23 Things to Do & Places to Visit in Bandipur, Nepal


Things to do in Bandipur Nepal | Places to visit in Bandipur Nepal: – Halfway on the day-lengthy drive amongst capital of Nepal and Pokhara lies the height settlement of Bandipur, a Newar city with its deep frozen enhance still in situ. Move through immaculate timberlands on the chronicled path at Dumre Bazaar to a city that has scarcely modified.

Substantially saved Bandipur these days welcomes voyagers to encounter its one among kind offerings: wealthy slope culture, mountain views, and ascension. Dissimilar to most exchanging posts within the Kingdom of Nepal slopes, Bandipur has controlled its well established social traits – sanctuaries, sacred places, consecrated caverns, uncounted celebrations, and a Himalayish engineering that appears back to the capital of Nepal natural depression of previous.

Situated on a good seat at a stature of one, 030 m the encircling slopes of Bandipur are excellent for ascension on trails that take you thru social group cities, abundant backwoods, and peak sacred places that after served as posts. a number of brokers advanced toward Bandipur, from wherever they began to address the problems of associated inexorably industrial British Asian country and therefore the mountain range boondocks.

A dark mountain city was turned into a clamor business focus, and Bandipur becomes a piping purpose wherever all trails from focal Kingdom of Nepal (and Asian nation toward the north) met to travel southward, crossing the huge Narayani watercourse and therefore the Chitwan geographical area to realize the Indian railhead of Narkatia Ganj.

Within the 1800s, this bazaar city developed in material resource and significance. Brokers originated from the Asian nation with musk cases, mountain herbs, creature skins, and seeds. Calico, tobacco, dish sets, and kerosine rolled in from British Asian country.

Be that because it could, once the Kingdom of Nepal opened her ways in which to the planet within the Nineteen Fifties, Pokhara with its runway began to acquire significance, and in 1972 the Kathmandu-Pokhara route by-passed Bandipur.

In any case, once the Kingdom of Nepal opened her ways in which to the planet within the Nineteen Fifties, Pokhara with its flying field began to acquire significance, and in 1972 the Kathmandu-Pokhara interstate by-passed Bandipur by and huge.


Be that because it could, the Street’s arrangement was an amazingly helpful flip of events – whereas varied Newar slope cities lost their peculiarity behind the change of integrity the route network, Bandipur controls its creative thinking.

Since Bandipur’s monger category had factory-made sturdily, their structures have stood firm and are used these days a new to deal with retailers, bistros, and lodgings. The place names around Bandipur show that Magars, whose chieftains ruled numerous territories of the current focal Kingdom of Nepal, at the start possessed the encircling venue, referred to as Tanahun.

At the purpose, once Prithvi Narayan Shah of Gorkha embarked on to increase his territory, Tanahun was a good foe that was defeated merely when a tough fight. larger a part of the current inhabitant’s are at the start dealers from Bhaktapur within the capital of Nepal natural depression World Health Organization advanced toward Bandipur and settled here.

Bandipur Nepal Views Places to Visit in Bandipur
Bandipur Nepal

whereas the Newars are rife in Bandipur, the Magar and Gurung ethnic gatherings occupy the slopes developing rice, millet, corn and mustard on structure fields.

Bandipur may be a ridge settlement in Tanahu District, Gandaki Zone of Kingdom of Nepal. Because of its protected, obsolete social atmosphere, Bandipur has more and more been reaching to the thought of business enterprise. At the season of the 1991 Kingdom of Nepal analysis, it had a world of 9952 people living in 1929 individual families.

Bandipur was originated as a channeling purpose of exchange by Newar brokers from Bhaktapur within the capital of Nepal natural depression when it had been vanquished in 1768 by Prithvi Narayan Shah.

They exploited its viscus illness free space to create it into a significant stop on the India-Tibet exchange course. With them, they brought their social bequest and style that essentially has stayed in-situ right up ’til these days. at the start an easy Magar city within the middle nineteenth.

Century Bandipur fashioned into prosperous exchanging focus and a bunch of town-like elements: respectable structures, with their classical façades and coated windows and avenues cleared with items of silvery slate. Bandipur had its prime within the Rana times (1846-1951), when, as a life of its energy and esteem, it had been allowed extraordinary consent to possess its own specific library (as however existing).


Bandipur was at one time a prosperous exchanging focus, as its enchanting working with their neoclassical veneers and covered windows, will bear witness to. Initially, a basic Magar town, Newars from Bhaktapur settled here in the mid nineteenth century, exploiting its jungle fever free area to form it into a critical stop on the India-Tibet exchange course.


Temperatures in the late spring (March-July) float between most extreme of 32-33 degree Celsius and at least 12-13 degree Celsius. In the winter (October-February), the temperature changes between 18-21 and 2-3 degree Celsius. The reasonable sky over Bandipur at the time gives superb perspectives of the mountains. Substantial deluges check the blustery season from June to August.


Arranged in the Mahabharat Range in Tanahu area. It lies 143 km toward the west of Kathmandu, 73km toward the south of Pokhara. Furthermore, it is 70 km to the Chitwan and also 8 km from Dumre Bazaar on the Prithvi Highway connected.

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25 Things to Do & Places to Visit in Bandipur, Nepal

1. Tundikhel

Going to one of the considerable untouched common parks of the world, Tundikhel appears like venturing back in time several years to Tibet’s prime as a ceasing point on the Silk Road. This stop highlights distinctive sorts of fig trees that each speaks to a Hindu god, parade grounds, and even arrow based weaponry festivities that guests and in addition local people can take in.

Tundikhel is an incredible vantage guide arranged toward the north of Bandipur’s principle bazaar. The amazing Gorkha Palace and the acclaimed Manakamana Peak can likewise be seen unmistakably. Different sights incorporate the Marsyangdi Valley, Bimalnagar, and Dumre.

2. Shiva Shrine

The Hindu divine force of creation and craftsmanship has a world-renowned sanctuary settled in Bandipur where guests come to offer sweet cakes up with their petitions to the immense diety. Guests can watch the services that happen at the sanctum every day, including the custom lighting of oil lights by explorers, and present their very own supplication on the off chance that they participate.

3. Khadga Devi

The sanctuary of Khadga Devi is a standout amongst the most respected sanctuaries in Bandipur, which gives a false representation of by its look of a private house with the exception of the finial.

This sanctuary is opened to aficionados just once per year upon the arrival of Phulpati amid the Hindu celebration of Dasain. The sanctum does not contain any statues of divine beings or goddesses, but rather a Khadga, a consecrated sword wrapped in layers of fabric. Legend has it that on the off chance that anybody takes a gander at it, he or she welcomes moment demise by heaving blood.

As per another story, the relic was a present from Lord Shiva to Mukunda Sen, ruler of Palpa (1518-1553 A.D.). The Khadga is venerated as an image of the female power, subsequently the name Khadga Devi, which implies goddess of the sword.



4. Bindhabasini Temple

This sanctuary is situated in the principle bazaar zone and is developed in the pagoda style. A picture of the goddess Bindhabasini is revered here. It likewise contains statues of different goddesses. Amid the New Year festivities of the Bikram Sambat, the picture of Bindhabasini is put on a chariot and pulled through town in the midst of another party.

5. Chandithan

This sanctuary deceives the west of Bandipur Bazaar. As per old stories, individuals would put 12 eggs inside the sanctuary and cover it with straw and a block before the begin of the planting season. In the event that the eggs kept crisp following one year when they were revealed, it implied that there would be a decent harvest the next year.

6. Mahalaxmi Temple

This sanctuary is situated toward the southeast of the primary bazaar. Its design demonstrates it to date from the medieval period. The sanctuary is in the style of a pagoda. The struts and tympanum are enhanced with figures of Bhimsen and different legendary animals. The first statue of the goddess Mahalaxmi, nonetheless, was stolen, and it has been supplanted by another one.

This pagoda-style sanctuary from the medieval period is situated toward the southeast of the fundamental bazaar. Its struts and tympanum are enhanced with figures of Bhimsen and different legendary animals.

7. Narayan Temple

This sanctuary deceives the east of the principle bazaar zone. Statues of the god Harihar and the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu are introduced inside.

8. Bindhebasini Temple

This pagoda – style sanctuary from the medieval period is situated toward the southeast of the principle bazaar.Enshrined here is a picture of the goddess Bindhebasini.It likewise contains symbols of the different goddess. Amid the New Year festivities in April, the picture of Bindhebasini is put on a chariot and pulled through the town in the midst of another party.

9. Encompassing Areas

Tundikhel is a superb vantage direct arranged toward the north of Bandipur’s primary bazaar. From here, one can see the wonderful Himalayan Range including the staggering pinnacles of Dhaulagiri, Machhapuchhre, Langtang, Manaslu and Ganesh Himal, among others.

The unbelievable Gorkha Palace and the well known Manakamana Peak can likewise be seen unmistakably. Different sights incorporate the Marsyangdi Valley, Bimalnagar, and Dumre.

10. Paharpani Mahadev

A fifteen-minute stroll toward the north of Bandipur Bazaar conveys one to the sanctuary of Parpani Mahadev. From above, it shows up as a little shrub. A stone pathway prompts the surrender like a place of worship. Inside, there is a waterspout, and underneath it is introduced a few little statues of different divine beings.

They are known as Parpani Mahadev. In the days of yore, individuals assembled here to sing psalms and bathe under the wellspring before going to work in their fields. A lake has been worked here to add to the magnificence of the site.

11. Purano Kot (Gurungche Hill)

Purano Kot, initially a stronghold, lies at a separation of around 500 m toward the west of the primary bazaar. It takes around twenty minutes of simple strolling over the stones to achieve the best. There is a little sanctuary adjacent containing various old statues. Alongside it stands a recently fabricated sanctuary of Thanithan Mai.

The nearby individuals trust that going to Mahadev at this spot amid a dry spell will bring precipitation. Since this spot lies on a ridge over the bazaar, it gives shocking perspectives of the mountains and the bazaar, particularly at dawn and dusk.

12. Gadhi

This old stronghold deceives the upper east of Bandipur and is accepted to have existed from the season of Mukunda Sen. Since the spot lies at a higher rise than the bazaar, you can get a dazzling perspective of the mountains from here.

13. Tandrang Tundrung

Tandrang Tundrung is a fifteen-minute stroll toward the west of Bandipur Bazaar. Its strange name is said to impersonate the sound that is created when a stone is tossed into the well here. As indicated by the old-clocks of the town, it was utilized by Mukunda Sen to go amongst Mukendeswari and Tandrang Tundrung to perform religious deeds.

14. Teendhara

This outing spot deceives the east of the principle bazaar and can be come to in fifteen minutes. The name of this place gets from the first three water gushes which are as yet the fundamental wellspring of water for the villagers. The sanctum committed to Lord shiva lies adjacent with rest houses and shady spouts scattered around influencing this a most loved to put for picnickers.

15. Raniban

This woodland of Sal trees is situated toward the east of the principle bazaar. Nature aficionados will appreciate going by the spot for its greenery and quietness.

16. Padma Library

This notable library lies in the core of Bandipur Bazaar. It was changed into its present superbness from a sanctuary for sages in 1945. It has been serving book sweethearts from the times of the Rana administration.

17. Mukundeswari

Mukundeswari lies at a height of 1,830 m. It is around a two-hour stroll toward the west of Bandipur. The place resembles an exhibition of antiquated weapons and different artifacts as swords of various shapes and sizes lie scattered all around.

18. Chabdi Barahi

Chabdi Barahi is a four-hour stroll toward the west of Bandipur. This journey spot can likewise be come to by street from Damauli. Enthusiasts give up pigeons and different creatures to the altar here.

19. Silkworm Farming

The Silk Road has a ton of history behind it and a great deal of silk. The little animals that turn silk, silkworms, are reared on ranches close Bandipur. You may need to discover a guide or a nearby to enable you to get to one, yet once you do you can visit around the homesteads to perceive how the silkworms are raised and how they eat the mulberries and transform them into silk.


Bandipur flabbergasts guests with its topography as much as with its picturesque and social attractions, and it would be unfathomable not to visit its caverns. The must-see goal here is Siddha Cave, found just in 1987. It is said to be the biggest surrender in the kingdom as well as on the South Asian subcontinent.

Tourists can check for themselves by investigating its internal breaks which are loaded with regular fine arts made by the stalactites and stalagmites here. Siddha Cave is arranged recently over the bluff of Bimalnagar, from where it is a thirty-minute climb. The surrender can be come to from Bandipur following an hour and a half of simple strolling.

Patalidwar This surrender likewise passes by the name of Gateway to Heaven. As indicated by legend, anybody entering the give in will make every one of the transgressions of their progenitors is washed away and bring them salvation. The route to this surrender is through a wilderness and takes around two hours from Siddha Cave. A religious reasonable is held here in April when members play out the Chutka move.

Sanctuaries AND FESTIVALS in Bandipur Nepal

21. Khadga Devi

This exceedingly adored sanctuary of Khadga Devi could be confused for a private house were it not for the final.The sanctum does not contain any icons, but rather a Khadga, a terrified sword-a blessing from Lord Shiva to Mukunda Sen, the ruler of Palpa.Wrapped in layers of fabric, legend has it that anybody taking a gander at the exposed sword welcomes moment passing.

The khadga is loved as an image of the female power .this sanctuary is opened to commits just once per year upon the arrival of Phulpati, the seventh day of the Hindu celebration of Dasain generally in October.

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22. Orchid Trail

Bandipur has more than 24 types of orchid. The period of June is the best season to appreciate the diverse assortments of orchid in full blossom. In spite of the fact that you can see orchids in many parts of Bandipur, the best course to appreciate these lovely blossoms is headed to the silk cultivate west of Bandipur Bazaar.

23. Celebrations

Likewise, with Newar towns somewhere else, Bandipur additionally gloats year round celebrations and a plenty of other social shows.The special celebrations of Bandipur incorporate the Khadga Jatra (October) and Bisket Jatra (April).

The Magars check the full moon day of Baisakh Purnima (April) , in which unmarried ladies play out the Ghatu hit the dance floor with wedded ladies singing the society tunes. The sorathi and Chutka are other prominent moves of Bandipur.


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