Bandipur Nepal:- The tourism year has begun in Nepal with great celebrations. With this commencement, here we take a look at one of the up and coming tourist destinations in Nepal, Bandipur.

Located in the Tanahun district of Gandaki Zone, the city of Bandipur has a hilly terrain. It lies at an elevation of around 1000m, so temperatures are pretty mild.

Bandipur Nepal Views
Bandipur Nepal

Over the past couple of years, Bandipur has really come into the spotlight by becoming one of the cleanest places in Nepal.

Top 10 Reasons To Visit Bandipur Nepal

Here, we have a look at 10 reasons to visit Bandipur:

1. Tundikhel

No, we are not talking about the noise ridden, dusty ground in Kathmandu. Tundikhel of Bandipur could not be any different from that. Instead of the city pollution of Kathmandu, here, you get heart-warming views of the hills and mountains if the Himalayas.

The great sight of the green hills of the Mahabharat range being in the lap of the high mountains of the Himalayas is truly something you need to see to fully appreciate.


You can also see Marsyangdi river slithering far below when you stand and take it all in from this magnificent viewpoint.

2. Architecture

On top of the great natural scenery that Bandipur provides, it is also a great place to observe the ancient architecture of the locality. The Newari community that resides in Bandipur has preserved the old-style homes and temples very well.

You might even mistake some of the places to be from the ancient city of Bhaktapur. The aesthetic of almost every street in Bandipur seems old and pure. You will not be disappointed by the traditional styles of houses and temples when in Bandipur.

3. A break from the noise of Kathmandu

Bandipur is not a very big city and so the noise levels in and around the area are pretty low when compared to the constant city noises that we get from the Kathmandu Valley.

If you are from the valley or any other major city in Nepal, Bandipur will seem like a very mellow and laid-back place to you. Thanks to the vehicle-free streets, walking around feels like walking in an old village.

This makes Bandipur a perfect place to go to when planning a short getaway from the hustle of everyday life. The locals are very nice and the city offers great hospitality.


4. Cleanliness

Some years back, Bandipur was hailed as the cleanest city in Nepal. It should come as no surprise that the city has only enhanced its reputation since then.

The city is kept in a very clean and pollution-free state as much as possible. Much of the cleanliness can be credited to the many vehicle-free streets that are in the city.

Strict rules against the use of plastic bags also help a lot. The locals themselves are very active when it comes to maintaining the clean outlook of the city. Thanks to this, you will not find your self looking for a face mask as you would in Kathmandu.

5. Short Hikes

This should come as no surprise. Every hilly town in Nepal has a number of treks to offer that take you to a great place. Bandipur is no different. The hills around the city are easily accessible for day treks and they offer some great views of the Himalayan mountains and the Marsyangdi valley and Marsyangdi river.

Even without a guide, you can go on hikes on the hills around the city and you will be sure to have a great time too. The fresh, cool air of the hills, the songs of the birds and the incredible mountain views will give you constant company on the hikes.

6. Not Expensive

Bandipur is not as expensive as Kathmandu. Especially for domestic travelers, the factor of cost can be a decisive factor. In that aspect, you need not be worried. The food and accommodation costs are quite reasonable. In short, the trip to Bandipur will be well worth the price.

7. Pedestrian Friendly

Bandipur is a traffic-free city. The roads, or rather pathways, in Bandipur are stone-paved. So, walking in the streets of Bandipur is an absolute delight. The vehicle-free streets are great for a number of reasons.

Firstly, there is very little, almost none, pollution so you can breathe freely. Secondly, you will not be disturbed by the honking of vehicles, since there are none.

The streets are also very well decorated with flowers and other antique decorations. For a great time, you can just take an evening stroll around the city and you will not be disappointed.

8. Homestay experience

Like a lot of other places in Nepal, the homestay system has emerged in Bandipur too. You can stay with the locals like one of their own for a day. The authentic experience of homestay is unmatched.

The cuisine is traditional Newari cuisine. You will basically be living as the locals do. So, if you want to get true to life experience of not only the city of Bandipur but also the culture, then homestay is perfect for you.

9.  Traditional Cuisine

Newari cuisine is considered to be one of the best in Nepal. This is what Bandipur has to offer when it comes to food; traditional Newari cuisine. If you have ever been to a Newari restaurant and liked the food, then you will absolutely love what Bandipur has to offer. Streetside shops and hotels with make your mouth water every step of the way.

10. Temples and Stupas

From Bauddha monastery to Khadga Devi temple to Siddha Cave, Bandipur has it all it seems. In a small vicinity, you will find plenty of historic temples, monasteries and cultural places.

This city provides a great opportunity for you to learn more about the true Nepali culture. In a day you can visit most of the cultural sites and you will certainly not be disappointed.

These are just the ten reasons why you should visit Bandipur. But in all honesty, these ten points don’t do justice to the true beauty of the city. You need to visit to fully appreciate it.


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