flora and fauna and their habitat, promoting eco-tourism, facilitating buffer zone for resources management, livelihood promotion, income generation and community development activities and strengthening trans-boundary biological corridor.

There are plenty of things we can do, it can be easy here to enjoy entertainment, vacation or any other interesting thing that are as follows.

16 Things to Do and Places to Visit in Banke National Park, Nepal

1. Hiking

This is an incredible experience when you are walking into this amazing park surrounded by all sorts of wild animals. But another challenging part of this area is watching wildlife which is always difficult to us and not always you spots the great Nepali predators or wild animals. Banke Nikunj is a delightful place and can also be enjoyed by hiking marathon.

Hiking can be beneficial to health and can be found in the new place and its surroundings. So, this place can be used for doing the right thing where lots of wildlife, well worth the long days in the park.

If you have a choice of hiking, you can enjoy it and spend memorable time. While hiking, you can take a lot of fun together and Hiking is an also great deal for your health, due to which the body is strengthened.


2. Jungle Safari

            This place can also be crafted in a sauna of Safari, in which is a traveler can be traveling by jeep or elephant.

Tiger in Banke National Park, Nepal
Tiger in Banke National Park, Nepal

That has a reason to make the passenger or any visitor more comfortable. Anxiety can be seen by looking at wild animals and visiting the delicacies. Elephant safaris at the park will transcend you to a different world which is provided to enough time to visiting places and has more fun. When you ride the elephant, it remains more secure, You can enjoy walking safari in the core areas. This is the best part of this national park.

3. Vacation

            The green, elegant and charming scenery here can attract anyone, which is common like Opening lake river, the wild beast which can have a great impact on here.That is why because of we can do anything about it. Also,

There is a lot of fines in this area to cut off with a family, partner, many birds like various birds (Tiger, Mayor, Cereals) are found here. Turning on the opening, observing an attractive view believes in cutting the day more intuitive.

4. Adventures/Outdoor activities

            This place can be the destination for those interested in outdoor activities. This place is suitable for exploring, opening of the dumplings, happiness, and raising of its funeral, hiking, and waterfall can be made on a beautiful mountain.

To bring more hiking and more to the person interested in, running a boat in the river can be seen under the water. If you have a few days to expose this place further then start campaigning and many activities can be done in this place.

5. Photography/Take an art class

            This place is suitable for a fantastic view and a photo of work. The photo can be taken open by rotating or sitting anywhere in the green forest. When the animals come to drink water, the picture can be taken while they are playing, which is a good opportunity and prime attraction for photographers.

So, while conducting the classroom for photography, it is easy to teach them to learn more. The Park is connected with transboundary Landscape that joins Suhelwa Wildlife Sanctuary in India through national and group woods towards the south. It joins with Bardia National Park towards west which additionally interfaces with Katerniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary in India by means of Khata hallway, national woodland, and group backwoods.

Banke is connected to Kathmandu through Nepalgunj airport and has a good road network within the district and have access to roads and are connected to the district headquarter Nepalgunj.

There are many things to do here, the next thing you can do is visit. The tour is not uncomfortable. The good growth of the road makes it easier for visitors to visit. It’s easy to reach one place to another.

Banke district has well-developed modes of information/communications that include internet facilities, telephone services, radio, and television. Due to this reason you make it quick and easy to travel. Main languages used in Banke are Nepali, Awadhi, Tharu and Urdu the rest use Magar, Hindi, and other local dialects.

Due to which you will be able to see the culture of different species during the tour. Want to get the real flavor of country life in Nepal. The multilingual and multi-ethnic city of Banke welcomes visitors to explore the other side of this industrial city. Banke offers a relaxing atmosphere to the tourists heading toward other destinations in Nepal. The following the main attractions places to visit in Banke National Park.

Footloose yourself and get ready to meet deer, bears, wild elephants, crocodiles at the Bardia National Park. You can walk yourself in this park, with a national park in itself, it can be enjoyed in the green forest.

Traveling with a variety of animals in the voice of the bird can take a variety of fun while traveling. Banke is truly a birds watchers paradise. You can easily found more than 100 species while visiting. You can also see the only animal found here and find out about it.


6. Boating

Another exciting work you can do here is boating. It can be used to cross the short distance and to use for some fun.Being Nepal is rich in water resource, It can provide plenty of options for recreational boating. Regardless of whether you are attached to boating in whitewater rapids or simply like gliding gradually, Nepal gives you both the choices.

Pontoon is a typical type of transportation in the swamp of Terai in Nepal where storm and surges are exceptionally normal. This normal type of transportation utilized by nearby can give the voyager an important ordeal.

The delight of touching water waves while sitting on a watercraft can’t be depicted in words. An unwinding pontoon drive on the national stop is a standout amongst the most mitigating encounters in Nepal.

boating in lake

Nepal, the world’s second rich country in the water resources having numbers of rivers and lakes, is an ideal location for fishing also. There are some places for Fishing which helps us to provide some unique climatic experience to the visitors and it is important to remember that these places can be fragile, and need to be maintained.


7. Cycling

Anyone can enjoy thereby cycling. Because of a threat to the wild animals, there is the limited area for cycling.Therefore, we need the guide for cycling. For the guide, we can hire them by paying some charge to them according to the rule of the national park.

And By the introduction of a guide, we will feel secure and can get full enjoyment from there.One of the most reason is that people are visiting there for cycling.So, The Head of the management of the national park most consider it. And process some extra steps by the head of the management for further improvement of it.

Visiting Place in Banke National Park, Nepal

Nepalgunj is famous for the exciting treks to the Dopolo plateau and Jumla region. It is also Known as the industrial and transport hub of the country, Nepalgunj has various attractions: Gharbaritole, Ganeshpur and Sadar Line to name a few

Places You Can Visit In Banke National Park, Nepal

Banke National Park has focused on participatory resource management in 14 VDCs, seven from Banke district, three from Dang district, three from Salyan district and one from Surkhet district to promote the conservation spirit in the hearts of people.

8. Surkhet valley and excellent sky

Surkhet Valley is one of the inward terai valleys of Nepal. It is encompassing by Jajarkot, Dailekh, and Achham toward the north, Bardiya banke locale and Kailali toward the south, Salyan region toward the east, and Doti toward the west.

It is situated around 600 kilometers west of the national capital Kathmandu.Surkhet lies in the Bheri Zone of the Mid-Western Development Region of Nepal. The lovely Surkhet Valley, which looks like Kathmandu valley is approx. 400 km west of capital city Kathmandu. It is a center point to remote regions like Dailekh, Kalikot, Mugu, Jumla, Jajarkot, and Salyan.

Surkhet appears as a lovely lady of the hour that pulls in all individuals with its charming excellence. Birendranagar city is the core of Surkeht. The valley is honored with superb mountains, skiing inclines, and thick woods, glorious stream, monstrous Himalayas tops which likewise incorporates many places of worship and journeys.

9) Passage of Kakrebihar

Primary vacation spots of Surkhet are Kakrebihar, Bulbule Taal (lake), Deutibajai, Ghantaghar, Bheri River and numerous different spots with religious and also notable esteems.

10) Kakrebihar

Kakre Bihar is a Hindu-Buddhist Temple Near from Birendranagar city. Kakre Bihar has a shape like the seed of cucumber hence it is called Kakre Bihar. Nepali name for cucumber is Kakro. This sanctuary is accepted to be based on the twelfth century.

11) Cucumber Shape Kakrebihar

It is comprised of strong stone with alluring bronze Idols of Hindu divine beings and goddess along Buddha. This place is additionally renowned for its normal magnificence. It is arranged over a little mountain.

12) Status of Buddha

Kakrebihar is the remaining parts of an old Buddhist Monastery (castle), which is in the rundown of national legacy locales in Nepal. As indicated by nearby villagers, Mahabharat’s Heroes-“The Pandavas”, came here, assembled cabin for their living and passed their Banbas Period (concealing themselves from other individuals).

13) Place where Pandavas shroud themselves

Bulbule taal A little lake respects the guest which is loaded with angles. This lake is the wellspring of normal water spring, which comes as air pockets.

14) Deutibajai Temple

DeuitBajai is the most acclaimed Hindu Temple in Surkhet and whole Midwestern Region of Nepal. Extraordinarily, its history is relative to “RAJI” society’s kin where they used to implore.

Consistently individuals from close and far come to ask and influence BHAKAS (to guarantee with god). Individuals from each group and class are welcome here. individuals talented Deutibajai chime once their guarantees are satisfied

15) Ghantaghar ( Clock Tower)

Ghanta Ghar( Clock Tower) is one of the most astounding solidified pinnacle and Public check-in Surkhet. This solidified high pinnacle is additionally the point of interest of Surkhet. Bheri waterway is a notable goal for boating.

There are numerous normal assets and magnificence. Green wilderness is likewise another fascination.

16) Bheri Bridge

Surkhet is open via air administration and streets from different parts of the nation. Karnali Highway connected Surkhet to the remote Western locale Karnali. You can take a flight from Kathmandu-Nepalgunj and Kathmandu-Surkhet flight to investigate this characteristic excellence.

Things to Do and Places to Visit in Banke National Park, Nepal


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